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New York City Geographic District #20


New York City Geographic District #20 is located in southeast New York. New York City Geographic District #20 is part of Kings County.

Type:A Supervisory Union Component
Grade:Prekindergarten to Grade 12
Number of Schools:43
Time Zone:Eastern GMT -5:00 with Daylight Saving in the Summer
State:New York
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New York City Geographic District #20 Map and Nearby Locations

415 89th St
Brooklyn NY, 11209, Kings County
Phone: 718-759-4912

Students and Teachers

      2011-2012         2010-2011         2009-2010         2008-2009         2007-2008    
Total Students:46,42044,02946,47740,60240,779
English Language Learner Students:NA11,75810,8178,74610,008
Total Teachers:2,790.532,685.922,710.632,725.502,380.50
Total Other Staff:433.03465.42465.09485.20508.70
Instructional Aides:
Instructional Coordinators & Supervisors:24.7631.0332.3340.8035.90
Total Guidance Counselors:93.5084.0065.9666.3096.50
Elementary Guidance Counselors:22.9027.5422.5621.5018.00
Secondary Guidance Counselors:70.6056.4643.4044.8051.90
Other Guidance Counselors:NANANANANA
Librarians/Media Specialists:14.1714.0019.6621.0026.10
Library/Media Support:
District Administrators:0.0011.458.9011.407.50
District Administrative Support:
School Administrators:127.79125.95112.96122.30117.80
School Administrative Support:105.0365.3379.0164.0074.10
Student Support Services:67.78123.16121.87136.70134.70
Other Support Services:0.0010.5024.4022.7016.10
Student-Teacher Ratio:16.6316.3917.1514.9017.13


Academy Of Talented Scholars (The) Kindergarten to Grade 4   50 Ave P, Brooklyn NY 11218
Brooklyn School Of InquiryKindergarten to Grade 4   50 Ave P, Brooklyn NY 11218
Fort Hamilton High SchoolGrade 9 to Grade 12   8301 Shore Rd, Brooklyn NY 11209
Franklin Delano Roosevelt High SchoolGrade 9 to Grade 12   5800 20th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204
High School Of Telecommunications Arts And TechnolGrade 9 to Grade 12   350 67th St, Brooklyn NY 11220
Is 187 The Christa Mcauliffe SchoolGrade 6 to Grade 8   1171 65th St, Brooklyn NY 11219
Is 30 Mary White OvingtonGrade 6 to Grade 8   415 Ovington Ave, Brooklyn NY 11209
JHS 201 The Dyker HeightsGrade 6 to Grade 8   8010 12th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11228
JHS 220 John J PershingGrade 6 to Grade 8   4812 9th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11220
JHS 223 The MontaukGrade 6 to Grade 8   4200 16th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204
JHS 227 Edward B ShallowGrade 6 to Grade 8   6500 16th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204
JHS 259 William MckinleyGrade 6 to Grade 8   7301 Ft Hamilton Pky, Brooklyn NY 11228
JHS 62 DitmasGrade 6 to Grade 8   700 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn NY 11218
New Utrecht High SchoolGrade 9 to Grade 12   1601 80th St, Brooklyn NY 11214
PS 102 The BayviewKindergarten to Grade 5   211 72nd St, Brooklyn NY 11209
PS 105 The BlythebourneKindergarten to Grade 5   1031 59th St, Brooklyn NY 11219
PS 112 Lefferts ParkKindergarten to Grade 5   7115 15th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11228
PS 127 Mckinley ParkKindergarten to Grade 5   7805 7th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11228
PS 160 William T SampsonKindergarten to Grade 5   5105 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn NY 11219
PS 163 Bath BeachKindergarten to Grade 8   109 Bay 14th St, Brooklyn NY 11214
PS 164 Caesar RodneyPrekindergarten to Grade 5   4211 14th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11219
PS 176 OvingtonKindergarten to Grade 5   1225 69th St, Brooklyn NY 11219
PS 179 KensingtonPrekindergarten to Grade 5   202 Ave C, Brooklyn NY 11218
PS 185 Walter KassenbrockKindergarten to Grade 5   8601 Ridge Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11209
PS 186 Dr Irving A GladstonePrekindergarten to Grade 5   7601 19th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11214
PS 192 Magnet School For Math And Science InquiryPrekindergarten to Grade 8   4715 18th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204
PS 200 Benson SchoolPrekindergarten to Grade 5   1940 Benson Ave, Brooklyn NY 11214
PS 204 Vince LombardiPrekindergarten to Grade 5   8101 15th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11228
PS 205 ClarionPrekindergarten to Grade 5   6701 20th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204
PS 229 DykerPrekindergarten to Grade 8   1400 Benson Ave, Brooklyn NY 11228
PS 247Prekindergarten to Grade 5   7000 21st Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204
PS 264 Bay Ridge Elementary School For The Arts Prekindergarten to Grade 2   371 89th St, Brooklyn NY 11209
PS 310 Prekindergarten to Grade 3   942 62nd St, Brooklyn NY 11219
PS 48 MapletonPrekindergarten to Grade 5   6015 18th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204
PS 503 The School Of DiscoveryKindergarten to Grade 5   330 59th St, Brooklyn NY 11220
PS 506 The School Of Journalism And TechnologyPrekindergarten to Grade 5   330 59th St, Brooklyn NY 11220
PS 69 Vincent D Grippo SchoolKindergarten to Grade 5   6302 9th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11220
PS 748 Brooklyn School For Global Scholars Prekindergarten to Grade 3   1664 Benson Ave, Brooklyn NY 11214
PS 971 Prekindergarten to Grade 2   6214 4th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11220
Ps/Is 104 The Fort Hamilton SchoolKindergarten to Grade 8   9115 5th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11209
Ralph A Fabrizio SchoolKindergarten to Grade 5   7109 6th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11209
Seeall Academy (The)Prekindergarten to Grade 8   5601 16th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204
Urban Assembly School For Criminal JusticeGrade 6 to Grade 11   4200 16th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11204

