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Ragley, LA Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Ragley is about the same as Louisiana average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Ragley is lower than Louisiana average and is higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #148

Ragley, LA

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Ragley, LA

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #433

Ragley, LA

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 2,060 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Ragley, LA were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:0Cold:3Dense Fog:0Drought:14
Dust Storm:0Flood:180Hail:519Heat:4Heavy Snow:0
High Surf:0Hurricane:8Ice Storm:3Landslide:0Strong Wind:5
Thunderstorm Winds:1,215Tropical Storm:8Wildfire:1Winter Storm:5Winter Weather:10

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Ragley, LA.

Historical Earthquake Events

A total of 1 historical earthquake event that had a recorded magnitude of 3.5 or above found in or near Ragley, LA.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeDepth (km)LatitudeLongitude

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 59 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Ragley, LA.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
5.31999-01-02230°28'N / 93°14'W30°28'N / 93°14'W1.00 Mile100 Yards0050K0Beauregard
 Brief Description: A small but strong tornado moved across rural areas south of Ragley. One new mobile home that was in the path was completely destroyed. Debris was scattered for over a mile. The residents had heard the warnings and escaped the home minutes before it was destroyed.
9.61965-01-22230°22'N / 93°12'W0.50 Mile33 Yards003K0Calcasieu
12.51993-04-07230°25'N / 93°40'W30°40'N / 93°03'W43.00 Miles100 Yards05500K0Beauregard
 Brief Description: A cluster of thunderstorms produced a tornado that moved along an intermittent path that began 10 miles southwest of Fields. The tornado moved northeast through Fields and Singer then turned east before ending in Dry Creek. A damage survey conducted by the Beauregard Parish emergency manager showed that 3 single family homes were destroyed, 4 single family homes, 5 mobile homes and 2 businesses received major damage, and 8 single family homes, and 5 mobile homes suffered minor damage. The majority of this property damage was in the Singer and Dry Creek areas where 5 people were injured. In addition, the tornado destroyed hundreds of trees.
14.31989-06-07230°41'N / 93°14'W30°43'N / 93°12'W5.00 Miles77 Yards06250K0Beauregard
17.31973-04-17330°15'N / 93°10'W0.50 Mile10 Yards0025K0Calcasieu
18.01959-06-03230°27'N / 93°27'W1.00 Mile100 Yards0025K0Calcasieu
18.51971-02-12330°13'N / 93°12'W30°15'N / 93°10'W3.60 Miles150 Yards012.5M0Calcasieu
19.31992-11-21330°13'N / 93°02'W30°18'N / 92°57'W6.00 Miles73 Yards022.5M0Calcasieu
20.01967-05-01330°40'N / 92°56'W30°43'N / 92°52'W5.20 Miles750 Yards0225K0Allen
20.92003-11-26230°45'N / 93°19'W30°51'N / 93°05'W16.00 Miles100 Yards051.0M0Beauregard
 Brief Description: A long-lasting tornado tore across northern Beauregard Parish, staying in mainly rural areas. The worst damage occurred along Highway 26 east of DeRidder, where two mobile homes were flipped over. Debris was strewn for over a half mile. One person was injured after he was thrown from the mobile home. In the Longacre community, a family of 4 climbed into a homemade storm cellar, moments before the tornado destroyed their home. They received minro bumps and brusies when the roof of the storm cellar lifted off and debris landed on them. This tornado continued into Vernon Parish.
21.61961-03-17230°25'N / 93°27'W31°00'N / 93°24'W40.40 Miles283 Yards00250K0Calcasieu
22.41979-10-22230°14'N / 93°22'W1.00 Mile500 Yards0112.5M0Calcasieu
23.31974-05-31230°12'N / 93°24'W30°16'N / 93°23'W5.10 Miles50 Yards00250K0Calcasieu
23.31999-03-02230°23'N / 93°32'W30°20'N / 93°29'W4.00 Miles75 Yards0075K0Calcasieu
 Brief Description: A strong tornado moved into rural Calcasieu Parish between DeQuincy and Starks, tearing up trees in its path. At least one home was destroyed 12 miles northwest of Sulphur.
