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Lincoln, MI Crime and Crime Rate

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The Lincoln crime rate is much lower than the Michigan average crime rate and is lower than the national average crime rate.

Crime Index, #105

Lincoln, MI

The crime index value is calculated based on the data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the crime level in a region. Higher crime index value means more crime.

Lincoln, MI Crime by Year

YearLocationDescriptionMurdersRapesRobberiesAssaultsBurglariesTheftsVehicle TheftsArsonCrime Index
2014Lincoln, MICount03242113320 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0000.020.713.827.6144.7916.613.80.0460
 MichiganPer 100,0005.440.980.9277.7445.91,384.5213.5NA1,360
 U.S.Per 100,0004.526.4102.2232.5542.51,837.3216.2NA1,423
2013Lincoln, MICount080102114750 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0000.,005.634.20.0682
 MichiganPer 100,0006.446.5102.1274.8569.41,510.0248.3NA1,543
 U.S.Per 100,0004.525.2109.1229.1610.01,899.4221.3NA1,477
2012Lincoln, MICount05211316820 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0000.,141.813.60.0534
 MichiganPer 100,0007.046.4105.6295.5664.41,612.0254.1NA1,653
 U.S.Per 100,0004.726.9112.9242.3670.21,959.3229.7NA1,557
2011Lincoln, MICount08263321710 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0000.054.513.640.9224.81,478.26.80.0819
 MichiganPer 100,0006.244.0105.2289.9724.91,629.0258.2NA1,660
 U.S.Per 100,0004.726.8113.7241.1702.21,976.9229.6NA1,576
2009Lincoln, MICount02023221213 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0000.,478.27.020.9569
 MichiganPer 100,0006.345.3123.7321.7760.51,782.6294.7NA1,801
 U.S.Per 100,0005.028.7133.0262.8716.32,060.9258.8NA1,683
2008Lincoln, MICount042112420942 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0000.027.914.076.9167.71,460.327.914.0701
 MichiganPer 100,0005.445.0129.6321.5741.51,831.1362.3NA1,832
 U.S.Per 100,0005.429.3145.3274.6730.82,167.0314.7NA1,784
2007Lincoln, MICount0531142253110 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0000.034.520.775.9289.71,745.375.90.0899
 MichiganPer 100,0006.745.5133.2350.7748.91,898.3418.5NA1,937
 U.S.Per 100,0005.630.0147.6283.8722.52,177.8363.3NA1,827
2006Lincoln, MICount030539251114 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0000.,745.676.527.8751
 MichiganPer 100,0007.152.2140.7362.4753.91,963.5495.4NA2,056
 U.S.Per 100,0005.730.9149.4287.5729.42,206.8398.4NA1,867
2005Lincoln, MICount053104124380 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0000.034.820.969.7285.71,693.155.70.0869
 MichiganPer 100,0006.151.3131.8362.9696.81,917.8476.5NA1,975
 U.S.Per 100,0005.631.7140.7291.1726.72,286.3416.7NA1,888

Hate Crime Index

Lincoln, MI

The hate crime index value is calculated based on the data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the hate crime level in a region. Higher hate crime index value means more hate crime.

Lincoln, MI Hate Crime by Year

YearLocationDescriptionTotalRaceReligionSexual OrientationEthnicityDisabilityHate Crime Index
2013Lincoln, MICount110000 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0006.
 MichiganPer 100,0003.
 U.S.Per 100,0002.
2011Lincoln, MICount100001 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0006.
 MichiganPer 100,0003.
 U.S.Per 100,0002.
2010Lincoln, MICount110000 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0007.
 MichiganPer 100,0003.
 U.S.Per 100,0002.
2008Lincoln, MICount101000 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0007.
 MichiganPer 100,0005.
 U.S.Per 100,0002.
2007Lincoln, MICount110000 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,0006.
 MichiganPer 100,0006.
 U.S.Per 100,0002.
2006Lincoln, MICount330000 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,00020.920.
 MichiganPer 100,0006.
 U.S.Per 100,0003.

Law Enforcement Employees Index

Lincoln, MI

The law enforcement employees index value is calculated based on the data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the law enforcement employees level in a region. Higher law enforcement employees index value means higher law enforcement employees density.

Lincoln, MI Law Enforcement Employees by Year

YearLocationDescriptionTotalOfficersCiviliansLaw Enforcement Employees Index
2014Lincoln, MICount12111 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,00082.775.86.90.79
 MichiganPer 100,000234.5172.362.22.03
 U.S.Per 100,000335.2234.1101.12.85
2013Lincoln, MICount12111 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,00082.
 MichiganPer 100,000230.4171.958.52.01
 U.S.Per 100,000335.9233.3102.52.85
2012Lincoln, MICount12111 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,00081.674.86.80.78
 MichiganPer 100,000235.1173.761.32.04
 U.S.Per 100,000335.5235.2100.32.85
2011Lincoln, MICount12111 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,00081.774.96.80.78
 MichiganPer 100,000241.0179.661.52.10
 U.S.Per 100,000341.9238.3103.62.90
2010Lincoln, MICount12111 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,00084.
 MichiganPer 100,000251.6187.763.82.20
 U.S.Per 100,000347.8241.9105.92.95
2009Lincoln, MICount13112 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,00090.676.713.90.84
 MichiganPer 100,000258.2191.067.22.25
 U.S.Per 100,000352.9244.2108.72.99
2008Lincoln, MICount13112 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,00090.876.914.00.84
 MichiganPer 100,000266.3196.170.32.31
 U.S.Per 100,000357.8247.5110.33.03
2007Lincoln, MICount13112 
 Lincoln, MIPer 100,00089.775.913.80.83
 MichiganPer 100,000262.7194.468.32.29
 U.S.Per 100,000356.1244.8111.33.00
2006Lincoln, MICount13112 
2005Lincoln, MICount13112 

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