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Towns County School District


Towns County School District is located in north Georgia. Towns County School District has 166.56 square miles of land area and 5.42 square miles of water area. As of 2010-2014, the total Towns County School District population is 10,670. Towns County School District median household income is $37,425 in 2010-2014. Towns County School District median house value is $162,700 in 2010-2014. On average, Towns County School District is better than the state average in quality.

Ranking:High School: (76 out of 176, top 43%)
Elementary/Middle School: (27 out of 177, top 15%)*
Rank: #59
Type:Regular Local School District
Grade:Prekindergarten to Grade 12
Number of Schools:3
Population10,670 (2010-2014), rank #138
Population Growth-0.76% since 2005-2009, see rank
Population Density:62.04/sq mi, rank #104
Median Household Income:$37,425 at 2010-2014—-6.22% increase since 2005-2009, rank #99
Median House Price:$162,700 at 2010-2014—-17.91% increase since 2005-2009, rank #22
Time Zone:Eastern GMT -5:00 with Daylight Saving in the Summer
Land Area:166.56 sq mi, rank #151
Water Area:5.42 sq mi (3.15%), rank #68
County:Towns County
City:Young Harris, Hiawassee, Tate City
Zip:30582, 30546
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Towns County School District Map, Border, and Nearby Locations

67 Lakeview Circle
Hiawassee GA, 30546, Towns County
Phone: 706-896-2279

Students and Teachers

      2013-2014         2012-2013         2011-2012         2010-2011         2009-2010         2008-2009         2007-2008    
Total Students:1,0821,1261,1241,1501,1331,1671,184
English Language Learner Students:107101451218
Total Teachers:82.3084.0088.0090.3093.7094.7095.00
Total Other Staff:108.10112.60111.50115.30118.40121.20124.50
Instructional Aides:32.7032.5034.0036.0034.5037.0037.00
Instructional Coordinators & Supervisors:
Total Guidance Counselors:2.503.
Elementary Guidance Counselors:
Secondary Guidance Counselors:1.502.
Other Guidance Counselors:NANANANANANANA
Librarians/Media Specialists:
Library/Media Support:
District Administrators:4.504.004.505.004.704.504.00
District Administrative Support:4.005.505.505.505.504.505.00
School Administrators:4.905.
School Administrative Support:
Student Support Services:
Other Support Services:47.5048.5045.5044.5047.5047.5051.00
Student-Teacher Ratio:13.1513.4012.7712.7412.0912.3212.46


Towns County Elementary SchoolPrekindergarten to Grade 5   1150 Konahetah Rd, Hiawassee GA 30546
Towns County High SchoolGrade 9 to Grade 12   1400 Hwy 76 East, Hiawassee GA 30546
Towns County Middle SchoolGrade 6 to Grade 8   1400 Hwy 76 East, Hiawassee GA 30546

