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Yellow Medicine County Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Yellow Medicine County is about the same as Minnesota average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Yellow Medicine County is about the same as Minnesota average and is about the same as the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #23

Yellow Medicine County

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Yellow Medicine County

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #40

Yellow Medicine County

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 9,428 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Yellow Medicine County were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:62Cold:23Dense Fog:3Drought:11
Dust Storm:0Flood:477Hail:4,731Heat:8Heavy Snow:73
High Surf:0Hurricane:0Ice Storm:12Landslide:0Strong Wind:67
Thunderstorm Winds:3,480Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:3Winter Storm:90Winter Weather:85

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Yellow Medicine County.

Historical Earthquake Events

No historical earthquake events that had recorded magnitudes of 3.5 or above found in or near Yellow Medicine County.

No historical earthquake events found in or near Yellow Medicine County.

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 37 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Yellow Medicine County.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
5.61992-06-16344°47'N / 95°48'W2.50 Miles100 Yards0625.0M0Yellow Medicine
6.31992-06-16344°47'N / 95°51'W44°47'N / 95°42'W6.00 Miles23 Yards000K0Yellow Medicine
15.92000-07-25444°54'N / 95°40'W44°49'N / 95°33'W9.00 Miles167 Yards11520.0M0Yellow Medicine
 Brief Description: The tornado first touched down in rural Yellow Medicine County, 8 miles west, and 3 miles north of Granite Falls. The tornado lifted before exiting Granite Falls, leaving the most concentrated damage path two miles long, and 500 feet wide, through a primarily residential area of Granite Falls. Most of the damage in Granite Falls was caused by F2 to F3 wind speeds. However, this tornado has been classified as a minimal F4 tornado, based on the twisted wreckage of an overturned railroad car near the intersection of 9th Avenue and 14th street in Granite Falls. M82PH
16.71951-07-20244°54'N / 96°05'W1.00 Mile33 Yards040K0Codington
20.31981-06-21244°47'N / 95°34'W44°39'N / 95°20'W14.40 Miles200 Yards00250K0Yellow Medicine
22.41992-06-16244°47'N / 95°25'W2.50 Miles13 Yards000K0Renville
23.11955-07-07444°29'N / 96°12'W30.00 Miles33 Yards1132.5M0Lyon
25.61992-06-16244°31'N / 95°25'W44°39'N / 95°20'W12.00 Miles60 Yards000K0Redwood
28.91955-04-19244°17'N / 96°09'W44°25'N / 96°09'W9.20 Miles80 Yards00250K0Lincoln
29.91981-06-23244°50'N / 95°20'W44°47'N / 95°12'W6.80 Miles150 Yards00250K0Renville
30.11992-06-16244°19'N / 95°37'W2.00 Miles30 Yards000K0Lyon
30.11981-08-05244°45'N / 95°15'W00250K0Renville
30.51992-06-16344°14'N / 95°35'W44°27'N / 95°29'W16.00 Miles90 Yards000K0Redwood
31.51968-06-21244°24'N / 96°28'W44°22'N / 96°08'W16.40 Miles30 Yards010K0Lincoln
32.71968-06-13544°16'N / 95°35'W44°18'N / 95°36'W002.5M0Redwood
33.21992-06-16244°31'N / 95°15'W44°36'N / 95°12'W8.00 Miles30 Yards000K0Redwood
33.71992-06-16244°34'N / 95°10'W44°40'N / 95°13'W5.50 Miles23 Yards000K0Redwood
33.71992-06-16244°39'N / 95°11'W5.00 Miles23 Yards000K0Renville
34.71992-06-16344°12'N / 95°51'W44°14'N / 95°43'W3.00 Miles80 Yards000K0Lyon
35.01968-06-13544°12'N / 95°42'W44°16'N / 95°35'W6.80 Miles150 Yards91502.5M0Lyon
35.91992-06-16344°21'N / 95°22'W44°30'N / 95°09'W13.00 Miles80 Yards000K0Redwood
37.11986-07-18244°34'N / 96°42'W44°35'N / 96°29'W17.00 Miles150 Yards0025K0Deuel
37.41968-06-13544°10'N / 95°45'W44°12'N / 95°42'W2.30 Miles150 Yards002.5M0Murray
37.41992-06-16244°44'N / 95°06'W2.00 Miles20 Yards000K0Renville
37.51992-06-16244°40'N / 95°06'W44°43'N / 95°06'W3.00 Miles13 Yards000K0Renville
38.81981-06-21244°39'N / 95°20'W44°25'N / 94°54'W26.60 Miles200 Yards00250K0Redwood
39.11992-06-16344°06'N / 95°49'W44°12'N / 95°51'W9.00 Miles80 Yards000K0Murray
40.31981-06-23244°32'N / 95°05'W1.00 Mile20 Yards002.5M0Redwood
42.01992-06-16245°19'N / 95°44'W1.50 Miles13 Yards000K0Swift
42.62001-06-11245°19'N / 95°37'W45°16'N / 95°29'W8.00 Miles150 Yards0710.0M0Swift
 Brief Description: After several brief tornadoes around Danvers, a much larger tornado struck the east side of Benson and travelled southeast along Highway 212. 71 structures were damaged, including 4 homes and 7 businesses that had to be demolished. The tornado lifted off in DeGraff, but not before damaging one last grain bin, taking the roof off a grain elevator, and knocking several sheds down in DeGraff. Seven people were injured when they fled a van just as the tornado was hitting the vehicle on the eastern edge of Benson. One boy was critically injured but survived and was discharged from the hospital two weeks later. Damage listed encompasses damages from all tornadoes and wind events in Swift County.
42.81971-06-19244°27'N / 96°39'W000K0Brookings
44.61992-06-16244°00'N / 95°51'W44°09'N / 95°38'W13.00 Miles40 Yards000K0Murray
44.81955-08-28245°07'N / 96°35'W1.50 Miles33 Yards0025K0Grant
46.92008-07-11345°04'N / 95°08'W45°05'N / 94°58'W8.00 Miles200 Yards020K0KKandiyohi
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: Three homes were destroyed and eight others were damaged. Barns and sheds were destroyed, along with two businesses, including two turkey barns. At Highway 71 and County Rd. 19 a small trailer was turned on its side, and several farm tractors were turned on their sides. Two minor injuries occurred at a turkey barn 2.5 miles South of Downtown Willmar. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Instability ahead of a cold front which moved from the Central Dakotas on the morning of the 11th, to the Eastern half of Minnesota by the early evening hours, was the prime ingredient for scattered to numerous severe thunderstorms across the region, during this period.
47.31971-06-19244°38'N / 97°06'W44°22'N / 96°27'W36.80 Miles33 Yards000K0Hamlin
47.41952-06-23245°18'N / 95°30'W45°21'N / 95°20'W8.40 Miles220 Yards002.5M0Swift
49.51992-06-16443°57'N / 95°54'W44°03'N / 95°58'W7.00 Miles160 Yards0325.0M0Murray

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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