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Glascock County Consolidated School, Test Performance


YearTestGradeMeasurementScoreSchool DistrictState Average
2006English Language Arts1st Grade% met std77.6%77.6%80%
2007English Language Arts1st Grade% met std87.5%87.5%82.4%
2008English Language Arts1st Grade% met std78.8%78.8%84.4%
2009English Language Arts1st Grade% met std78.4%78.4%84%
2010English Language Arts1st Grade% met std82.3%82.3%87%
2006Math1st Grade% met std81.7%81.7%90%
2007Math1st Grade% met std91.7%91.7%82.3%
2008Math1st Grade% met std77%77%86.4%
2009Math1st Grade% met std90.2%90.2%87%
2010Math1st Grade% met std82.4%82.4%85%
2006Reading1st Grade% met std85.7%85.7%87%
2007Reading1st Grade% met std91.7%91.7%90.1%
2008Reading1st Grade% met std92.3%92.3%90.3%
2009Reading1st Grade% met std92.2%92.2%90.9%
2010Reading1st Grade% met std100%100%93%
2006English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std87.2%87.2%83%
2007English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std92%92%83.7%
2008English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std82.6%82.6%84.1%
2009English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std94.2%94.2%86.8%
2010English Language Arts2nd Grade% met std94.3%94.3%85%
2006Math2nd Grade% met std92.8%92.8%87%
2007Math2nd Grade% met std82%82%81.4%
2008Math2nd Grade% met std91.1%91.1%85.5%
2009Math2nd Grade% met std92.3%92.3%87.3%
2010Math2nd Grade% met std96.3%96.3%86%
2006Reading2nd Grade% met std98.2%98.2%89%
2007Reading2nd Grade% met std94%94%91.3%
2008Reading2nd Grade% met std91.3%91.3%92%
2009Reading2nd Grade% met std96.2%96.2%91.9%
2010Reading2nd Grade% met std96.2%96.2%91%
2006English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std88.7%88.7%82%
2007English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std87.2%87.2%85.6%
2008English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std85.2%85.2%87.1%
2009English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std82.9%82.9%86.6%
2010English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std90.9%90.9%88%
2011English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std96.1%96.1%89.2%
2012English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std97.5%97.5%91%
2013English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std89.7%89.7%88.1%
2006Math3rd Grade% met std95.5%95.5%91%
2007Math3rd Grade% met std90.9%90.9%90.4%
2008Math3rd Grade% met std62.9%62.9%70.9%
2009Math3rd Grade% met std90.3%90.3%77.9%
2010Math3rd Grade% met std90.9%90.9%79%
2011Math3rd Grade% met std78.4%78.4%81.2%
2012Math3rd Grade% met std95%95%81%
2013Math3rd Grade% met std84.6%84.6%78.5%
2006Reading3rd Grade% met std81.8%81.8%82%
2007Reading3rd Grade% met std85.5%85.5%85.1%
2008Reading3rd Grade% met std87.1%87.1%87.5%
2009Reading3rd Grade% met std97.5%97.5%88%
2010Reading3rd Grade% met std93.2%93.2%90%
2011Reading3rd Grade% met std92.2%92.2%90.9%
2012Reading3rd Grade% met std95%95%90%
2013Reading3rd Grade% met std100.0%100.0%92.1%
2006Science3rd Grade% met std86.3%86.3%85%
2007Science3rd Grade% met std72.7%72.7%70.1%
2008Science3rd Grade% met std76%76%74.5%
2009Science3rd Grade% met std80.5%80.5%79.7%
2010Science3rd Grade% met std86.4%86.4%80%
2011Science3rd Grade% met std71.1%71.1%80.5%
2012Science3rd Grade% met std85%85%78%
2013Science3rd Grade% met std82.1%82.1%78.4%
2006Social Studies3rd Grade% met std86.4%86.4%88%
2007Social Studies3rd Grade% met std83.7%83.7%88.6%
2008Social Studies3rd Grade% met std79.7%79.7%89%
2009Social Studies3rd Grade% met std58.5%58.5%76.1%
