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Honolulu county is located close to the center of Hawaii. Honolulu county has 600.74 square miles of land area and 1,527.33 square miles of water area. As of 2010-2014, the total Honolulu county population is 975,690, which has grown 11.36% since 2000. The population growth rate is lower than the state average rate of 14.95% and is about the same as the national average rate of 11.61%. Honolulu county median household income is $73,581 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 41.74% since 2000. The income growth rate is higher than the state average rate of 36.89% and is much higher than the national average rate of 27.36%. Honolulu county median house value is $564,400 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 82.65% since 2000. The house value growth rate is about the same as the state average rate of 85.00% and is much higher than the national average rate of 46.91%. As a reference, the national Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate for the same period is 26.63%. On average, the public school district that covers Honolulu county is much better than the state average in quality. The Honolulu county area code is 808.

Population975,690 (2010-2014), rank #1
Population Growth11.36% since 2000, rank #4
Population Density:458.49/sq mi, rank #1
Median Household Income:$73,581 at 2010-2014—41.74% increase since 2000, rank #1
Median House Price:$564,400 at 2010-2014—82.65% increase since 2000, rank #1
Time Zone:Hawaii GMT -10:00
Land Area:600.74 sq mi, rank #4
Water Area:1,527.33 sq mi (71.77%), rank #1
Area:Honolulu, HI
School District:
Area Code:808
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Honolulu County Census Tracts

