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Palm Beach County


Palm Beach county is located in southeast Florida. Palm Beach county has 1,969.76 square miles of land area and 413.25 square miles of water area. As of 2010-2014, the total Palm Beach county population is 1,359,074, which has grown 20.15% since 2000. The population growth rate is lower than the state average rate of 21.14% and is much higher than the national average rate of 11.61%. Palm Beach county median household income is $52,878 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 17.34% since 2000. The income growth rate is lower than the state average rate of 21.62% and is much lower than the national average rate of 27.36%. Palm Beach county median house value is $194,600 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 43.93% since 2000. The house value growth rate is lower than the state average rate of 48.06% and is lower than the national average rate of 46.91%. As a reference, the national Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate for the same period is 26.63%. On average, the public school district that covers Palm Beach county is better than the state average in quality. The Palm Beach county area codes are 407, 561, 772.

Population1,359,074 (2010-2014), rank #3
Population Growth20.15% since 2000, rank #26
Population Density:570.32/sq mi, rank #8
Median Household Income:$52,878 at 2010-2014—17.34% increase since 2000, rank #10
Median House Price:$194,600 at 2010-2014—43.93% increase since 2000, rank #5
Time Zone:Eastern GMT -5:00 with Daylight Saving in the Summer
Land Area:1,969.76 sq mi, rank #2
Water Area:413.25 sq mi (17.34%), rank #6
Area:Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL
School District:
Area Code:407, 561, 772
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Palm Beach County Cities / Towns

Palm Beach County Zip Codes

33401 26,2333340233403 12,23933404 26,88433405 20,45233406 25,35533407 28,10133408 17,42933409 31,08133410 34,33333411 66,68333412 13,04333413 14,84733414 54,86533415 47,0373341633417 31,42533418 36,16933419334203342133422334243342533426 20,5783342733428 39,5833342933430 21,28633431 17,80133432 19,92533433 43,45033434 19,98733435 33,59233436 41,95533437 37,75533444 21,90433445 30,27633446 22,8913344833449 11,132334543345933460 31,37833461 42,99433462 33,20633463 57,14333464334653346633467 51,1223346833470 26,73433472 20,09433473 7,1493347433476 8,06233477 13,36833480 9,667334813348233483 11,78733484 23,87033486 23,19433487 16,9543348833493 5,16133496 22,3013349733498 13,74033499

