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Florida Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Florida is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Florida is higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #48


The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #14


The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #13


The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 17,927 other weather extremes events from 1950 to 2010 were recorded in Florida. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:0Cold:264Dense Fog:90Drought:44
Dust Storm:0Flood:1,855Hail:3,995Heat:36Heavy Snow:1
High Surf:81Hurricane:65Ice Storm:0Landslide:0Strong Wind:132
Thunderstorm Winds:7,644Tropical Storm:90Wildfire:246Winter Storm:6Winter Weather:15

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Florida.

Historical Earthquake Events

No historical earthquake events that had recorded magnitudes of 3.5 or above found in Florida.

No historical earthquake events found in or near Florida.

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 372 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in Florida.

DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
1958-04-15427°40'N / 82°37'W0725K0Polk
1966-04-04427°55'N / 82°48'W28°06'N / 82°04'W46.50 Miles300 Yards38025.0M0Pinellas
1966-04-04428°06'N / 82°04'W28°13'N / 81°32'W33.50 Miles300 Yards845025.0M0Polk
1966-04-04428°13'N / 81°32'W28°26'N / 80°40'W54.80 Miles300 Yards0025.0M0Osceola
1954-09-18327°25'N / 80°20'W2225K0St. Lucie
1956-04-10326°00'N / 80°14'W26°04'N / 80°08'W7.80 Miles200 Yards0202.5M0Broward
1956-05-05330°26'N / 87°14'W1.00 Mile50 Yards01250K0Escambia
1958-04-15329°52'N / 81°18'W29°53'N / 81°15'W3.60 Miles73 Yards09250K0St. Johns
1958-04-15327°30'N / 80°34'W27°27'N / 80°20'W14.80 Miles33 Yards020250K0St. Lucie
1958-10-19326°49'N / 80°40'W26°57'N / 80°32'W12.40 Miles440 Yards124250K0Palm Beach
1958-10-19326°57'N / 80°32'W27°02'N / 80°27'W7.80 Miles440 Yards00250K0Martin
1958-10-31327°32'N / 82°38'W27°31'N / 82°35'W3.60 Miles200 Yards0425K0Manatee
1959-06-17325°44'N / 80°17'W25°53'N / 80°10'W12.70 Miles333 Yards0772.5M0Miami-dade
1960-02-25330°12'N / 82°38'W0.80 Mile100 Yards00250K0Columbia
1962-03-31330°37'N / 87°06'W30°40'N / 87°00'W6.90 Miles440 Yards171002.5M0Santa Rosa
1964-12-25330°24'N / 86°35'W30°31'N / 86°25'W12.80 Miles67 Yards042.5M0Okaloosa
1965-02-23326°06'N / 80°10'W26°10'N / 80°07'W5.70 Miles60 Yards06250K0Broward
1967-10-30330°26'N / 87°16'W044250K0Escambia
1967-12-10330°36'N / 86°12'W0025K0Walton
1967-12-10330°04'N / 85°34'W30°10'N / 85°33'W7.10 Miles250 Yards1502.5M0Bay
1970-03-05328°37'N / 80°48'W1.90 Miles333 Yards072.5M0Brevard
1971-02-07330°21'N / 87°10'W1.00 Mile100 Yards01122.5M0Escambia
1971-02-07329°54'N / 81°33'W29°55'N / 81°20'W13.10 Miles200 Yards00250K0St. Johns
1972-06-19328°22'N / 80°40'W28°26'N / 80°41'W4.90 Miles100 Yards002.5M0Brevard
1972-06-19328°28'N / 80°32'W28°31'N / 80°33'W3.80 Miles100 Yards0232.5M0Brevard
1975-12-31329°05'N / 82°10'W2.00 Miles200 Yards1262.5M0Marion
1978-05-04327°55'N / 82°42'W1.50 Miles200 Yards3942.5M0Pinellas
1980-03-01326°10'N / 80°10'W26°15'N / 80°05'W7.80 Miles500 Yards13325.0M0Broward
1981-03-19328°30'N / 81°25'W28°33'N / 81°18'W8.00 Miles100 Yards012.5M0Orange
1983-04-09328°43'N / 82°29'W28°51'N / 82°21'W10.00 Miles80 Yards322.5M0Citrus
1984-02-27330°03'N / 83°10'W30°02'N / 83°03'W7.00 Miles100 Yards01250K0Lafayette
1985-03-17327°05'N / 82°29'W27°04'N / 82°25'W3.00 Miles400 Yards24525.0M0Sarasota
1988-04-19330°27'N / 83°25'W30°32'N / 83°12'W12.00 Miles300 Yards41825.0M0Madison
1992-10-03327°50'N / 82°42'W2.60 Miles500 Yards37525.0M0Pinellas
1997-11-02329°01'N / 80°56'W29°01'N / 80°56'W3.00 Miles400 Yards03214.0M0Volusia