Test Performance

YearTestGradeMeasurementScoreState Average
2006English Language Arts1st Grade% met std86.8%80%
2007English Language Arts1st Grade% met std89.7%82.4%
2008English Language Arts1st Grade% met std85.1%84.4%
2009English Language Arts1st Grade% met std85.7%84%
2010English Language Arts1st Grade% met std93.9%87%
2006Math1st Grade% met std90.1%90%
2007Math1st Grade% met std92%82.3%
2008Math1st Grade% met std96.5%86.4%
2009Math1st Grade% met std89.8%87%
2010Math1st Grade% met std95.2%85%
2006Reading1st Grade% met std91.2%87%
2007Reading1st Grade% met std92.9%90.1%
2008Reading1st Grade% met std95.4%90.3%
2009Reading1st Grade% met std93.9%90.9%
2010Reading1st Grade% met std96.3%93%
2006English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std89.7%83%
2007English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std88.5%83.7%
2008English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std87.6%84.1%
2009English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std85.2%86.8%
2010English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std85%85%
2006Math2nd Grade% met std92.3%87%
2007Math2nd Grade% met std77.9%81.4%
2008Math2nd Grade% met std89.7%85.5%
2009Math2nd Grade% met std92%87.3%
2010Math2nd Grade% met std93%86%
2006Reading2nd Grade% met std94.9%89%
2007Reading2nd Grade% met std99%91.3%
2008Reading2nd Grade% met std94.9%92%
2009Reading2nd Grade% met std96.6%91.9%
2010Reading2nd Grade% met std96%91%
2006English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std88.3%82%
2007English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std95.3%85.6%
2008English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std90.5%87.1%
2009English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std90.8%86.6%
2010English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std89.3%88%
2011English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std92.2%89.2%
2012English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std98.6%91%
2013English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std85.3%88.1%
2006Math3rd Grade% met std94.2%91%
2007Math3rd Grade% met std100%90.4%
2008Math3rd Grade% met std63.2%70.9%
2009Math3rd Grade% met std86.7%77.9%
2010Math3rd Grade% met std85.8%79%
2011Math3rd Grade% met std88.9%81.2%
2012Math3rd Grade% met std90.5%81%
2013Math3rd Grade% met std72.5%78.5%
2006Reading3rd Grade% met std85.9%82%
2007Reading3rd Grade% met std98.8%85.1%
2008Reading3rd Grade% met std89.5%87.5%
2009Reading3rd Grade% met std95.9%88%
2010Reading3rd Grade% met std94.1%90%
2011Reading3rd Grade% met std98.9%90.9%
2012Reading3rd Grade% met std94.6%90%
2013Reading3rd Grade% met std91.0%92.1%
2006Science3rd Grade% met std91.8%85%
2007Science3rd Grade% met std91.7%70.1%
2008Science3rd Grade% met std82.1%74.5%
2009Science3rd Grade% met std91.8%79.7%
2010Science3rd Grade% met std79.8%80%
2011Science3rd Grade% met std88.3%80.5%
2012Science3rd Grade% met std89.7%78%
2013Science3rd Grade% met std81.2%78.4%
2006Social Studies3rd Grade% met std94.1%88%
2007Social Studies3rd Grade% met std96.5%88.6%
2008Social Studies3rd Grade% met std89.5%89%
2009Social Studies3rd Grade% met std85.7%76.1%
2010Social Studies3rd Grade% met std75%79%
2011Social Studies3rd Grade% met std80.9%81%
2012Social Studies3rd Grade% met std84.4%81%
2013Social Studies3rd Grade% met std76.8%83.4%
2006English Language Arts4th Grade% met std88%79%
2007English Language Arts4th Grade% met std87.8%84.3%
2008English Language Arts4th Grade% met std89.4%86.2%
2009English Language Arts4th Grade% met std86.6%86.9%
2010English Language Arts4th Grade% met std84.6%87%
2011English Language Arts4th Grade% met std85.3%88%
2012English Language Arts4th Grade% met std94%90%
2013English Language Arts4th Grade% met std100.0%90.2%
2006Math4th Grade% met std87%79%
2007Math4th Grade% met std87.8%78.4%
2008Math4th Grade% met std80.2%70%
2009Math4th Grade% met std83.5%74.3%
2010Math4th Grade% met std78.5%77%
2011Math4th Grade% met std83.9%81.1%
2012Math4th Grade% met std85.9%81%
2013Math4th Grade% met std93.3%84.3%
2006Reading4th Grade% met std82.6%81%
2007Reading4th Grade% met std90.2%84.7%
2008Reading4th Grade% met std91.7%87.5%
2009Reading4th Grade% met std89.6%87.3%
2010Reading4th Grade% met std91.8%89%
2011Reading4th Grade% met std86.9%87.9%
2012Reading4th Grade% met std94.1%90%
2013Reading4th Grade% met std98.7%92.5%
2006Science4th Grade% met std94.5%88%
2007Science4th Grade% met std88.9%71.9%
2008Science4th Grade% met std88.4%73.8%
2009Science4th Grade% met std82.4%77.7%
2010Science4th Grade% met std84.7%80%
2011Science4th Grade% met std81.2%79%
2012Science4th Grade% met std86.4%81%
2013Science4th Grade% met std88.5%82.7%
2006Social Studies4th Grade% met std93.5%90%
2007Social Studies4th Grade% met std95.1%88.5%
2008Social Studies4th Grade% met std92.9%90.2%
2009Social Studies4th Grade% met std81.5%71.4%
2010Social Studies4th Grade% met std78.6%74%
2011Social Studies4th Grade% met std77.7%77.4%
2012Social Studies4th Grade% met std86.4%79%
2013Social Studies4th Grade% met std93.6%81.3%
2006English Language Arts5th Grade% met std87%85%
2007English Language Arts5th Grade% met std94.7%87.6%
2008English Language Arts5th Grade% met std94.3%89.9%
2009English Language Arts5th Grade% met std96.3%91.3%
2010English Language Arts5th Grade% met std93.5%92%
2011English Language Arts5th Grade% met std94.7%93%
2012English Language Arts5th Grade% met std96.3%95%
2013English Language Arts5th Grade% met std96.5%94.2%
2006Math5th Grade% met std94.6%88%
