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The chance of earthquake damage in Knowles is lower than Oklahoma average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Knowles is much lower than Oklahoma average and is about the same as the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #589

Knowles, OK

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Knowles, OK

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #789

Knowles, OK

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 3,770 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Knowles, OK were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:7Cold:5Dense Fog:0Drought:16
Dust Storm:0Flood:63Hail:2,483Heat:0Heavy Snow:53
High Surf:0Hurricane:0Ice Storm:14Landslide:0Strong Wind:56
Thunderstorm Winds:957Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:14Winter Storm:26Winter Weather:7

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Knowles, OK.

Historical Earthquake Events

A total of 1 historical earthquake event that had a recorded magnitude of 3.5 or above found in or near Knowles, OK.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeDepth (km)LatitudeLongitude

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 51 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Knowles, OK.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
12.82007-03-28236°43'N / 100°24'W36°49'N / 100°22'W6.00 Miles100 Yards0058K0KBeaver
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado began just south of the Bar-B Ranch and moved north damaging much of the ranch property...mainly along the western edge. A large horse trailer and several other utility trailers were destroyed as they bounced and rolled and/or became airborne for significant distances. The horse trailer was displaced more than one hundred and fifty yards from its original location. Several power poles and trees were snapped at the base within the path of the tornado. A large grain silo was toppled with parts of the roof of the silo carried over one hundred yards. No injuries were reported. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Severe thunderstorms during the early evening hours produced deadly tornadoes...damaging winds and hail across the central and eastern Oklahoma panhandle. Heavy rains caused flash flooding in the eastern Oklahoma panhandle during the late night and early morning hours. A couple was killed in Beaver County when a tornado struck their home.
15.01970-09-06236°44'N / 100°24'W0025K0Beaver
16.31977-05-01236°54'N / 100°30'W36°56'N / 100°28'W2.70 Miles100 Yards000K0Beaver
19.41973-09-25337°06'N / 100°05'W37°11'N / 100°06'W5.70 Miles50 Yards0025K0Meade
20.51991-05-15336°39'N / 99°59'W36°45'N / 99°48'W11.50 Miles900 Yards03250K0Harper
20.91960-04-12236°42'N / 99°53'W0325K0Harper
22.91987-03-22236°33'N / 100°31'W36°42'N / 100°25'W10.00 Miles83 Yards0625K0Beaver
23.62007-03-28236°31'N / 100°23'W36°37'N / 100°23'W16.00 Miles150 Yards20102K0KBeaver
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado originated in northern Lipscomb County five miles east of Booker at 1816 CST. The tornado moved northward and entered Beaver County at 1828 CST. Damage occurred on a farmstead about one mile into Beaver County severely damaging several outbuildings and a grain bin. Little or no damage occurred to the home. The tornado continued north...briefly became a large multi vortex tornado...and then consolidated into one large funnel...snapping power poles and large trees. The tornado struck and destroyed a single family home at 1850 CST where two fatalities occurred. It appeared that the couple killed in the tornado did seek refuge in their small bathroom...which was destroyed. In addition to the small home...a storage barn was destroyed and two vehicles were moved as much as twenty yards. A horse trailer was destoyed as it bounced and rolled for approximately fifty yards. The tornado continued moving north for approximately another six or seven miles...damaging only power poles...fences...and trees before it lifted. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Severe thunderstorms during the early evening hours produced deadly tornadoes...damaging winds and hail across the central and eastern Oklahoma panhandle. Heavy rains caused flash flooding in the eastern Oklahoma panhandle during the late night and early morning hours. A couple was killed in Beaver County when a tornado struck their home.
24.01987-03-22236°37'N / 99°54'W1.00 Mile73 Yards003K0Harper
24.51963-07-15236°44'N / 100°36'W000K0Beaver
24.51963-07-15336°46'N / 100°37'W000K0Beaver
25.91987-03-22236°29'N / 99°59'W36°36'N / 99°58'W7.50 Miles100 Yards00250K0Ellis
26.91987-06-02236°27'N / 100°19'W36°32'N / 100°16'W6.00 Miles1600 Yards0025K0Lipscomb
27.71955-06-17237°15'N / 100°22'W000K0Meade
28.71958-06-21237°16'N / 100°35'W37°09'N / 100°25'W12.20 Miles30 Yards0025K0Meade
29.42001-04-10236°31'N / 100°41'W36°41'N / 100°31'W12.00 Miles200 Yards00450K0Beaver
 Brief Description: An official storm damage survey was made and the tornado path length and width were estimated. Extensive damage to two homes...several barns...farm equipment...power poles...trees and a windmill. Severe thunderstorms with large hail...damaging winds...and tornadoes affected much of the Oklahoma panhandle during the evening hours. A total of one hundred and twenty-two power poles were blown down due to the wind and tornadoes in Beaver county alone.