24.31973-12-03230°50'N / 93°17'W1.50 Miles100 Yards052.5M0Beauregard
25.71999-01-02230°50'N / 93°04'W30°53'N / 93°00'W5.00 Miles400 Yards0050K0Beauregard
 Brief Description: This tornado originally touched down 4 miles west of Sugartown, damaging one home. it continued northeast and intersected Highway 113 near the Whiskey Chitto Creek bridge. A large swath of large trees were sheared off and twisted. A few homes in this area received roof damage. A large trampoline was found 20 feet in the air, wrapped around a tree.
26.31957-04-27230°10'N / 93°22'W1.00 Mile200 Yards0025K0Calcasieu
27.21953-05-18230°45'N / 92°48'W0.50 Mile33 Yards0125K0Allen
27.21975-05-08230°14'N / 92°49'W1.00 Mile100 Yards020K0Jefferson Davis
27.41976-03-24230°26'N / 92°42'W0.50 Mile27 Yards0025K0Jefferson Davis
28.51997-10-23230°43'N / 93°34'W30°46'N / 93°31'W4.00 Miles200 Yards04500K0Beauregard
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado touched down around 3 miles southwest of Merryville along Highway 389 at 8:25 pm, and moved directly through the center of the town before dissipating 1 mile northeast of Merryville. Around ninety homes and businesses received some kind of damage. Most of the damage occurred when large trees fell on homes. Twelve permanent single family homes and fifteen mobile homes were destroyed. The most devastating damage occurred on Cooper Road, where several mobile homes were either picked up or rolled. People in the mobile homes survived by going to their bathrooms and covering up with blankets. Five minor injuries were reported; they were all treated and released from a local hospital.
28.91960-04-29230°18'N / 92°48'W30°24'N / 92°36'W13.80 Miles1667 Yards0425K0Jefferson Davis
30.31982-09-11230°14'N / 92°45'W1.00 Mile150 Yards0025K0Jefferson Davis
30.41975-04-29230°56'N / 93°11'W30°56'N / 92°56'W14.80 Miles50 Yards28250K0Vernon
31.01999-01-02230°05'N / 92°56'W30°07'N / 92°54'W4.00 Miles400 Yards02250K0Calcasieu
 Brief Description: A strong tornado moved across southern and eastern sections of Hayes, destroying several homes and one farm. A couple was injured slightly when their permanent wood home was completely flattened in the tornado. Another home was lifted in the air and moved 75 yards from it's original location. Seven people in the home escaped with no injuries. A large trash can was found struck in a tree 50 feet up in a large oak tree, that had travelled at least one mile from it's original position.
31.41952-04-04330°10'N / 92°52'W30°16'N / 92°37'W16.50 Miles100 Yards010250K0Jefferson Davis
34.81966-02-10230°06'N / 92°48'W0.20 Mile33 Yards000K0Jefferson Davis
35.51968-06-17230°48'N / 92°40'W0.10 Mile17 Yards003K0St. Helena
37.31957-03-31230°03'N / 92°48'W30°09'N / 92°40'W10.60 Miles267 Yards0025K0Jefferson Davis
38.31973-04-17330°10'N / 93°40'W0.50 Mile10 Yards0125K0Calcasieu
40.01974-10-29330°06'N / 92°41'W30°08'N / 92°37'W4.90 Miles200 Yards01225.0M0Jefferson Davis
40.72008-09-03230°32'N / 92°30'W30°37'N / 92°27'W7.00 Miles50 Yards20300K0KEvangeline
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A strong tornado began near Duralde, and ended near Mamou. Along the way, a home on Valentine Road lost part of its roof, causing one minor injury. A home of Highway 374 was severely damaged when it was knocked off its foundation. Along Duculus Road, two homes lost most of their roofs. One unoccupied, tied-down mobile home was tossed to the northwest over 100 yards and split in half. Another mobile home was thrown in a counter-clockwise motion over 200 yards and was destroyed, resulting in two fatalities and one serious injury. Near the end of the path on Highway 104, a home lost part of its roof. Numerous trees and power lines were blown down along the path. