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Alice M. Harte Elementary Charter School

4422 General Meyer Ave
New Orleans LA, 70131, Orleans County
Phone: 504-373-6281

Type: Other/Alternative School, Primary School
Status: Currently Operational
Grade: Kindergarten to Grade 8
School District: Orleans Parish School District
Title I Eligible School: Yes School-Wide Title I: NA
Magnet: NA
Charter: NA
Shared-Time School: NA

Students and Teachers

      2013-2014         2012-2013         2011-2012         2010-2011         2009-2010         2008-2009         2007-2008    
Total Teachers:43 46 46 46 52 47 47 
Total Students:699 681 648 643 615 626 634 
Grade 1:7711.0%7911.6%7211.1%7511.7%498.0%548.6%6810.7%
Grade 2:7911.3%7911.6%7111.0%538.2%538.6%7612.1%7511.8%
Grade 3:7811.2%8312.2%629.6%6910.7%7412.0%7812.5%7712.1%
Grade 4:8111.6%7110.4%7010.8%7611.8%8213.3%8112.9%7411.7%
Grade 5:7510.7%7310.7%7711.9%7812.1%7612.4%6410.2%6810.7%
Grade 6:7811.2%8111.9%7511.6%7511.7%7311.9%7512.0%7311.5%
Grade 7:8311.9%7210.6%7611.7%8012.4%7311.9%6810.9%7712.1%
Grade 8:699.9%7010.3%7311.3%6610.3%619.9%8012.8%7912.5%
Student By Gender:
Student By Races:
American Indian/Alaska Native:20.3%30.4%30.5%20.3%10.2%10.2%20.3%
Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander:20.3%20.3%30.5%00.0%NANANANANANA
Two or More Races:60.9%40.6%40.6%00.0%NANANANANANA
Lunch Program:
Free Lunch Program Eligible:51373.4%48671.4%40562.5%41264.1%38662.8%38661.7%39762.6%
Reduced-Price Lunch Program Eligible:537.6%7010.3%517.9%365.6%447.2%619.7%8613.6%
Student-Teacher Ratio:16.13 14.76 14.13 13.98 11.74 13.50 13.50 