30.11994-04-09237°09'N / 100°46'W37°16'N / 100°19'W7.00 Miles1000 Yards0850K0Seward
 Brief Description: A tornado touched down 3.5 WSW of Kismet at 1535 CST and moved ENE across Highway 54 and east into Meade County where it ended at 1610 CST at a point one southeast of Meade. Speed of movement was 35 mph with total path length of 26 miles. In Seward County the tornado struck a car and mobile home 2 E of Kismet at 1540 CST. Two adults were in the car and one adult and five children were in the mobile home. All eight sustained minor injuries and the mobile home was demolished. The tornado had a maximum path width of 1,000 yards in Seward County, but expanded to a maximum width of a mile southeast of Plains in Meade County.
31.31978-04-30336°22'N / 100°26'W36°30'N / 100°14'W14.40 Miles100 Yards0025K0Lipscomb
31.41970-09-06236°51'N / 99°42'W36°54'N / 99°33'W8.80 Miles33 Yards0025K0Harper
32.61961-06-03236°38'N / 100°42'W1.30 Miles33 Yards000K0Beaver
32.91962-05-27236°29'N / 100°32'W000K0Lipscomb
33.21955-06-17237°20'N / 100°01'W000K0Clark
33.31982-03-19436°36'N / 101°00'W36°49'N / 100°31'W29.00 Miles50 Yards07250K0Beaver
33.82005-06-09237°19'N / 100°20'W37°24'N / 100°13'W9.20 Miles200 Yards0000Meade
 Brief Description: This tornado damaged outbuilds, trees and center pivot sprinklers.
34.51974-06-21337°12'N / 100°42'W37°10'N / 100°40'W2.70 Miles30 Yards0225K0Seward
35.51968-06-08236°50'N / 100°50'W0.80 Mile33 Yards003K0Beaver
36.81987-03-22336°12'N / 100°19'W36°29'N / 99°58'W30.00 Miles440 Yards00250K0Lipscomb
37.12007-05-23236°18'N / 100°19'W36°23'N / 100°16'W8.00 Miles528 Yards0036K0KLipscomb
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado developed over open country about eight miles south of Darrouzett and traveled northeast and then north for about eight miles. The tornado crossed Uncle Sam Road just west of State Highway 305 and then near the intersection of County Road J and U.S. Highway 305. Severe damage was reported to recently built barns of which the contents were vacated and relocated downstream...damage to many power poles...trees...outbuildings...and a four thousand pound combine...which was lifted over a fence. No injuries were reported. The tornado dissipated at 2226 CST about four miles southeast of Darrouzett just south of where County Road 17 ends...or just southeast of the intersection of State Highway 305 and State Highway 15. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours produced numerous tornadoes...large hail...prolonged flooding and flash flooding...and damaging winds across the central and northeastern Texas Panhandle. No injuries were reported.
38.62008-05-23336°40'N / 99°33'W36°43'N / 99°31'W5.00 Miles1100 Yards000K0KHarper
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A strong tornado, rated EF3 at its peak intensity, struck south-southwest of the Selman area, producing widespread damage along its path. The tornado touched down, doing minor damage to trees and outbuildings. The tornado continued moving northeast and struck a residence. Significant damage consistent with EF2 damage was seen at this location. More significant damage was done to a residence and stocked workshop building as the tornado moved northeast. This was the strongest point of the tornado, rated EF3. A semi-cab and a 20-horse trailer were blown 50 yards from inside of the workshop. They both sustained significant damage. The tornado moved north from this point, doing EF2 damage to a building and workshop. The owners of the home took shelter in their storm shelter during the tornado, but became trapped inside by debris over top of the door. They were freed by local firemen after approximately 45 minutes. The tornado continued north and then northwest as it began to dissipate. Before it dissipated, however, a heavy fiberglass water tank that was filled with water was destroyed and moved some distance away. Two horses were also killed and one was seriously injured by swirling tin and other sharp debris. Monetary damages were estimated. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Thunderstorms developed during the afternoon ahead of a dry line that was located near the Texas panhandle and Oklahoma border. The thunderstorms quickly became supercells as they moved toward southwest Kansas. Very large hail was the initial threat, although a significant tornado threat became apparent as they neared the Kansas border. Three tornadoes were reported with the thunderstorms, with two of them doing significant damage. The tornadic thunderstorms moved northeast by nightfall, with other less severe thunderstorms developing farther south. Monetary damages were estimated.
40.61950-05-04236°34'N / 99°34'W1.00 Mile100 Yards00250K0Woodward
41.01972-07-28237°27'N / 100°01'W0.50 Mile50 Yards0025K0Clark
41.62008-06-18236°40'N / 100°54'W36°31'N / 100°49'W12.00 Miles200 Yards00200K0KBeaver