2007Math5th Grade% met std92.6%88.1%
2008Math5th Grade% met std79.3%71.7%
2009Math5th Grade% met std79.3%79.2%
2010Math5th Grade% met std91.3%82%
2011Math5th Grade% met std89.3%86.6%
2012Math5th Grade% met std88.8%84%
2013Math5th Grade% met std88.4%89.5%
2006Reading5th Grade% met std89.2%81%
2007Reading5th Grade% met std87.2%85.5%
2008Reading5th Grade% met std93.1%87.2%
2009Reading5th Grade% met std92.7%87.8%
2010Reading5th Grade% met std94.6%90%
2011Reading5th Grade% met std96.9%90.5%
2012Reading5th Grade% met std93.8%91%
2013Reading5th Grade% met std97.6%92.9%
2006Science5th Grade% met std91.3%89%
2007Science5th Grade% met std83%66.8%
2008Science5th Grade% met std82.8%71.3%
2009Science5th Grade% met std80.5%76%
2010Science5th Grade% met std85.9%77%
2011Science5th Grade% met std90.7%76.6%
2012Science5th Grade% met std89.5%78%
2013Science5th Grade% met std91.0%79.6%
2006Social Studies5th Grade% met std94.6%91%
2007Social Studies5th Grade% met std93.6%88.4%
2008Social Studies5th Grade% met std95.4%89%
2009Social Studies5th Grade% met std72%71.2%
2010Social Studies5th Grade% met std82.6%72%
2011Social Studies5th Grade% met std85.4%71.3%
2012Social Studies5th Grade% met std86%77%
2013Social Studies5th Grade% met std94.4%80.5%
2006English Language Arts6th Grade% met std84.3%84%
2007English Language Arts6th Grade% met std90.4%86.3%
2008English Language Arts6th Grade% met std91.7%87.4%
2009English Language Arts6th Grade% met std90.7%90.5%
2010English Language Arts6th Grade% met std89.9%92%
2011English Language Arts6th Grade% met std93.6%91.2%
2012English Language Arts6th Grade% met std96.9%92%
2013English Language Arts6th Grade% met std95.3%92.4%
2006Math6th Grade% met std53.5%62%
2007Math6th Grade% met std79.5%64.5%
2008Math6th Grade% met std79.2%69.3%
2009Math6th Grade% met std90.7%74.9%
2010Math6th Grade% met std80.9%75%
2011Math6th Grade% met std91.5%76.5%
2012Math6th Grade% met std93.9%80%
2013Math6th Grade% met std88.1%82.7%
2006Reading6th Grade% met std90%86%
2007Reading6th Grade% met std89.2%89.3%
2008Reading6th Grade% met std94.8%91.4%
2009Reading6th Grade% met std93%89.9%
2010Reading6th Grade% met std95.5%91%
2011Reading6th Grade% met std92.7%93.9%
2012Reading6th Grade% met std97.9%96%
2013Reading6th Grade% met std97.6%96.0%
2006Science6th Grade% met std62.9%61%
2007Science6th Grade% met std69.9%59.5%
2008Science6th Grade% met std72.9%66.1%
2009Science6th Grade% met std70.9%68.5%
2010Science6th Grade% met std67.4%70%
2011Science6th Grade% met std82.4%70.9%
2012Science6th Grade% met std93.9%73%
2013Science6th Grade% met std86.7%74.0%
2006Social Studies6th Grade% met std88.6%85%
2007Social Studies6th Grade% met std83.1%83.1%
2010Social Studies6th Grade% met std68.5%64%
2011Social Studies6th Grade% met std79.4%71.6%
2012Social Studies6th Grade% met std94.9%73%
2013Social Studies6th Grade% met std87.8%77.5%
2006English Language Arts7th Grade% met std79.6%84%
2007English Language Arts7th Grade% met std91.4%89.2%
2008English Language Arts7th Grade% met std94.6%89.7%
2009English Language Arts7th Grade% met std94.9%89.4%
2010English Language Arts7th Grade% met std93.4%91%
2011English Language Arts7th Grade% met std100%93%
2012English Language Arts7th Grade% met std99%94%
2013English Language Arts7th Grade% met std93.8%93.0%
2006Math7th Grade% met std83%80%
2007Math7th Grade% met std81.9%73.9%
2008Math7th Grade% met std89.1%79.8%
2009Math7th Grade% met std90.8%83.7%
2010Math7th Grade% met std93.5%86%
2011Math7th Grade% met std93.2%89.3%
2012Math7th Grade% met std95.8%91%
2013Math7th Grade% met std95.9%89.9%
2006Reading7th Grade% met std81.6%80%
2007Reading7th Grade% met std81.4%84.9%
2008Reading7th Grade% met std92.4%88%
2009Reading7th Grade% met std91.9%89.2%
2010Reading7th Grade% met std95.6%89%
2011Reading7th Grade% met std98.9%90.9%
2012Reading7th Grade% met std99%94%
2013Reading7th Grade% met std97.9%94.7%
2006Science7th Grade% met std67.4%63%
2007Science7th Grade% met std75.7%70%
2008Science7th Grade% met std84.8%75.1%
2009Science7th Grade% met std90.8%75.7%
2010Science7th Grade% met std90.2%80%
2011Science7th Grade% met std95.5%82.2%
2012Science7th Grade% met std94%85%
2013Science7th Grade% met std95.8%85.2%
2006Social Studies7th Grade% met std84.7%86%
2007Social Studies7th Grade% met std90%85.8%
2010Social Studies7th Grade% met std90.2%71%
2011Social Studies7th Grade% met std86.5%74.9%
2012Social Studies7th Grade% met std93.9%78%
2013Social Studies7th Grade% met std97.9%82.7%
2006English Language Arts8th Grade% met std86.4%87%
2007English Language Arts8th Grade% met std85%88.3%
2008English Language Arts8th Grade% met std96.1%89.3%
2009English Language Arts8th Grade% met std93%91.8%
2010English Language Arts8th Grade% met std96.8%92%
2011English Language Arts8th Grade% met std100%92.8%
2012English Language Arts8th Grade% met std100%95%
2013English Language Arts8th Grade% met std99.0%94.3%
2006Math8th Grade% met std68.1%77%
2007Math8th Grade% met std82.2%81.2%
2008Math8th Grade% met std57.8%62.1%
2009Math8th Grade% met std82.3%70.1%
2010Math8th Grade% met std74.7%74%
2011Math8th Grade% met std87.6%77.6%
2012Math8th Grade% met std93.1%77%
2013Math8th Grade% met std88.0%83.0%
2006Reading8th Grade% met std96.6%89%
2007Reading8th Grade% met std86%88.5%
2008Reading8th Grade% met std97.4%90.5%
2009Reading8th Grade% met std96.4%92.7%
2010Reading8th Grade% met std97.9%95%
2011Reading8th Grade% met std100%96%
2012Reading8th Grade% met std100%96%
2013Reading8th Grade% met std98.0%96.8%
2006Science8th Grade% met std73.9%76%