 Brief Description: A rapidly intensifying tornado initially touched down in New Smyrna Beach about 1 mile west of U.S. Highway 1 between Enterprise and Wayne Avenues. The tornado moved east northeast at about 50 mph damaging several homes and downing trees and power lines. It lifted just west of Highway 1 after passing Chisholm Elementary School. The tornado then struck New Smyrna Beach High School producing Fujita Scale F1 damage. As the tornado intensified to a strong F3 category, it passed thorough the Venetian VIllas subdivision and the Diamond Head Condominiums. A number of large well built homes were destroyed. Many of the units in the 10 story Diamond Head Condominiums received major damage as high winds blew out exterior glass walls and blew furniture into the adjoining Indian River Lagoon. The tornado then crossed the Intracoastal Waterway and passed over the barrier island between Robinson Road and East Street where a number of large well built homes were almost completely destroyed. The tornado then moved over the Atlantic Ocean. In all 32 people were injured, six requiring hospitalisation. Thirty one homes were destroyed and 290 were damaged. Damage estimates were near 14 million dollars.
1998-02-22328°29'N / 81°43'W28°31'N / 81°39'W4.00 Miles200 Yards0000Lake
 Brief Description: The second tornado of the outbreak touched down in Lake County just east of Lake Louisa along Highway 27. It moved northeast at 45 mph through a rural area blowing down trees but otherwise causing little property damage. At 11:41 pm the tornado moved into Orange County.
1998-02-22328°31'N / 81°38'W28°38'N / 81°27'W14.00 Miles200 Yards37015.0M0Orange
 Brief Description: The Lake County tornado moved into Orange County about 5 miles southwest of Winter Garden moving northeast at 45 mph. It rapidly intensified to a category F3 tornado with estimated winds near 200 mph. The tornado moved through Winter Garden between 11:47 pm and 11:55 pm destroying a mobile home community in Winter Garden. There were three fatalities and 70 injuries. Five hundred structures were either damaged or destroyed. F68MH, M80MH, M80MH
1998-02-23328°42'N / 81°21'W28°48'N / 81°11'W14.00 Miles200 Yards123630.0M0Seminole
 Brief Description: The Seminole County category F3 tornado was produced by the same supercell that produced the Winter Garden tornado. It initially set down near Longwood and moved northeast at 45 mph. The tornado passed through several neighborhhoods in the southeast portion of Sanford killing 12 people in mobile homes and injuring 70. It continued northeast and crossed into Volusia County 5 miles east of Sanford. The near 200 mph winds of the tornado damaged or destroy 625 structures. M9MH, F11MH, F21MH, M23MH, M26MH, M37MH, F39MH, F40MH, M41MH, M49MH, M53PH, M62MH
1998-02-23328°48'N / 81°09'W28°48'N / 81°09'W2.00 Miles200 Yards101.0M0Volusia
 Brief Description: The Sanford tornado crossed into Volusia County near Highway 46 and the St. Johns River where it killed a 53 year old man in a recreational vehicle at a fish camp. The tornado continued northeast for 2 miles and dissipated in a rural part of south Volusia County. M53VE
1998-02-23328°14'N / 81°29'W28°20'N / 81°17'W14.00 Miles250 Yards2514550.0M0Osceola
 Brief Description: The deadliest tornado of the outbreak was a category F3 that touched down initially one mile south of Intercession City. The tornado moved northeast at 45 mph and ripped through the town of Kissimmee killing 25 people. The hardest hit areas were the Morningside Acres mobile home community and the Ponderosa Recreational Vehicle Park. In all eight people were killed in recreational vehicles, fifteen in mobile homes and one in an automobile. The tornado continued northeast and moved into Orange County six miles north of St. Cloud. One hundred and fifty people were injured and over 1000 structures were damaged or destroyed. M1MH, M22MH, M23MH, M30VE, F31MH, F33MH, M38MH, F45MH, F47MH, M50MH, M51VE, M55MH, F64VE, F65MH, F66MH, F67MH, M69VE, F70VE, F71VE, M71VE, M73VE, F75MH, F85VE, M51VE, M33VE
