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Tovey, IL Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Tovey is about the same as Illinois average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Tovey is higher than Illinois average and is much higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #682

Tovey, IL

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Tovey, IL

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #465

Tovey, IL

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 3,078 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Tovey, IL were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:2Cold:21Dense Fog:32Drought:22
Dust Storm:0Flood:331Hail:844Heat:60Heavy Snow:36
High Surf:0Hurricane:0Ice Storm:9Landslide:0Strong Wind:60
Thunderstorm Winds:1,504Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:0Winter Storm:74Winter Weather:31

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Tovey, IL.

Historical Earthquake Events

A total of 1 historical earthquake event that had a recorded magnitude of 3.5 or above found in or near Tovey, IL.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeDepth (km)LatitudeLongitude

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 78 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Tovey, IL.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
7.01964-04-02239°40'N / 89°32'W39°42'N / 89°27'W4.50 Miles77 Yards0025K0Sangamon
8.61976-03-20339°28'N / 89°32'W39°29'N / 89°30'W00250K0Christian
10.51964-04-02239°26'N / 89°31'W39°27'N / 89°29'W1.30 Miles20 Yards0025K0Christian
11.71975-08-14239°45'N / 89°31'W1.00 Mile30 Yards0025K0Sangamon
12.01988-05-08239°45'N / 89°32'W0.10 Mile50 Yards00250K0Sangamon
12.51964-04-02239°25'N / 89°35'W39°26'N / 89°31'W3.60 Miles20 Yards0425K0Montgomery
13.41976-03-20339°25'N / 89°40'W39°26'N / 89°30'W8.80 Miles27 Yards04250K0Montgomery
13.81977-08-06339°38'N / 89°43'W39°41'N / 89°40'W4.10 Miles100 Yards002.5M0Sangamon
14.21975-07-08239°37'N / 89°11'W0.10 Mile3 Yards000K0Christian
14.71978-05-12239°25'N / 89°42'W39°29'N / 89°37'W6.20 Miles33 Yards00250K0Montgomery
16.21957-06-14439°45'N / 89°42'W39°46'N / 89°37'W4.30 Miles220 Yards2502.5M0Sangamon
16.81999-06-01339°19'N / 89°40'W39°26'N / 89°32'W10.00 Miles200 Yards1400Montgomery
 Brief Description: A tornado first formed about 1 mile southwest of I-55 west of Raymond. The tornado moved northeast hitting a rest area along I-55. Six tractor-trailer trucks were overturned at the rest area, killing one driver and injuring 4 others. Two other trucks were also overturned just north of the rest area. The tornado continued northeast and intensified causing damage at two farms. Numerous barns and other outbuildings were destroyed and one house severely damaged. The occupant of the house escape injury by taking shelter in an interior closet. M54VE
17.12006-03-12239°48'N / 89°39'W39°48'N / 89°35'W4.00 Miles400 Yards0000Sangamon
 Brief Description: The tornado touched down about 1/4 mile north of the Bunn Park golf course, and tracked to the northeast. The strongest damage was bounded by 15th Street, Cornell Avenue, South Grand Avenue, and Pope Avenue. Several homes had roofs torn off, with extensive damage to power poles and lines, along with numerous downed trees. The tornado continued to track northeast across Old Rochester Road, Singer Avenue, and Cook Street from White City Blvd. to a block east of Dirksen Parkway. The tornado crossed I-55 at the Clear Lake Avenue interchange, and overturned a semi truck. This tornado dissipated near Old Route 36, about 3/4 mile southwest of the Village of Clear Lake. No injuries or fatalities were reported.
