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Fulton, KS Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Fulton is about the same as Kansas average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Fulton is lower than Kansas average and is higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #643

Fulton, KS

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Fulton, KS

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #575

Fulton, KS

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 3,695 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Fulton, KS were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:10Cold:42Dense Fog:38Drought:39
Dust Storm:0Flood:506Hail:1,535Heat:43Heavy Snow:48
High Surf:0Hurricane:0Ice Storm:20Landslide:0Strong Wind:72
Thunderstorm Winds:1,141Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:1Winter Storm:81Winter Weather:35

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Fulton, KS.

Historical Earthquake Events

No historical earthquake events that had recorded magnitudes of 3.5 or above found in or near Fulton, KS.

No historical earthquake events found in or near Fulton, KS.

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 85 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Fulton, KS.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
4.71964-03-14238°04'N / 94°46'W0.50 Mile100 Yards0025K0Linn
8.31961-03-12237°55'N / 94°49'W2.00 Miles100 Yards0025K0Bourbon
9.31970-05-09238°08'N / 94°39'W0.50 Mile100 Yards003K0Linn
12.21963-04-03237°50'N / 94°42'W0.30 Mile77 Yards003K0Bourbon
13.61958-05-31237°57'N / 94°32'W37°59'N / 94°25'W6.40 Miles367 Yards00250K0Vernon
14.22007-02-28438°07'N / 95°04'W38°15'N / 94°39'W24.00 Miles800 Yards00400K0KLinn
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: EF4 tornado crossed from Anderson county into Linn county in Kansas at 7:30 PM CST, 4 miles northwest of Blue Mound. The tornado moved east-northeast over mainly rural areas of the county. A home, several farm buildings, and garage were completely destroyed. Other buildings received minor to moderate damage. There were no injuries or deaths with this tornado. The tornado also downed trees and power lines. The tornado lifted 6 miles north-northeast of Pleasanton at 8:10 PM CST. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A strong storm system lifted northeast into the region from Oklahoma, during the late afternoon and early evening hours on February 28th. The dynamics from this storm system provided the lift for rapid thunderstorm development along and north of a warm front by the early evening hours. There were numerous reports of hail with the storms, as well as some flash flooding. The most significant severe thunderstorm produced a tornado in Anderson county Kansas, which then tracked east into Linn county Kansas. The EF4 tornado took a nearly 24 mile continuous path, where it caused damage to mainly rural areas. Just north of Blue Mound a single residence, garage, and several farm buildings were completely destroyed. The tornado was historic, since it was the first time anywhere in the country that a tornado was rated as high as EF4, since switching to the new Enhanced Fujita scale February 1st, 2007.
15.81973-09-24237°57'N / 95°03'W38°02'N / 94°58'W7.20 Miles60 Yards00250K0Bourbon
19.52003-05-08238°06'N / 95°04'W38°10'N / 95°01'W7.00 Miles300 Yards0015K0Linn
 Brief Description: Tornado crossed from Anderson county into Linn county 3 miles west northwest of Blue Mound and produced tree damage in rural county before dissipating. However...a cemetery was hit with many tombstones knocked over and damage to mausoleums.
21.71973-09-27237°49'N / 95°02'W00250K0Bourbon