1998-02-23328°24'N / 81°16'W28°29'N / 80°54'W24.00 Miles250 Yards055.0M0Orange
 Brief Description: The Kissimmee tornado moved into Orange County southeast of Orlando International Airport as a category F3. The tornado affected rural swampy areas, striking few structures except for lakeside neighborhoods on the shores of Lake Hart and Lake Mary Jane. The tornado lifted as it approached the St. Johns River on the east central border of Orange County in the Tosohatchee State Preserve.
2007-02-02328°52'N / 82°03'W28°54'N / 81°57'W6.00 Miles335 Yards01562.0M0KSumter
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado first touched down near the southeast corner of The Villages south of Lake Miona and moved rapidly to the east northeast at 55 MPH into Lake County. A FEMA report to Sumter County emergency management officials detailed damage to 1,145 homes with 200 destroyed during the 6 minutes the tornado was on the ground. A National Weather Service storm survey estimated maximum winds of 140 MPH. No fatalities were recorded in Sumter County and 15 injuries is a rough estimate. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A developing area of low pressure over the western Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, February 1 intensified and moved off the mid Atlantic coast Friday. Numerous thunderstorms developed out ahead of and along the associated cold front that pushed into southern Florida late Friday. The first tornado of the year to use the Enhanced Fujita Scale occurred just after 3 AM Friday in The Villages in northeast Sumter County. Several violent tornadoes were reported across central Florida early Friday morning. This violent tornado outbreak was the largest in Florida since the Kissimmee tornadoes of February 22-23, 1998. In addition to the tornadoes, gusty southwest winds ahead of the cold front combined with high tide to cause areas of minor coastal flooding along west and southwest facing shorelines north of Tampa Bay.
2007-02-02328°53'N / 81°57'W28°55'N / 81°46'W11.00 Miles450 Yards81052.0M0KLake
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The the tornado that moved out of Sumter County, crossed into Lake County just west of Lady Lake. The one quarter mile wide, F3 tornado moved across the Lady Lake area killing 8 people and injuring 10. The tornado damaged 180 residences and destroyed 101. All of the fatalities were in mobile homes. Moving east northeast at 50 MPH, the tornado lifted near Emrald Marsh Lake. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A series of powerful tornadoes swept across Sumter, Lake and Volusia counties during the early morning hours of February 2, 2007. A discontinuous swath of tornado damage was observed from near Wildwood in Sumter County to the town of Lady Lake (Lake County) to New Smyrna Beach (Volusia County). This was a distance of over 70 miles. A total of 21 fatalities occurred within Lake County. Central Florida was located in the warm sector ahead of an advancing cold front. Large scale lift was supported by a very strong jet aloft, with strong vertical shear. Instability increased overnight with temperatures and dew points increasing through the pre-dawn hours. A single long-tracked supercell thunderstorm traveled from Sumter County to the coastal waters of Volusia County during the early morning hours of February 2, 2007. Three tornadoes touched down along this track.
