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Thomasville, MO Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Thomasville is lower than Missouri average and is lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Thomasville is lower than Missouri average and is higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #320

Thomasville, MO

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Thomasville, MO

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #795

Thomasville, MO

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 2,328 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Thomasville, MO were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:0Cold:3Dense Fog:0Drought:9
Dust Storm:0Flood:379Hail:968Heat:34Heavy Snow:8
High Surf:0Hurricane:0Ice Storm:5Landslide:0Strong Wind:6
Thunderstorm Winds:838Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:2Winter Storm:26Winter Weather:2

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Thomasville, MO.

Historical Earthquake Events

A total of 2 historical earthquake events that had recorded magnitudes of 3.5 or above found in or near Thomasville, MO.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeDepth (km)LatitudeLongitude

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 78 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Thomasville, MO.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
4.51984-10-18336°46'N / 91°31'W36°52'N / 91°24'W10.00 Miles440 Yards012.5M0Oregon
8.31967-12-21236°42'N / 91°38'W1.50 Miles50 Yards0125K0Oregon
9.71970-07-19336°42'N / 91°24'W5.00 Miles200 Yards07250K0Oregon
13.71982-12-24436°30'N / 91°31'W36°48'N / 91°12'W25.00 Miles300 Yards062.5M0Oregon
16.91984-10-18336°52'N / 91°24'W37°05'N / 91°16'W16.00 Miles440 Yards102.5M0Shannon
17.11976-02-21237°00'N / 91°42'W0.90 Mile37 Yards012.5M0Howell
18.21976-02-21236°43'N / 91°51'W0.90 Mile70 Yards01250K0Howell
19.81955-11-16236°40'N / 91°54'W36°42'N / 91°50'W4.30 Miles1000 Yards0225K0Howell
19.91982-04-16236°54'N / 91°59'W37°00'N / 91°41'W14.00 Miles800 Yards00250K0Howell
20.42009-05-08237°00'N / 91°49'W37°03'N / 91°42'W7.00 Miles880 Yards002.0M0KHowell
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A National Weather Service storm survey revealed that an EF-2 tornado tracked across rural sections of northern Howell County. The tornado damaged several homes and outbuildings. Numerous trees were also uprooted from the tornado. This tornado continued into southeastern Texas County. EPISODE NARRATIVE: An intense squall line impacted extreme southeast Kansas and the Missouri Ozarks with mainly damaging winds. However, 19 tornadoes along with large hail was also observed. Due to the straight line nature of the winds, damage was widespread and intense.
20.41968-06-24236°30'N / 91°36'W2.00 Miles50 Yards0025K0Oregon
21.02009-05-08336°52'N / 91°55'W36°53'N / 91°53'W2.00 Miles800 Yards00500K0KHowell
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A National Weather Service storm survey revealed that an EF-3 tornado impacted a rural area just north of Pomona. The tornado destroyed a frame home. Several cars were thrown 50 yards while two school buses were knocked over. One mobile home and one travel trailer were destroyed, and two outbuildings along with an auto shop were destroyed. EPISODE NARRATIVE: An intense squall line impacted extreme southeast Kansas and the Missouri Ozarks with mainly damaging winds. However, 19 tornadoes along with large hail was also observed. Due to the straight line nature of the winds, damage was widespread and intense.
21.21959-03-14236°30'N / 91°48'W36°35'N / 91°43'W7.30 Miles50 Yards003K0Howell
21.91961-03-12236°42'N / 92°02'W36°47'N / 91°49'W13.30 Miles150 Yards00250K0Howell
22.02005-11-05236°31'N / 91°23'W36°35'N / 91°10'W9.00 Miles300 Yards001.5M0Oregon
 Brief Description: A National Weather Service storm survey team revealed that an F-2 tornado touched down 9 miles east of Thayer near Highway V. The tornado continued on a path 300 yards wide to 8 miles northeast of Myrtle. Two mobile homes were destroyed and several other homes were heavily damaged along the tornado path.
