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School Of Engineering And Technology, Test Performance


YearTestGradeMeasurementScoreSchool DistrictState Average
2010English Language Arts10th Grade% met std53.0%73.0%81.0%
2011English Language Arts10th Grade% met std61.0%75.0%82.0%
2012English Language Arts10th Grade% met std60.0%76.0%83.0%
2013English Language Arts10th Grade% met std63.0%77.0%83.0%
2010Math10th Grade% met std54.0%72.0%81.0%
2011Math10th Grade% met std67.0%75.0%83.0%
2012Math10th Grade% met std55.0%77.0%84.0%
2013Math10th Grade% met std71.0%78.0%84.0%
2011Algebra I10th GradeMean Scaled Score264.7281.1292.4
2013Algebra I10th GradeMean Scaled Score298.4286.5294.7
2011Algebra II10th GradeMean Scaled Score261302.8343.1
2012Algebra II10th GradeMean Scaled Score285.3303.4343.8
2013Algebra II10th GradeMean Scaled Score304.6297.9335.6
2011Biology/Life Sciences10th GradeMean Scaled Score323.9329.7340.1
2012Biology/Life Sciences10th GradeMean Scaled Score332.7334.2342.7
2011Chemistry10th GradeMean Scaled Score291309.2349.6
2012Chemistry10th GradeMean Scaled Score296308.9351.5
2013Chemistry10th GradeMean Scaled Score306.3314.3350.6
2011English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score317.9330.4346.4
2012English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score309.7332.9348.4
2013English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score336.4339.8352.4
2011Geometry10th GradeMean Scaled Score253.7273.9298.5
2012Geometry10th GradeMean Scaled Score261.1278.1299.7
2011Physics10th GradeMean Scaled Score303.4318.6347.8
2012Physics10th GradeMean Scaled Score293316.6349.5
2011Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score311.3332.1353.1
2012Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score322.6336.1357.3
2013Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score330.8340.6360.4
2011World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score299.9321.7343.5
2012World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score304.3327.2347
2013World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score302.7329.5347.9
2011Algebra II11th GradeMean Scaled Score255.3271.4296.7
2012Algebra II11th GradeMean Scaled Score259.6274.4299.7
2013Algebra II11th GradeMean Scaled Score247.2273.3294.6
2011Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score303.1332.4353.7
2011Chemistry11th GradeMean Scaled Score286.4308.2330
2012Chemistry11th GradeMean Scaled Score327311.3332.5
2013Chemistry11th GradeMean Scaled Score314.7316.3334.4
2011English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score316.8330341.7
2012English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score323.6335344.7
2013English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score315.9334.6344.8
2011Geometry11th GradeMean Scaled Score241.2264.2281
2011Physics11th GradeMean Scaled Score315.9328.6358.7
2012Physics11th GradeMean Scaled Score320.1328.9359.8
2011Summative High School Mathematics11th GradeMean Scaled Score280.6317.1351.3
2012Summative High School Mathematics11th GradeMean Scaled Score284.9318.8354.6
2013Summative High School Mathematics11th GradeMean Scaled Score285.4322.0351.5
2011U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score308.6328.4344.7
2012U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score336.3332.9346.9
2013U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score325.5334.1348.5
2011Algebra I9th GradeMean Scaled Score277.4290309.3
2012Algebra I9th GradeMean Scaled Score293.7293.3311.6
2013Algebra I9th GradeMean Scaled Score320.6297.8313.2
2011Biology/Life Sciences9th GradeMean Scaled Score327.7324.6363.5
2012Biology/Life Sciences9th GradeMean Scaled Score316.1328.3366.1
2013Biology/Life Sciences9th GradeMean Scaled Score321.0327.6363.9
2011English Language Arts Standards9th GradeMean Scaled Score323.5331357.7
2012English Language Arts Standards9th GradeMean Scaled Score320.2335.9361.5
2013English Language Arts Standards9th GradeMean Scaled Score328.4341.3363.9
2011Geometry9th GradeMean Scaled Score288.1305.8349
2012Geometry9th GradeMean Scaled Score272.9308349.2
2013Geometry9th GradeMean Scaled Score284.3304.7345.3
2011World History9th GradeMean Scaled Score252.1295.6347.3
2012World History9th GradeMean Scaled Score291.6299.8351.4
2011Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score272.5309.7326.9
2012Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score292.6315.5330.4
2013Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score316.0323.2334.1
2011Algebra IIEnd of courseMean Scaled Score260.8293.8328.3
2012Algebra IIEnd of courseMean Scaled Score272.8297.5331.2
2013Algebra IIEnd of courseMean Scaled Score271.3296.2325.2
2011Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score324.9327.3351.7
2012Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score320.2331.4354.9
2013Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score321.4331.7354.0
2011ChemistryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score288.9308.3339.7
2012ChemistryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score300.8309.3342.2
2013ChemistryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score305.2313.9342.9
2011GeometryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score262.3291.5320.3
2012GeometryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score264.5298322.8
2013GeometryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score277.5299.6320.8
2011PhysicsEnd of courseMean Scaled Score310.2326.2354.3
2012PhysicsEnd of courseMean Scaled Score311.1326.7355.2
2011Summative High School MathematicsEnd of courseMean Scaled Score289.9325.5359.3
2012Summative High School MathematicsEnd of courseMean Scaled Score286.6328.3362.6
2013Summative High School MathematicsEnd of courseMean Scaled Score294.2331.7360.2
2011World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score296315342
2012World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score302.2319.9345.7
2013World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score296.3323.0346.7

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