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June Park, FL Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in June Park is about the same as Florida average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in June Park is lower than Florida average and is about the same as the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #406

June Park, FL

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

June Park, FL

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #744

June Park, FL

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 934 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of June Park, FL were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:0Cold:0Dense Fog:0Drought:0
Dust Storm:0Flood:51Hail:330Heat:0Heavy Snow:0
High Surf:0Hurricane:1Ice Storm:0Landslide:0Strong Wind:1
Thunderstorm Winds:435Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:1Winter Storm:0Winter Weather:0

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near June Park, FL.

Historical Earthquake Events

No historical earthquake events that had recorded magnitudes of 3.5 or above found in or near June Park, FL.

No historical earthquake events found in or near June Park, FL.

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 30 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near June Park, FL.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
5.41964-10-14228°08'N / 80°38'W017250K0Brevard
7.21983-03-07228°07'N / 80°38'W28°10'N / 80°34'W5.00 Miles60 Yards00250K0Brevard
7.31979-09-03228°04'N / 80°34'W2.00 Miles40 Yards002.5M0Brevard
7.72005-10-24228°02'N / 80°34'W28°02'N / 80°34'W0.30 Mile40 Yards00150K0Brevard
 Brief Description: A rainband from Hurricane Wilma moving northwest toward the coast produced an F2 waterspout-tornado that moved on shore and removed the upper floor of a house that was built over a ground level garage. The top half of the structure was blown into US Highway A1A.
8.81972-06-18228°00'N / 80°34'W2.00 Miles100 Yards011250K0Brevard
12.71971-08-04228°16'N / 80°40'W28°14'N / 80°37'W4.10 Miles77 Yards0025K0Brevard
17.81979-07-09228°19'N / 80°36'W0.50 Mile50 Yards062.5M0Brevard
18.01983-03-24228°18'N / 80°51'W28°20'N / 80°43'W8.00 Miles90 Yards0025.0M0Brevard
21.01983-03-24228°15'N / 81°02'W28°18'N / 80°51'W10.00 Miles90 Yards0025.0M0Osceola
21.91970-02-03227°46'N / 80°35'W0025K0Indian River
22.71972-06-19328°22'N / 80°40'W28°26'N / 80°41'W4.90 Miles100 Yards002.5M0Brevard
26.41963-11-10227°45'N / 80°27'W2.00 Miles33 Yards003K0Indian River
27.51963-07-11228°28'N / 80°44'W003K0Brevard
29.91973-01-28228°30'N / 80°48'W28°30'N / 80°43'W5.10 Miles50 Yards0025K0Brevard
30.41972-06-19328°28'N / 80°32'W28°31'N / 80°33'W3.80 Miles100 Yards0232.5M0Brevard
30.71966-04-04428°13'N / 81°32'W28°26'N / 80°40'W54.80 Miles300 Yards0025.0M0Osceola
30.81972-03-31228°31'N / 80°42'W2.00 Miles50 Yards0025K0Brevard
35.21998-02-23328°24'N / 81°16'W28°29'N / 80°54'W24.00 Miles250 Yards055.0M0Orange
 Brief Description: The Kissimmee tornado moved into Orange County southeast of Orlando International Airport as a category F3. The tornado affected rural swampy areas, striking few structures except for lakeside neighborhoods on the shores of Lake Hart and Lake Mary Jane. The tornado lifted as it approached the St. Johns River on the east central border of Orange County in the Tosohatchee State Preserve.
38.31968-09-12228°37'N / 80°48'W1.50 Miles33 Yards0125K0Brevard
38.31970-03-05328°37'N / 80°48'W1.90 Miles333 Yards072.5M0Brevard
40.61981-03-19228°14'N / 81°22'W28°15'N / 81°17'W5.40 Miles50 Yards011250K0Osceola
41.21959-04-02228°39'N / 80°51'W1.00 Mile100 Yards0125K0Brevard
43.61958-04-15327°30'N / 80°34'W27°27'N / 80°20'W14.80 Miles33 Yards020250K0St. Lucie
43.91973-01-28228°16'N / 81°28'W28°20'N / 81°15'W14.00 Miles100 Yards072.5M0Osceola
44.91998-02-23328°14'N / 81°29'W28°20'N / 81°17'W14.00 Miles250 Yards2514550.0M0Osceola