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Hurricane Gustav caused wind damage, flash flooding, and several tornadoes across southwest Louisiana. Hustav made landfall in Terrebonne Parish in the morning of September 2nd as a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 110 mph. Gustav moved northwest, almost up along Highway 90 across St. Mary, Iberia, St. Martin, and Lafayette Parishes. The highest measured wind gusts were 85 mph at a research site near Abbeville, LA in Vermilion Parish. However, wind speeds were estimated between 75 and 85 mph from St. Mary Parish to Evangeline Parish. Storm surge was a minimal impact because southwest Louisiana was on the west side of the onshore winds for most of the event. The highest recorded storm tide was 4.77 at Amerada Pass in St. Mary Parish. However, rainfall was a large impact. In central Louisiana, over 20 inches of rain fell in Rapides Parish, with a CO-OP observer recording 20.43 inches 7 miles east of Alexandria. This resulted in widespread flooding of the Alexandria-Pineville region, where over 200 water rescues were performed. Significant flooding also occurred in New Iberia, where over ten inches of rain fell, resulting in widespread flooding in and around New Iberia. Several tornadoes were seen across southwest Louisiana, with the worst one occurring in Evangeline Parish near Mamou, where two people were killed when their tied-down mobile home was thrown for over 200 yards. Other fatalities in the region were considered indirect. Two men died in Calcasieu Parish from carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator running in their home. A woman died in St. Martin Parish when her home caught fire from burning candles after she lost power. Total property damages were estimated near 750 million dollars in southwest Louisiana. Agricultural loses were estimated to be over 225 million dollars.
40.91971-05-11230°05'N / 92°40'W0.30 Mile50 Yards003K0Jefferson Davis
41.11999-01-02230°16'N / 92°32'W30°21'N / 92°28'W10.00 Miles400 Yards00500K0Acadia
 Brief Description: A long tornado touched down in northern Acadia Parish. The most extensive damage occurred near the Richard community, where one house was nearly destroyed and another 6 received minor damage. A small airplane parked on the ground east of Iota was picked up and moved 100 yards. At least 20 homes and businesses received some form of damage along this path.
41.51970-10-11229°54'N / 93°12'W1.00 Mile200 Yards12250K0Cameron
41.72004-11-23230°43'N / 93°51'W30°47'N / 93°44'W9.00 Miles500 Yards00250K1.0MNewton
 Brief Description: The tornado moved across mainly rural areas of Newton County, but the storm did destroy or damage between 5 and 10 homes near the Pine Grove community. The timber industry saw a continued large loss of income due to trees blown down.
42.51954-04-15230°40'N / 93°51'W30°40'N / 93°50'W1.30 Miles200 Yards003K0Newton
43.31952-04-04330°16'N / 92°37'W30°22'N / 92°18'W20.20 Miles100 Yards00250K0Acadia
43.91961-04-09230°40'N / 93°52'W0.80 Mile17 Yards0025K0Newton
44.51953-12-03431°04'N / 93°03'W31°10'N / 92°49'W15.50 Miles300 Yards7202.5M0Vernon
44.91967-10-30230°40'N / 93°53'W1.00 Mile33 Yards000K0Jasper
45.12008-09-12230°36'N / 92°24'W30°39'N / 92°25'W3.00 Miles20 Yards00200K0KEvangeline
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A tornado touched down on the outskirts of Mamou, and damaged 10 to 15 homes near Highway 95 and Fred Street. One home lost its roof. One mobile home was flipped onto the highway. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Hurricane Ike caused wind damage, storm surge flooding, and tornadoes across southwest Louisiana. Ike made landfall near Galveston, TX early in the morning on September 13th as a strong category 2 hurricane. Sustained hurricane force winds were confined to extreme western Cameron Parish. The highest recorded winds in southwest Lousiana were at Lake Charles Regional Airport with sustained winds of 46 kts (53 mph) and gusts of 67 kts (77 mph). The lowest pressure reading occurred at Southland Field near Sulphur, LA, with a low of 994.6 mb. Several tornadoes were reported across southwest Louisiana. The most significant one was near Mamou, where a home lost its roof, and another 10-15 homes were damaged. Storm surge was a significant event. Water levels ranged from 14 ft in western Cameron Parish, to 8 ft in St. Mary Parish. This resulted in widespread flooding of the same areas that flooded in