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Hassell, NC Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Hassell is about the same as North Carolina average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Hassell is higher than North Carolina average and is higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #870

Hassell, NC
North Carolina

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Hassell, NC
North Carolina

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #112

Hassell, NC
North Carolina

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 2,583 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Hassell, NC were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:0Cold:19Dense Fog:2Drought:48
Dust Storm:0Flood:241Hail:784Heat:2Heavy Snow:36
High Surf:0Hurricane:18Ice Storm:19Landslide:0Strong Wind:43
Thunderstorm Winds:1,153Tropical Storm:10Wildfire:0Winter Storm:68Winter Weather:32

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Hassell, NC.

Historical Earthquake Events

No historical earthquake events that had recorded magnitudes of 3.5 or above found in or near Hassell, NC.

No historical earthquake events found in or near Hassell, NC.

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 63 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Hassell, NC.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
6.11992-11-23335°58'N / 77°17'W36°01'N / 77°12'W11.00 Miles100 Yards09250K0Martin
7.21957-11-08335°51'N / 77°18'W36°00'N / 77°00'W19.70 Miles150 Yards01250K0Bertie
7.41955-06-11235°46'N / 77°31'W35°53'N / 77°12'W19.40 Miles200 Yards00250K0Pitt
12.61992-11-23335°49'N / 77°43'W35°58'N / 77°17'W24.00 Miles100 Yards02250K0Edgecombe
13.31952-05-10236°06'N / 77°15'W060K0Bertie
14.11957-11-08335°44'N / 77°40'W35°51'N / 77°18'W22.10 Miles150 Yards03250K0Edgecombe
19.21984-03-28336°08'N / 77°12'W36°12'N / 77°06'W6.00 Miles880 Yards6192.5M0Bertie
19.31978-06-03236°00'N / 76°57'W0.80 Mile83 Yards00250K0Bertie
21.92008-05-11236°08'N / 77°11'W36°12'N / 76°55'W15.00 Miles200 Yards021.0M0KBertie
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: Tornado first touched down about two miles north-northwest of Lewiston Woodville. The tornado path then continued east-northeast across the county producing EF0 to EF2 damage. The tornado path ended as EF0 damage about one mile south of Powellsville. Confirmed EF1 tornado damage about two miles north-northwest of Lewiston Woodville consisted of numerous trees downed on Route 308, and several trailer and brick homes damaged with some mobile homes destroyed near Piney Woods Road. Confirmed EF2 tornado damage about three miles north-northeast of Lewiston Woodville and five miles southwest of Connaritsa consisted of several mobile homes destroyed and a church demolished on Connaritsa Road. Confirmed EF1 tornado damage occurred again about four miles southwest of Powellsville. The damage was along Hexlena Road, with numerous trees downed or snapped off and extensive damage to a few mobile homes. The tornado damage ended about one mile south of Powellsville. Confirmed EF0 tornado damage occurred along Sally Freeman Road, where a porch attached to a mobile home, was demolished. Also, several trees were snapped off. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Scattered severe thunderstorms produced damaging winds, large hail and one tornado across portions of northeast North Carolina.
21.91963-05-17235°42'N / 77°00'W35°36'N / 77°06'W8.90 Miles50 Yards02250K0Beaufort
22.31984-03-28435°30'N / 77°30'W35°41'N / 77°12'W20.00 Miles1223 Yards915325.0M0Pitt
23.21992-11-23336°01'N / 77°12'W36°12'N / 76°41'W31.00 Miles100 Yards00250K0Bertie
23.61953-03-15335°45'N / 77°44'W35°45'N / 77°34'W9.20 Miles27 Yards000K0Edgecombe
23.71972-05-15335°35'N / 77°31'W35°36'N / 77°22'W8.50 Miles120 Yards042.5M0Pitt
24.21953-04-16235°34'N / 77°11'W2.00 Miles100 Yards0025K0Pitt
24.91983-03-18235°55'N / 76°50'W35°50'N / 76°50'W3.00 Miles17 Yards00250K0Nash
27.61957-11-08335°42'N / 77°45'W35°44'N / 77°40'W5.10 Miles150 Yards01250K0Wilson
27.61983-05-16235°50'N / 76°48'W35°50'N / 76°47'W1.00 Mile100 Yards00250K0Tyrrell
28.71984-03-28236°14'N / 77°00'W36°16'N / 76°58'W3.00 Miles527 Yards0225.0M0Bertie
29.71979-04-03236°12'N / 77°40'W0.80 Mile50 Yards02250K0Halifax
