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Mapleton School District 1


Mapleton School District 1 is located close to the center of Colorado. Mapleton School District 1 has 12.12 square miles of land area and 0.36 square miles of water area. As of 2010-2014, the total Mapleton School District 1 population is 31,238. Mapleton School District 1 median household income is $51,878 in 2010-2014. Mapleton School District 1 median house value is $153,900 in 2010-2014. On average, Mapleton School District 1 is worse than the state average in quality.

Ranking:High School: (150 out of 154, bottom 3%)
Elementary/Middle School: (151 out of 156, bottom 3%)*
Rank: #171
Type:Regular Local School District
Grade:Prekindergarten to Grade 12
Number of Schools:15
Population31,238 (2010-2014), rank #29
Population Growth9.15% since 2005-2009, see rank
Population Density:2,502.87/sq mi, rank #10
Median Household Income:$51,878 at 2010-2014—9.92% increase since 2005-2009, rank #71
Median House Price:$153,900 at 2010-2014—-9.42% increase since 2005-2009, rank #104
Time Zone:Mountain GMT -7:00 with Daylight Saving in the Summer
Land Area:12.12 sq mi, rank #176
Water Area:0.36 sq mi (2.89%), rank #116
County:Adams County
City:Welby, Twin Lakes, Thornton, Sherrelwood, North Washington
Zip:80229, 80221, 80233, 80216
Area:Denver-Aurora, CO
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Mapleton School District 1 Map, Border, and Nearby Locations

591 East 80th Ave
Denver CO, 80229, Adams County
Phone: 303-853-1000

Students and Teachers

      2013-2014         2012-2013         2011-2012         2010-2011         2009-2010         2008-2009         2007-2008    
Total Students:8,4088,0517,7607,6345,7755,7945,493
English Language Learner Students:2,1382,2582,1442,1581,8651,7711,707
Total Teachers:411.40398.68371.77362.86323.00300.20295.70
Total Other Staff:405.23384.87373.76362.87361.41330.20321.50
Instructional Aides:108.13106.5596.3797.2898.6275.1081.30
Instructional Coordinators & Supervisors:12.7312.2613.1616.0816.0816.2015.70
Total Guidance Counselors:14.9013.7415.2116.3512.599.806.80
Elementary Guidance Counselors:
Secondary Guidance Counselors:12.7811.7413.2114.359.358.106.80
Other Guidance Counselors:
Librarians/Media Specialists:
Library/Media Support:
District Administrators:14.8112.0713.1110.9811.5610.2011.00
District Administrative Support:40.9239.2836.9634.6437.5635.6030.60
School Administrators:33.1026.3228.3221.4820.3418.7012.70
School Administrative Support:20.5521.8524.8020.5419.9416.2013.90
Student Support Services:39.9835.9930.4434.3737.6741.0045.80
Other Support Services:116.86114.70113.28106.02101.99101.6097.10
Student-Teacher Ratio:20.4420.1920.8721.0417.8819.3018.58


Academy High SchoolGrade 9 to Grade 12   8970 York St, Denver CO 80229
Achieve AcademyPrekindergarten to Grade 8   9100 Poze Blvd, Denver CO 80229
Adventure ElementaryPrekindergarten to Grade 6   7700 Delta St, Denver CO 80221
Clayton Partnership SchoolKindergarten to Grade 8   8970 York St, Denver CO 80229
Colorado Connections Academy Kindergarten to Grade 12   8 Inverness Dr East, Englewood CO 80112
Explore ElementaryPrekindergarten to Grade 6   2410 Poze Blvd, Denver CO 80229
Global Leadership AcademyPrekindergarten to Grade 12   7480 Conifer Rd, Denver CO 80221
Mapleton Early College High SchoolGrade 9 to Grade 12   8980 York St, Denver CO 80229
Mapleton Expeditionary School Of The ArtsGrade 7 to Grade 12   8980 York St, Denver CO 80299
Meadow Community SchoolPrekindergarten to Grade 8   9150 Monroe St, Denver CO 80229
Monterey Community SchoolPrekindergarten to Grade 8   2210 Mcelwain Blvd, Denver CO 80229
North Valley School For Young Adults Grade 9 to Grade 12   8990 York St, Denver CO 80229
Valley View K-8Kindergarten to Grade 8   660 West 70th Ave, Denver CO 80221
Welby Montessori SchoolPrekindergarten to Grade 6   1200 East 78th Ave, Denver CO 80229
York InternationalKindergarten to Grade 12   9200 York St, Denver CO 80229