17.41973-06-04239°32'N / 89°46'W000K0Morgan
18.01990-05-09239°30'N / 89°46'W0.20 Mile50 Yards00250K0Macoupin
18.12006-03-12239°48'N / 89°32'W39°54'N / 89°21'W12.50 Miles200 Yards0400Sangamon
 Brief Description: The tornado touched down 3.75 miles south of Riverton. It moved northeast, between Dawson and Buffalo (passing 1.5 miles west of Buffalo), and lifted just south of the Logan County line, 5 miles northeast of Buffalo. This tornado started at F0 strength, about 100 yards wide, and quickly strengthened to F2 intensity (120 mph) with a maximum width of 200 yards. It weakened to F1 intensity, and was about 100 yards wide when it ended. Total path was 12.5 miles in length. Damage from this storm consisted of damage to barn buildings and some significant house damage. Power poles were snapped, with major tree damage. 4 injuries were reported, but there were no fatalities
18.41967-01-24239°29'N / 89°46'W2.50 Miles100 Yards00250K0Macoupin
18.61963-04-22339°51'N / 89°51'W39°51'N / 89°13'W33.50 Miles33 Yards15250K0Sangamon
19.71959-08-04239°27'N / 89°47'W39°12'N / 89°24'W26.70 Miles33 Yards0025K0Macoupin
20.21977-08-06239°37'N / 89°51'W39°38'N / 89°48'W2.30 Miles350 Yards000K0Sangamon
20.22009-08-19239°39'N / 89°57'W39°43'N / 89°40'W16.00 Miles440 Yards034.0M330KSangamon
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado crossed into Sangamon County from Morgan County at 151 PM CST, then continued northeastward through the town of Loami before lifting 1.5 miles northwest of Chatham at 208 PM CST. In Loami, 13 homes were destroyed and 19 homes were severely damaged. In addition, the tornado produced damage to several homes, farm machinery sheds, trees, and crops along the remainder of its path. Three people sustained minor injuries from flying or falling debris in Loami. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A vigorous upper-level disturbance in conjunction with a warm front lifting northward through central Illinois triggered strong to severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening of August 19th. Embedded supercells within a long line of storms produced enhanced wind damage and tornadoes. Seven tornadoes touched down on August 19th, affecting parts of Scott, Morgan, Sangamon, Logan, DeWitt, McLean, and Vermilion counties. The strongest tornado was rated as an EF3 by an NWS Storm Survey as it tracked across southern Logan County. Total damages to crops and property from the 7 tornadoes were estimated to be more than $25 Million.
21.92006-03-12239°41'N / 89°58'W39°48'N / 89°39'W20.50 Miles880 Yards01900Sangamon
 Brief Description: Continuation of Morgan county tornado. The total path length of the tornado was about 65.5 miles, including a 45.0 mile path across the WFO Central Illinois service area. Damage from the storm over Scott, Morgan and rural Sangamon counties consisted of the snapping of power poles and major tree damage, either ripped up or uprooted. Numerous farm buildings (both Morton type buildings and barns) were damaged or destroyed, as were numerous grain bins. One mobile home was destroyed. This long track tornado moved into the city of Springfield before dissipating. The tornado crossed Interstate 72 near mile marker 92, around 8:20 PM. It entered the city of Springfield near Cockrell Lane and Constitution Drive, tracking to the east-northeast around 50 mph. The tornado was about 300 yards wide, and produced F2 damage to several businesses from Constitution Drive, through Parkway Pointe, to Veterans Parkway and Lindbergh Blvd. The tornado widened to about 0.4 mile wide as it continued to track east-northeast south of Wabash Avenue, between Veterans Parkway and Chatham Road. The tornado widened further, to just over 1/2 mile wide from Westchester Blvd to the village of Jerome. The damage was rated as F2 along Wabash Avenue, between Chatham Road and MacArthur Blvd. The tornado then weakened slightly, producing F1 damage, as it turned to the northeast, nearly parallel with the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks. The damage path remained nearly 1/2 mile wide. The width of the tornado decreased to about 1/4 mile wide as it strengthened again, and turned to the north-northeast near Iles Park and in the vicinity of Oak and Myrtle Streets, between 6th and 9th Streets. The damage was rated as F2 in these locations, with roofs blown off of homes and businesses, and garages severely damaged. This tornado dissipated just north of 9th Street and South Grand Avenue. 1 injury was reported in Morgan county, with 19 injuries reported in Sangamon county. No fatalities were reported.
24.11976-02-16239°23'N / 89°05'W1.00 Mile80 Yards00250K0Christian
24.32006-04-02239°09'N / 89°29'W39°22'N / 89°06'W20.00 Miles200 Yards0000Montgomery
 Brief Description: A tornado first formed on the south side of Hillsboro where it caused a narrow path of sign and window damage at a car dealership and two gasoline stations, and blew metal sheeting into nearby trees at a home improvement store. It then destroyed barns one mile southeast of Irving and 2 miles south of Witt. The barn damage south of Witt was rated F1. The tornado then destroyed a metal shed 3 miles south of Nokomis and lofted the sheet metal up to a mile downstream. It also caused minor damage to a grain bin on a farm about three miles southeast of Nokomis. It then caused major damage to a machine shed three miles east of Nokomis where the sheet metal was blown one half mile downstream. The tornado then intensified to nearly 200 yards wide where it toppled and destroyed two high tension electric power line towers about 5 miles east of Nokomis. The damage was rated low end F2. The tornado then weakened and destroyed another grain bin and caused minor damage before dissipating near the Shelby County line.