2010Social Studies3rd Grade% met std68.2%68.2%79%
2011Social Studies3rd Grade% met std63.4%63.4%81%
2012Social Studies3rd Grade% met std72.5%72.5%81%
2013Social Studies3rd Grade% met std61.5%61.5%83.4%
2006English Language Arts4th Grade% met std66.7%66.7%79%
2007English Language Arts4th Grade% met std82.2%82.2%84.3%
2008English Language Arts4th Grade% met std83.6%83.6%86.2%
2009English Language Arts4th Grade% met std73.7%73.7%86.9%
2010English Language Arts4th Grade% met std88.6%88.6%87%
2011English Language Arts4th Grade% met std85.1%85.1%88%
2012English Language Arts4th Grade% met std95.8%95.8%90%
2013English Language Arts4th Grade% met std90.2%90.2%90.2%
2006Math4th Grade% met std66.6%66.6%79%
2007Math4th Grade% met std68.9%68.9%78.4%
2008Math4th Grade% met std69%69%70%
2009Math4th Grade% met std63.2%63.2%74.3%
2010Math4th Grade% met std81.8%81.8%77%
2011Math4th Grade% met std74.5%74.5%81.1%
2012Math4th Grade% met std77.1%77.1%81%
2013Math4th Grade% met std92.7%92.7%84.3%
2006Reading4th Grade% met std70.9%70.9%81%
2007Reading4th Grade% met std73.3%73.3%84.7%
2008Reading4th Grade% met std90.9%90.9%87.5%
2009Reading4th Grade% met std84.2%84.2%87.3%
2010Reading4th Grade% met std91%91%89%
2011Reading4th Grade% met std85.5%85.5%87.9%
2012Reading4th Grade% met std93.8%93.8%90%
2013Reading4th Grade% met std95.1%95.1%92.5%
2006Science4th Grade% met std83.4%83.4%88%
2007Science4th Grade% met std62.2%62.2%71.9%
2008Science4th Grade% met std72.7%72.7%73.8%
2009Science4th Grade% met std80.7%80.7%77.7%
2010Science4th Grade% met std77.2%77.2%80%
2011Science4th Grade% met std81.3%81.3%79%
2012Science4th Grade% met std75.5%75.5%81%
2013Science4th Grade% met std87.8%87.8%82.7%
2006Social Studies4th Grade% met std87.5%87.5%90%
2007Social Studies4th Grade% met std77.7%77.7%88.5%
2008Social Studies4th Grade% met std92.7%92.7%90.2%
2009Social Studies4th Grade% met std68.4%68.4%71.4%
2010Social Studies4th Grade% met std65.9%65.9%74%
2011Social Studies4th Grade% met std77.1%77.1%77.4%
2012Social Studies4th Grade% met std85.7%85.7%79%
2013Social Studies4th Grade% met std92.7%92.7%81.3%
2006English Language Arts5th Grade% met std79.4%79.4%85%
2007English Language Arts5th Grade% met std79.2%79.2%87.6%
2008English Language Arts5th Grade% met std82%82%89.9%
2009English Language Arts5th Grade% met std83.9%83.9%91.3%
2010English Language Arts5th Grade% met std79.3%79.3%92%
2011English Language Arts5th Grade% met std95.9%95.9%93%
2012English Language Arts5th Grade% met std88.9%88.9%95%
2013English Language Arts5th Grade% met std97.7%97.7%94.2%
2006Math5th Grade% met std91.2%91.2%88%
2007Math5th Grade% met std87.5%87.5%88.1%
2008Math5th Grade% met std56%56%71.7%
2009Math5th Grade% met std60.8%60.8%79.2%
2010Math5th Grade% met std70.7%70.7%82%
2011Math5th Grade% met std72.3%72.3%86.6%
2012Math5th Grade% met std67.4%67.4%84%
2013Math5th Grade% met std84.1%84.1%89.5%
2006Reading5th Grade% met std76.5%76.5%81%
2007Reading5th Grade% met std70.9%70.9%85.5%
2008Reading5th Grade% met std74%74%87.2%
2009Reading5th Grade% met std78.6%78.6%87.8%
2010Reading5th Grade% met std75.8%75.8%90%
2011Reading5th Grade% met std75%75%90.5%
2012Reading5th Grade% met std95.7%95.7%91%
2013Reading5th Grade% met std100.0%100.0%92.9%
2006Science5th Grade% met std97.1%97.1%89%
2007Science5th Grade% met std73%73%66.8%
2008Science5th Grade% met std66%66%71.3%
2009Science5th Grade% met std67.8%67.8%76%
2010Science5th Grade% met std72.4%72.4%77%
2011Science5th Grade% met std64.6%64.6%76.6%
2012Science5th Grade% met std77.8%77.8%78%