Test Performance

YearTestGradeMeasurementScoreState Average
2004Math10th Grade% Proficient1127
2005Math10th Grade% Proficient930
2006Math10th Grade% Proficient731
2007Math10th Grade% Proficient530
2008Math10th Grade% Proficient530
2009Math10th Grade% Proficient630
2010Math10th Grade% Proficient1130
2011Math10th Grade% Proficient1132
2004Reading10th Grade% Proficient4465
2005Reading10th Grade% Proficient3265
2006Reading10th Grade% Proficient3768
2007Reading10th Grade% Proficient4669
2008Reading10th Grade% Proficient3466
2009Reading10th Grade% Proficient5170
2010Reading10th Grade% Proficient5266
2011Reading10th Grade% Proficient5166
2006Science10th Grade% Proficient1747
2007Science10th Grade% Proficient1748
2008Science10th Grade% Proficient2047
2009Science10th Grade% Proficient2850
2010Science10th Grade% Proficient2347
2011Science10th Grade% Proficient2848
2004Writing10th Grade% Proficient2250
2005Writing10th Grade% Proficient1750
2006Writing10th Grade% Proficient2151
2007Writing10th Grade% Proficient1951
2008Writing10th Grade% Proficient1647
2009Writing10th Grade% Proficient2949
2010Writing10th Grade% Proficient2547
2011Writing10th Grade% Proficient3047
2005Math3rd Grade% Proficient5068
2006Math3rd Grade% Proficient5471
2007Math3rd Grade% Proficient4068
2008Math3rd Grade% Proficient4170
2009Math3rd Grade% Proficient4769
2010Math3rd Grade% Proficient5271
2011Math3rd Grade% Proficient5369
2005Reading3rd Grade% Proficient5672
2006Reading3rd Grade% Proficient5371
2007Reading3rd Grade% Proficient5471
2008Reading3rd Grade% Proficient4571
2009Reading3rd Grade% Proficient5073
2010Reading3rd Grade% Proficient4470
2011Reading3rd Grade% Proficient5873
2004Writing3rd Grade% Proficient4052
2005Writing3rd Grade% Proficient4056
2006Writing3rd Grade% Proficient3552
2007Writing3rd Grade% Proficient3355
2008Writing3rd Grade% Proficient2950
2009Writing3rd Grade% Proficient3353
2010Writing3rd Grade% Proficient3351
2011Writing3rd Grade% Proficient3451
2005Math4th Grade% Proficient4466
2006Math4th Grade% Proficient4769
2007Math4th Grade% Proficient4670
2008Math4th Grade% Proficient4368
2009Math4th Grade% Proficient4971
2010Math4th Grade% Proficient4970
2011Math4th Grade% Proficient5271
2004Reading4th Grade% Proficient5263
2005Reading4th Grade% Proficient5064
2006Reading4th Grade% Proficient4967
2007Reading4th Grade% Proficient4164
2008Reading4th Grade% Proficient4166
2009Reading4th Grade% Proficient3565
2010Reading4th Grade% Proficient4165
2011Reading4th Grade% Proficient4166
2004Writing4th Grade% Proficient3753
2005Writing4th Grade% Proficient3652
2006Writing4th Grade% Proficient3350
2007Writing4th Grade% Proficient2549
2008Writing4th Grade% Proficient2852
2009Writing4th Grade% Proficient2851
2010Writing4th Grade% Proficient2851
2011Writing4th Grade% Proficient3156
2004Math5th Grade% Proficient4258
2005Math5th Grade% Proficient4763
2006Math5th Grade% Proficient5165
2007Math5th Grade% Proficient4465
2008Math5th Grade% Proficient3965
2009Math5th Grade% Proficient4463
2010Math5th Grade% Proficient4365
2011Math5th Grade% Proficient4866
2004Reading5th Grade% Proficient5569
2005Reading5th Grade% Proficient5469
2006Reading5th Grade% Proficient5469
2007Reading5th Grade% Proficient4868
2008Reading5th Grade% Proficient4470