2007-02-02328°57'N / 81°35'W29°00'N / 81°22'W13.00 Miles400 Yards13946.0M0KLake
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The mesocyclone that produced the Lady Lake tornado reintensified and produced a second F3 tornado in a rural area west southwest of Paisley. The tornado move east northeast at over 50 MPH toward the Lake Mack area just west of the St. Johns river. The tornado produced a quarter mile wide track across the Lake Mack area destroying 86 residences and damaging 144. Many mobile homes were completely destroyed. Thirteen people died in mobile homes. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A series of powerful tornadoes swept across Sumter, Lake and Volusia counties during the early morning hours of February 2, 2007. A discontinuous swath of tornado damage was observed from near Wildwood in Sumter County to the town of Lady Lake (Lake County) to New Smyrna Beach (Volusia County). This was a distance of over 70 miles. A total of 21 fatalities occurred within Lake County. Central Florida was located in the warm sector ahead of an advancing cold front. Large scale lift was supported by a very strong jet aloft, with strong vertical shear. Instability increased overnight with temperatures and dew points increasing through the pre-dawn hours. A single long-tracked supercell thunderstorm traveled from Sumter County to the coastal waters of Volusia County during the early morning hours of February 2, 2007. Three tornadoes touched down along this track.
2007-02-02329°00'N / 81°22'W29°02'N / 81°09'W13.00 Miles450 Yards04252.0M0KVolusia
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado that killed 13 people in the Lake Mack area of Lake County moved east across the St. Johns River, crossed into Volusia county at Lake Beresford and moved across Deland as an F3 tornado. It was still moving east northeast at 50 MPH as it damaged 277 and destroyed 106 residences in the Deland area. The tornado finally lifted about eight miles east of Deland along Highway 44. There were no fatalities in Volusia County but 42 people were injured. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A series of powerful tornadoes swept across Sumter, Lake and Volusia counties during the early morning hours of February 2, 2007. A discontinuous swath of tornado damage was observed from near Wildwood in Sumter County to the town of Lady Lake (Lake County) to New Smyrna Beach (Volusia County). This was a distance of over 70 miles. A total of 21 fatalities occurred within Lake County. Central Florida was located in the warm sector ahead of an advancing cold front. Large scale lift was supported by a very strong jet aloft, with strong vertical shear. Instability increased overnight with temperatures and dew points increasing through the pre-dawn hours. A single long-tracked supercell thunderstorm traveled from Sumter County to the coastal waters of Volusia County during the early morning hours of February 2, 2007. Three tornadoes touched down along this track.
2007-02-02329°00'N / 81°22'W29°02'N / 81°09'W13.00 Miles450 Yards04252.0M0KVolusia
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado that killed 13 people in the Lake Mack area of Lake County moved east across the St. Johns River, crossed into Volusia county at Lake Beresford and moved across Deland as an F3 tornado. It was still moving east northeast at 50 MPH as it damaged 277 and destroyed 106 residences in the Deland area. The tornado finally lifted about eight miles east of Deland along Highway 44. There were no fatalities in Volusia County but 42 people were injured. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A series of powerful tornadoes swept across Sumter, Lake and Volusia counties during the early morning hours of February 2, 2007. A discontinuous swath of tornado damage was observed from near Wildwood in Sumter County to the town of Lady Lake (Lake County) to New Smyrna Beach (Volusia County). This was a distance of over 70 miles. A total of 21 fatalities occurred within Lake County. Central Florida was located in the warm sector ahead of an advancing cold front. Large scale lift was supported by a very strong jet aloft, with strong vertical shear. Instability increased overnight with temperatures and dew points increasing through the pre-dawn hours. A single long-tracked supercell thunderstorm traveled from Sumter County to the coastal waters of Volusia County during the early morning hours of February 2, 2007. Three tornadoes touched down along this track.
