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Harper Woods, MI Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Harper Woods is about the same as Michigan average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Harper Woods is about the same as Michigan average and is higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #138

Harper Woods, MI

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Harper Woods, MI

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #461

Harper Woods, MI

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 2,713 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Harper Woods, MI were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:2Cold:18Dense Fog:4Drought:2
Dust Storm:0Flood:141Hail:704Heat:12Heavy Snow:48
High Surf:0Hurricane:0Ice Storm:12Landslide:0Strong Wind:36
Thunderstorm Winds:1,555Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:2Winter Storm:24Winter Weather:11

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Harper Woods, MI.

Historical Earthquake Events

No historical earthquake events that had recorded magnitudes of 3.5 or above found in or near Harper Woods, MI.

No historical earthquake events found in or near Harper Woods, MI.

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 56 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Harper Woods, MI.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
5.11983-05-02342°27'N / 82°57'W42°31'N / 82°45'W10.00 Miles200 Yards0025.0M0Macomb
9.11957-11-20342°24'N / 83°06'W1.50 Miles100 Yards112250K0Wayne
11.71997-07-02242°24'N / 83°15'W42°23'N / 83°03'W5.00 Miles2500 Yards09090.0M0Wayne
13.71990-09-14342°29'N / 83°28'W42°29'N / 82°55'W24.00 Miles90 Yards002.5M0Oakland
14.71974-06-15242°39'N / 82°58'W2.00 Miles20 Yards0025K0Macomb
15.21973-06-26242°32'N / 83°12'W003K0Oakland
17.21964-05-08442°40'N / 82°50'W42°40'N / 82°45'W3.30 Miles833 Yards112242.5M0Macomb
17.51983-05-02342°31'N / 82°45'W42°37'N / 82°31'W13.00 Miles200 Yards0325.0M0St. Clair
18.11956-05-12442°15'N / 83°13'W42°13'N / 83°05'W6.80 Miles400 Yards022250K0Wayne
18.71980-07-16242°15'N / 83°13'W42°15'N / 83°10'W1.30 Miles33 Yards0025.0M0Wayne
23.61976-03-20442°31'N / 83°25'W42°33'N / 83°20'W3.80 Miles117 Yards15525.0M0Oakland
23.71957-07-04442°31'N / 83°39'W42°31'N / 83°07'W26.90 Miles50 Yards02250K0Oakland
24.71964-05-08242°41'N / 83°17'W0125K0Oakland
24.71976-03-20342°42'N / 82°58'W42°53'N / 82°44'W17.10 Miles100 Yards13250K0Macomb
25.72008-09-13242°22'N / 83°27'W42°23'N / 83°24'W3.00 Miles200 Yards00250K0KWayne
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: At 918 PM Saturday September 13th a tornado occurred in parts of Plymouth and Livonia in Wayne County. The Tornado path length was 2.6 miles and began just west of Starkweather Street near the railroad tracks in Plymouth and tracked eastward across the intersection of Interstates 96 and 275 and ended in Livonia at the intersection of Newburgh and Richfield Roads near Ladywood High School. The maximum path width of the tornado was roughly 200 yards in Plymouth and was 100 yards or less in most other locations along its path. Most of the damage along the path was to trees and was rated mostly at the EF0 level (less than 86 MPH). However, a short stretch of significant roof damage occurred in Plymouth to two apartment buildings in Lake Pointe Village and Brougham Manor. This damage was rated at the EF2 level, or roughly winds to 120 mph. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A warm front combined with tropical moisture to spawn a tornado in Plymouth.
26.31986-09-10242°35'N / 83°29'W42°38'N / 83°18'W7.70 Miles50 Yards00250K0Oakland
27.21974-07-14242°21'N / 83°27'W1.50 Miles27 Yards00250K0Wayne
27.31983-05-19242°50'N / 82°53'W1.80 Miles37 Yards0025K0Macomb
27.51987-06-21242°29'N / 83°28'W0.30 Mile80 Yards162.5M0Oakland
28.31972-08-02342°32'N / 83°29'W42°33'N / 83°27'W002.5M0Oakland
28.61966-06-14242°14'N / 83°25'W0.30 Mile33 Yards003K0Wayne
30.41992-04-16242°22'N / 83°31'W2.00 Miles50 Yards042.5M0Wayne
32.51974-04-03242°02'N / 83°15'W2.00 Miles30 Yards003K0Monroe
33.51969-07-04342°07'N / 83°32'W42°06'N / 83°17'W12.60 Miles100 Yards0502.5M0Wayne