24.81960-06-23239°54'N / 90°00'W39°43'N / 89°38'W23.10 Miles100 Yards00250K0Sangamon
24.91963-04-22339°51'N / 89°13'W39°51'N / 89°02'W9.40 Miles33 Yards00250K0Macon
25.72009-08-19339°57'N / 89°33'W39°58'N / 89°28'W4.00 Miles600 Yards01711.0M75KSangamon
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado touched down on the west side of Williamsville, just west of I-55, at 319 PM CST. It destroyed an antique mall, damaged the Casey's gas station building and collapsed the canopy over the gas pumps. One person was injured at the mall, while 2 motorcyclists were injured when they were thrown from their bikes. The tornado moved northeast through Williamsville and hit a church, throwing a 2-horse trailer onto the roof and collapsing the roof over half of the building. One person inside the church was injured. The tornado continued through the northern portion of town, causing damage to numerous trees and several homes. Two homes lost their roof and several others lost a portion of their roof. The tornado also caved in the southern end of a metal building, part of an agricultural business on the edge of town. A total of 12 additional people were injured by tornado debris in the town of Williamsville. The width of the tornado through town ranged from 100 to 150 yards. The maximum wind speed of 135 mph (EF2) in Williamsville was determined from the damage to the church. A total of 10 houses were destroyed and 35 houses damaged in Williamsville. A total of six businesses and non-residential properties were destroyed. The tornado continued east-northeast and flattened cornfields, damaged farm outbuildings and machine sheds, and damaged homes, garages, and vehicles on Lester Rd. Two houses were completely destroyed, and four others had extensive damage, as the tornado widened to 600 yards at this point. A 19-month-old baby was injured as the family home was hit by the tornado. The maximum wind speed at this point was estimated at 140 mph (EF3). The tornado continued through fields, causing extensive crop damage, until crossing into Logan County around 326 PM CST. Path length through Sangamon County was 4.5 miles. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A vigorous upper-level disturbance in conjunction with a warm front lifting northward through central Illinois triggered strong to severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening of August 19th. Embedded supercells within a long line of storms produced enhanced wind damage and tornadoes. Seven tornadoes touched down on August 19th, affecting parts of Scott, Morgan, Sangamon, Logan, DeWitt, McLean, and Vermilion counties. The strongest tornado was rated as an EF3 by an NWS Storm Survey as it tracked across southern Logan County. Total damages to crops and property from the 7 tornadoes were estimated to be more than $25 Million.
26.52006-03-12239°56'N / 89°17'W39°58'N / 89°17'W3.50 Miles200 Yards0000Logan
 Brief Description: The tornado tracked from the Logan/Sangamon County line, 6 miles south of Mt. Pulaski, to 3 miles south of Mt. Pulaski. Damage from this tornado included numerous snapped trees and power poles. In addition, 3 or 4 large steel power poles were toppled. No injuries or fatalities were reported.
26.52006-03-12239°56'N / 89°19'W39°59'N / 89°19'W2.50 Miles400 Yards0000Logan
 Brief Description: The tornado touched down 4 miles east of Cornland, and was on the ground for 2.5 miles before lifting 2.5 miles southwest of Mt. Pulaski. The tornado snapped numerous trees and power poles, and a 400 foot microwave tower was toppled. No injuries or fatalities were reported.
26.62006-04-02239°41'N / 89°01'W39°42'N / 88°55'W4.50 Miles300 Yards0000Macon
 Brief Description: The tornado completely destroyed a large barn, causing debris to be blown more than a mile to the northeast. It also damaged trees and did minor damage to a roof.
27.51974-04-03339°43'N / 89°08'W39°56'N / 88°56'W18.20 Miles350 Yards1262.5M0Macon
27.81996-04-19339°49'N / 89°11'W39°53'N / 88°55'W14.50 Miles440 Yards0299.0M0Macon
 Brief Description: A tornado touched down 2 miles south southwest of Niantic and travelled to the east northeast causing extensive damage. It moved into Old Harristown at 727 pm destroying 4 to 5 homes, extensively damaging the remainder of the homes, tore the roof off of the old grade school gymnasium, and destroyed a grain silo. It continued to the east northeast and moved into the westside of Decatur at the intersection of Wyckles and Center Roads after crossing I-72, destroying a church at that intersection, as well as a couple of homes. Then the tornado lifted to tree top level for a short distance till it reached Ravina Park Road. "F3" damage was seen, as the tornado demolished a house in a gully area, then continued to move to the east northeast down Ravina Park Road, causing "F2" damage. The width of the tornado was from 1 1/2 to 2 blocks wide in this area. It then crossed Oakland Avenue, destroying the Sims Lumber Company, and then it lifted to tree top level again. It dropped down again near the intersection of Bloomington Road and Pythan Avenue, causing minor damage before lifting again just east of Morgan Street. The tornado touched down once more at the intersection of Pershing and 27th, causing damage to the roofs of several buildings at a manufacturing plant and damaging the surrounding fences before lifting. Twenty-nine people were injured, two seriously and damage was estimated around $9 million.