30.71977-03-04335°29'N / 77°33'W35°32'N / 77°29'W4.90 Miles60 Yards00250K0Greene
31.31984-03-28235°57'N / 77°50'W2.00 Miles177 Yards002.5M0Nash
31.31983-05-16235°50'N / 76°47'W35°50'N / 76°40'W6.00 Miles100 Yards05250K0Washington
32.51984-03-28236°16'N / 76°58'W36°18'N / 76°53'W2.00 Miles527 Yards0525.0M0Hertford
33.71996-04-15235°28'N / 77°32'W35°28'N / 77°32'W1.30 Miles75 Yards00150K0Greene
 Brief Description: Tornado ripped the roof off a church on NC903. Sanctuary was left intact. The tornado crossed a field and totally destroyed a modular home on Gray Road one-half mile NE of the church. Family had left the house and sought refuge at a relatives home.
33.91975-03-14235°30'N / 77°00'W35°39'N / 76°40'W21.30 Miles100 Yards0202.5M0Beaufort
34.02008-11-15335°45'N / 77°55'W35°50'N / 77°49'W8.00 Miles100 Yards141.0M200KWilson
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado occurred along a discontinuous, approximately eight-mile path that began with minor roof damage to a dwelling and a snapped tree along Harrison drive just south of Ward Boulevard. The most significant damage was then noted to the northeast, along London Church Road, south of Route 1330. On London Church Road, one home was completely destroyed and swept off of its foundation. Based on eyewitness accounts and the damage, fire and rescue estimate the home rolled as many as four times. In this home, there was unfortunately one fatality and two injuries. Across the road from this home to the northeast, the upper portion of a home was destroyed, and another home had a roof completely blown away with trees on top of it. In this latter home, eyewitness accounts noted there were two more injuries, conditions unknown. The tornado then followed a discontinuous path into Elm City. There were numerous indications of tree damage in elm city with a porch roof blown off, and outbuildings damaged or toppled. Finally, the last noticeable damage was observed along route 1400, and just north of the intersection of Hefner Road and Route 1402, where small clusters of trees were snapped and outbuildings were damaged. The damage in and northeast of Elm City was consistent with EF-0 damage. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Two mini-supercells tracked northeast along a warm front during the early morning hours of the 15th. The two supercells spawned several tornadoes in Samspon, Johnston, and Wilson counties, two of which resulted in two fatalities.
34.01983-05-16236°20'N / 76°58'W2.00 Miles100 Yards01250K0Hertford
34.31988-11-28436°12'N / 77°49'W36°21'N / 77°34'W22.00 Miles200 Yards0102.5M0Halifax
34.71973-09-14235°50'N / 76°45'W35°54'N / 76°34'W11.20 Miles300 Yards0025K0Washington
34.82008-05-09236°12'N / 76°49'W36°14'N / 76°45'W4.00 Miles300 Yards0050K0KBertie
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: Tornado touched down on Buncomb Road about three miles west of Colerain in northeast Bertie county. Barns were damaged on Harrell Road, and a barn was destroyed on Glovers Cross Road. Trees were downed on Route 45 just south of the Hertford/Bertie county line. The tornado then tracked into Hertford county. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Scattered severe thunderstorms in advance of a cold front produced damaging winds and two tornadoes across portions of northeast North Carolina.
35.41952-07-23236°15'N / 77°45'W0025K0Halifax
35.71989-03-30236°22'N / 77°28'W36°29'N / 77°08'W22.00 Miles100 Yards0112.5M0Northampton
35.92008-02-18235°26'N / 77°34'W35°27'N / 77°33'W1.00 Mile150 Yards03500K0KGreene
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A tornado touched down about 1 mile north of Hookerton. The tornado was rated as EF2 and was around 150 yards wide. The tornado demolished a 2 story home shortly after touching down causing 3 minor injuries. The tornado also ripped the roof off a nearby trailer. The tornado stayed on the ground for a little over 1 mile as it moved northeast then lifted. Damage in Greene county was estimated at 300,000 dollars. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A line of thunderstorms moved across eastern North Carolina during the early morning hours on February 18th and produced high winds, some hail and three tornadoes. One thunderstorm produced the three tornadoes that moved along a northeast path across parts of Greene, Pitt, Beaufort and Martin counties. The tornadoes were rated as EF2 in Greene county, and EF1 in Pitt, Beaufort, and Martin counties. The three tornadoes produced around 500,000 dollars in damages with 3 minor injuries reported.