2009Reading5th Grade% Proficient4669
2010Reading5th Grade% Proficient5070
2011Reading5th Grade% Proficient5069
2006Science5th Grade% Proficient1837
2007Science5th Grade% Proficient1541
2008Science5th Grade% Proficient1244
2009Science5th Grade% Proficient1945
2010Science5th Grade% Proficient1847
2011Science5th Grade% Proficient2646
2004Writing5th Grade% Proficient4255
2005Writing5th Grade% Proficient4558
2006Writing5th Grade% Proficient4460
2007Writing5th Grade% Proficient4157
2008Writing5th Grade% Proficient3459
2009Writing5th Grade% Proficient3758
2010Writing5th Grade% Proficient3658
2011Writing5th Grade% Proficient4461
2004Math6th Grade% Proficient3253
2005Math6th Grade% Proficient3956
2006Math6th Grade% Proficient3156
2007Math6th Grade% Proficient3260
2008Math6th Grade% Proficient3561
2009Math6th Grade% Proficient3263
2010Math6th Grade% Proficient3962
2011Math6th Grade% Proficient4363
2004Reading6th Grade% Proficient4667
2005Reading6th Grade% Proficient4467
2006Reading6th Grade% Proficient5069
2007Reading6th Grade% Proficient5071
2008Reading6th Grade% Proficient4671
2009Reading6th Grade% Proficient4772
2010Reading6th Grade% Proficient5572
2011Reading6th Grade% Proficient5171
2004Writing6th Grade% Proficient2956
2005Writing6th Grade% Proficient3759
2006Writing6th Grade% Proficient3659
2007Writing6th Grade% Proficient4060
2008Writing6th Grade% Proficient3759
2009Writing6th Grade% Proficient3860
2010Writing6th Grade% Proficient3657
2011Writing6th Grade% Proficient4462
2004Math7th Grade% Proficient1842
2005Math7th Grade% Proficient1946
2006Math7th Grade% Proficient2144
2007Math7th Grade% Proficient1851
2008Math7th Grade% Proficient1546
2009Math7th Grade% Proficient2155
2010Math7th Grade% Proficient2149
2011Math7th Grade% Proficient2853
2004Reading7th Grade% Proficient3861
2005Reading7th Grade% Proficient3964
2006Reading7th Grade% Proficient4064
2007Reading7th Grade% Proficient4566
2008Reading7th Grade% Proficient4065
2009Reading7th Grade% Proficient4168
2010Reading7th Grade% Proficient4568
2011Reading7th Grade% Proficient5167
2004Writing7th Grade% Proficient2852
2005Writing7th Grade% Proficient3156
2006Writing7th Grade% Proficient3356
2007Writing7th Grade% Proficient3461
2008Writing7th Grade% Proficient3358
2009Writing7th Grade% Proficient3961
2010Writing7th Grade% Proficient3358
2011Writing7th Grade% Proficient4159
2004Math8th Grade% Proficient2641
2005Math8th Grade% Proficient1744
2006Math8th Grade% Proficient1545
2007Math8th Grade% Proficient1846
2008Math8th Grade% Proficient1847
2009Math8th Grade% Proficient2250
2010Math8th Grade% Proficient2151
2011Math8th Grade% Proficient2451
2004Reading8th Grade% Proficient5364
2005Reading8th Grade% Proficient3564
2006Reading8th Grade% Proficient3366
2007Reading8th Grade% Proficient4263
2008Reading8th Grade% Proficient3767
2009Reading8th Grade% Proficient4264
2010Reading8th Grade% Proficient4468
2011Reading8th Grade% Proficient4767
2004Science8th Grade% Proficient3251
2005Science8th Grade% Proficient1651
2006Science8th Grade% Proficient1951
2007Science8th Grade% Proficient2152
2008Science8th Grade% Proficient1746
2009Science8th Grade% Proficient2249
2010Science8th Grade% Proficient1648
2011Science8th Grade% Proficient2649
2004Writing8th Grade% Proficient2949
2005Writing8th Grade% Proficient2352