22.41982-12-24236°30'N / 91°17'W36°43'N / 91°07'W16.00 Miles300 Yards012.5M0Oregon
23.72009-05-08237°04'N / 91°39'W37°12'N / 91°22'W17.00 Miles880 Yards0050K13.0MShannon
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: This tornado is a continuation of the southeastern Texas County tornado. A National Weather Service storm survey revealed that an EF-2 tornado entered rural west central Shannon County from southeastern Texas County. This tornado tracked across forested areas of west central and central Shannon County, uprooting and snapping numerous trees. The Missouri Department of Conservation announced that the tornado and other high winds from this event resulted in $13M of damage to trees. The tornado also damaged a sawmill along its path. EPISODE NARRATIVE: An intense squall line impacted extreme southeast Kansas and the Missouri Ozarks with mainly damaging winds. However, 19 tornadoes along with large hail was also observed. Due to the straight line nature of the winds, damage was widespread and intense.
24.61982-12-24236°43'N / 91°07'W36°48'N / 91°04'W7.00 Miles300 Yards002.5M0Ripley
25.41982-12-02236°46'N / 91°05'W36°49'N / 91°04'W4.00 Miles200 Yards00250K0Ripley
25.51982-04-02436°37'N / 92°06'W36°45'N / 91°51'W14.00 Miles500 Yards22825.0M0Howell
26.01973-05-07236°44'N / 92°04'W36°45'N / 91°56'W7.40 Miles100 Yards0125K0Howell
26.61982-12-24436°48'N / 91°12'W37°05'N / 90°59'W18.00 Miles300 Yards002.5M0Carter
26.71959-03-14236°28'N / 91°51'W36°30'N / 91°48'W3.60 Miles417 Yards11525K0Fulton
26.81973-11-24237°09'N / 91°21'W1.00 Mile60 Yards31250K0Shannon
27.12007-03-01336°36'N / 92°07'W36°42'N / 91°52'W14.00 Miles200 Yards10750K0KHowell
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: This is an extension of the Ozark County tornado. A National Weather Service storm survey revealed that a large tornado ripped through rural sections of southwest Howell County, Missouri. The community of Caulfield experienced a direct hit. Numerous farms and structures were damaged or destroyed. One fatality occurred as the tornado ripped through a mobile home northeast of Caulfield. Four other injuries occurred in the same mobile home. The tornado lifted approximately one mile southwest of the West Plains city limits. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Several severe thunderstorms impacted southern Missouri during the morning hours of March 1st. A classic supercell moved from northern Arkansas and into Ozark and Howell counties. This storm produced an EF-3 tornado that touched down southwest of Caulfield, Missouri, and tracked to areas southwest of West Plains, Missouri. One fatality occurred from this storm as the tornado ripped through a mobile home in rural Howell County.
27.22006-09-22236°23'N / 91°28'W36°26'N / 91°22'W7.50 Miles100 Yards0000Sharp
 Brief Description: A strong tornado moved from eastern Fulton County into northern Sharp County. The tornado tracked from 5 miles southwest of Wirth to 1.8 miles east of Wirth. The tornado badly damaged two barns, with minor damaged at several residences. Three stock trailers were also overturned. Dozens of trees were downed, along with power poles and power lines. The tornado continued into Randolph County of the Memphis County Warning Area.