Hurricane Rita in 2005. Most of Cameron Parish was under water. Over 3000 homes were flooded. This extended north into Calcasieu Parish, where another 1000 homes flooded in Lake Charles, Westlake, and Sulphur. In Vermilion Parish, at least 1000 homes flooded in Pecan Island, Forked Island, Intracoastal City, and Henry. This extended east into Iberia Parish, where another 1000 homes flooded south of Highway 14 and Highway 90. In St. Mary Parish, some of the worst flooding occurred in Franklin, where a man-made levee failed, flooding over 450 homes. Maximum storm total rainfall ranged from 6 to 8 inches across Cameron, Calcasieu, and Beauregard Parishes. No fatalities were reported in southwest Louisiana. Total property damages, however, were high. Loses are estimated to be almost 420 million dollars across southwest Louisiana. Agricultural loses were over 225 million dollars.
45.21992-03-04230°20'N / 92°29'W30°30'N / 92°19'W15.00 Miles173 Yards022.5M0Acadia
45.41974-10-28231°09'N / 93°16'W0.20 Mile100 Yards012250K0Vernon
45.41974-10-29330°08'N / 92°37'W30°13'N / 92°22'W16.10 Miles200 Yards24025.0M0Acadia
46.11975-05-08230°10'N / 92°29'W0.50 Mile50 Yards000K0Acadia
46.51952-02-01230°05'N / 93°46'W1.00 Mile67 Yards0025K0Orange
47.01999-01-02230°21'N / 93°58'W30°26'N / 93°54'W8.00 Miles800 Yards1101.3M0Jasper
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado moved across southern Jasper County. At least 15 homes were destroyed, 20 received major damage, and 10 received minor damage. The worst hit area was Callier Loop, south of Buna. The fatality occurred here. A tied down mobile home rolled over at least five times, ejecting a man 100 yards and a woman 500 yards. The man received a broken back and other serious injuries, while the woman died a few days later from a broken neck, back, and internal injuries. Debris from this home was spread over a mile across the fields. Brick walls were cracked in permanent homes, pickup trucks were lifted in the air and pushed 20 feet from where they originally were parked, and any mobile home situated lengthwise north to south was rolled over and destroyed. There were several stories of people being ejected from their mobile homes, and walking away with minor injuries. This tornado moved into Newton County. Total path length for both Jasper and Newton Counties is 12.5 miles. F55MH
47.51999-03-02330°54'N / 93°54'W30°48'N / 93°47'W9.00 Miles500 Yards13500K0Jasper
 Brief Description: The strongest tornado of the evening developed a mile northwest of Holly Springs. Moving southeast at 50 mph, this fast moving storm damaged or destroyed over 25 homes and a church. The worst damage was done in Holly Springhs, where a brick home lost its roof and portions of two walls. This is where the elderly woman was fatally injured. Several vehicles were picked up and rolled over. This storm moved into Newotn County, producing more injuries and damages. F84PH
47.51972-03-20229°49'N / 93°04'W0.30 Mile50 Yards0025K0Cameron
48.22003-11-17231°08'N / 93°29'W31°09'N / 93°28'W1.00 Mile20 Yards001.0M0Newton
 Brief Description: Seven homes were destroyed, and 11 were damaged from a short-lived tornado on River Road just below the Toledo Bend Dam.
48.42009-12-24230°14'N / 92°24'W30°19'N / 92°22'W7.00 Miles100 Yards044.0M0KAcadia
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The Atwood Acres tornado touched down near the Interstate 10 and Highway 1121 intersection just northwest of Crowley, then moved north-northeast for 7 miles before ending just east of the Schule Road/Casanova Road intersection about 2 miles east of Maxie. The tornado first knocked down a few trees at a business along Interstate 10, with one tree falling on a car. Several trees were blown down behind some homes along Highway 1121 before more trees and a fence were blown down along Hensgen Road just west of Highway 13. The tornado crossed Highway 13 and caused roof damage to a home on the east side of the highway, before moving into the Atwood Acres subdivision. Here, the tornado caused major damage to 4 well-constructed homes and minor to moderate damage to approximately 26 other