1950-03-16229°39'N / 81°13'W1.50 Miles150 Yards003K0St. Johns
1950-05-15228°30'N / 81°22'W0025K0Orange
1951-03-12227°06'N / 82°29'W2.00 Miles77 Yards0025K0Sarasota
1951-07-22227°44'N / 82°26'W003K0Hillsborough
1951-12-18227°45'N / 81°48'W0025K0Polk
1951-12-18227°47'N / 81°32'W000K0Polk
1952-01-28230°30'N / 84°14'W1.50 Miles33 Yards0025K0Leon
1952-02-20230°10'N / 85°42'W1.50 Miles73 Yards0425K0Bay
1952-05-30227°56'N / 82°49'W0.10 Mile33 Yards003K0Pinellas
1953-01-09227°50'N / 82°10'W27°57'N / 82°06'W9.20 Miles100 Yards01225K0Hillsborough
1953-04-06230°10'N / 85°42'W000K0Bay
1953-04-12230°22'N / 85°27'W003K0Bay
1953-11-22230°24'N / 85°52'W02225K0Bay
1953-12-06230°37'N / 84°17'W30°39'N / 84°09'W8.40 Miles33 Yards0025K0Leon
1953-12-21230°12'N / 85°48'W000K0Bay
1954-04-16230°20'N / 85°40'W2.00 Miles33 Yards0325K0Bay
1954-06-10230°09'N / 82°57'W2.00 Miles33 Yards0125K0Suwannee
1954-09-22226°01'N / 80°09'W003K0Broward
1955-04-10230°30'N / 87°15'W0025K0Escambia
1955-10-29227°24'N / 82°38'W000K0Manatee
1956-02-10227°27'N / 82°32'W000K0Manatee
1956-09-24230°06'N / 85°13'W0025K0Gulf
1956-09-24230°17'N / 83°45'W5.00 Miles33 Yards00250K0Taylor
1956-09-24229°54'N / 82°48'W0025K0Suwannee
1957-06-08229°38'N / 82°37'W003K0Alachua
1957-06-08230°06'N / 81°46'W30°10'N / 81°42'W6.40 Miles27 Yards0025K0Clay
1957-06-08230°18'N / 81°44'W0.90 Mile33 Yards0025K0Duval
1957-06-08230°14'N / 81°41'W0025K0Duval
1957-09-30229°50'N / 83°35'W000K0Taylor
1957-11-14230°36'N / 84°35'W0.70 Mile33 Yards003K0Gadsden
1958-01-26227°13'N / 81°52'W000K0De Soto
1958-03-06230°42'N / 86°45'W30°48'N / 86°41'W8.20 Miles33 Yards0025K0Okaloosa
1958-03-18226°28'N / 80°10'W003K0Palm Beach
1958-04-09229°57'N / 85°25'W000K0Bay
1959-04-02228°21'N / 82°12'W012250K0Pasco
1959-04-02228°34'N / 81°16'W19250K0Orange
1959-04-02228°39'N / 80°51'W1.00 Mile100 Yards0125K0Brevard
1959-05-19230°24'N / 87°19'W1.50 Miles33 Yards040K0Escambia
1959-06-17226°55'N / 80°11'W27°01'N / 80°06'W8.70 Miles150 Yards00250K0Palm Beach
1960-02-18230°10'N / 85°51'W30°12'N / 85°44'W7.60 Miles400 Yards00250K0Bay
1960-02-25230°28'N / 81°35'W0225K0Duval
1960-03-03228°33'N / 81°53'W06250K0Lake
1960-03-30230°51'N / 86°16'W003K0Walton
1960-04-03230°11'N / 85°43'W00250K0Bay
1960-04-10230°28'N / 84°18'W0.10 Mile77 Yards003K0Leon
1960-06-04230°00'N / 81°41'W003K0Clay
1960-09-15230°09'N / 85°36'W0.50 Mile200 Yards00250K0Bay
1960-10-31226°27'N / 82°03'W103K0Lee