Palm Beach County Census Tracts

FL099000101FL099000102FL099000202 JupiterFL099000204 JupiterFL099000205 JupiterFL099000206 JupiterFL099000208FL099000209 Palm Beach GardensFL099000210FL099000211 JupiterFL099000213 JupiterFL099000214 JupiterFL099000215 JupiterFL099000301FL099000303 Palm Beach GardensFL099000304FL099000405 JupiterFL099000406FL099000407 JupiterFL099000408 JupiterFL099000410FL099000505 North Palm BeachFL099000507FL099000509 Riviera BeachFL099000511FL099000600FL099000702 North Palm BeachFL099000703FL099000802FL099000803FL099000804FL099000902 Palm Beach GardensFL099000903FL099000904 Palm Beach GardensFL099000905 Palm Beach GardensFL099001002FL099001003FL099001004FL099001101FL099001102FL099001200 Riviera BeachFL099001301FL099001302 Riviera BeachFL099001402FL099001403 Riviera BeachFL099001404FL099001500 Riviera BeachFL099001600 West Palm BeachFL099001700 West Palm BeachFL099001801 West Palm BeachFL099001802 West Palm BeachFL099001904 West Palm BeachFL099001907 West Palm BeachFL099001908 West Palm BeachFL099001909FL099001910 West Palm BeachFL099001911 West Palm BeachFL099001912 West Palm BeachFL099001913 West Palm BeachFL099001914 West Palm BeachFL099001915 West Palm BeachFL099001916 West Palm BeachFL099001917 West Palm BeachFL099002005 West Palm BeachFL099002006 West Palm BeachFL099002100 West Palm BeachFL099002200 West Palm BeachFL099002300 West Palm BeachFL099002400 West Palm BeachFL099002600 West Palm BeachFL099002700 West Palm BeachFL099002800 West Palm BeachFL099002900FL099003000FL099003101FL099003102FL099003201FL099003202FL099003300 West Palm BeachFL099003400 West Palm BeachFL099003504 Palm BeachFL099003507 Palm BeachFL099003509 Palm BeachFL099003511FL099003600 West Palm BeachFL099003700 West Palm BeachFL099003800FL099003901 West Palm BeachFL099003902FL099004005FL099004007FL099004008 West Palm BeachFL099004009FL099004010FL099004011FL099004012FL099004013FL099004101FL099004102FL099004201FL099004202 Palm SpringsFL099004203FL099004300FL099004401 Lake WorthFL099004402 Lake WorthFL099004500FL099004601FL099004602FL099004702FL099004704FL099004705 GreenacresFL099004706FL099004809 Lake WorthFL099004810 Lake WorthFL099004811 Lake WorthFL099004812 Lake WorthFL099004813FL099004815FL099004816FL099004817FL099004818FL099004819FL099004902FL099004903FL099004904FL099005000FL099005101 Lake WorthFL099005102FL099005202 Lake WorthFL099005203 Lake WorthFL099005204 Lake WorthFL099005300 Lake WorthFL099005405FL099005407FL099005409FL099005411FL099005501 LantanaFL099005502 LantanaFL099005601FL099005602FL099005701FL099005702 Boynton BeachFL099005807FL099005808FL099005810 Boynton BeachFL099005811 Boynton BeachFL099005812 Boynton BeachFL099005813 Boynton BeachFL099005814FL099005815FL099005816 Boynton BeachFL099005817FL099005903 Lake WorthFL099005915 Delray BeachFL099005916 Lake WorthFL099005917 Lake WorthFL099005918 Lake WorthFL099005921 Boynton BeachFL099005922 Boynton BeachFL099005923 Boynton BeachFL099005926 Boynton BeachFL099005930 Delray BeachFL099005931 Delray BeachFL099005933 Delray BeachFL099005934 Delray BeachFL099005935 Delray BeachFL099005936 Delray BeachFL099005937 Delray BeachFL099005938 Delray BeachFL099005939 Delray BeachFL099005940 Delray BeachFL099005942 Delray BeachFL099005943 Delray BeachFL099005944 Delray BeachFL099005945 Boynton BeachFL099005946 Lake WorthFL099005947 Boynton BeachFL099005949 Boynton BeachFL099005950 Boynton BeachFL099005951 Boynton BeachFL099005952 Boynton BeachFL099005953 Boynton BeachFL099005954 Boynton BeachFL099005955 Delray BeachFL099005956 Delray BeachFL099006005 Boynton BeachFL099006006FL099006007 Boynton BeachFL099006008FL099006009 Boynton BeachFL099006010 Boynton BeachFL099006011 Boynton BeachFL099006012 Boynton BeachFL099006100 Boynton BeachFL099006201 Boynton BeachFL099006202 Boynton BeachFL099006203 Boynton BeachFL099006300FL099006401FL099006402 Delray BeachFL099006501FL099006502 Delray BeachFL099006602FL099006603FL099006604 Delray BeachFL099006605FL099006700 Delray BeachFL099006801 Delray BeachFL099006802 Delray BeachFL099006906FL099006907 Delray BeachFL099006908 Delray BeachFL099006909 Delray BeachFL099006910 Delray BeachFL099006911FL099006912 Delray BeachFL099007002 Boca RatonFL099007005 Boca RatonFL099007006 Boca RatonFL099007007 Boca RatonFL099007008 Boca RatonFL099007009 Boca RatonFL099007010 Boca RatonFL099007011 Boca RatonFL099007100 Boca RatonFL099007201 Boca RatonFL099007202 Boca RatonFL099007203 Boca RatonFL099007301 Boca RatonFL099007302 Boca RatonFL099007407 Highland BeachFL099007410 Delray BeachFL099007412 Delray BeachFL099007414 Highland BeachFL099007416 Boca RatonFL099007418 Boca RatonFL099007420 Boca RatonFL099007501 Boca RatonFL099007504 Boca RatonFL099007505 Boca RatonFL099007602 Boca RatonFL099007603 Boca RatonFL099007604 Boca RatonFL099007605 Boca RatonFL099007607 Boca RatonFL099007610 Boca RatonFL099007612 Boca RatonFL099007613 Boca RatonFL099007614 Boca RatonFL099007615 Boca RatonFL099007616 Boca RatonFL099007617 Boca RatonFL099007618 Boca RatonFL099007705FL099007710 Lake WorthFL099007713FL099007716 Boca RatonFL099007721FL099007723FL099007724 WellingtonFL099007725 WellingtonFL099007730 Boca RatonFL099007731 Boca RatonFL099007732FL099007733FL099007734 Boca RatonFL099007735FL099007736 Boca RatonFL099007738 Boca RatonFL099007739 Boca RatonFL099007740 Boca RatonFL099007741 Boca RatonFL099007742 Boca RatonFL099007743 Boca RatonFL099007744 Boca RatonFL099007746 Boca RatonFL099007747 Boca RatonFL099007748FL099007749FL099007750 WellingtonFL099007751 WellingtonFL099007752FL099007753FL099007754 Lake WorthFL099007756 Boynton BeachFL099007757 Lake WorthFL099007758 WellingtonFL099007759 WellingtonFL099007760FL099007762FL099007763FL099007764 Lake WorthFL099007765FL099007766 Boca RatonFL099007767 Boca RatonFL099007805FL099007808FL099007809FL099007812 Royal Palm BeachFL099007813FL099007814 Palm Beach GardensFL099007817 Royal Palm BeachFL099007818FL099007820 The AcreageFL099007821 The AcreageFL099007822FL099007823FL099007828FL099007830 Palm Beach GardensFL099007831FL099007832 West Palm BeachFL099007833 West Palm BeachFL099007834 Palm Beach GardensFL099007835 Palm Beach GardensFL099007836 West Palm BeachFL099007837FL099007838 Royal Palm BeachFL099007839FL099007908FL099007909FL099007910 The AcreageFL099007912FL099008001FL099008002 PahokeeFL099008101FL099008102 Belle GladeFL099008201 Belle GladeFL099008202 Belle GladeFL099008203FL099008301FL099008302FL099980000 West Palm BeachFL099980100 West Palm BeachFL099980200 Palm Beach GardensFL099980400 WellingtonFL099980500 West Palm BeachFL099990000FL099990100

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