Test Performance

YearTestGradeMeasurementScoreState Average
NY State Assessments Test
2006English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std81%69%
2007English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std67%67%
2008English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std67%70%
2009English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std78%76%
2010English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std53%55%
2011English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std55%56%
2012English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std58%56%
2013English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std36.6%31.1%
2006Math3rd Grade% met std87%80%
2007Math3rd Grade% met std89%85%
2008Math3rd Grade% met std92%90%
2009Math3rd Grade% met std95%93%
2010Math3rd Grade% met std67%59%
2011Math3rd Grade% met std67%59%
2012Math3rd Grade% met std71%61%
2013Math3rd Grade% met std50.5%34.2%
2006English Language Arts4th Grade% met std71%69%
2007English Language Arts4th Grade% met std66%68%
2008English Language Arts4th Grade% met std74%71%
2009English Language Arts4th Grade% met std74%77%
2010English Language Arts4th Grade% met std57%57%
2011English Language Arts4th Grade% met std58%56%
2012English Language Arts4th Grade% met std63%60%
2013English Language Arts4th Grade% met std36.6%30.3%
2006Math4th Grade% met std84%78%
2007Math4th Grade% met std87%81%
2008Math4th Grade% met std89%83%
2009Math4th Grade% met std91%87%
2010Math4th Grade% met std73%64%
2011Math4th Grade% met std77%67%
2012Math4th Grade% met std82%69%
2013Math4th Grade% met std53.9%36.3%
2006Science4th Grade% met std82%86%
2007Science4th Grade% met std83%85%
2008Science4th Grade% met std84%86%
2009Science4th Grade% met std86%88%
2010Science4th Grade% met std86%89%
2011Science4th Grade% met std88%88%
2012Science4th Grade% met std88%89%
2006English Language Arts5th Grade% met std69%67%
2007English Language Arts5th Grade% met std66%68%
2008English Language Arts5th Grade% met std76%78%
2009English Language Arts5th Grade% met std82%83%
2010English Language Arts5th Grade% met std58%53%
2011English Language Arts5th Grade% met std59%53%
2012English Language Arts5th Grade% met std61%58%
2013English Language Arts5th Grade% met std39.7%30.2%
2006Math5th Grade% met std79%68%
2007Math5th Grade% met std86%76%
2008Math5th Grade% met std90%83%
2009Math5th Grade% met std92%88%
2010Math5th Grade% met std73%65%
2011Math5th Grade% met std77%66%
2012Math5th Grade% met std78%66%
2013Math5th Grade% met std49%29.9%
2006Social Studies5th Grade% met std79%82%
2007Social Studies5th Grade% met std74%78%
2008Social Studies5th Grade% met std82%85%
2009Social Studies5th Grade% met std82%86%
2010Social Studies5th Grade% met std82%86%
2006English Language Arts6th Grade% met std58%61%
2007English Language Arts6th Grade% met std55%63%
2008English Language Arts6th Grade% met std61%67%
2009English Language Arts6th Grade% met std77%81%
2010English Language Arts6th Grade% met std48%54%
2011English Language Arts6th Grade% met std49%56%
2012English Language Arts6th Grade% met std52%55%
2013English Language Arts6th Grade% met std31.4%29.6%
2006Math6th Grade% met std64%60%
2007Math6th Grade% met std75%71%
2008Math6th Grade% met std82%79%
2009Math6th Grade% met std85%83%
2010Math6th Grade% met std67%61%
2011Math6th Grade% met std69%63%
2012Math6th Grade% met std74%66%
2013Math6th Grade% met std45.4%30.6%
2006English Language Arts7th Grade% met std54%57%
2007English Language Arts7th Grade% met std56%58%
2008English Language Arts7th Grade% met std67%71%