22.21958-11-17337°43'N / 94°31'W37°48'N / 94°25'W7.90 Miles400 Yards01250K0Vernon
22.61961-04-21238°05'N / 95°09'W38°10'N / 95°04'W7.20 Miles50 Yards00250K0Anderson
23.01958-11-17337°48'N / 94°25'W37°59'N / 94°14'W16.00 Miles400 Yards00250K0Vernon
23.91995-05-17337°50'N / 94°28'W37°53'N / 94°11'W14.00 Miles400 Yards097.0M0Vernon
 Brief Description: A tornado destroyed homes and buildings to the west of Nevada, then heavily damaged brick buildings within the city. The tornado weakened as it tracked east northeast towards Dederick, but was still strong enough to uproot trees and destroy outbuildings. Witnesses reported extremely heavy rain with the tornadoes passage. The 3M industrial plant on the east side of Nevada recorded an 107 mph wind with the event.
24.51958-11-17337°39'N / 94°34'W37°43'N / 94°31'W5.20 Miles400 Yards00250K0Vernon
24.72000-04-19237°41'N / 94°56'W37°42'N / 94°55'W2.00 Miles200 Yards0000Bourbon
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado crossed the Bourbon and Crawford County line 4 miles southwest of Hiattville and lifted about 2 miles southwest of Hiattville. The path was intermittent and stayed over rural areas.
24.71969-04-04238°21'N / 94°46'W38°23'N / 94°43'W3.30 Miles200 Yards01250K0Linn
24.91956-07-20338°11'N / 95°29'W37°24'N / 94°41'W69.50 Miles880 Yards00250K0Anderson
26.12003-05-08238°01'N / 95°18'W38°08'N / 95°05'W15.00 Miles800 Yards031.1M0Anderson
 Brief Description: A tornado formed 5 miles southeast of Colony and traveled a 15 mile path northeast before entering Linn county and dissipating. While in Anderson county the tornado injured 3 people, destroyed 7 homes and seriously damaged 2 others. Severe weather erupted over a large part of the area during the afternoon and evening hours of the 8th. Numerous reports of large hail and a few reports of strong winds were received. In addition 12 tornadoes were reported (discussed separately), some doing considerable damage. Four funnel clouds were also sighted. May 8, 2003, was estimated to be the most significant and widespread tornado outbreak in northeast Kansas since April 26, 1991. All meteorological severe weather forecast parameters came together over northeast Kansas on the afternoon of May 8 to produce an SPC "high risk" area of potential severe weather. The possibility of strong, long-lived destructive tornadoes was highlighted for nearly 24 hours in advance in nearly every NWS statement and product. The significant and widespread tornado outbreak in the nearby Kansas City area just four days before increased public weather awareness and concern, and together with timely watches, statements and warnings, helped prevent tornado related deaths and minimized storm injuries.
26.61955-05-27238°13'N / 95°08'W38°29'N / 94°46'W27.00 Miles33 Yards000K0Anderson
26.81958-11-17337°38'N / 94°34'W37°39'N / 94°34'W1.10 Miles400 Yards00250K0Barton
26.91958-11-17337°59'N / 94°14'W38°00'N / 94°13'W00250K0Vernon
28.41973-06-04237°51'N / 95°12'W2.00 Miles200 Yards0025K0Allen
28.91969-04-04238°23'N / 94°43'W38°28'N / 94°36'W8.50 Miles200 Yards00250K0Miami
31.02003-05-04437°34'N / 94°37'W37°35'N / 94°32'W6.00 Miles880 Yards11013.0M1.0MBarton
 Brief Description: M88PH An F-4 tornado tracked over the Kansas-Missouri state line and into west central Barton County. The tornado destroyed several farm houses and outbuildings prior to dissipating one mile north of Liberal. Ten injuries and one fatality can be accounted for from this large tornado. Rex Smith age 88, was in his frame house two miles west of Liberal when the tornado approached. He was deceased from flying debris. While this tornado was dissipating, a second tornado had formed one mile east of Liberal. This feature then tracked 23 miles through mainly rural farm land of central and northeast Barton County, and eventually through Cedar, Polk, Hickory, and Dallas counties. Altogether there were approximately 50 homes and outbuildings that were destroyed from the twisters.