HI003000106 East HonoluluHI003000107 East HonoluluHI003000108 East HonoluluHI003000110 East HonoluluHI003000111 East HonoluluHI003000112 East HonoluluHI003000114 East HonoluluHI003000200 East HonoluluHI003000301 East HonoluluHI003000302 East HonoluluHI003000401 East HonoluluHI003000402 East HonoluluHI003000500HI003000600 Urban HonoluluHI003000700 Urban HonoluluHI003000800 Urban HonoluluHI003000901 Urban HonoluluHI003000902 Urban HonoluluHI003000903 Urban HonoluluHI003001000 Urban HonoluluHI003001100 Urban HonoluluHI003001201 Urban HonoluluHI003001202 Urban HonoluluHI003001300 Urban HonoluluHI003001400 Urban HonoluluHI003001500 Urban HonoluluHI003001600 Urban HonoluluHI003001700 Urban HonoluluHI003001801 Urban HonoluluHI003001803 Urban HonoluluHI003001804 Urban HonoluluHI003001901 Urban HonoluluHI003001903 Urban HonoluluHI003001904 Urban HonoluluHI003002003 Urban HonoluluHI003002004 Urban HonoluluHI003002005 Urban HonoluluHI003002006 Urban HonoluluHI003002100 Urban HonoluluHI003002201 Urban HonoluluHI003002202 Urban HonoluluHI003002300 Urban HonoluluHI003002401 Urban HonoluluHI003002402 Urban HonoluluHI003002500 Urban HonoluluHI003002600 Urban HonoluluHI003002701 Urban HonoluluHI003002702 Urban HonoluluHI003002800 Urban HonoluluHI003002900 Urban HonoluluHI003003000 Urban HonoluluHI003003101 Urban HonoluluHI003003102 Urban HonoluluHI003003200 Urban HonoluluHI003003300 Urban HonoluluHI003003403 Urban HonoluluHI003003404 Urban HonoluluHI003003405 Urban HonoluluHI003003406 Urban HonoluluHI003003407 Urban HonoluluHI003003501 Urban HonoluluHI003003502 Urban HonoluluHI003003601 Urban HonoluluHI003003603 Urban HonoluluHI003003604 Urban HonoluluHI003003700 Urban HonoluluHI003003800 Urban HonoluluHI003003900 Urban HonoluluHI003004000 Urban HonoluluHI003004100 Urban HonoluluHI003004200 Urban HonoluluHI003004300 Urban HonoluluHI003004400 Urban HonoluluHI003004500 Urban HonoluluHI003004600 Urban HonoluluHI003004700 Urban HonoluluHI003004800 Urban HonoluluHI003004900 Urban HonoluluHI003005000 Urban HonoluluHI003005100 Urban HonoluluHI003005200 Urban HonoluluHI003005300 Urban HonoluluHI003005400 Urban HonoluluHI003005500 Urban HonoluluHI003005600 Urban HonoluluHI003005700 Urban HonoluluHI003005800 Urban HonoluluHI003005900 Urban HonoluluHI003006000 Urban HonoluluHI003006100 Urban HonoluluHI003006201 Urban HonoluluHI003006202 Urban HonoluluHI003006301 Urban HonoluluHI003006302 Urban HonoluluHI003006401 Urban HonoluluHI003006402 Urban HonoluluHI003006500 Urban HonoluluHI003006600 Urban HonoluluHI003006701 Urban HonoluluHI003006702 Urban HonoluluHI003006802HI003006804 Urban HonoluluHI003006805 Urban HonoluluHI003006806 Urban HonoluluHI003006808 Urban HonoluluHI003006809 Urban HonoluluHI003006900 Urban HonoluluHI003007000 Urban HonoluluHI003007100 Hickam HousingHI003007302 Hickam HousingHI003007303 Hickam HousingHI003007400HI003007502HI003007503 HalawaHI003007504 HalawaHI003007505 HalawaHI003007506 HonoluluHI003007701 AieaHI003007702HI003007804 Pearl CityHI003007805 Pearl CityHI003007807 WaimaluHI003007808 WaimaluHI003007809 Pearl CityHI003007810 Pearl CityHI003007811HI003008001 Pearl CityHI003008002 Pearl CityHI003008003 Pearl CityHI003008005 Pearl CityHI003008006 Pearl CityHI003008007 Pearl CityHI003008301HI003008302 Ewa BeachHI003008402 Ewa BeachHI003008405 'ewa GentryHI003008406HI003008407 Ocean PointeHI003008408 Ocean PointeHI003008410HI003008411 'ewa GentryHI003008412 'ewa GentryHI003008502HI003008606 KapoleiHI003008609HI003008610HI003008611 KapoleiHI003008612HI003008613 MakakiloHI003008614HI003008617HI003008622HI003008701HI003008702 WaipahuHI003008703HI003008800 WaipahuHI003008906 Mililani TownHI003008907 Mililani TownHI003008908HI003008909 Mililani TownHI003008912 WaipahuHI003008913 WaipahuHI003008914 WaipahuHI003008915 Waipi'o AcresHI003008917 Mililani TownHI003008918HI003008920HI003008921HI003008922HI003008923 Waipi'oHI003008924HI003008925 Royal KuniaHI003008926 Mililani MaukaHI003008927 Mililani MaukaHI003008928 Mililani MaukaHI003008929 Mililani MaukaHI003008930 Mililani MaukaHI003008931HI003009000HI003009100HI003009200 WahiawaHI003009300 WahiawaHI003009400 WahiawaHI003009501 Schofield BarracksHI003009502 Schofield BarracksHI003009503 Schofield BarracksHI003009504 Schofield BarracksHI003009507 Schofield BarracksHI003009603HI003009608HI003009701HI003009703HI003009704HI003009801HI003009802 MakahaHI003009902HI003009904HI003010000HI003010100HI003010201HI003010202HI003010303HI003010305HI003010306HI003010308HI003010503HI003010504 Kane'oheHI003010505HI003010507HI003010508 Kane'oheHI003010601 Kane'oheHI003010602 Kane'oheHI003010701 Kane'oheHI003010702 Kane'oheHI003010801HI003010802HI003010901 Kailua CDPHI003010903 Kailua CDPHI003010904 Kailua CDPHI003010905 Kailua CDPHI003011000HI003011103 Kailua CDPHI003011104 Kailua CDPHI003011105 Kailua CDPHI003011106 Kailua CDPHI003011201 Kailua CDPHI003011202HI003011300 WaimanaloHI003011400HI003011500 KapoleiHI003940001HI003940002HI003980000 East HonoluluHI003980200 Urban HonoluluHI003980300 KapoleiHI003980600HI003980700 MililaniHI003980800 KaneoheHI003981000 KailuaHI003981100 WaimanaloHI003981200HI003981300 Urban HonoluluHI003981400 Urban HonoluluHI003990001

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