2009English Language Arts7th Grade% met std75%80%
2010English Language Arts7th Grade% met std47%50%
2011English Language Arts7th Grade% met std45%48%
2012English Language Arts7th Grade% met std52%53%
2013English Language Arts7th Grade% met std37.2%31.4%
2006Math7th Grade% met std59%56%
2007Math7th Grade% met std70%66%
2008Math7th Grade% met std80%79%
2009Math7th Grade% met std87%88%
2010Math7th Grade% met std67%62%
2011Math7th Grade% met std69%64%
2012Math7th Grade% met std72%65%
2013Math7th Grade% met std43.4%27.7%
2006English Language Arts8th Grade% met std49%49%
2007English Language Arts8th Grade% met std45%58%
2008English Language Arts8th Grade% met std54%56%
2009English Language Arts8th Grade% met std63%69%
2010English Language Arts8th Grade% met std47%51%
2011English Language Arts8th Grade% met std42%47%
2012English Language Arts8th Grade% met std47%50%
2013English Language Arts8th Grade% met std34.8%33.7%
2006Math8th Grade% met std57%54%
2007Math8th Grade% met std62%59%
2008Math8th Grade% met std74%70%
2009Math8th Grade% met std81%80%
2010Math8th Grade% met std64%55%
2011Math8th Grade% met std69%60%
2012Math8th Grade% met std71%62%
2013Math8th Grade% met std44.9%27.4%
2006Science8th Grade% met std57%63%
2007Science8th Grade% met std57%65%
2008Science8th Grade% met std68%71%
2009Science8th Grade% met std62%69%
2010Science8th Grade% met std70%71%
2011Science8th Grade% met std67%69%
2012Science8th Grade% met std68%70%
2006Social Studies8th Grade% met std41%54%
2007Social Studies8th Grade% met std41%57%
2008Social Studies8th Grade% met std51%63%
2009Social Studies8th Grade% met std46%63%
2010Social Studies8th Grade% met std57%69%
Regents Test
2010Algebra 2/TrigonometryEnd of course% met std69%65%
2011Algebra 2/TrigonometryEnd of course% met std68%64%
2012Algebra 2/TrigonometryEnd of course% met std70%64%
2005ChemistryEnd of course% met std70%73%
2006ChemistryEnd of course% met std67%75%
2007ChemistryEnd of course% met std59%71%
2008ChemistryEnd of course% met std63%73%
2009ChemistryEnd of course% met std58%74%
2010ChemistryEnd of course% met std59%73%
2011ChemistryEnd of course% met std69%78%
2012ChemistryEnd of course% met std66%78%
2005Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std62%72%
2006Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std61%74%
2007Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std65%72%
2008Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std52%70%
2009Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std58%72%
2010Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std62%74%
2011Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std51%72%
2012Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std58%73%
2005EnglishEnd of course% met std69%77%
2006EnglishEnd of course% met std75%78%
2007EnglishEnd of course% met std81%78%
2008EnglishEnd of course% met std76%82%
2009EnglishEnd of course% met std81%82%
2010EnglishEnd of course% met std81%83%
2011EnglishEnd of course% met std77%85%
2012EnglishEnd of course% met std73%82%
2005FrenchEnd of course% met std100%97%
2006FrenchEnd of course% met std97%97%
2007FrenchEnd of course% met std100%98%
2008FrenchEnd of course% met std100%97%
2009FrenchEnd of course% met std98%97%
2010FrenchEnd of course% met std98%94%
2011FrenchEnd of course% met std95%95%
2010GeometryEnd of course% met std76%72%
2011GeometryEnd of course% met std78%75%
2012GeometryEnd of course% met std73%75%
2005Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std75%70%
2006Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std71%67%