34.61956-05-12242°31'N / 83°37'W42°31'N / 83°35'W00250K0Oakland
35.41974-02-28242°06'N / 83°27'W0.10 Mile50 Yards000K0Wayne
35.51956-05-12242°32'N / 83°40'W42°31'N / 83°34'W4.50 Miles100 Yards00250K0Oakland
36.01984-08-30242°23'N / 83°21'W43°23'N / 83°15'W5.60 Miles150 Yards042.5M0Wayne
36.11973-06-26242°03'N / 83°24'W0.70 Mile67 Yards02250K0Monroe
36.71991-07-07242°38'N / 83°36'W2.50 Miles50 Yards00250K0Oakland
37.31953-06-08342°36'N / 83°41'W42°41'N / 83°32'W9.10 Miles200 Yards042.5M0Oakland
37.51951-07-21242°09'N / 83°33'W0.50 Mile217 Yards0025K0Washtenaw
37.51962-04-30242°09'N / 83°33'W0.10 Mile33 Yards0025K0Washtenaw
39.11975-05-25242°10'N / 83°36'W0125K0Washtenaw
39.11969-07-04342°07'N / 83°35'W42°07'N / 83°32'W1.30 Miles100 Yards042.5M0Washtenaw
39.21957-07-04442°31'N / 83°44'W42°31'N / 83°39'W3.00 Miles50 Yards04250K0Livingston
39.41956-05-12242°33'N / 83°46'W42°31'N / 83°37'W7.40 Miles100 Yards05250K0Livingston
39.81968-03-26241°59'N / 83°27'W41°57'N / 83°18'W7.70 Miles20 Yards00250K0Monroe
40.21953-06-08342°35'N / 83°42'W42°36'N / 83°41'W072.5M0Livingston
40.31956-05-12242°33'N / 83°45'W42°32'N / 83°40'W3.30 Miles100 Yards05250K0Livingston
41.21953-05-21442°55'N / 82°36'W42°59'N / 82°25'W10.00 Miles1760 Yards2682.5M0St. Clair
41.61963-04-17341°55'N / 83°20'W0.50 Mile67 Yards01250K0Monroe
42.21975-05-21243°03'N / 82°57'W0.10 Mile20 Yards0025K0St. Clair
42.71971-06-07242°19'N / 83°45'W0.10 Mile33 Yards0025K0Washtenaw
42.91973-06-26241°55'N / 83°23'W0.20 Mile60 Yards00250K0Monroe
44.41968-08-16242°25'N / 83°48'W1.00 Mile20 Yards0025K0Livingston
45.82001-05-21242°38'N / 83°46'W42°46'N / 83°45'W9.60 Miles200 Yards033.0M0Livingston
 Brief Description: A tornado developed near Hartland High School and Lake Walden, and moved north parallel to US-23, eventually crossing that busy highway between Clyde and Faussett Roads. There was a brief break in the damage path south of Center Road, but the tornado reformed again north of Center Road, this time back on the west side of US-23. The tornado continued north into Genesee County. Most of the damage to trees and structures was consistent with a weak tornado. However, near and north of the Majestic Golf Course, damage was considerably more intense, justifying an F2 rating. Seventy vehicles in the golf course parking lot were damaged (rolled, tossed, or struck by debris), with twelve of them totaled. Thirty five golf carts were destroyed, and a pontoon boat used to transport golfers was flipped. A large piece of a wooden footbridge was tossed through the enclosed back porch of the clubhouse. An amputee organization was having a golf outing that afternoon. Thankfully, the golf carts were equipped with G.P.S. units, and the course sent a message out on those units that a tornado was approaching. Only one person on the course suffered a minor injury (exact injury undisclosed). Three homes were destroyed near Clyde Road and US-23, as were a party store and a towing company that shared a building. A man at the party store suffered a minor hand injury, and two vehicles at the towing company were totaled. Several hundred trees were downed in this general area. Further north, several cars and semis were flipped when the tornado crossed US-23. One driver of a semi suffered a head injury when his truck overturned, though he was not seriously hurt. The TRW plant on Center Road lost a small part of its roof. Several cars in the parking of Tyrone Hills Golf Course had windows blown out. As the tornado moved across agricultural land, three cows were killed. A warm front moved slowly north into southeast Michigan, ushering in warmer and more humid air. Scattered thunderstorms developed south of the warm front around midday. They storms also moved north, at a faster pace than the warm front. A few of these storms produced tornadoes when they caught up to the warm front.
46.22007-08-24242°46'N / 83°45'W42°48'N / 83°40'W4.00 Miles440 Yards0113.0M0KGenesee