2013Science5th Grade% met std73.3%73.3%79.6%
2006Social Studies5th Grade% met std97.1%97.1%91%
2007Social Studies5th Grade% met std83.4%83.4%88.4%
2008Social Studies5th Grade% met std80%80%89%
2009Social Studies5th Grade% met std60.7%60.7%71.2%
2010Social Studies5th Grade% met std63.8%63.8%72%
2011Social Studies5th Grade% met std45.9%45.9%71.3%
2012Social Studies5th Grade% met std75.6%75.6%77%
2013Social Studies5th Grade% met std82.2%82.2%80.5%
2006English Language Arts6th Grade% met std86.5%86.5%84%
2007English Language Arts6th Grade% met std92.4%92.4%86.3%
2008English Language Arts6th Grade% met std82.3%82.3%87.4%
2009English Language Arts6th Grade% met std77.8%77.8%90.5%
2010English Language Arts6th Grade% met std91.1%91.1%92%
2011English Language Arts6th Grade% met std80.3%80.3%91.2%
2012English Language Arts6th Grade% met std92.9%92.9%92%
2013English Language Arts6th Grade% met std89.1%89.1%92.4%
2006Math6th Grade% met std64.4%64.4%62%
2007Math6th Grade% met std41%41%64.5%
2008Math6th Grade% met std71.1%71.1%69.3%
2009Math6th Grade% met std59.2%59.2%74.9%
2010Math6th Grade% met std57.1%57.1%75%
2011Math6th Grade% met std74.6%74.6%76.5%
2012Math6th Grade% met std78%78%80%
2013Math6th Grade% met std90.9%90.9%82.7%
2006Reading6th Grade% met std86.4%86.4%86%
2007Reading6th Grade% met std89.8%89.8%89.3%
2008Reading6th Grade% met std93.4%93.4%91.4%
2009Reading6th Grade% met std79.6%79.6%89.9%
2010Reading6th Grade% met std92.9%92.9%91%
2011Reading6th Grade% met std90.2%90.2%93.9%
2012Reading6th Grade% met std95.2%95.2%96%
2013Reading6th Grade% met std95.6%95.6%96.0%
2006Science6th Grade% met std64.4%64.4%61%
2007Science6th Grade% met std64.1%64.1%59.5%
2008Science6th Grade% met std82.2%82.2%66.1%
2009Science6th Grade% met std50%50%68.5%
2010Science6th Grade% met std75%75%70%
2011Science6th Grade% met std65.6%65.6%70.9%
2012Science6th Grade% met std83.3%83.3%73%
2013Science6th Grade% met std80.4%80.4%74.0%
2006Social Studies6th Grade% met std87.9%87.9%85%
2007Social Studies6th Grade% met std82.1%82.1%83.1%
2010Social Studies6th Grade% met std55.4%55.4%64%
2011Social Studies6th Grade% met std63.9%63.9%71.6%
2012Social Studies6th Grade% met std71.4%71.4%73%
2013Social Studies6th Grade% met std73.9%73.9%77.5%
2006English Language Arts7th Grade% met std78.5%78.5%84%
2007English Language Arts7th Grade% met std88.3%88.3%89.2%
2008English Language Arts7th Grade% met std92.3%92.3%89.7%
2009English Language Arts7th Grade% met std80.5%80.5%89.4%
2010English Language Arts7th Grade% met std88%88%91%
2011English Language Arts7th Grade% met std86%86%93%
2012English Language Arts7th Grade% met std79.4%79.4%94%
2013English Language Arts7th Grade% met std88.6%88.6%93.0%
2006Math7th Grade% met std75%75%80%
2007Math7th Grade% met std66.6%66.6%73.9%
2008Math7th Grade% met std79.5%79.5%79.8%
2009Math7th Grade% met std82.6%82.6%83.7%
2010Math7th Grade% met std86%86%86%
2011Math7th Grade% met std84.4%84.4%89.3%
2012Math7th Grade% met std83.9%83.9%91%
2013Math7th Grade% met std90.7%90.7%89.9%
2006Reading7th Grade% met std78.8%78.8%80%
2007Reading7th Grade% met std86.7%86.7%84.9%
2008Reading7th Grade% met std79.5%79.5%88%
2009Reading7th Grade% met std93.5%93.5%89.2%
2010Reading7th Grade% met std88%88%89%
2011Reading7th Grade% met std89.1%89.1%90.9%
2012Reading7th Grade% met std92.1%92.1%94%
2013Reading7th Grade% met std100.0%100.0%94.7%
2006Science7th Grade% met std55.7%55.7%63%
2007Science7th Grade% met std85%85%70%
2008Science7th Grade% met std79.4%79.4%75.1%
2009Science7th Grade% met std80.4%80.4%75.7%