36.01988-11-28436°21'N / 77°34'W36°27'N / 77°25'W10.00 Miles100 Yards002.5M0Northampton
36.51984-03-28435°24'N / 77°42'W35°30'N / 77°30'W13.00 Miles1223 Yards7025.0M0Greene
37.01953-03-15335°45'N / 78°05'W35°45'N / 77°44'W19.60 Miles27 Yards01250K0Wilson
37.11992-11-23335°38'N / 78°05'W35°49'N / 77°43'W25.00 Miles100 Yards00250K0Wilson
37.31996-10-08235°29'N / 76°52'W35°29'N / 76°52'W1.00 Mile50 Yards0030K0Beaufort
 Brief Description: Trailer totally demolished and several homes damaged on Highway 92.
37.31954-09-20235°43'N / 77°54'W0.50 Mile100 Yards04250K0Wilson
38.81964-10-04235°52'N / 77°04'W35°54'N / 76°06'W54.10 Miles50 Yards00250K0Martin
39.12008-05-09236°14'N / 76°45'W36°16'N / 76°41'W5.00 Miles300 Yards0050K0KHertford
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: Tornado tracked into Hertford county from Bertie county. Roofs were blown off of two homes, and numerous trees were downed. The tornado then tracked into Chowan county. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Scattered severe thunderstorms in advance of a cold front produced damaging winds and two tornadoes across portions of northeast North Carolina.
40.71988-11-28436°06'N / 78°04'W36°12'N / 77°49'W10.00 Miles200 Yards2222.5M0Nash
40.91955-03-16235°36'N / 77°58'W35°39'N / 77°52'W6.60 Miles500 Yards1125K0Wayne
40.92002-10-11235°35'N / 76°40'W35°35'N / 76°40'W3.00 Miles200 Yards003.0M0Beaufort
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado touched down near Pantego in the Swamp Road area. The tornado destroyed one house, a mobile home as well as a hog farm. Most of the dollar damage occurred to the farm with the destruction of hog houses and heavy equipment.
41.41992-11-23336°12'N / 76°41'W36°13'N / 76°35'W9.00 Miles100 Yards000K0Bertie
41.51981-09-15236°28'N / 77°33'W1.30 Miles33 Yards00250K0Northampton
41.71984-03-28236°04'N / 76°35'W36°05'N / 76°32'W4.00 Miles177 Yards00250K0Chowan
42.61988-11-28236°30'N / 77°19'W36°33'N / 77°16'W3.00 Miles100 Yards00250K0Northampton
43.21968-04-24235°25'N / 76°48'W2.00 Miles200 Yards0025K0Beaufort
43.81968-03-12235°25'N / 76°47'W1.00 Mile27 Yards00250K0Beaufort
44.31984-03-28236°05'N / 76°32'W36°06'N / 76°30'W2.00 Miles177 Yards11250K0Perquimans
44.41973-04-27235°28'N / 76°42'W0.50 Mile123 Yards1125K0Beaufort
44.71981-03-30236°30'N / 77°04'W36°32'N / 76°56'W7.70 Miles83 Yards11250K0Hertford
44.81971-05-13235°07'N / 77°12'W35°33'N / 76°37'W44.40 Miles300 Yards00250K0Craven
45.61984-03-28435°20'N / 77°47'W35°24'N / 77°42'W5.00 Miles1223 Yards0025.0M0Lenoir
46.41998-03-08235°27'N / 77°54'W35°28'N / 77°53'W1.00 Mile50 Yards00100K0Wayne
 Brief Description: A tornado touched down in the Musgrave community about 7 miles northeast of Goldsboro. The tornado reached a maximum strength of F2 as it destroyed a chicken house, a brick outbuilding, and a tobacco barn halfway between Eureka and Patetown. A trailer was heavily damaged by flying projectiles (wood) from the tobacco barn. The wood flew completely through the trailers front wall and logged in the back wall.
46.81953-03-15335°46'N / 78°06'W35°45'N / 78°05'W1.30 Miles27 Yards000K0Nash
47.51981-02-11235°56'N / 78°09'W35°57'N / 78°06'W3.30 Miles800 Yards002.5M0Nash
47.82009-05-05235°40'N / 78°06'W35°42'N / 78°04'W3.00 Miles100 Yards011.5M0KWilson
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: At the intersection of North Carolina highway 581 and North Carolina Highway 42 at Buckhorn Crossroads and EF-0 tornado touched down at 3:44 EST and tracked off to the northeast. At Buckhorn Crossroads several trees were snapped off and shingles blown off a house. As the tornado moved to the northeast it tracked into a wooded area and began to intensive. It emerged from the wooded area just to the southwest of the intersection of Sadie Road and Rock Ridge School Road, into the Rock Ridge area, at 4:50 PM and had strengthen to an EF-2. At that time, peak winds were estimated at 120 to 135 mph with a path width of 100 yards. The first