31.31982-03-15337°33'N / 94°38'W37°38'N / 94°22'W14.00 Miles500 Yards0025.0M0Barton
31.41964-04-12438°07'N / 95°18'W38°22'N / 95°08'W19.40 Miles880 Yards39250K0Anderson
31.92000-04-19237°33'N / 95°05'W37°40'N / 94°56'W8.00 Miles200 Yards00200K0Crawford
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado entered western Crawford County about 3 miles south of Walnut and moved through the northwest portion of the county. The damage path was intermittent and about 200 yards wide. The tornado stayed mainly over rural areas and uprooted trees and damaged or destroyed 3 homes and several outbuildings. The tornado exited the county just east of Hepler and moved into southern Bourbon County.
32.01977-05-04338°26'N / 94°33'W38°28'N / 94°31'W2.70 Miles500 Yards000K0Bates
32.31982-03-15337°32'N / 94°48'W37°33'N / 94°38'W10.00 Miles600 Yards1825.0M0Crawford
32.41954-05-31237°30'N / 95°31'W37°50'N / 94°44'W48.60 Miles210 Yards0025K0Neosho
32.41954-05-31237°30'N / 95°31'W37°50'N / 94°44'W48.60 Miles210 Yards0025K0Neosho
33.71974-04-20238°17'N / 95°14'W1.00 Mile200 Yards0025K0Anderson
33.81973-03-08237°36'N / 95°05'W37°36'N / 95°02'W2.30 Miles440 Yards00250K0Crawford
33.92006-03-12238°15'N / 94°20'W38°24'N / 94°09'W10.00 Miles450 Yards005K0Bates
 Brief Description: Tornado touched down at 1952 CST just on the north side of Butler...and then proceeded northeast over rural country...before crossing over into Cass county 2 miles north of Ballard at 2005 CST. Damage was limited to trees...power lines...and one barn.
34.21964-04-20237°44'N / 95°18'W37°48'N / 95°14'W5.70 Miles33 Yards0025K0Allen
34.31958-11-17237°31'N / 94°39'W000K0Crawford
34.51969-04-04238°28'N / 94°36'W38°31'N / 94°30'W6.90 Miles100 Yards00250K0Bates
34.81982-03-15337°38'N / 94°22'W37°47'N / 94°03'W17.00 Miles500 Yards0025.0M0Vernon
35.61977-05-04238°27'N / 94°48'W38°36'N / 94°41'W11.90 Miles50 Yards00250K0Miami
35.71961-03-26237°30'N / 94°50'W2.00 Miles100 Yards000K0Crawford
35.91983-03-26337°26'N / 94°42'W37°33'N / 94°39'W7.00 Miles100 Yards042.5M0Crawford
36.12003-05-04337°34'N / 94°31'W37°38'N / 94°06'W23.00 Miles880 Yards005.0M1.0MBarton
 Brief Description: An F-4 tornado tracked over the Kansas-Missouri state line and into west central Barton County. The tornado destroyed several farm houses and outbuildings prior to dissipating one mile north of Liberal. Ten injuries and one fatality can be accounted for from this large tornado. Rex Smith age 88, was in his frame house two miles west of Liberal when the tornado approached. He was deceased from flying debris. While this tornado was dissipating, a second tornado had formed one mile east of Liberal. This feature then tracked 23 miles through mainly rural farm land of central and northeast Barton County, and eventually through Cedar, Polk, Hickory, and Dallas counties. Altogether there were approximately 50 homes and outbuildings that were destroyed from the twisters.
36.71956-12-04238°20'N / 94°14'W38°21'N / 94°09'W4.50 Miles200 Yards0225K0Bates
37.21981-05-23238°22'N / 95°14'W1.50 Miles50 Yards002.5M0Anderson
37.31982-05-20238°25'N / 94°19'W38°27'N / 94°16'W3.00 Miles100 Yards00250K0Bates
37.71954-03-24237°43'N / 95°31'W37°57'N / 95°14'W22.20 Miles880 Yards0025K0Wilson
37.82003-05-04437°25'N / 95°06'W37°32'N / 94°38'W27.00 Miles880 Yards3207.2M1.0MCrawford