27.41961-05-07336°37'N / 92°00'W36°38'N / 91°58'W1.90 Miles300 Yards08250K0Howell
27.51957-05-21436°57'N / 91°10'W37°00'N / 91°01'W9.10 Miles500 Yards775250K0Carter
27.61967-12-20236°53'N / 92°04'W37°01'N / 91°55'W12.30 Miles150 Yards0225K0Howell
28.52002-04-27237°01'N / 91°59'W37°01'N / 91°57'W1.50 Miles100 Yards001.5M0Howell
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado, plus associated destructive convergent winds around the tornadic circulation, caused extensive damage from 2 miles west of the Willow Springs Highway Patrol Headquarters, northeast to a mile and a half northeast of Willow Springs along Highway 378. Although the tornadic circulation was only 100 yards wide, it caused damage up to 300 yards wide. Large, century year old oak trees were uprooted throughout the area. West of the Willow Springs Highway Patrol Headquarters, a bass boat was thrown across two pastures and over two fences. A barn near this pasture was damaged. Troop G Headquarters had their 365' radio tower blown down. The tower landed on a home in the Hickory Hills Subdivision in Willow Springs. Four homes loss shingles and two homes completely lost their roofs. A church was rotated 45 degrees off its foundation and cemetery headstones were toppled. The worst damage occurred on a hilltop north of Willow Springs where a home was almost completely destroyed along with numerous outbuildings in a half mile area.
28.71982-12-24436°15'N / 91°36'W36°30'N / 91°31'W15.00 Miles440 Yards05250K0Fulton
28.92006-09-22236°21'N / 91°33'W36°24'N / 91°23'W5.50 Miles100 Yards0000Fulton
 Brief Description: A strong tornado was spawned in eastern Fulton County. The tornado tracked from 5 miles east of Saddle to 7.5 miles southeast of Mammoth Spring. The tornado destroyed a home, and caused damage to several other homes. Hundreds of trees were downed, with one tree on a pickup truck. The tornado continued into northern Sharp County.
29.21982-12-24236°48'N / 91°04'W36°57'N / 90°58'W10.00 Miles300 Yards112.5M0Carter
29.31982-12-02236°49'N / 91°04'W36°57'N / 90°58'W9.50 Miles200 Yards00250K0Carter
29.62005-11-27236°32'N / 91°06'W36°41'N / 91°00'W12.00 Miles250 Yards10250K0Ripley
 Brief Description: The tornado destroyed a permanent home and a mobile home. Major damage occurred to two other permanent homes. The sole fatality occurred about midway between Gatewood and Briar, where a two-story house was destroyed. The victim was sleeping on the second floor at the time. His body was found in a field about 75 yards from the residence. Two people on the first floor of the house escaped from under the debris without injury. Two mobile homes were unroofed. Many trees were snapped or uprooted. Several trees blocked U.S. Route 160 where the tornado crossed it. Much of the tornado's path was in the Mark Twain National Forest. The average path width was 200 yards. Peak wind speeds were estimated near 140 MPH. The strongest winds and widest path extended from near Tucker to the destroyed house (midway between Briar and Gatewood). M62PH
30.11968-06-24236°42'N / 92°04'W0.20 Mile50 Yards0025K0Howell
30.42005-11-05236°33'N / 91°09'W36°33'N / 91°00'W7.40 Miles250 Yards0075K0Ripley
 Brief Description: The tornado entered southwest Ripley County from Oregon County. A home and a barn received extensive damage in the community of Tucker, near where the tornado reached its peak intensity and width. Peak winds were estimated near 120 MPH. Average path width was 150 yards.
31.11961-03-12236°38'N / 92°07'W36°42'N / 92°02'W6.50 Miles150 Yards111250K0Howell
31.91961-05-07336°35'N / 92°07'W36°37'N / 92°00'W6.80 Miles300 Yards00250K0Howell
34.71961-03-12236°37'N / 92°08'W36°38'N / 92°07'W1.30 Miles150 Yards00250K0Ozark
35.61979-04-11337°01'N / 92°07'W37°02'N / 92°06'W000K0Douglas
37.21982-04-02436°34'N / 92°13'W36°37'N / 92°06'W6.00 Miles500 Yards0025.0M0Ozark
37.81967-12-21236°30'N / 90°58'W36°31'N / 90°56'W1.90 Miles50 Yards00250K0Ripley
37.91982-12-02336°11'N / 91°37'W36°18'N / 91°29'W9.00 Miles250 Yards0325.0M0Sharp
39.12005-11-05236°14'N / 91°22'W36°16'N / 91°17'W4.80 Miles350 Yards0300Sharp
 Brief Description: A strong tornado touched down briefly in Sharp County about a mile southwest of Sitka. Estimated winds with the tornado were about 115 mph. The worst damage noted was at the intersection of Lone Oak Road and Summerfield Creek Road. One mobile home was demolished, with contents strewn well across a field. Another mobile home was damaged. A storage shed was thrown across a street into the trees and a travel trailer was overturned. A vacant house was destroyed by falling trees. Five vehicles were damaged with windows being blown out. Numerous trees were uprooted or snapped off along the path of the tornado. Three people sustained injuries. The tornado was on the ground for almost five miles before dissipating.