2007Science8th Grade% met std73%74%
2008Science8th Grade% met std73.7%59.6%
2009Science8th Grade% met std70.6%64.4%
2010Science8th Grade% met std69.5%66%
2011Science8th Grade% met std82.6%67.1%
2012Science8th Grade% met std88.5%74%
2013Science8th Grade% met std83.7%74.0%
2006Social Studies8th Grade% met std87.5%87%
2007Social Studies8th Grade% met std88%85.1%
2008Social Studies8th Grade% met std65.8%58.9%
2009Social Studies8th Grade% met std71.8%62.5%
2010Social Studies8th Grade% met std90.5%70%
2011Social Studies8th Grade% met std97.8%72.5%
2012Social Studies8th Grade% met std96.6%77%
2013Social Studies8th Grade% met std93.3%77.9%
2006Algebra IEnd of course% met std62%64%
2007Algebra IEnd of course% met std58.9%65%
2008Algebra IEnd of course% met std60.8%55%
2009Algebra IEnd of course% met std0%40%
2006American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std71%81%
2007American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std79.5%81%
2008American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std76%84%
2009American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std87%86%
2010American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std81.3%86.1%
2011American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std83.7%88.1%
2012American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std87.7%89.2%
2013American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std85.2%N/A
2006BiologyEnd of course% met std67%57%
2007BiologyEnd of course% met std64.3%58%
2008BiologyEnd of course% met std95.8%62%
2009BiologyEnd of course% met std83.4%64%
2011BiologyEnd of course% met std95.8%69.9%
2012BiologyEnd of course% met std86%72.7%
2013BiologyEnd of course% met std90.4%N/A
2013Coordinate AlgebraEnd of course% met std40.5%36.9%
2006Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std43%58%
2007Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std53.3%66%
2008Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std76.5%68%
2009Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std87.5%68%
2010Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std90%70.3%
2011Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std82.8%72.2%
2012Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std82.3%77.3%
2013Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std71.1%78.9%
2006GeometryEnd of course% met std43%62%
2007GeometryEnd of course% met std62.5%63%
2008GeometryEnd of course% met std64.1%61%
2009GeometryEnd of course% met std30%47%
2010Mathematics IEnd of course% met std63.4%64.4%
2011Mathematics IEnd of course% met std59.2%61.3%
2012Mathematics IEnd of course% met std60%65.2%
2010Mathematics IIEnd of course% met std40.4%52.3%
2011Mathematics IIEnd of course% met std65.3%54.8%
2012Mathematics IIEnd of course% met std73.3%53.9%
2013Mathematics IIEnd of course% met std33.3%59.1%
2006Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std75%65%
2007Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std63.8%68%
2008Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std75.7%73%
2009Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std88.1%76%
2010Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std70.4%79.4%
2011Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std75%82.3%
2012Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std94.6%84.1%
2013Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std89.7%85.7%
2006Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std63%61%
2007Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std62.2%62%
2008Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std80.4%63%
2009Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std63.3%67%
2010Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std86%72.2%
2011Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std89.5%76.2%
2012Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std79.5%77.5%
2013Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std90.5%82.7%
2006United States HistoryEnd of course% met std62%71%
2007United States HistoryEnd of course% met std68.1%71%
2008United States HistoryEnd of course% met std42.2%59%
2009United States HistoryEnd of course% met std65.9%60%
2010United States HistoryEnd of course% met std54.5%61.8%
2011United States HistoryEnd of course% met std69.3%66.2%
2012United States HistoryEnd of course% met std53.3%68.3%
2013United States HistoryEnd of course% met std100%72.6%
2008English Language ArtsEnd of course% met std89.1%90%
2009English Language ArtsEnd of course% met std86.2%89.98%
2010English Language ArtsEnd of course% met std91%90.1%
2011English Language ArtsEnd of course% met std85%91%
2011MathEnd of course% met std74%84%
2008ScienceEnd of course% met std89.2%86.2%
2009ScienceEnd of course% met std80%87.85%
2010ScienceEnd of course% met std90.8%90%
2011ScienceEnd of course% met std98%93%
2010Social StudiesEnd of course% met std78.4%77.9%
2011Social StudiesEnd of course% met std82%80%
2006EnglishEnd of course% met std97%96%
2007EnglishEnd of course% met std95%96.2%
2006MathematicsEnd of course% met std88%92%
2007MathematicsEnd of course% met std90.2%91.7%
2008MathematicsEnd of course% met std96%92%
2009MathematicsEnd of course% met std91%93.51%
2010MathematicsEnd of course% met std94%91%
2006ScienceEnd of course% met std67%73%
2007ScienceEnd of course% met std79%73.6%
2006Social StudiesEnd of course% met std84%86%
2007Social StudiesEnd of course% met std85.2%87.1%
2008Social StudiesEnd of course% met std85%86%
2009Social StudiesEnd of course% met std80%87.24%

