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Naples High School

136 North Main St
Naples NY, 14512, Ontario County
Phone: 585-374-7927

Ranking: High School: (316 out of 989, top 32%)
Elementary/Middle School: (710 out of 3,424, top 21%)*
Type: Regular High School
Status: Currently Operational
Grade: Grade 7 to Grade 12
Title I Eligible School: Yes School-Wide Title I: NA
Magnet: NA
Charter: NA
Shared-Time School: NA

Students and Teachers

      2013-2014         2012-2013         2011-2012         2010-2011         2009-2010         2008-2009         2007-2008    
Total Teachers:35 36 36 36 42 46 47 
Total Students:350 367 378 430 443 439 446 
Grade 7:5616.0%5214.2%5715.1%5813.5%6013.5%7517.1%7216.1%
Grade 8:5014.3%5916.1%5514.6%6414.9%7316.5%7015.9%6514.6%
Grade 9:6117.4%5815.8%5915.6%8118.8%8018.1%6915.7%9822.0%
Grade 10:5415.4%5515.0%7419.6%7417.2%6815.3%9020.5%7717.3%
Grade 11:5515.7%7219.6%6818.0%6615.3%8719.6%7316.6%6414.3%
Grade 12:6919.7%6718.3%6416.9%8720.2%7516.9%6214.1%7015.7%
Student By Gender:
Student By Races:
American Indian/Alaska Native:20.6%20.5%30.8%51.2%51.1%40.9%61.3%
Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander:00.0%10.3%00.0%00.0%NANANANANANA
Two or More Races:00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%NANANANANANA
Lunch Program:
Free Lunch Program Eligible:7421.1%5916.1%6416.9%8319.3%9721.9%9020.5%8318.6%
Reduced-Price Lunch Program Eligible:3510.0%267.1%256.6%296.7%327.2%296.6%398.7%
Student-Teacher Ratio:9.98 10.07 10.42 11.79 10.64 9.50 9.40 