39.31974-04-13237°11'N / 92°00'W37°17'N / 91°58'W7.10 Miles150 Yards00250K0Texas
39.41961-05-07336°32'N / 92°15'W36°35'N / 92°07'W8.00 Miles300 Yards01250K0Ozark
39.72008-02-05336°09'N / 91°40'W36°17'N / 91°28'W15.00 Miles580 Yards01530.0M0KSharp
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado moved out of Izard County, south of Horseshoe Bend, and into Sharp County, northwest of Evening Shade. According to a survey by the Red Cross, 30 houses were destroyed, 7 suffered major damage, 17 had minor damage, and 11 others were affected. In addition, 10 mobile homes were destroyed, 1 had major damage, 2 had minor damage, and 1 was affected. Two apartments had minor damage and two others were affected. At least 40 businesses along U.S. Highway 62/412 in Highland were damaged or destroyed. Also, a church was destroyed and vehicles were overturned along the highway. The fire department in Highland lost most of its building and equipment. The Highland High School had minor damage. The tornado finally ended its long path northeast of Highland. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Early on the 5th, a strong storm system approached from the Plains. Ahead of the system, breezy southerly winds provided well above normal temperatures and abundant moisture. Warmth and moisture destabilized the atmosphere and fueled developing thunderstorms. A cold front moved across the state causing numerous severe storms and several tornadoes. One of the tornadoes tracked from Yell County to Sharp County, staying on the ground for 121.84 miles. This track length set a record for the longest tornado path ever recorded in Arkansas. The continuous track was confirmed by two National Weather Service meteorologists who flew the track with the Civil Air Patrol. The final track was based on ground surveys, the Civil Air Patrol flight, and an aerial mapping flight performed for the Arkansas Forestry Commission.
39.91982-12-24436°11'N / 91°37'W36°15'N / 91°36'W5.00 Miles440 Yards00250K0Sharp
39.92002-04-24437°00'N / 91°01'W36°55'N / 90°40'W20.50 Miles300 Yards0215.0M0Carter
 Brief Description: The tornado damage path began on the west side of Van Buren, right along the Current River, and crossed U.S. Route 60 very close to the Current River bridge. Two businesses in Van Buren, a lodge and a restaurant, were heavily damaged by F-2 intensity winds. The tornado travelled southeast across hilly and forested terrain until reaching the community of Ellsinore. Damage on the south side of Ellsinore was severe, where about 7 businesses were destroyed. Most of the damage at Ellsinore, which was inflicted by F-4 intensity winds, occurred along and near U.S. Highway 60. Across Carter County, 13 homes were destroyed and 12 homes suffered major damage. The tornado then moved into the Mark Twain National Forest and crossed into Butler County north of Highway 60.
40.02001-02-24236°16'N / 91°58'W36°20'N / 91°52'W8.00 Miles300 Yards1300Fulton
 Brief Description: A strong tornado was spawned in southern Fulton County about 3 miles west of Union. The tornado moved quickly northeast, and caused considerable damage. Roofs were damaged at several homes, with a dairly barn heavily damaged. Three mobile homes were destroyed. In one of the mobile homes about 5.5 miles southwest of Salem, four people were injured. An 18 month old boy died from his injuries the next day after being transported to a hospital in Little Rock. There was extensive tree damage, with many cedar trees twisted or downed. The tornado travelled about 8 miles before dissipating 3.8 miles southwest of Salem.