 Brief Description: This storm is known to have initiated the unforgettable series of events of 4 May, 2003. This classic supercell rapidly developed over Montgomery County, Kansas, eventually moving into southwestern Crawford County, Kansas where it spawned a very large and destructive tornado. This tornado laid out a path of destruction for 27 miles of farm land and small communities through Crawford County. This event also claimed three lives and injured 20 in eastern sections of the county, where the tornado had strengthened to F-4 status. The tornado continued on the ground into Barton County, Missouri. Sharon Lasbrook age 48, was deceased from being thrown out of her mobile home and into a field. Her home was completely disintegrated by the twister. George Bolte age 68, was taking cover in his manufactured home and laying over his wife to protect her from flying debris. While saving her life, he was deceased from the debris. Josephine Maghe age 87, was taking cover within her frame home as the tornado arrived. She was deceased from being struck into the ground. F48MH, M68PH, F87PH
37.91973-03-08237°34'N / 95°14'W37°36'N / 95°05'W8.40 Miles440 Yards00250K0Neosho
38.11963-05-26237°24'N / 94°46'W37°31'N / 94°42'W8.70 Miles27 Yards0025K0Crawford
38.71991-03-26237°49'N / 95°27'W37°53'N / 95°21'W8.00 Miles100 Yards012.5M0Allen
38.71962-06-02237°27'N / 94°45'W003K0Crawford
38.71955-05-11237°27'N / 94°46'W0025K0Crawford
39.51963-05-26237°27'N / 94°58'W37°27'N / 94°46'W10.90 Miles27 Yards0025K0Crawford
39.71982-03-15237°58'N / 95°30'W38°02'N / 95°24'W6.00 Miles500 Yards002.5M0Allen
40.61982-03-15237°24'N / 95°03'W37°29'N / 94°46'W15.00 Miles600 Yards032.5M0Crawford
40.61984-04-27237°23'N / 94°55'W37°29'N / 94°49'W8.50 Miles40 Yards00250K0Crawford
41.61960-04-15338°35'N / 94°39'W38°38'N / 94°37'W2.30 Miles440 Yards02250K0Miami
42.21978-05-11238°37'N / 94°59'W38°36'N / 94°46'W11.50 Miles100 Yards012.5M0Miami
42.61982-03-15337°47'N / 94°03'W37°54'N / 93°53'W14.00 Miles500 Yards1025.0M0Cedar
42.62000-04-19237°30'N / 95°20'W37°34'N / 95°06'W15.00 Miles440 Yards031.8M0Neosho
 Brief Description: Forming at 1920 CST 6 miles southwest of Erie, the tornado moved northeast around 35 mph passing just south of Erie at 1931 CST. F2 intensity for much of it's track, the tornado injured 3 people on the southern periphery of Erie as it destroyed or heavily damaged 12 homes, several mobile homes, as well as a few trees. This tornado then crossed into Crawford county.
42.81999-05-04337°59'N / 93°56'W38°01'N / 93°56'W3.00 Miles200 Yards0150K0St. Clair
 Brief Description: A tornado downed trees just north of Highway 82 near the intersection of OO Highway. The tornado skipped across an open field and increased in intensity just before striking and completely destroying a modular home, spreading debris nearly a mile away. One person in the home was injured.
43.11958-09-16237°48'N / 93°59'W37°50'N / 93°57'W2.30 Miles50 Yards00250K0Cedar
43.32006-03-12237°45'N / 94°06'W37°52'N / 93°50'W16.00 Miles300 Yards15800K0Cedar
 Brief Description: This tornado is a continuation of the Vernon County tornado. The tornado increased in intensity as it tracked across Cedar County. 47 structures were damaged and 26 were destroyed including homes and businesses. Five injuries and one fatality resulted. A 77 year old man died six days later in the hospital from blunt trauma injuries he sustained from flying debris. He apparently was attempting to move into his basement as the tornado struck his frame home near Virgil City. The tornado exited Cedar County east of Cedar Springs and continued into St. Clair County. M77PH
44.51968-05-15338°38'N / 94°39'W38°40'N / 94°36'W2.70 Miles33 Yards0025K0Miami
44.62006-03-12238°25'N / 94°08'W38°28'N / 94°05'W5.00 Miles450 Yards0075K0Cass
 Brief Description: Tornado crossed from Bates county into Cass county...6 miles south-southwest of Creighton at 2005 CST. It moved northeast and exited Cass county into Henry county at 2007 CST...2 miles south of Creighton. F1 damage to several structures was noted.