2006Writing8th Grade% Proficient2051
2007Writing8th Grade% Proficient2651
2008Writing8th Grade% Proficient2552
2009Writing8th Grade% Proficient3052
2010Writing8th Grade% Proficient3055
2011Writing8th Grade% Proficient3455
2004Math9th Grade% Proficient1033
2005Math9th Grade% Proficient1533
2006Math9th Grade% Proficient1338
2007Math9th Grade% Proficient835
2008Math9th Grade% Proficient1437
2009Math9th Grade% Proficient1235
2010Math9th Grade% Proficient1539
2011Math9th Grade% Proficient1738
2004Reading9th Grade% Proficient4667
2005Reading9th Grade% Proficient4266
2006Reading9th Grade% Proficient3666
2007Reading9th Grade% Proficient3366
2008Reading9th Grade% Proficient3866
2009Reading9th Grade% Proficient4467
2010Reading9th Grade% Proficient4967
2011Reading9th Grade% Proficient4866
2004Writing9th Grade% Proficient2153
2005Writing9th Grade% Proficient2752
2006Writing9th Grade% Proficient1752
2007Writing9th Grade% Proficient1849
2008Writing9th Grade% Proficient2149
2009Writing9th Grade% Proficient2552
2010Writing9th Grade% Proficient2649
2011Writing9th Grade% Proficient3353
2012Math10th Grade% Proficient16.132.7
2013Math10th Grade% Proficient14.033.9
2012Reading10th Grade% Proficient56.268.3
2013Reading10th Grade% Proficient57.669.6
2012Science10th Grade% Proficient31.049.4
2013Science10th Grade% Proficient32.351.3
2012Writing10th Grade% Proficient35.248.3
2013Writing10th Grade% Proficient32.848.8
2012Math3rd Grade% Proficient54.171.0
2013Math3rd Grade% Proficient62.672.3
2012Reading3rd Grade% Proficient57.273.9
2013Reading3rd Grade% Proficient54.573.3
2012Writing3rd Grade% Proficient38.852.5
2013Writing3rd Grade% Proficient37.350.9
2012Math4th Grade% Proficient55.271.5
2013Math4th Grade% Proficient58.171.7
2012Reading4th Grade% Proficient47.067.0
2013Reading4th Grade% Proficient49.067.9
2012Writing4th Grade% Proficient30.349.3
2013Writing4th Grade% Proficient37.153.1
2012Math5th Grade% Proficient43.564.5
2013Math5th Grade% Proficient48.165.3
2012Reading5th Grade% Proficient50.469.4
2013Reading5th Grade% Proficient51.570.3
2012Science5th Grade% Proficient24.948.5
2013Science5th Grade% Proficient22.548.5
2012Writing5th Grade% Proficient40.358.4
2013Writing5th Grade% Proficient40.357.2
2012Math6th Grade% Proficient41.761.3
2013Math6th Grade% Proficient41.462.0
2012Reading6th Grade% Proficient58.373.1
2013Reading6th Grade% Proficient60.272.9
2012Writing6th Grade% Proficient41.156.1
2013Writing6th Grade% Proficient41.557.6
2012Math7th Grade% Proficient31.053.1
2013Math7th Grade% Proficient32.355.0
2012Reading7th Grade% Proficient51.768.2
2013Reading7th Grade% Proficient51.067.5
2012Writing7th Grade% Proficient45.661.8
2013Writing7th Grade% Proficient42.061.3
2012Math8th Grade% Proficient27.551.5
2013Math8th Grade% Proficient27.251.5
2012Reading8th Grade% Proficient49.867.1
2013Reading8th Grade% Proficient48.266.9
2012Science8th Grade% Proficient22.748.9
2013Science8th Grade% Proficient27.851.7
2012Writing8th Grade% Proficient34.654.8
2013Writing8th Grade% Proficient40.155.8
2012Math9th Grade% Proficient14.837.4
2013Math9th Grade% Proficient19.038.8
2012Reading9th Grade% Proficient52.467.3
2013Reading9th Grade% Proficient55.767.7
2012Writing9th Grade% Proficient32.651.1
2013Writing9th Grade% Proficient37.855.1