1960-11-28230°37'N / 87°18'W30°39'N / 87°13'W5.60 Miles50 Yards003K0Escambia
1961-04-09229°47'N / 81°26'W29°49'N / 81°22'W5.10 Miles200 Yards0225K0St. Johns
1961-05-05227°45'N / 82°38'W0.50 Mile50 Yards0025K0Pinellas
1961-05-26226°05'N / 80°09'W0.50 Mile50 Yards022.5M0Broward
1961-06-20230°35'N / 84°48'W0.50 Mile33 Yards00250K0Gadsden
1961-08-29229°03'N / 80°18'W0.50 Mile60 Yards0025K0Volusia
1961-08-31227°36'N / 82°33'W2.00 Miles50 Yards003K0Manatee
1961-11-23229°44'N / 84°59'W2.00 Miles100 Yards0125K0Franklin
1961-11-23230°29'N / 84°33'W00250K0Gadsden
1962-01-05230°46'N / 86°36'W2.50 Miles100 Yards1302.5M0Okaloosa
1962-01-05230°46'N / 86°36'W2.50 Miles100 Yards000K0Okaloosa
1962-01-05230°22'N / 86°30'W003K0Okaloosa
1962-05-10225°54'N / 81°54'W0.30 Mile33 Yards013K0Lake
1962-06-10226°24'N / 81°50'W0025K0Lee
1962-07-04230°37'N / 87°03'W30°39'N / 86°58'W5.60 Miles27 Yards0025K0Santa Rosa
1962-11-21229°10'N / 81°52'W29°11'N / 81°49'W3.60 Miles70 Yards00250K0Marion
1963-02-19228°01'N / 82°08'W00250K0Hillsborough
1963-02-19227°54'N / 81°35'W0.20 Mile33 Yards00250K0Polk
1963-04-30230°43'N / 86°03'W30°31'N / 85°03'W61.00 Miles33 Yards00250K0Walton
1963-05-29227°54'N / 81°38'W02250K0Polk
1963-07-11228°28'N / 80°44'W003K0Brevard
1963-07-24230°25'N / 87°20'W00250K0Escambia
1963-07-28228°00'N / 82°30'W0.80 Mile100 Yards003K0Hillsborough
1963-08-13227°48'N / 82°47'W27°50'N / 82°43'W5.10 Miles100 Yards0025K0Pinellas
1963-08-21227°54'N / 82°48'W0.30 Mile27 Yards003K0Pinellas
1963-11-10226°59'N / 82°00'W1.00 Mile27 Yards02250K0Charlotte
1963-11-10227°45'N / 80°27'W2.00 Miles33 Yards003K0Indian River
1964-01-12229°11'N / 82°12'W003K0Marion
1964-04-25230°02'N / 84°23'W0.50 Mile33 Yards02250K0Wakulla
1964-04-27230°43'N / 87°20'W000K0Escambia
1964-04-28228°44'N / 81°37'W0.10 Mile33 Yards00250K0Orange
1964-06-06230°24'N / 81°42'W30°25'N / 81°39'W3.60 Miles27 Yards00250K0Duval
1964-06-06228°06'N / 81°33'W0025K0Polk
1964-06-23226°37'N / 81°58'W013K0Lee
1964-07-02228°02'N / 82°07'W0625K0Hillsborough
1964-10-14227°03'N / 80°07'W003K0Martin
1964-10-14226°28'N / 80°04'W022250K0Palm Beach
1964-10-14228°08'N / 80°38'W017250K0Brevard
1964-10-14226°04'N / 80°12'W0025K0Broward
1965-02-23226°37'N / 81°52'W0.50 Mile67 Yards0025K0Lee
1965-03-14226°33'N / 80°06'W0025K0Palm Beach
1965-06-10230°24'N / 86°40'W003K0Okaloosa
1965-06-15230°24'N / 83°00'W003K0Suwannee
1966-04-04227°42'N / 82°38'W28°21'N / 80°45'W140.0 Miles150 Yards00250K0Pinellas
1966-06-02224°33'N / 81°47'W0125K0Monroe