Test Performance

YearTestGradeMeasurementScoreSchool DistrictState Average
2009English Language Arts10th Grade% met std75%78%62%
2009Mathematics10th Grade% met std76%78%59%
2009Science10th Grade% met std53%66%55%
2009Social Studies10th Grade% met std63%74%58%
2007English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std59%74%65%
2008English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std63%77%64%
2009English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std82%81%66%
2010English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std80%84%67%
2011English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std80%86%69%
2012English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std84%84%69%
2013English Language Arts3rd Grade% met std83%82%72%
2007Mathematics3rd Grade% met std47%71%65%
2008Mathematics3rd Grade% met std61%74%63%
2009Mathematics3rd Grade% met std71%80%68%
2010Mathematics3rd Grade% met std72%83%67%
2011Mathematics3rd Grade% met std75%83%69%
2012Mathematics3rd Grade% met std83%85%71%
2013Mathematics3rd Grade% met std78%81%72%
2007Science3rd Grade% met std55%65%58%
2008Science3rd Grade% met std46%66%55%
2009Science3rd Grade% met std64%75%62%
2010Science3rd Grade% met std58%79%63%
2011Science3rd Grade% met std50%76%63%
2012Science3rd Grade% met std72%84%67%
2013Science3rd Grade% met std69%79%68%
2007Social Studies3rd Grade% met std60%72%63%
2008Social Studies3rd Grade% met std62%77%64%
2009Social Studies3rd Grade% met std77%81%67%
2010Social Studies3rd Grade% met std71%81%66%
2011Social Studies3rd Grade% met std59%82%64%
2012Social Studies3rd Grade% met std77%82%65%
2013Social Studies3rd Grade% met std69%79%65%
2007English Language Arts4th Grade% met std64%80%69%
2008English Language Arts4th Grade% met std69%86%69%
2009English Language Arts4th Grade% met std73%88%72%
2012English Language Arts4th Grade% met std95%92%75%
2013English Language Arts4th Grade% met std95%92%77%
2007Mathematics4th Grade% met std54%74%64%
2008Mathematics4th Grade% met std52%80%67%
2009Mathematics4th Grade% met std68%81%65%
2012Mathematics4th Grade% met std91%91%73%
2013Mathematics4th Grade% met std89%88%71%
2007Science4th Grade% met std37%67%62%
2008Science4th Grade% met std50%74%60%
2009Science4th Grade% met std70%81%65%
2012Science4th Grade% met std87%84%68%
2013Science4th Grade% met std81%86%67%
2007Social Studies4th Grade% met std56%77%68%
2008Social Studies4th Grade% met std66%81%62%
2009Social Studies4th Grade% met std64%82%66%
2012Social Studies4th Grade% met std89%87%68%
2013Social Studies4th Grade% met std84%84%70%
2007English Language Arts5th Grade% met std31%66%60%
2008English Language Arts5th Grade% met std58%79%65%
2009English Language Arts5th Grade% met std81%85%66%
2010English Language Arts5th Grade% met std65%86%68%
2011English Language Arts5th Grade% met std86%85%68%
2012English Language Arts5th Grade% met std86%89%70%
2013English Language Arts5th Grade% met std77%87%72%
2007Mathematics5th Grade% met std27%63%59%
2008Mathematics5th Grade% met std41%74%65%
2009Mathematics5th Grade% met std59%77%66%
2010Mathematics5th Grade% met std61%84%70%
2011Mathematics5th Grade% met std74%84%67%
2012Mathematics5th Grade% met std70%81%70%
2013Mathematics5th Grade% met std85%85%72%
2007Science5th Grade% met std32%56%53%
2008Science5th Grade% met std35%65%58%
2009Science5th Grade% met std56%75%62%
2010Science5th Grade% met std49%76%63%
2011Science5th Grade% met std60%74%62%
2012Science5th Grade% met std72%75%64%
2013Science5th Grade% met std73%84%66%
2007Social Studies5th Grade% met std37%59%60%
2008Social Studies5th Grade% met std44%72%66%
2009Social Studies5th Grade% met std75%81%67%
2010Social Studies5th Grade% met std67%85%66%
2011Social Studies5th Grade% met std67%75%65%
2012Social Studies5th Grade% met std78%79%67%
2013Social Studies5th Grade% met std73%84%67%
2007English Language Arts6th Grade% met std56%74%62%
2008English Language Arts6th Grade% met std42%81%61%
2009English Language Arts6th Grade% met std63%84%68%
2010English Language Arts6th Grade% met std82%92%70%
2011English Language Arts6th Grade% met std85%90%71%
2012English Language Arts6th Grade% met std88%92%69%
2013English Language Arts6th Grade% met std84%90%70%
2007Mathematics6th Grade% met std66%76%62%
2008Mathematics6th Grade% met std39%72%61%
2009Mathematics6th Grade% met std72%87%70%
2010Mathematics6th Grade% met std74%90%67%
2011Mathematics6th Grade% met std88%90%70%
2012Mathematics6th Grade% met std87%91%70%
2013Mathematics6th Grade% met std81%90%69%
2007Science6th Grade% met std47%65%55%
2008Science6th Grade% met std29%68%58%
2009Science6th Grade% met std49%74%61%
2010Science6th Grade% met std64%81%63%
2011Science6th Grade% met std84%86%69%
2012Science6th Grade% met std74%80%65%
2013Science6th Grade% met std73%84%65%
2007Social Studies6th Grade% met std52%65%57%
2008Social Studies6th Grade% met std22%67%57%
2009Social Studies6th Grade% met std59%80%63%
2010Social Studies6th Grade% met std75%86%66%
2011Social Studies6th Grade% met std81%87%67%
2012Social Studies6th Grade% met std69%82%65%
2013Social Studies6th Grade% met std73%87%68%
2007English Language Arts7th Grade% met std57%68%59%
2008English Language Arts7th Grade% met std73%79%61%
2009English Language Arts7th Grade% met std48%80%62%
2010English Language Arts7th Grade% met std71%88%68%
2011English Language Arts7th Grade% met std96%90%69%
2012English Language Arts7th Grade% met std90%88%69%
2013English Language Arts7th Grade% met std89%85%69%
2007Mathematics7th Grade% met std53%67%59%
2008Mathematics7th Grade% met std66%71%55%
2009Mathematics7th Grade% met std45%76%63%
2010Mathematics7th Grade% met std63%86%68%
2011Mathematics7th Grade% met std87%84%67%
2012Mathematics7th Grade% met std90%85%70%
2013Mathematics7th Grade% met std92%84%69%
2007Science7th Grade% met std60%64%53%
2008Science7th Grade% met std64%67%53%
2009Science7th Grade% met std41%73%59%
2010Science7th Grade% met std47%74%61%
2011Science7th Grade% met std95%84%62%
2012Science7th Grade% met std91%81%64%
2013Science7th Grade% met std87%76%62%
2007Social Studies7th Grade% met std57%69%59%
2008Social Studies7th Grade% met std79%77%60%
2009Social Studies7th Grade% met std51%80%65%
2010Social Studies7th Grade% met std66%84%67%
2011Social Studies7th Grade% met std95%87%65%
2012Social Studies7th Grade% met std86%79%66%
2013Social Studies7th Grade% met std87%81%67%
2007English Language Arts8th Grade% met std57%67%57%
2008English Language Arts8th Grade% met std72%66%57%
2009English Language Arts8th Grade% met std75%78%62%
2012English Language Arts8th Grade% met std92%83%67%
2013English Language Arts8th Grade% met std86%85%69%
2007Mathematics8th Grade% met std41%61%55%
2008Mathematics8th Grade% met std48%62%58%
2009Mathematics8th Grade% met std76%78%59%
2012Mathematics8th Grade% met std86%74%64%
2013Mathematics8th Grade% met std96%80%66%
2007Science8th Grade% met std35%57%54%
2008Science8th Grade% met std45%57%53%
2009Science8th Grade% met std53%66%55%
2012Science8th Grade% met std95%73%61%
2013Science8th Grade% met std81%74%64%
2007Social Studies8th Grade% met std41%64%55%
2008Social Studies8th Grade% met std60%66%53%
2009Social Studies8th Grade% met std63%74%58%
2012Social Studies8th Grade% met std93%79%67%
2013Social Studies8th Grade% met std76%78%67%

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Teacher's Experience and Compensation

Teachers with Bachelor Degree:72.7%
Teachers with Master or PhD Degree:27.3%
Mean Number of Years of Teaching:13.0 years
Teachers with 5 Years of Experience of Less:29.5%
Teachers with 6 Years of Experience or More:70.5%
Mean Base Salary:$40,722.0
Mean Base Salary of Teachers with 5 Years of Experience of Less:$35,821.0
Mean Base Salary of Teachers with 6 Years of Experience or More:$42,777.0

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