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: This is the same tornado that began in Livingston County's Cohoctah Township. The tornado crossed into Genesee County approximately 3 miles west southwest of Fenton at 1649EST. The City of Fenton sustained the greatest amount of damage where the tornado path widened to approximately one-quarter mile, including the snapping and uprooting of hundreds of trees, de-roofing of both residential and municipal structures, and the partial collapse of a large retail structure near the intersection of Owen Road and U.S. 23. Of the approximately 250 homes/buildings damaged in Fenton, two were destroyed and five sustained major damage. The tornado was rated as EF2 in Fenton with wind speeds estimated at approximately 130 MPH. The average path width in Genesee County was 350 yards. One person in Fenton received minor injuries after being struck by flying glass. The tornado exited Genesee County one mile east of Fenton at 1700EST and then continued in Oakland County for another 5.5 miles. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Four tornadoes moved through portions of Southeast Michigan on August 24th, leading to an estimated $25M in total damages. One long-track tornado cut a path of EF0 to EF2 damage across Livingston, Geneseee, and Oakland Counties. Fenton was the hardest hit area, prompting the Governor of Michigan to declare a state of emergency there. Tornadoes also touched down in eastern Shiawassee County (rated as EF0), northwestern Washtenaw County (rated as EF0), and southwestern Lapeer County (rated as EF1). Thousands of trees were lost to the tornadoes. Although hundreds of homes and buildings were damaged, many destroyed, remarkably only one person was injured (minor cuts from flying glass) and there were no direct fatalities. One man died (indirect) of a heart attack during the cleanup process in Fenton. In addition to the tornadoes, there were widespread reports of severe thunderstorm wind gusts producing downed trees, limbs, and power lines. The hardest hit areas with respect to severe thunderstorm winds included areas around Flint, Lapeer, St. Clair, Chelsea, Monroe, and many locations in Livingston, Oakland, Macomb, Wayne and Lenawee Counties.
46.31968-09-09241°54'N / 83°28'W0.90 Mile20 Yards0025K0Monroe
47.71965-04-11442°00'N / 83°55'W42°05'N / 83°28'W23.60 Miles1760 Yards652.5M0Monroe
47.71965-04-11442°00'N / 83°55'W42°05'N / 83°28'W23.60 Miles33 Yards550K0Monroe
48.51996-06-22243°08'N / 82°47'W43°08'N / 82°47'W0.20 Mile30 Yards0025K0St. Clair
49.41953-06-08443°09'N / 82°59'W43°08'N / 82°30'W24.20 Miles833 Yards023250K0St. Clair
49.72010-06-06241°58'N / 83°46'W41°56'N / 83°31'W13.00 Miles800 Yards01150.0M0KMonroe
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A tornado touched down at 211 am at County Line Road and Rankin Road in Monroe county. This tornado then tracked east southeast, moving through Dundee at 217 AM. Maximum sustained winds of 130 to 135 mph where estimated just west of Dundee, which is classified at a high end EF2. The width of the tornado at that time was 800 yards. As it passed through Dundee. The tornado was still classified a low end EF2 with maximum winds of 115 mph. The tornado then tracked another 7 miles along highway 50 before lifting at 227 am at the Dixon Road intersection, causing generally EF0 damage to the east of Dundee. The total path of this tornado reached 13 miles. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A strong low pressure system tracked through Detroit Metro area during the early morning hours of June 6th, spawning three tornadoes south of I-94, with flash flooding occuring over Washtenaw and Wayne counties as 2 to 4 inches of rain was recorded. The two tornadoes which occured over Monroe county damaged a total of 311 buildings. Five single family homes were destroyed. Major damage occured at 34 structures. Minor damage was observed at 74 structures, with 198 other homes affected needing mostly cosmetic repairs. The village of Dundee was hardest hit.
49.71964-05-08241°48'N / 83°27'W41°50'N / 83°23'W3.30 Miles400 Yards0125K0Monroe
49.71953-06-08443°09'N / 83°11'W43°09'N / 82°59'W9.60 Miles833 Yards00250K0Lapeer

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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