1966-08-23228°48'N / 81°15'W0325K0Seminole
1966-09-28229°40'N / 82°21'W0.50 Mile33 Yards00250K0Alachua
1967-05-22229°37'N / 81°50'W29°40'N / 81°33'W17.40 Miles20 Yards0225K0Putnam
1967-06-01230°35'N / 84°35'W0.30 Mile33 Yards0025K0Gadsden
1967-06-05228°30'N / 81°21'W0.10 Mile173 Yards002.5M0Orange
1967-08-01227°28'N / 80°18'W0025K0St. Lucie
1967-12-10230°24'N / 86°37'W30°26'N / 86°31'W6.80 Miles1000 Yards1502.5M0Okaloosa
1967-12-10230°46'N / 85°46'W30°51'N / 85°38'W9.90 Miles300 Yards0025K0Holmes
1967-12-10230°30'N / 85°06'W0025K0Calhoun
1967-12-10230°00'N / 85°12'W0025K0Gulf
1967-12-28227°54'N / 82°47'W0025K0Pinellas
1968-02-19225°55'N / 80°12'W25°57'N / 80°07'W5.70 Miles100 Yards0212.5M0Miami-dade
1968-07-30227°00'N / 82°08'W0.30 Mile27 Yards2025K0Charlotte
1968-08-30229°17'N / 81°02'W2.00 Miles127 Yards0025K0Volusia
1968-09-12228°37'N / 80°48'W1.50 Miles33 Yards0125K0Brevard
1968-10-18227°25'N / 82°33'W0.10 Mile50 Yards0025K0Manatee
1968-11-09227°06'N / 82°27'W27°08'N / 82°24'W4.10 Miles100 Yards02250K0Sarasota
1968-11-09228°22'N / 82°22'W28°29'N / 82°12'W12.90 Miles100 Yards042.5M0Pasco
1968-11-09228°29'N / 82°12'W28°39'N / 82°00'W16.70 Miles100 Yards002.5M0Sumter
1968-11-09226°10'N / 81°48'W26°27'N / 81°16'W38.40 Miles100 Yards21725K0Collier
1968-11-09226°27'N / 81°16'W26°30'N / 81°10'W7.20 Miles100 Yards0025K0Hendry
1968-11-11226°58'N / 82°22'W0025K0Sarasota
1968-11-11226°10'N / 81°50'W26°45'N / 81°00'W65.40 Miles17 Yards03250K0Collier
1968-12-01230°21'N / 87°15'W30°41'N / 86°55'W30.40 Miles17 Yards0025K0Escambia
1969-06-06227°48'N / 81°59'W000K0Polk
1969-06-13227°21'N / 82°31'W003K0Sarasota
1969-07-02227°51'N / 82°23'W023K0Hillsborough
1969-09-20229°52'N / 84°40'W0325K0Franklin
1969-11-13228°42'N / 81°59'W28°39'N / 81°59'W3.40 Miles150 Yards01250K0Sumter
1969-11-14227°18'N / 80°48'W27°18'N / 80°45'W3.80 Miles33 Yards0225K0Okeechobee
1969-12-10227°42'N / 82°38'W1.00 Mile150 Yards01250K0Pinellas
1969-12-10227°57'N / 82°30'W0025K0Hillsborough
1969-12-21230°24'N / 86°51'W003K0Santa Rosa
1969-12-25230°35'N / 84°36'W00250K0Gadsden
1969-12-25230°24'N / 83°18'W013K0Madison
1970-01-06227°44'N / 82°26'W0325K0Hillsborough
1970-01-15227°27'N / 80°18'W023K0St. Lucie
1970-02-03229°42'N / 82°18'W0025K0Alachua
1970-02-03227°04'N / 82°26'W00250K0Sarasota
1970-02-03227°13'N / 81°51'W00250K0De Soto
1970-02-03227°46'N / 80°35'W0025K0Indian River
1970-03-26226°56'N / 80°06'W003K0Palm Beach