29.51962-05-26239°53'N / 89°51'W003K0Sangamon
30.11957-03-14239°58'N / 89°10'W0025K0Logan
30.71999-06-01239°22'N / 89°02'W39°30'N / 88°47'W15.50 Miles450 Yards042.0M0Shelby
 Brief Description: A tornado touched down on the east side of Lake Pana in Shelby County. Four homes and one mobile home were destroyed. A woman in the mobile home was injured and hospitalised for a time. A mile northeast near Route 16, several more homes were damaged or destroyed and two people in one of the destroyed homes were injured. Debris was scattered in the nearby fields. For the next four miles, several homes sustained moderate damage, numerous outbuildings and grain bins were either damaged or destroyed, and one woman sustained minor cuts and bruises. As the tornado moved to the northeast into the Westervelt area, numerous trees were blown down, buildings sustained minor damage, and 9 large grain bins were destroyed. The tornado remained on the ground for another 4.5 miles, knocking down trees and power lines before lifting and dissipating 2 miles southwest of Findlay. Damage was estimated around $2 million.
31.81978-05-12239°07'N / 90°03'W39°25'N / 89°42'W27.90 Miles700 Yards01250K0Macoupin
31.91951-06-27339°57'N / 89°10'W39°57'N / 88°59'W9.60 Miles300 Yards0352.5M0Logan
31.91995-05-09339°53'N / 89°44'W40°13'N / 89°07'W40.00 Miles880 Yards0610.0M0Logan
 Brief Description: A tornado developed 3 NE of Salisbury and moved northeast lifting 5 NE of Beason in Logan County at 1756 CST. The path width varied from one-quarter to three-quarters of a mile and was on the ground for 40 miles. The tornado caused significant damage in Cantrall (three homes destroyed, 10 had major damage, 11 had minor damage, and the roof and interior of a grade school suffered extensive damage). In the Brookwood Hills Subdivision in Menard County (3 SE Athens), one home was destroyed, one had major damage, 12 homes suffered minor damage, and one farm in the area sustained damage to barns and silos. In Elkhart, 50 to 75 homes were damaged, as well as, several businesses. In Flamingo Heights subdivision (4S of Lincoln), all 23 homes were damaged. Numerous power lines, poles, trees, and a 400 foot cellular tower were blown down. With all of the damage, only six people suffered minor injuries. Preliminary damage estimates were $1 million in Sangamon County, $1 Million in Menard County, and over $8 million in Logan County.
32.11974-08-10239°09'N / 89°39'W2.70 Miles20 Yards003K0Montgomery
33.01975-11-30239°50'N / 88°58'W39°49'N / 88°51'W5.90 Miles33 Yards002.5M0Macon
33.22009-08-19339°58'N / 89°28'W40°09'N / 89°10'W20.00 Miles880 Yards027.2M1.0MLogan
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado moved into Logan county from Sangamon county at 326 PM CST and continued heading northeast. It widened to 1/2 mile at several locations along its path. The tornado destroyed 7 houses and damaged 15 others. Numerous grain bins and outbuildings were also destroyed. Crop losses were extensive along the 20 mile path and were estimated to be around $1 Million. Two people sustained injuries when the shed they were seeking shelter in was destroyed. Wind speeds were estimated at 140 mph as the tornado crossed from Sangamon County, decreasing to 110 to 120 mph as it moved to areas between Lincoln and Mt. Pulaski. The tornado continued northeast before weakening to speeds of 90 to 100 mph, with a width of 50 to 100 yards. The tornado dissipated just east of Beason at 402 PM CST. The path length in Logan County was nearly 20 miles. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A vigorous upper-level disturbance in conjunction with a warm front lifting northward through central Illinois triggered strong to severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening of August 19th. Embedded supercells within a long line of storms produced enhanced wind damage and tornadoes. Seven tornadoes touched down on August 19th, affecting parts of Scott, Morgan, Sangamon, Logan, DeWitt, McLean, and Vermilion counties. The strongest tornado was rated as an EF3 by an NWS Storm Survey as it tracked across southern Logan County. Total damages to crops and property from the 7 tornadoes were estimated to be more than $25 Million.
