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Shelby county is located in west Tennessee. Shelby county has 763.17 square miles of land area and 21.84 square miles of water area. As of 2010-2014, the total Shelby county population is 936,130, which has grown 4.31% since 2000. The population growth rate is much lower than the state average rate of 13.40% and is much lower than the national average rate of 11.61%. Shelby county median household income is $46,213 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 16.72% since 2000. The income growth rate is lower than the state average rate of 22.72% and is much lower than the national average rate of 27.36%. Shelby county median house value is $131,700 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 42.84% since 2000. The house value growth rate is lower than the state average rate of 50.43% and is lower than the national average rate of 46.91%. As a reference, the national Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate for the same period is 26.63%. On average, the public school district that covers Shelby county is much better than the state average in quality. The Shelby county area code is 901.

Population936,130 (2010-2014), rank #1
Population Growth4.31% since 2000, rank #62
Population Density:1,192.49/sq mi, rank #2
Median Household Income:$46,213 at 2010-2014—16.72% increase since 2000, rank #16
Median House Price:$131,700 at 2010-2014—42.84% increase since 2000, rank #24
Time Zone:Central GMT -6:00 with Daylight Saving in the Summer
Land Area:763.17 sq mi, rank #1
Water Area:21.84 sq mi (2.78%), rank #15
Area:Memphis, TN-MS-AR
School District:
Area Code:901
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TN157000100 MemphisTN157000200 MemphisTN157000300 MemphisTN157000400 MemphisTN157000600 MemphisTN157000700 MemphisTN157000800 MemphisTN157000900 MemphisTN157001100 MemphisTN157001200 MemphisTN157001300 MemphisTN157001400 MemphisTN157001500 MemphisTN157001600 MemphisTN157001700 MemphisTN157001900 MemphisTN157002000 MemphisTN157002100 MemphisTN157002400 MemphisTN157002500 MemphisTN157002600 MemphisTN157002700 MemphisTN157002800 MemphisTN157002900 MemphisTN157003000 MemphisTN157003100 MemphisTN157003200 MemphisTN157003300 MemphisTN157003400 MemphisTN157003500 MemphisTN157003600 MemphisTN157003700 MemphisTN157003800 MemphisTN157003900 MemphisTN157004200 MemphisTN157004300 MemphisTN157004500 MemphisTN157004600 MemphisTN157005000 MemphisTN157005300 MemphisTN157005500 MemphisTN157005600 MemphisTN157005700 MemphisTN157005800 MemphisTN157005900 MemphisTN157006000 MemphisTN157006200 MemphisTN157006300 MemphisTN157006400 MemphisTN157006500 MemphisTN157006600 MemphisTN157006700 MemphisTN157006800 MemphisTN157006900 MemphisTN157007000 MemphisTN157007100 MemphisTN157007200 MemphisTN157007300 MemphisTN157007400 MemphisTN157007500 MemphisTN157007810 MemphisTN157007821 MemphisTN157007822 MemphisTN157007900 MemphisTN157008000 MemphisTN157008110 MemphisTN157008120 MemphisTN157008200 MemphisTN157008500 MemphisTN157008600 MemphisTN157008700 MemphisTN157008800 MemphisTN157008900 MemphisTN157009100 MemphisTN157009200 MemphisTN157009300 MemphisTN157009400 MemphisTN157009500 MemphisTN157009600 MemphisTN157009700 MemphisTN157009800 MemphisTN157009901 MemphisTN157009902 MemphisTN157010000 MemphisTN157010110 MemphisTN157010120 MemphisTN157010210 MemphisTN157010220 MemphisTN157010300 MemphisTN157010500 MemphisTN157010610 MemphisTN157010620 MemphisTN157010630 MemphisTN157010710 MemphisTN157010720 MemphisTN157010810 MemphisTN157010820 MemphisTN157011010 MemphisTN157011020 MemphisTN157011100 MemphisTN157011200 MemphisTN157011300 MemphisTN157011400 MemphisTN157011500 MemphisTN157011600 MemphisTN157011700 MemphisTN157011800 MemphisTN157020101TN157020102TN157020210 MillingtonTN157020221TN157020222TN157020300 MillingtonTN157020400 MillingtonTN157020511 MemphisTN157020512 MemphisTN157020521 MemphisTN157020523 MemphisTN157020524 MemphisTN157020531TN157020532 MemphisTN157020541 MemphisTN157020542 MemphisTN157020610 MemphisTN157020621TN157020622TN157020632TN157020633 BartlettTN157020634 BartlettTN157020635 BartlettTN157020642TN157020643TN157020644TN157020651TN157020652 BartlettTN157020700TN157020810TN157020820TN157020831TN157020832TN157020900 ArlingtonTN157021010TN157021020TN157021111TN157021112TN157021113TN157021121TN157021122 MemphisTN157021124TN157021125TN157021126TN157021135 MemphisTN157021136TN157021137 MemphisTN157021138TN157021139TN157021140TN157021141 MemphisTN157021142TN157021200 MemphisTN157021311 MemphisTN157021312TN157021320 MemphisTN157021331 MemphisTN157021333TN157021334 MemphisTN157021341 GermantownTN157021342TN157021351 GermantownTN157021352 GermantownTN157021353TN157021410TN157021420 GermantownTN157021430TN157021510 MemphisTN157021520TN157021530 ColliervilleTN157021540 ColliervilleTN157021611 ColliervilleTN157021612 ColliervilleTN157021613 ColliervilleTN157021620 ColliervilleTN157021710 MemphisTN157021721 MemphisTN157021724 MemphisTN157021725 MemphisTN157021726 MemphisTN157021731 MemphisTN157021732 MemphisTN157021741 MemphisTN157021744 MemphisTN157021745 MemphisTN157021746 MemphisTN157021747 MemphisTN157021751 MemphisTN157021752 MemphisTN157021753 MemphisTN157021754 MemphisTN157021900 MemphisTN157022022 MemphisTN157022023 MemphisTN157022024 MemphisTN157022111 MemphisTN157022112 MemphisTN157022121 MemphisTN157022122 MemphisTN157022130 MemphisTN157022210 MemphisTN157022220 MemphisTN157022310 MemphisTN157022321 MemphisTN157022322 MemphisTN157022330 MemphisTN157022410 MemphisTN157022500 MemphisTN157022600 MemphisTN157022700 MemphisTN157980100 MemphisTN157980200 MemphisTN157980300 MemphisTN157980400 Memphis

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