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado start and end times were estimated. The tornado touched down at approximately 2000 CST about six miles northwest of Bryans Corner and traveled south southeast across U.S. Highway 412 and Oklahoma State Highway 3. The Emergency Manager reported significant damage on the west side of U.S. Highway 83 and the north and south side of Oklahoma State Highway 3. The tornado knocked down thirty-five power poles and caused extensive damage to a large framed metal barn. The tornado also lifted a twenty-four foot aluminum stock trailer airborne and moved it one hundred yards. The trailer weighed approximately four thousand pounds. A residence also lost the back side and and the east half of their roof and another residence lost an outbuilding. No injuries were reported. The tornado finally dissipated at approximately 2015 CST seven miles south of Bryans Corner. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Severe thunderstorms producing damaging winds and large hail moved across the central and eastern Oklahoma Panhandle during the evening hours. Severe thunderstorms also produced a tornado in the eastern Oklahoma Panhandle which caused extensive damage. No injuries were reported however.
42.02003-05-15237°02'N / 100°56'W37°03'N / 100°55'W2.50 Miles100 Yards008.0M0Seward
 Brief Description: The second tornado stayed mainly in town. It destroyed several buildings and caused significant roof and tree damage.
42.92003-05-15237°02'N / 100°57'W37°03'N / 100°56'W2.50 Miles100 Yards006.0M0Seward
 Brief Description: The tornado began 1 mile west of town and first tore through the northwest part of Liberal destroying several mobile homes and throwing a pickup into the debris. Other homes in the area received heavy roof damage.
43.21960-03-28236°18'N / 99°54'W36°28'N / 99°31'W24.20 Miles200 Yards003K0Ellis
43.41978-04-30236°30'N / 100°55'W36°35'N / 100°48'W8.60 Miles100 Yards00250K0Ochiltree
43.81965-05-13236°24'N / 99°40'W000K0Ellis
44.11967-07-03236°25'N / 100°45'W1.00 Mile50 Yards0025K0Ochiltree
44.61961-06-03236°54'N / 101°00'W000K0Texas
44.81953-05-29237°29'N / 99°55'W000K0Ford
45.81950-05-04236°24'N / 100°48'W36°25'N / 100°46'W1.90 Miles50 Yards113250K0Ochiltree
45.92008-05-23337°20'N / 99°43'W37°24'N / 99°33'W11.00 Miles3170 Yards000K0KClark
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: This extremely large tornado (1.8 miles wide) moved east and then turned northeast towards Kiowa county. Many power poles were taken down by the tornado. It also caused EF3 damage to trees, two old houses, barns and it carried an oil tank battery 1.8 miles depositing it in trees. There was at least 20 head of cattle killed by the tornado. There was minor injuries received by a 20 year old male as he took refuge in his truck that was parked next to a baler inside a barn. The barn was completely swept away leaving the young man with cuts from broken glass. The baler that was left standing probably protected him and his truck from going airborne, if not rolling. Also, there was serious injury to a male in a semi on highway 34 in the vicinity of 37.3327 N, 99.6344 W probably by the RFD. Two other semis parked at this location rolled over but no injuries were sustained by the drivers. This extremely large tornado moved into Kiowa county. The radar signature was eerily similar to the Greensburg tornado that occurred on May 4, 2007. EPISODE NARRATIVE: An anonymously strong upper level system allowed everything to come together at the surface to produced what is perhaps the biggest tornado outbreak to ever occur in the Dodge City CWA! Fifty-five tornadoes were documented during that afternoon and evening! Some of the tornadoes were very large and damaging. The character of the supercell thunderstorms that day had similarities to the storms that produced the Greensburg tornado a little over a year after. In fact there was one tornado that was just as large and perhaps could have been just as damaging that was headed towards the small Kiowa county town but fortunately turned and dissipated.
46.21994-04-09237°27'N / 99°46'W0.80 Mile200 Yards0050K0Clark
 Brief Description: Tornado touched down briefly and passed through the Roger Giles Farmstead. House windows were broken out, farm machinery was wrecked, and the house was moved on its foundation. All but two outbuildings on the farmstead were damaged.
46.31978-04-30236°15'N / 99°53'W36°16'N / 99°50'W3.00 Miles60 Yards0025K0Ellis
46.51989-06-06337°11'N / 101°01'W37°14'N / 100°50'W12.00 Miles500 Yards0025K0Seward
46.61958-06-21336°18'N / 99°45'W0.50 Mile67 Yards00250K0Ellis
46.61987-06-02236°09'N / 100°16'W36°15'N / 100°14'W7.50 Miles1600 Yards0025K0Lipscomb
46.71982-03-18237°07'N / 100°59'W0.50 Mile30 Yards0025K0Seward
48.51996-05-26237°12'N / 100°56'W37°24'N / 100°51'W14.00 Miles450 Yards00200K140KSeward
 Brief Description: 2 irrigation sprinklers destroyed...fertilizer tanks carried over 1 mile...2 houses damaged...fence destroyed...trees uprooted...hay bales tossed...30 foot radio tower blown down...wheat plants pulled up...farm building heavily damaged...flood irrigation pipe scattered about.
49.32003-05-15237°15'N / 100°56'W37°18'N / 100°56'W4.90 Miles100 Yards00150K0Seward
 Brief Description: The tornado began 15 miles north and 1.5 miles west of the center of Liberal and ended 18 miles north and 2 miles east. One home received minor roof damage and broken windows. The second home was destroyed with debris from the home traveling 1/4 of a mile.
49.51950-05-24237°16'N / 99°29'W37°17'N / 99°25'W3.60 Miles77 Yards013K0Comanche

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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