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School District Fiscal Information

Total Revenue:$11,344,000$10,093 $14,536,000$12,640 $13,784,000$12,166 
Total Expenditures:$12,861,000$11,442 $13,349,000$11,608 $13,942,000$12,305 
Total Current Expenditures:$12,606,000$11,215 $12,811,000$11,140 $13,441,000$11,863 
Instructional Expenditures:$7,781,000$6,92361.7%$7,903,000$6,87261.7%$8,337,000$7,35862.0%
Student and Staff Support:$1,269,000$1,12910.1%$1,264,000$1,0999.9%$1,404,000$1,23910.4%
Operations, Food, Other:$2,319,000$2,06318.4%$2,293,000$1,99417.9%$2,263,000$1,99716.8%
Total Capital Outlay:$216,000$192 $505,000$439 $469,000$414 
Construction:$88,000$78 $287,000$250 $404,000$357 
Total Other:$8,000$7 $10,000$9 $10,000$9 
Interest on Debt:$0$0 $0$0 $0$0 
Total Salary:$7,822,000$6,959 $7,924,000$6,890 $8,377,000$7,394 
Instruction/Teacher Salary:$5,400,000$4,80469.0%$5,522,000$4,80269.7%$5,786,000$5,10769.1%
Other Salary:$2,422,000$2,15531.0%$2,402,000$2,08930.3%$2,591,000$2,28730.9%
Total Benefit:$2,683,000$2,387 $2,631,000$2,288 $2,736,000$2,415 
Instruction/Teacher Benefit:$1,945,000$1,73072.5%$1,956,000$1,70174.3%$2,039,000$1,80074.5%
Other Benefit:$738,000$65727.5%$675,000$58725.7%$697,000$61525.5%

* Towns County School District was rated 4 out of 5 by USA.com. The ranking was calculated based on publically available historical Math and English performance data.

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