Some data by SchoolDigger.com.

School District Fiscal Information

Total Revenue:$100,809,000$12,991 $69,297,000$9,077 $56,673,000$9,814 
Total Expenditures:$109,642,000$14,129 $66,992,000$8,775 $51,878,000$8,983 
Total Current Expenditures:$61,620,000$7,941 $62,618,000$8,203 $49,228,000$8,524 
Instructional Expenditures:$35,839,000$4,61858.2%$29,212,000$3,82746.7%$28,319,000$4,90457.5%
Student and Staff Support:$5,451,000$7028.8%$5,302,000$6958.5%$5,348,000$92610.9%
Operations, Food, Other:$10,558,000$1,36117.1%$10,661,000$1,39717.0%$8,439,000$1,46117.1%
Total Capital Outlay:$44,154,000$5,690 $2,196,000$288 $1,081,000$187 
Construction:$40,982,000$5,281 $1,528,000$200 $45,000$8 
Total Other:$1,133,000$146 $238,000$31 $142,000$25 
Interest on Debt:$2,233,000$288 $1,437,000$188 $908,000$157 
Total Salary:$34,110,000$4,396 $34,489,000$4,518 $32,386,000$5,608 
Instruction/Teacher Salary:$20,646,000$2,66160.5%$21,348,000$2,79661.9%$20,291,000$3,51462.7%
Other Salary:$13,464,000$1,73539.5%$13,141,000$1,72138.1%$12,095,000$2,09437.3%
Total Benefit:$9,291,000$1,197 $8,807,000$1,154 $8,244,000$1,428 
Instruction/Teacher Benefit:$5,777,000$74462.2%$5,558,000$72863.1%$5,151,000$89262.5%
Other Benefit:$3,514,000$45337.8%$3,249,000$42636.9%$3,093,000$53637.5%

Teacher's Experience and Compensation

    2007     2006  
Teachers with Bachelor Degree:56.6%57.7%
Teachers with Master or PhD Degree:43.4%42.3%
Mean Number of Years of Teaching:9.0 years8.0 years
Teachers with 5 Years of Experience of Less:40.5%48.9%
Teachers with 6-10 Years of Experience:29.9%26.5%
Teachers with 11-20 Years of Experience:17.9%15.1%
Teachers with 21-30 Years of Experience:9.9%7.4%
Teachers with 31 Years of Experience or More:1.8%2.2%
Mean Base Salary:$46,301.0$44,797.0
Mean Base Salary of Teachers with 5 Years of Experience of Less:$36,873.0$36,391.0
Mean Base Salary of Teachers with 6-10 Years of Experience:$45,563.0$46,156.0
Mean Base Salary of Teachers with 11-20 Years of Experience:$57,892.0$57,263.0
Mean Base Salary of Teachers with 21-30 Years of Experience:$63,865.0$64,385.0
Mean Base Salary of Teachers with 31 Years of Experience or More:$59,250.0$64,355.0

* Mapleton School District 1 was rated 1 out of 5 by USA.com. The ranking was calculated based on publically available historical Math and English performance data.

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