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Mesquite Continuation High

140 West Drummond
Ridgecrest CA, 93555, Kern County
Phone: 760-499-1810

Type: Other/Alternative School, High School
Status: Currently Operational
Grade: Grade 9 to Grade 12
School District: Sierra Sands Unified School District
Title I Eligible School: Yes School-Wide Title I: NA
Magnet: NA
Charter: NA
Shared-Time School: NA

Students and Teachers

      2013-2014         2012-2013         2011-2012         2010-2011         2009-2010         2008-2009         2007-2008    
Total Teachers:6 7 6 NANA7 7 9 
Total Students:108 113 115 137 152 144 134 
Grade 9:00.0%10.9%00.0%NANA00.0%00.0%10.7%
Grade 10:87.4%76.2%65.2%53.6%117.2%149.7%53.7%
Grade 11:3734.3%4741.6%3732.2%5439.4%6039.5%6847.2%5238.8%
Grade 12:6358.3%5851.3%7262.6%7856.9%8153.3%6243.1%7656.7%
Student By Gender:
Student By Races:
American Indian/Alaska Native:21.9%00.0%21.7%64.4%42.6%32.1%21.5%
Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander:32.8%10.9%10.9%00.0%10.7%10.7%NANA
Two or More Races:54.6%21.8%00.0%00.0%00.0%74.9%NANA
Lunch Program:
Free Lunch Program Eligible:6156.5%6557.5%NANA3626.3%2214.5%5135.4%5138.1%
Reduced-Price Lunch Program Eligible:1110.2%65.3%NANA96.6%32.0%21.4%43.0%
Student-Teacher Ratio:17.42 17.12 18.55 NANA21.71 16.00 14.90 