 Brief Description: The deadliest tornado of the outbreak was a category F3 that touched down initially one mile south of Intercession City. The tornado moved northeast at 45 mph and ripped through the town of Kissimmee killing 25 people. The hardest hit areas were the Morningside Acres mobile home community and the Ponderosa Recreational Vehicle Park. In all eight people were killed in recreational vehicles, fifteen in mobile homes and one in an automobile. The tornado continued northeast and moved into Orange County six miles north of St. Cloud. One hundred and fifty people were injured and over 1000 structures were damaged or destroyed. M1MH, M22MH, M23MH, M30VE, F31MH, F33MH, M38MH, F45MH, F47MH, M50MH, M51VE, M55MH, F64VE, F65MH, F66MH, F67MH, M69VE, F70VE, F71VE, M71VE, M73VE, F75MH, F85VE, M51VE, M33VE
45.91972-03-31228°44'N / 80°45'W1.00 Mile100 Yards01250K0Brevard
46.21998-03-09227°50'N / 81°30'W27°54'N / 81°19'W10.40 Miles250 Yards042.0M0Polk
 Brief Description: A tornado (F0) touched down in rural semi-wooded swampland, seven miles southeast of Lake Wales in Southwest Polk County. Ground survey indicated that the tornado moved northeast across Lake-In-The-Water Road and caused sporadic minor damage to the roofs of a few homes and downed trees and branches in the Oakwood Drive subdivision. The tornado continued northeast, widened to 250 yards and intensified to F2 strength where it destroyed or severely damaged several structures along Doherty Drive. Two mobile homes that took a direct hit from the F2 tornado along Doherty Drive were completely disintegrated with only frame rails and tie downs intact. Meanwhile, in close proximity to the crushed mobile homes, a well-built home, with rebar-poured concrete, reinforced cinder block walls and a hip roof, suffered minor structural and roofing tile damage after taking a direct hit by the F2 tornado on Doherty Drive. A pick-up truck parked adjacent to the well-built home was pushed 30 feet from its original resting place by the tornadic wind. Residents along Doherty Drive reported the sound of the tornado resembled that of a large freight train. One severely injured resident on Doherty Drive was tossed over 50 feet into the street from his mobile home that was destroyed by the tornado. A storage facility with unsupported cinder block walls and a high unsupported roof span was demolished by the tornadic wind. Tornado ground survey indicated that a large ten foot plus wide wood door entrance failed and allowed the tornadic wind to enter the commercial structure and exert extreme pressure on the outer load bearing walls which collapsed outward. Aerial survey indicated that the tornado weakened to F1 strength and continued northeast across rural pasture and semi-wooded swampland where it caused severe damage to a few mobile homes, barns, fences and sheds before it crossed State Road 60, one quarter mile west of Tiger Lake Road, or 11.5 miles east of Lake Wales. The tornado downed large power lines along State Road 60 and continued northeast where it snapped tree tops and branches before it lifted and dissipated along the southwest shore of Lake Kissimmee. The tornado in all destroyed or severely damaged twelve homes, caused moderate to slight damage to an additional fourteen homes, severely damaged four commercial buildings and damaged two recreational vehicles. The tornado also snapped several large power poles, downed numerous power lines and uprooted or snapped several large trees. Tornado damage to structures was estimated at one million dollars while damage to the electrical infrastructure was estimated at one million dollars.
47.91967-08-01227°28'N / 80°18'W0025K0St. Lucie
48.91970-01-15227°27'N / 80°18'W023K0St. Lucie
49.21959-04-02228°34'N / 81°16'W19250K0Orange

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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