homes across the eastern half of the subdivision. One brick home completely lost its roof, with four family members inside receiving cuts and bruises, and three other homes received major damage to their roofs and walls. numerous trees, fences, and power lines were also blown down, with debris littering much of the subdivision and adjacent forests. The tornado continued northeastward and damaged another home just north of the subdivision, before passing through unaccessible forested areas. Several more trees were damagd at the Ellis Road/Parish Road 4-46 intersection. Curving more northward, the tornado moved generally along and just east of Ellis Road, with one barn destroyed at the intersection with Floyd Williams Road, and one oil storage tank blown down east of the Rifle Lane intersection. The final damage noted was to more trees near the Schule Road/Casanova Road intersection. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A powerful upper level storm system moved across the Southern Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley from Wednesday, December 23, 2009, through Thursday, December 24, 2009. Numerous showers and elevated thunderstorms, including some supercells, repeatedly developed and moved northward across much of southwest Louisiana and the northern Gulf of Mexico from late Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. As the main upper level system approached Louisiana early Thursday morning, a squall line developed across east Texas and moved rapidly eastward across Louisiana, causing several reports of wind damage in southern Louisiana. Meanwhile, some of the elevated supercells became surface-based and tracked north-northeastward across south-central and east-central Louisiana, spawning at least a dozen tornadoes. In addition, the widespread rainfall caused flooding in some of these same areas. In total, at least 12 tornadoes affected portions of Vermilion, Acadia, St. Landry, Evangeline, and Avoyelles Parishes within a two hour timespan from 7-9 AM. Seven tornadoes affected Acadia Parish alone, the biggest single outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded in that parish. Three tornadoes were rated EF2, three were rated EF1, and six were rated EF0. Other tornadoes likely occurred that were reported by area residents but could not be confirmed by NWS storm surveys. These included a likely tornado just east of I-49 in extreme northeastern Evangeline Parish, a possible tornado about 8 miles southwest of Gueydan, and another east of Palmetto in far northeastern St. Landry Parish. This was the largest outbreak of tornadoes in the NWS Lake Charles county warning area since November 23, 2004.
48.51982-05-13230°35'N / 94°00'W30°39'N / 93°55'W6.50 Miles60 Yards00250K0Jasper
49.01974-10-29330°13'N / 92°22'W30°22'N / 92°22'W10.30 Miles200 Yards000K0Acadia
49.11982-09-11230°43'N / 92°22'W2.50 Miles150 Yards00250K0Evangeline
49.32004-11-23230°39'N / 94°00'W30°42'N / 93°55'W6.00 Miles500 Yards00250K1.0MJasper
 Brief Description: A second tornado formed near Kirbyville, narrowly missing downtown, but it did hit the community of Bon Ami. Around 10 to 15 homes were damaged or destroyed, and another large hit to the timber industry occurred with many trees blown down. This tornado crosses into Newton County.
49.41984-05-20329°48'N / 93°21'W29°48'N / 93°18'W3.00 Miles150 Yards002.5M0Cameron
49.61999-03-02330°56'N / 93°51'W30°54'N / 93°49'W3.00 Miles500 Yards03250K0Newton
 Brief Description: The Holly Springs tornado moved into Newton County, tearing up the Baptist Encampment community. A mobile home was flipped over 100 feet, ejecting three people. One young girl escaped with no injuries after being thrown over 50 feet from the home. Two trucks were flipped over in their driveways and a car was moved at least 15 feet. One couple sitting on the couch in the TV watched their wood-framed home fall apart around them, and miraculously walk away.
49.91983-02-09330°26'N / 92°20'W30°29'N / 92°18'W3.00 Miles150 Yards00250K0Acadia

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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