Test Performance

YearTestGradeMeasurementScoreSchool DistrictState Average
2005English Language Arts10th Grade% met std73%84%N/A
2006English Language Arts10th Grade% met std37%84%N/A
2007English Language Arts10th Grade% met std48%81%N/A
2008English Language Arts10th Grade% met std67%83%N/A
2009English Language Arts10th Grade% met std46.0%83.0%N/A
2010English Language Arts10th Grade% met std50.0%84.0%N/A
2011English Language Arts10th Grade% met std73.0%88.0%N/A
2012English Language Arts10th Grade% met std50.0%87.0%N/A
2013English Language Arts10th Grade% met std50.0%86.0%N/A
2005Math10th Grade% met std54%82%N/A
2006Math10th Grade% met std52%80%N/A
2007Math10th Grade% met std43%84%N/A
2008Math10th Grade% met std54%82%N/A
2009Math10th Grade% met std44.0%79.0%N/A
2010Math10th Grade% met std50.0%82.0%N/A
2011Math10th Grade% met std53.0%85.0%N/A
2012Math10th Grade% met std59.0%84.0%N/A
2013Math10th Grade% met std50.0%83.0%N/A
2009English Language Arts11th Grade% met std43.0%44.0%N/A
2009Math11th Grade% met std35.0%39.0%N/A
2009English Language Arts12th Grade% met std0%52.0%N/A
2009Math12th Grade% met std16.0%23.0%N/A
2009English Language ArtsAll grades (HS)% met std44.0%73.0%N/A
2009MathAll grades (HS)% met std34.0%66.0%N/A
2005Algebra I10th GradeMean Scaled Score279.9316.8N/A
2006Algebra I10th GradeMean Scaled Score262.6330.5N/A
2008Algebra I10th GradeMean Scaled Score255.5292.5N/A
2009Algebra I10th GradeMean Scaled Score281.6291.1N/A
2010Algebra I10th GradeMean Scaled Score274.8296.3N/A
2008Biology/Life Sciences10th GradeMean Scaled Score275.3336.6N/A
2010Biology/Life Sciences10th GradeMean Scaled Score314.4338.3N/A
2013Biology/Life Sciences10th GradeMean Scaled Score296.0343.1N/A
2006Earth Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score283.9289.7N/A
2007Earth Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score300.5301.4N/A
2009Earth Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score295.3292.2N/A
2011Earth Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score300.4305.9N/A
2012Earth Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score303.9309.8N/A
2004English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score290.6346.2N/A
2005English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score292.8345.5N/A
2006English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score263341.3N/A
2007English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score279344.6N/A
2008English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score289.8345.2N/A
2009English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score299.9344.7N/A
2010English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score305346.5N/A
2011English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score286.8361.8N/A
2012English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score286.5353.5N/A
2013English Language Arts Standards10th GradeMean Scaled Score296.4361.0N/A
2006Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score281.9341.3N/A
2007Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score275.4341.4N/A
2008Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score292.2350.4N/A
2009Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score303.1356.6N/A
2010Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score302.8356.8N/A
2011Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score291.6369.4N/A
2012Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score290.5369N/A
2013Science10th GradeMean Scaled Score280.0370.1N/A
2004World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score293.9339.9N/A
2005World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score280.6328.2N/A
2006World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score268.1320.4N/A
2007World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score274.8325.6N/A
2008World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score282.8330.9N/A
2009World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score275.9341.5N/A
2010World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score257.3335.3N/A
2011World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score253.5349.5N/A
2012World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score266.3352.3N/A
2013World History10th GradeMean Scaled Score278.3360.1N/A
2005Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score285.9291.8N/A
2006Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score268.5290.9N/A
2007Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score271.2287.9N/A
2008Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score280.3293N/A
2009Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score285.2283N/A
2010Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score277280.5N/A
2011Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score281.1283.7N/A
2012Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score264.4299.9N/A
2013Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score262.8277.5N/A
2009Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score301.1383N/A
2010Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score312.6388.9N/A
2011Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score301.9387N/A
2012Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score307.1388.2N/A
2013Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score302.3363.2N/A
2006Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score304.1304.1N/A
2007Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score300.9299.9N/A
2008Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score300.4304.4N/A
2009Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score313.5313.5N/A
2010Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score296.1296N/A
2011Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score300301N/A
2012Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score309.2316.4N/A
2013Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score307.7306.6N/A
2004English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score271.1335.2N/A
2005English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score286.7336.8N/A
2006English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score271.1343.3N/A
2007English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score272.2334.6N/A
2008English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score275.4338.9N/A
2009English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score293.2331.1N/A
2010English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score284.9345N/A
2011English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score287341.8N/A
2012English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score303.9356.2N/A
2013English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score293.0350.3N/A
2004U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score283.2334.9N/A
2005U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score286.5334.2N/A
2006U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score284.7333.4N/A
2007U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score282.3329.2N/A
2008U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score285.1339.2N/A
2009U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score300.6341.8N/A
2010U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score284.1346N/A
2011U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score294.1345.3N/A
2012U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score295.4364.4N/A
2013U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score300.3364.4N/A
2007World History11th GradeMean Scaled Score267.6267.6N/A
2008World History11th GradeMean Scaled Score265.4248.9N/A
2013World History11th GradeMean Scaled Score311.1311.1N/A
2005English Language Arts Standards9th GradeMean Scaled Score298.2351N/A
2005Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score284327.6N/A
2006Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score266.5330.8N/A
2007Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score273.8316.4N/A
2008Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score274.2316.1N/A
2009Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score284.2311.9N/A
2010Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score276.4314N/A
2011Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score276.5321.3N/A
2012Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score263.5333.6N/A
2013Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score262.6329.1N/A
2007Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score292.4353.7N/A
2008Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score276.9357.9N/A
2009Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score299.5360.5N/A
2010Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score313.3362.7N/A
2011Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score298.5373.8N/A
2012Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score307.1372.8N/A
2013Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score300.7361.4N/A
2006Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score298.2323N/A
2007Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score300.8324N/A
2008Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score300.2338.8N/A
2009Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score305326.6N/A
2010Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score295.3339.4N/A
2011Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score298.6341.5N/A
2012Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score306.6342.7N/A
2013Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score304.5341.5N/A
2007World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score272.3323.5N/A
2008World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score275.7327.8N/A
2009World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score275.9341.1N/A
2010World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score261.2334.2N/A
2011World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score260.6347.2N/A
2012World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score274.5351.3N/A
2013World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score287.2359.1N/A

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