40.11964-03-25337°03'N / 91°01'W37°06'N / 90°47'W13.30 Miles300 Yards0025K0Carter
40.22010-12-31236°56'N / 90°51'W36°58'N / 90°49'W3.00 Miles200 Yards00200K0KCarter
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado touched down near County Road 223, where a tin roof was peeled up on a small outbuilding. A gate and fence were blown about 50 feet. The tornado reached its maximum width and its peak intensity as it crossed County Road 225. This is where a permanent home suffered partial wall and roof loss, a mobile home was blown 15 feet off its foundation, and over one hundred trees were uprooted. The residents of the mobile home took refuge in the laundry room, which was the only room not destroyed. Residents of both homes were provided food and shelter by the Red Cross. A large oak tree fell on a vehicle, causing major damage to the vehicle. Two other vehicles were damaged by debris. A shed and outbuildings were destroyed. A bicycle was blown up into a tree. A twin-pole high voltage transmission tower was partially blown over. The tornado crossed U.S. Highway 60, then struck a sawmill on Highway FF. The 40-by-100 foot sawmill was destroyed. None of the eight workers in the sawmill were injured, possibly because they jumped into a sawdust pit. A home near the sawmill lost part of its roof (less than 20 percent), and dozens of large trees were uprooted. As the tornado crossed County Road 327, a few more trees were blown down. Part of a metal roof from a small barn was blown into a tree. Due to damage to the high-voltage transmission lines, over 1,500 customers from Van Buren to Ellsinore were without power for up to four hours. A National Weather Service damage survey confirmed a convergent signature to the debris pattern. A person in the area reported witnessing the tornado. Peak winds in this tornado were estimated near 120 mph. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A pre-frontal line of thunderstorms developed ahead of a cold front over western Missouri. The broken line of storms extended southwestward across southeast Missouri. Isolated bowing segments and supercells were embedded within portions of the line. The storms existed within a narrow axis of marginal instability with mixed layer capes at or below 500 j/kg. A low level jet axis along the Mississippi River provided more than sufficient vertical wind shear for embedded supercells with isolated tornadoes.
40.61979-04-11337°02'N / 92°06'W37°30'N / 91°50'W35.40 Miles400 Yards092.5M0Texas
40.61982-04-02336°26'N / 92°07'W1.50 Miles880 Yards22250K0Fulton
40.81968-06-24237°12'N / 92°01'W37°16'N / 92°02'W4.50 Miles50 Yards0025K0Texas
40.91982-12-02236°12'N / 91°17'W36°18'N / 91°11'W8.00 Miles100 Yards02250K0Franklin
41.11973-01-18236°41'N / 90°50'W36°43'N / 90°46'W4.30 Miles100 Yards01250K0Ripley
42.91996-04-19236°36'N / 90°52'W36°35'N / 90°44'W10.00 Miles100 Yards00100K0Ripley
 Brief Description: A mobile home was overturned. Large trees fell on cars and homes.
43.41988-03-24237°20'N / 91°55'W37°24'N / 91°47'W12.00 Miles50 Yards052.5M0Texas
44.41975-09-11237°20'N / 91°58'W0.30 Mile40 Yards00250K0Texas
44.61996-03-24236°09'N / 91°55'W36°15'N / 91°48'W11.00 Miles50 Yards00180K0Izard
 Brief Description: The tornado touched down 4 1/2 miles south of Oxford where it damaged several homes and outbuildings. A mobile home was also flipped over. The tornado remained on the ground for approximately 11 miles before lifting 1 1/2 miles north-northeast of Wiseman. Several other homes and businesses sustained roof damage. Another mobile home was destroyed. A number of trees and power lines were also knocked down along the tornado's path. Damage along the track of the tornado was mostly F1. However, some structural damage was consistent with an F2 rating. Initial estimates place the amount of damage at around $175,000.