2007Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std73%63%
2008Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std72%67%
2009Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std74%71%
2010Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std77%69%
2011Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std71%70%
2012Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std70%71%
2009Integrated AlgebraEnd of course% met std80%72%
2010Integrated AlgebraEnd of course% met std81%72%
2011Integrated AlgebraEnd of course% met std75%73%
2012Integrated AlgebraEnd of course% met std75%72%
2005ItalianEnd of course% met std93%97%
2006ItalianEnd of course% met std96%98%
2007ItalianEnd of course% met std99%97%
2008ItalianEnd of course% met std94%97%
2009ItalianEnd of course% met std97%97%
2010ItalianEnd of course% met std94%98%
2011ItalianEnd of course% met std95%98%
2005Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std66%75%
2006Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std66%75%
2007Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std71%75%
2008Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std66%75%
2009Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std73%80%
2010Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std71%79%
2011Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std78%81%
2012Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std75%78%
2005Mathematics AEnd of course% met std88%77%
2006Mathematics AEnd of course% met std87%79%
2007Mathematics AEnd of course% met std87%77%
2008Mathematics AEnd of course% met std83%76%
2009Mathematics AEnd of course% met std69%61%
2005Mathematics BEnd of course% met std79%66%
2006Mathematics BEnd of course% met std78%68%
2007Mathematics BEnd of course% met std83%70%
2008Mathematics BEnd of course% met std84%70%
2009Mathematics BEnd of course% met std77%68%
2010Mathematics BEnd of course% met std66%61%
2005PhysicsEnd of course% met std66%81%
2006PhysicsEnd of course% met std77%80%
2007PhysicsEnd of course% met std73%79%
2008PhysicsEnd of course% met std69%77%
2009PhysicsEnd of course% met std55%77%
2010PhysicsEnd of course% met std76%82%
2011PhysicsEnd of course% met std79%79%
2012PhysicsEnd of course% met std83%79%
2005SpanishEnd of course% met std96%96%
2006SpanishEnd of course% met std98%96%
2007SpanishEnd of course% met std97%97%
2008SpanishEnd of course% met std96%95%
2009SpanishEnd of course% met std96%96%
2010SpanishEnd of course% met std98%95%
2011SpanishEnd of course% met std97%94%
2005U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std79%76%
2006U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std80%79%
2007U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std86%79%
2008U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std87%83%
2009U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std86%80%
2010U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std87%83%
2011U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std81%80%
2012U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std82%79%

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School District Fiscal Information

Total Expenditures:NANANANANANA
Total Current Expenditures:NANANANANANA
Instructional Expenditures:NANANANANANA
Student and Staff Support:NANANANANANA
Operations, Food, Other:NANANANANANA
Total Capital Outlay:NANANANANANA
Interest on Debt:NANANANANANA
Instruction/Teacher Salary:NANANANANANA
Instruction/Teacher Benefit:NANANANANANA

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