44.61968-05-15338°40'N / 94°37'W38°38'N / 94°36'W000K0Cass
45.21966-05-11237°28'N / 94°17'W37°28'N / 94°14'W2.30 Miles50 Yards0025K0Barton
45.41960-04-16338°29'N / 95°17'W38°35'N / 95°10'W9.20 Miles77 Yards0025K0Franklin
45.72000-04-19237°21'N / 95°03'W37°25'N / 94°56'W8.00 Miles300 Yards04300K0Crawford
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado entered the southwest corner of Crawford County west of McCune and traveled northeast over the southwest section of the county. The intermittent damage path was 300 yards wide. Although the tornado stayed over rural areas, it still managed to severely damage or destroy 5 homes and several outbuildings. Four persons were injured by flying debris. The tornado lifted about 6 miles northeast of McCune.
46.01960-04-15338°38'N / 94°37'W38°42'N / 94°32'W6.10 Miles500 Yards0025K0Cass
46.51982-03-15237°23'N / 95°04'W37°24'N / 95°03'W2.00 Miles600 Yards002.5M0Labette
46.71973-05-11237°36'N / 95°24'W00250K0Neosho
46.81977-05-04338°28'N / 94°31'W38°48'N / 94°15'W27.10 Miles500 Yards21525.0M0Cass
47.01982-03-15337°20'N / 94°37'W37°21'N / 94°30'W8.00 Miles150 Yards00250K0Jasper
47.51982-03-15337°19'N / 94°39'W37°20'N / 94°38'W1.00 Mile400 Yards0025K0Crawford
47.81964-04-20238°42'N / 94°47'W003K0Miami
48.01973-03-08237°26'N / 95°24'W37°34'N / 95°14'W12.80 Miles440 Yards01250K0Neosho
48.21964-04-22238°33'N / 95°17'W013K0Franklin
48.71957-05-20538°27'N / 95°30'W38°40'N / 95°04'W27.70 Miles440 Yards3112.5M0Franklin
48.71954-04-10238°20'N / 95°31'W003K0Coffey
48.82004-05-26237°58'N / 93°57'W37°58'N / 93°42'W12.00 Miles200 Yards01500K0St. Clair
 Brief Description: An F-2 tornado touched down seven miles west of Roscoe...eventually tracking through the middle of this small community. Numerous homes and building were heavily damaged or destroyed. Minutes later the tornado dissipated south of Osceola. One injury occurred from flying debris.
49.11973-04-20237°58'N / 93°51'W38°02'N / 93°47'W5.70 Miles17 Yards0025K0St. Clair
49.31955-09-21238°18'N / 95°33'W0.30 Mile33 Yards003K0Coffey
49.62003-05-04238°35'N / 94°13'W38°36'N / 94°09'W4.00 Miles100 Yards00200K0Cass
 Brief Description: Tornado briefly touched down at Highway 7 and County Road Z interchange. No damage and was reported by storm chaser. Tornado touched back down just north of the interchange, and then continued intermittently for 4 miles to the Johnson county line around Latour, near the inersection of Routes 2 and 131. A dry line moved into eastern Kansas on the afternoon of May 4th. Severe thunderstorms quickly erupted in the mid afternoon hours and marched east northeast into Missouri. Several of the severe thunderstorms became tornadic. A supercell thunderstorm produced 4 seperate tornadoes over the northland of Kansas City. The strongest tornadoes reached F4 in intensity and moved over southern portions of Platte and Clay counties. In Platte county 14 buildings were destroyed, 43 suffered major damage and 149 had minor damage. There were no fatalities or injuries and total damage was estimated at $33.95 million dollars. In Clay county total damages were estimated at $91 million dollars. Several hundred homes were either destroyed or had major or minor damage. No fatalities were observed but there were 19 injuries. This was the most significant tornado outbeak in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, since the Pleasant Hill Missouri outbreak in 1977.
49.91956-12-04238°16'N / 93°56'W38°23'N / 93°51'W9.10 Miles33 Yards0225K0Henry

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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