2010Science7th Grade% met std88%88%80%
2011Science7th Grade% met std74.6%74.6%82.2%
2012Science7th Grade% met std82.5%82.5%85%
2013Science7th Grade% met std93.2%93.2%85.2%
2006Social Studies7th Grade% met std76.9%76.9%86%
2007Social Studies7th Grade% met std85%85%85.8%
2010Social Studies7th Grade% met std76%76%71%
2011Social Studies7th Grade% met std62.5%62.5%74.9%
2012Social Studies7th Grade% met std66.7%66.7%78%
2013Social Studies7th Grade% met std75.0%75.0%82.7%
2006English Language Arts8th Grade% met std88.9%88.9%87%
2007English Language Arts8th Grade% met std91.3%91.3%88.3%
2008English Language Arts8th Grade% met std91.8%91.8%89.3%
2009English Language Arts8th Grade% met std100%100%91.8%
2010English Language Arts8th Grade% met std95.4%95.4%92%
2011English Language Arts8th Grade% met std80.8%80.8%92.8%
2012English Language Arts8th Grade% met std96.3%96.3%95%
2013English Language Arts8th Grade% met std93.2%93.2%94.3%
2006Math8th Grade% met std75%75%77%
2007Math8th Grade% met std78.2%78.2%81.2%
2008Math8th Grade% met std63.9%63.9%62.1%
2009Math8th Grade% met std42.1%42.1%70.1%
2010Math8th Grade% met std83.7%83.7%74%
2011Math8th Grade% met std53.9%53.9%77.6%
2012Math8th Grade% met std88.9%88.9%77%
2013Math8th Grade% met std86.4%86.4%83.0%
2006Reading8th Grade% met std77.8%77.8%89%
2007Reading8th Grade% met std89.1%89.1%88.5%
2008Reading8th Grade% met std98.3%98.3%90.5%
2009Reading8th Grade% met std94.8%94.8%92.7%
2010Reading8th Grade% met std97.7%97.7%95%
2011Reading8th Grade% met std92.3%92.3%96%
2012Reading8th Grade% met std98.1%98.1%96%
2013Reading8th Grade% met std94.9%94.9%96.8%
2006Science8th Grade% met std63.9%63.9%76%
2007Science8th Grade% met std89.1%89.1%74%
2008Science8th Grade% met std80.4%80.4%59.6%
2009Science8th Grade% met std73.7%73.7%64.4%
2010Science8th Grade% met std88.3%88.3%66%
2011Science8th Grade% met std53.9%53.9%67.1%
2012Science8th Grade% met std79.6%79.6%74%
2013Science8th Grade% met std79.7%79.7%74.0%
2006Social Studies8th Grade% met std80.5%80.5%87%
2007Social Studies8th Grade% met std89.1%89.1%85.1%
2008Social Studies8th Grade% met std68.9%68.9%58.9%
2009Social Studies8th Grade% met std68.5%68.5%62.5%
2010Social Studies8th Grade% met std81.4%81.4%70%
2011Social Studies8th Grade% met std65.4%65.4%72.5%
2012Social Studies8th Grade% met std75.9%75.9%77%
2013Social Studies8th Grade% met std67.8%67.8%77.9%
2006Algebra IEnd of course% met std37%37%64%
2007Algebra IEnd of course% met std27.8%27.8%65%
2008Algebra IEnd of course% met std81.8%81.8%55%
2006American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std80%80%81%
2010American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std100%100%86.1%
2011American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std76.9%76.9%88.1%
2013American Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std100%100%N/A
2006BiologyEnd of course% met std80%80%57%
2007BiologyEnd of course% met std44.4%44.4%58%
2009BiologyEnd of course% met std76.7%76.7%64%
2010BiologyEnd of course% met std47.4%47.4%66.1%
2011BiologyEnd of course% met std88.2%88.2%69.9%
2012BiologyEnd of course% met std89.3%89.3%72.7%
2013BiologyEnd of course% met std75.8%75.8%N/A
2013Coordinate AlgebraEnd of course% met std39.6%39.6%36.9%
2006Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std51%51%58%
2007Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std29.4%29.4%66%
2008Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std63.2%63.2%68%
2011Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std60%60%72.2%