33.71960-03-29239°21'N / 90°00'W003K0Macoupin
33.82010-12-31339°58'N / 89°51'W40°00'N / 89°48'W4.00 Miles200 Yards0112.0M0KMenard
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A tornado touched down on the west side of Lake Petersburg at 12:37 PM CST, then tracked northeast over the lake and across Sunny Acres Road, before lifting southeast of the intersection of Tice Road and Illinois 123 at 12:40 PM CST. A total of 29 homes sustained significant structural damage, four of which could not be repaired. Two barns were also destroyed, and nearly 100 houses and a nursing home had minor damage along the path of the tornado. One person was seriously injured when the tornado caused a large tree limb to fall on their automobile, crushing the car and trapping the occupant. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A strong cold front pushed across central Illinois on December 31st, triggering a line of strong to severe thunderstorms. Unseasonably warm and moist air ahead of the front aided in initial storm development, while a strong upper-level disturbance created a highly sheared environment. One of the resulting supercell thunderstorms produced an EF3 tornado that tracked across the Lake Petersburg area in Menard County, creating considerable damage.
34.51950-01-03339°06'N / 89°18'W39°07'N / 89°14'W3.60 Miles130 Yards03250K0Montgomery
35.81990-06-02239°29'N / 88°53'W39°32'N / 88°41'W8.00 Miles600 Yards022.5M0Shelby
35.91978-05-12239°51'N / 88°57'W39°56'N / 88°51'W7.60 Miles700 Yards03250K0Macon
36.01961-04-24339°37'N / 90°18'W39°34'N / 89°57'W18.90 Miles33 Yards00250K0Morgan
37.11990-05-12239°04'N / 89°37'W0.20 Mile100 Yards00250K0Montgomery
37.32006-03-12239°33'N / 90°17'W39°39'N / 90°01'W19.70 Miles300 Yards0100Morgan
 Brief Description: Continuation of tornado from Scott county. Tornado continued into Sangamon county.
37.71974-04-03339°56'N / 88°56'W39°57'N / 88°53'W2.70 Miles350 Yards002.5M0Macon
38.21996-04-19239°44'N / 90°12'W39°44'N / 90°05'W6.00 Miles880 Yards01400K0Morgan
 Brief Description: A tornado touched down 2 miles east of Jacksonville, at the MOBIL Chemical Plant, moving east over a portion of the Jacksonville Correctional Facility. "F2" damage was found along this portion of the tornado path. The tornado then lifted and remained aloft for 2 miles before touching down again. It remained on the ground for 2 more miles, lifting 1 mile north of Orleans. Two railroad cars were turned over at the MOBIL Chemical Plant, which itself sustained some roof damage. Also, it damaged two guard towers, a greenhouse, and a fence at the prison. To the east of the prison, one home was destroyed, 3 sustained major damage, and several farm buildings were either damaged or destroyed. One person sustained minor injuries at the prison and damage was estimated around $400,000.
38.91953-04-09240°07'N / 89°27'W40°11'N / 89°21'W6.50 Miles30 Yards0325K0Logan
38.91976-03-20439°48'N / 88°48'W39°49'N / 88°45'W1.90 Miles800 Yards022.5M0Macon
39.11980-04-08239°38'N / 88°43'W0.50 Mile60 Yards0025K0Moultrie
40.71957-06-14239°44'N / 90°13'W39°44'N / 90°10'W1.90 Miles33 Yards05250K0Morgan
40.71959-10-10238°57'N / 90°09'W39°07'N / 89°16'W48.70 Miles33 Yards00250K0Madison
42.01960-06-23239°57'N / 90°13'W39°54'N / 90°00'W11.80 Miles100 Yards01250K0Cass
42.61973-12-04239°35'N / 90°15'W010K0Morgan
43.02003-05-30240°12'N / 89°20'W40°11'N / 89°10'W11.00 Miles880 Yards002.5M0Logan
 Brief Description: A tornado touched down 4 miles north of the Lincoln Weather Service Office, just southwest of Lawndale (Logan County). It traveled to the southeast blowing down numerous trees, tree limbs, power lines and power poles. It destroyed a mobile home, shoved a two-story house 15 feet off its foundation, destroyed several sheds and barns. Six to seven other homes sustained minor to major damage due to the tornado. It crossed from Logan County into DeWitt County just north of Illinois Route 10 near Beason. No injuries were reported.