Test Performance

YearTestGradeMeasurementScoreSchool DistrictState Average
NY State Assessments
2006English Language Arts7th Grade% met std78%78%N/A
2007English Language Arts7th Grade% met std67%67%N/A
2008English Language Arts7th Grade% met std77%77%N/A
2009English Language Arts7th Grade% met std88%88%N/A
2010English Language Arts7th Grade% met std66%65%N/A
2011English Language Arts7th Grade% met std73%72%N/A
2012English Language Arts7th Grade% met std62%60%N/A
2013English Language Arts7th Grade% met std51%51%N/A
2006Math7th Grade% met std83%82%N/A
2007Math7th Grade% met std80%80%N/A
2008Math7th Grade% met std86%85%N/A
2009Math7th Grade% met std96%96%N/A
2010Math7th Grade% met std81%80%N/A
2011Math7th Grade% met std90%88%N/A
2012Math7th Grade% met std77%74%N/A
2013Math7th Grade% met std36.8%36.8%N/A
2006English Language Arts8th Grade% met std63%63%N/A
2007English Language Arts8th Grade% met std74%71%N/A
2008English Language Arts8th Grade% met std72%71%N/A
2009English Language Arts8th Grade% met std86%86%N/A
2010English Language Arts8th Grade% met std71%71%N/A
2011English Language Arts8th Grade% met std66%64%N/A
2012English Language Arts8th Grade% met std75%72%N/A
2013English Language Arts8th Grade% met std35.1%35.1%N/A
2006Math8th Grade% met std86%86%N/A
2007Math8th Grade% met std78%76%N/A
2008Math8th Grade% met std79%78%N/A
2009Math8th Grade% met std89%87%N/A
2010Math8th Grade% met std47%47%N/A
2011Math8th Grade% met std76%73%N/A
2012Math8th Grade% met std74%72%N/A
2013Math8th Grade% met std17.9%17.9%N/A
2006Science8th Grade% met std93%93%N/A
2007Science8th Grade% met std96%95%N/A
2008Science8th Grade% met std94%92%N/A
2009Science8th Grade% met std94%93%N/A
2010Science8th Grade% met std98%98%N/A
2011Science8th Grade% met std94%92%N/A
2012Science8th Grade% met std95%92%N/A
2006Social Studies8th Grade% met std90%90%N/A
2007Social Studies8th Grade% met std89%86%N/A
2008Social Studies8th Grade% met std89%88%N/A
2009Social Studies8th Grade% met std80%79%N/A
2010Social Studies8th Grade% met std91%91%N/A
2010Algebra 2/TrigonometryEnd of course% met std80%80%N/A
2011Algebra 2/TrigonometryEnd of course% met std79%79%N/A
2012Algebra 2/TrigonometryEnd of course% met std66%66%N/A
2005ChemistryEnd of course% met std85%85%N/A
2006ChemistryEnd of course% met std92%92%N/A
2007ChemistryEnd of course% met std88%88%N/A
2008ChemistryEnd of course% met std81%81%N/A
2009ChemistryEnd of course% met std83%83%N/A
2010ChemistryEnd of course% met std90%90%N/A
2011ChemistryEnd of course% met std93%93%N/A
2012ChemistryEnd of course% met std89%89%N/A
2005Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std89%88%N/A
2006Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std80%80%N/A
2007Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std83%83%N/A
2008Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std82%82%N/A
2009Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std82%82%N/A
2010Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std77%77%N/A
2011Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std88%88%N/A
2012Earth ScienceEnd of course% met std92%92%N/A
2005EnglishEnd of course% met std97%97%N/A
2006EnglishEnd of course% met std94%92%N/A
2007EnglishEnd of course% met std95%95%N/A
2008EnglishEnd of course% met std82%82%N/A
2009EnglishEnd of course% met std93%93%N/A
2010EnglishEnd of course% met std94%94%N/A
2011EnglishEnd of course% met std95%95%N/A
2012EnglishEnd of course% met std88%89%N/A
2005FrenchEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2006FrenchEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2007FrenchEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2008FrenchEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2009FrenchEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2010FrenchEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2011FrenchEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2009GeometryEnd of course% met std89%89%N/A
2010GeometryEnd of course% met std89%89%N/A
2011GeometryEnd of course% met std98%98%N/A
2012GeometryEnd of course% met std95%95%N/A
2005Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std97%97%N/A
2006Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std97%97%N/A
2007Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std90%90%N/A
2008Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std83%83%N/A
2009Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std96%96%N/A
2010Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std90%90%N/A
2011Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std79%79%N/A
2012Global History and GeographyEnd of course% met std86%86%N/A
2009Integrated AlgebraEnd of course% met std87%87%N/A
2010Integrated AlgebraEnd of course% met std80%80%N/A
2011Integrated AlgebraEnd of course% met std94%94%N/A
2012Integrated AlgebraEnd of course% met std97%97%N/A
2005Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std97%97%N/A
2006Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std98%98%N/A
2007Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std91%91%N/A
2008Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std95%95%N/A
2009Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std99%99%N/A
2010Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std94%94%N/A
2011Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std96%96%N/A
2012Living EnvironmentEnd of course% met std99%99%N/A
2005Mathematics AEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2006Mathematics AEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2007Mathematics AEnd of course% met std95%95%N/A
2008Mathematics AEnd of course% met std97%98%N/A
2005Mathematics BEnd of course% met std66%66%N/A
2006Mathematics BEnd of course% met std60%60%N/A
2007Mathematics BEnd of course% met std53%53%N/A
2008Mathematics BEnd of course% met std78%78%N/A
2009Mathematics BEnd of course% met std80%80%N/A
2010Mathematics BEnd of course% met std50%50%N/A
2005PhysicsEnd of course% met std95%95%N/A
2006PhysicsEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2007PhysicsEnd of course% met std86%86%N/A
2008PhysicsEnd of course% met std77%77%N/A
2009PhysicsEnd of course% met std92%92%N/A
2010PhysicsEnd of course% met std80%80%N/A
2011PhysicsEnd of course% met std92%92%N/A
2012PhysicsEnd of course% met std96%96%N/A
2005SpanishEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2006SpanishEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2007SpanishEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2008SpanishEnd of course% met std97%97%N/A
2009SpanishEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2010SpanishEnd of course% met std87%87%N/A
2011SpanishEnd of course% met std94%94%N/A
2005U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std87%87%N/A
2006U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std92%90%N/A
2007U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std95%95%N/A
2008U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std92%92%N/A
2009U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std92%92%N/A
2010U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std93%93%N/A
2011U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std88%88%N/A
2012U.S. History and GovtEnd of course% met std92%92%N/A

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* Naples High School was rated 4 out of 5 by USA.com. The ranking was calculated based on publically available historical Math and English performance data.

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