2012Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std77.7%77.7%77.3%
2013Economics/Business/Free EnterpriseEnd of course% met std80%80%78.9%
2006GeometryEnd of course% met std27%27%62%
2007GeometryEnd of course% met std23%23%63%
2009GeometryEnd of course% met std28.6%28.6%47%
2010Mathematics IEnd of course% met std50%50%64.4%
2011Mathematics IEnd of course% met std85.7%85.7%61.3%
2012Mathematics IEnd of course% met std84.8%84.8%65.2%
2010Mathematics IIEnd of course% met std55.3%55.3%52.3%
2011Mathematics IIEnd of course% met std29.4%29.4%54.8%
2012Mathematics IIEnd of course% met std58.4%58.4%53.9%
2013Mathematics IIEnd of course% met std35.7%35.7%59.1%
2006Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std62%62%65%
2008Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std70%70%73%
2009Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std83.3%83.3%76%
2010Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std92.3%92.3%79.4%
2011Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std100%100%82.3%
2012Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std87.8%87.8%84.1%
2013Ninth Grade Literature and CompositionEnd of course% met std96.5%96.5%85.7%
2006Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std73%73%61%
2007Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std57.9%57.9%62%
2008Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std66.7%66.7%63%
2009Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std64%64%67%
2010Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std76%76%72.2%
2011Physical ScienceEnd of course% met std71%71%76.2%
2006United States HistoryEnd of course% met std82%82%71%
2007United States HistoryEnd of course% met std88.4%88.4%71%
2009United States HistoryEnd of course% met std65.5%65.5%60%
2010United States HistoryEnd of course% met std60%60%61.8%
2011United States HistoryEnd of course% met std50%50%66.2%
2012United States HistoryEnd of course% met std60.7%60.7%68.3%
2013United States HistoryEnd of course% met std84.2%84.2%72.6%
2008English Language ArtsEnd of course% met std77.5%77.5%90%
2009English Language ArtsEnd of course% met std94.12%94.1%89.98%
2010English Language ArtsEnd of course% met std85.1%85.1%90.1%
2011English Language ArtsEnd of course% met std88%88%91%
2011MathEnd of course% met std94%94%84%
2008ScienceEnd of course% met std68.4%68.4%86.2%
2009ScienceEnd of course% met std88.23%88.2%87.85%
2010ScienceEnd of course% met std87.2%87.2%90%
2011ScienceEnd of course% met std90%90%93%
2010Social StudiesEnd of course% met std66%66%77.9%
2011Social StudiesEnd of course% met std81%81%80%
2006EnglishEnd of course% met std100%100%96%
2007EnglishEnd of course% met std93.5%93.5%96.2%
2006MathematicsEnd of course% met std93%93%92%
2007MathematicsEnd of course% met std90.3%90.3%91.7%
2008MathematicsEnd of course% met std84%84%92%
2009MathematicsEnd of course% met std94.12%94%93.51%
2010MathematicsEnd of course% met std87%87%91%
2006ScienceEnd of course% met std64%64%73%
2007ScienceEnd of course% met std71%71%73.6%
2006Social StudiesEnd of course% met std91%91%86%
2007Social StudiesEnd of course% met std83.9%83.9%87.1%
2008Social StudiesEnd of course% met std69%69%86%
2009Social StudiesEnd of course% met std91.18%91%87.24%

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* Glascock County Consolidated School, Test Performance was rated 3 out of 5 by USA.com. The ranking was calculated based on publically available historical Math and English performance data.

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