43.11950-12-02239°00'N / 89°55'W39°04'N / 89°43'W11.50 Miles50 Yards1325K0Macoupin
44.12004-05-24239°43'N / 90°16'W39°44'N / 90°15'W1.20 Miles100 Yards014.0M0Morgan
 Brief Description: A small tornado touched down in the southwest section of Jacksonville near the point where Route 67 turns north. As it traveled to the northeast it quickly intensified to F2 strength destroying a furniture store, house and church and caused major damage to a motel. One occupant of the motel sustained minor injuries. The tornado then quickly weakened causing minor damage to several more homes and businesses before lifting and dissipating.
44.31957-03-14240°12'N / 89°42'W0025K0Mason
44.41954-07-21238°52'N / 89°13'W39°10'N / 88°55'W26.10 Miles200 Yards01250K0Fayette
44.61983-05-01339°18'N / 90°16'W39°22'N / 90°10'W4.00 Miles77 Yards0152.5M0Greene
45.02003-05-30240°09'N / 89°05'W40°06'N / 88°51'W12.80 Miles1100 Yards049.3M0De Witt
 Brief Description: As the first tornado was weakening on the west side of Hallsville another more significant tornado developed on the east side of town. It quickly intensified to F2 intensity, destroying two homes and causing damage to several others. In one home, a family of four sought shelter in the hallway. They were briefly trapped after the walls collapsed around them, but only sustained minor injuries. The tornado maintained its intensity and traveled to the southeast towards the south side of Clinton. As it approached US 51 numerous homes and businesses were severely damaged. Seven businesses were destroyed. The tornado finally weakened and lifted one mile south of Lane. Numerous trees, power lines and power poles were blown down as well. No other injuries were reported.
45.41988-11-15239°20'N / 90°14'W0.10 Mile50 Yards00250K0Greene
47.12000-05-12238°55'N / 89°18'W38°55'N / 89°17'W1.50 Miles100 Yards0000Bond
 Brief Description: A second tornado formed about 100 yards southeast of the initial tornado in Bond County and traveled east for about 1.5 miles. The tornado traveled through a heavily wooded area destroying hundreds of large trees.
47.32006-03-12239°30'N / 90°22'W39°33'N / 90°18'W4.80 Miles300 Yards0000Scott
 Brief Description: A tornado entered Scott county from Greene county (WFO Saint Louis). Tornado continued northeast into Morgan county.
47.41985-03-28240°17'N / 89°29'W40°16'N / 89°23'W4.50 Miles800 Yards002.5M0Logan
47.51955-08-29239°37'N / 90°24'W39°45'N / 90°16'W11.50 Miles100 Yards02250K0Scott
47.51977-05-05440°15'N / 89°15'W40°16'N / 89°14'W022.5M0Logan
47.61951-06-27340°16'N / 89°28'W40°16'N / 89°07'W18.20 Miles200 Yards1152.5M0Logan
48.21984-11-09238°53'N / 89°14'W39°01'N / 88°56'W18.00 Miles150 Yards0112.5M0Fayette
48.41968-05-15340°14'N / 89°50'W40°17'N / 89°36'W12.60 Miles600 Yards0252.5M0Mason
48.51968-05-15340°17'N / 89°36'W40°17'N / 89°33'W002.5M0Logan
49.01976-03-20439°49'N / 88°45'W39°55'N / 88°27'W17.20 Miles800 Yards052.5M0Piatt
49.31977-08-21339°26'N / 88°39'W39°21'N / 88°28'W11.20 Miles77 Yards6562.5M0Shelby
49.61999-06-01238°59'N / 88°56'W39°05'N / 88°47'W10.00 Miles150 Yards0000Fayette
 Brief Description: A tornado produced a 10 mile intermittent damage path across Fayette County in the St. Elmo area. The tornado first formed southeast of Brownstown damaging 2 large machine sheds. The tornado crossed Route 170 knocking over a tractor-trailer. About 2 miles southwest of St. Elmo it destroyed several green houses. About 1 mile southwest of St. Elmo a large warehouse was destroyed. Several large steel beams supporting the warehouse were severely twisted. Also in this area, a 300 feet radio tower was destroyed, a mobile home and 3 homes were destroyed. The tornado weakened as it moved northeast of St. Elmo damaging a few outbuildings and downing trees.

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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