44.72004-04-24236°54'N / 90°47'W37°00'N / 90°43'W7.60 Miles200 Yards05600K0Carter
 Brief Description: The tornado touched down about one mile south of the intersection of U.S. Highway 60 and County Highway 233 in eastern Carter County. The tornado tracked north-northeast, passing only about a mile west of the town of Ellsinore. The tornado damage path ended on County Road 365 less than one half mile before reaching the Wayne County line. Peak winds in the tornado were estimated at 150 MPH. Most of the injured were in a mobile home on the north side of U.S. Highway 60. Their mobile home was picked up and thrown into some trees. One person was critically injured. The critically injured person was paralyzed when her back and neck was broken, and she was airlifted to a St. Louis area hospital. Another person received a broken arm, and most of the remaining injuries were scrapes and cuts. The tornado destroyed a total of three mobile homes, a storage facility, and numerous sheds. Two homes and one business were severely damaged. Numerous vehicles were damaged. A warm front extending across southeast Missouri was the focus for tornadic thunderstorms. The storms developed during the warmth of the afternoon and produced a few tornadoes, isolated dime size hail, and several reports of flash flooding.
44.71982-12-02236°08'N / 91°21'W36°12'N / 91°17'W5.00 Miles100 Yards01250K0Crawford
44.91950-03-26336°09'N / 91°50'W36°12'N / 91°45'W5.70 Miles200 Yards01250K0Izard
44.91966-12-08237°06'N / 92°15'W1.00 Mile100 Yards003K0Texas
45.21961-05-07336°30'N / 92°18'W36°32'N / 92°15'W3.60 Miles300 Yards00250K0Ozark
45.51968-06-24236°18'N / 92°10'W36°23'N / 92°06'W6.80 Miles100 Yards003K0Fulton
45.51982-12-02236°58'N / 92°20'W37°04'N / 92°17'W6.00 Miles150 Yards002.5M0Douglas
45.91982-12-02237°04'N / 92°17'W37°10'N / 92°14'W7.00 Miles150 Yards092.5M0Wright
46.01957-05-13236°12'N / 91°55'W2.00 Miles400 Yards0125K0Izard
46.21950-12-02336°07'N / 91°50'W36°11'N / 91°43'W7.80 Miles33 Yards000K0Izard
47.61970-04-12237°15'N / 90°57'W37°17'N / 90°52'W5.10 Miles100 Yards01250K0Reynolds
48.01999-04-05236°16'N / 90°58'W36°16'N / 90°58'W2.00 Miles200 Yards002.0M0Randolph
 Brief Description: The tornado touched down on the east side of Paragould and moved northeast. The tornado hit a commercial area with several restaurants and other businesses damaged or destroyed. Several trees and power lines were blown down as well.
48.81994-07-02236°15'N / 90°58'W2.00 Miles75 Yards01500K0Randolph
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado touched down one mile south of Pocahontas and traveled south-southeastward for approximately two miles before lifting. The tornado heavily damaged two businesses and destroyed two mobile homes. Two other mobile homes were removed from their foundations. An tractor-semitrailer was blown off U.S. Highway 67. The driver's wife received minor injuries when the entire rig flipped over into a ditch. Another tractor-semitrailer was blown over at a local business. Some trees and power lines were also blown down along the highway.
49.01956-02-14236°05'N / 91°36'W0.50 Mile200 Yards0225K0Sharp
49.11982-12-24236°48'N / 92°32'W36°57'N / 92°18'W14.00 Miles200 Yards02250K0Douglas
49.51974-04-13237°01'N / 92°26'W37°06'N / 92°18'W9.20 Miles177 Yards0225K0Wright

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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