home that was damage to the southwest of the aforementioned intersection was a well built brick home that sustained roof and some structural damage. The carport attached to this house was destroyed as well. The tornado continued to track to the northeast uprooting and snapping off numerous hardwood trees, before crossing Sadie Road, just south of Rock Ridge School Road. In this area, the tornado caused significant roof and structural damage to two well built homes. Two garages where destroyed as well, one attached and one external. Other homes in the area sustained damage and downed trees as well. In all, eight house in the Rock Ridge area received some damage and downed trees. The tornado then crossed Rock Ridge School Road and continued to track off to the northeast into a field and eventually a wooded area where the tornado lifted. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Two tornadic supercells developed along a stalled warm front that extended across souther piedmont and coastal plain of North Carolina. The cells produced 4 tornadoes in Johnston, Nash and Wilson counties.
49.31986-08-20235°26'N / 77°56'W1.00 Mile23 Yards00250K0Wayne
49.62008-11-15235°35'N / 78°06'W35°37'N / 78°03'W3.00 Miles150 Yards000K0KWilson
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado initially touched down around just north of Piney Grove Church Road, and damage was limited to minor tree and structural damage. The tornado then tracked northeast, over bare fields and stands of mature trees for approximately three quarters of a mile, twisting off mature trees, before producing significant damage at the intersection of NC Hwy 222 and Crumpler Road. The strongest evidence of EF-2 damage was at this intersection, where a well-constructed single level brick home was destroyed. The entire roof was blown off this home, a large pine tree fell through the kitchen. All of the walls on the west side of the house were missing. In addition, one vehicle was flipped upside down and another, with an attached trailer, was moved approximately 30 feet down the home???s driveway. The family of 4 was awakened as the damage occurred, but by great fortune, none sustained any injury. As the tornado crossed Scott Road, a double-wide mobile home was removed from its foundation and flipped approximately 50 feet. A 61 year old female occupant of this mobile home was killed, while her husband was transported to a medical facility. In addition, three other double-wide mobile homes were condemned as they sustained significant structural damage to roofs and southwest-facing exterior walls. A pickup truck was completely overturned in one of the driveways. Continuing northeast, the tornado moved across the Kenly International Airport. The tornado was likely aloft at this point, producing EF-1 damage to trees, but there was considerable debris from the homes on Scott Road strewn about the airport grounds. A portion of an open aircraft hangar constructed of sheet tin over a wooden frame was twisted and destroyed. There was also some damage to the Cessna 150 housed in this hangar. The tornado then crossed into southwest Wilson county causing damage to several mobile homes along Fabwhitley Road. Several other homes in the Lucama area suffered minor damage from the strong winds. The tornado finally lifted off the ground just north of Newsom Mill Road near a local racetrack. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Two mini-supercells tracked northeast along a warm front during the early morning hours of the 15th. The two supercells spawned several tornadoes in Samspon, Johnston, and Wilson counties, two of which resulted in two fatalities.
49.71996-09-16235°13'N / 77°35'W35°15'N / 77°35'W1.00 Mile100 Yards011.0M0Lenoir
 Brief Description: Kinston Public Service complex on Highway 258 south of Kinston hit by tornado. Steel I-beams were twisted and bent upwards. Wind equipment measured 145 mph winds before it stopped working. Two other sets of wind equipment blown away. Warehouse across the street lost its roof. Damage at Lenoir Community College and Diamond Warehouse on Highway 58. Roof sheared off house on Highway 55 in Sand Hill.

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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