1970-06-27230°37'N / 84°38'W0.80 Mile450 Yards003K0Gadsden
1970-07-03229°46'N / 82°53'W003K0Gilchrist
1970-07-05229°28'N / 81°16'W0025K0Flagler
1970-07-22226°28'N / 80°04'W000K0Palm Beach
1970-08-25229°56'N / 82°57'W000K0Lafayette
1971-02-07229°57'N / 82°06'W2.00 Miles33 Yards0125K0Bradford
1971-02-07229°57'N / 82°02'W2.00 Miles33 Yards0025K0Clay
1971-03-03226°30'N / 82°00'W0.30 Mile20 Yards0025K0Lee
1971-03-07228°35'N / 81°53'W0.30 Mile30 Yards003K0Lake
1971-05-08230°45'N / 86°35'W2.00 Miles200 Yards0025K0Okaloosa
1971-05-12230°28'N / 87°18'W30°30'N / 87°08'W10.20 Miles200 Yards0025K0Escambia
1971-05-12230°25'N / 86°35'W2.00 Miles100 Yards0025K0Okaloosa
1971-06-13226°12'N / 80°09'W26°13'N / 80°05'W4.50 Miles50 Yards0025K0Broward
1971-06-18227°13'N / 81°23'W1.00 Mile20 Yards0025K0Highlands
1971-06-22225°48'N / 80°15'W2.00 Miles200 Yards0025K0Miami-dade
1971-08-04228°16'N / 80°40'W28°14'N / 80°37'W4.10 Miles77 Yards0025K0Brevard
1971-08-27229°01'N / 81°06'W0.30 Mile50 Yards013K0Volusia
1971-11-29228°01'N / 81°57'W0.50 Mile50 Yards0025K0Polk
1971-12-03227°08'N / 82°28'W27°11'N / 82°25'W4.90 Miles100 Yards0325K0Sarasota
1971-12-03227°07'N / 82°23'W27°09'N / 82°18'W5.90 Miles50 Yards0025K0Sarasota
1971-12-03227°01'N / 82°10'W27°01'N / 82°03'W7.30 Miles100 Yards05250K0Sarasota
1972-01-12230°42'N / 87°02'W0.50 Mile50 Yards0125K0Escambia
1972-01-22229°50'N / 81°40'W0.30 Mile50 Yards043K0Clay
1972-02-01227°25'N / 82°10'W0.50 Mile100 Yards00250K0Manatee
1972-02-01227°25'N / 82°35'W27°27'N / 82°33'W3.30 Miles400 Yards03250K0Manatee
1972-03-02230°40'N / 87°05'W2.00 Miles500 Yards0025K0Santa Rosa
1972-03-04226°07'N / 80°10'W2.00 Miles500 Yards06250K0Broward
1972-03-28230°24'N / 84°20'W0.20 Mile50 Yards0025K0Leon
1972-03-28230°24'N / 84°25'W0.20 Mile50 Yards0025K0Leon
1972-03-31227°50'N / 82°30'W0.20 Mile30 Yards04250K0Hillsborough
1972-03-31228°44'N / 80°45'W1.00 Mile100 Yards01250K0Brevard
1972-03-31228°31'N / 80°42'W2.00 Miles50 Yards0025K0Brevard
1972-03-31227°54'N / 82°15'W1.00 Mile30 Yards0025K0Hillsborough
1972-05-08230°34'N / 85°00'W0.30 Mile27 Yards0025K0Calhoun
1972-05-20229°04'N / 81°18'W1.00 Mile23 Yards0025K0Volusia
1972-06-18224°37'N / 81°41'W1.00 Mile100 Yards040250K0Monroe
1972-06-18224°34'N / 81°48'W1.50 Miles50 Yards00250K0Monroe
1972-06-18226°26'N / 82°07'W0.30 Mile30 Yards0025K0Lee
1972-06-18226°37'N / 82°10'W2.00 Miles50 Yards0025K0Lee
1972-06-18226°37'N / 81°38'W0.50 Mile20 Yards00250K0Lee
1972-06-18228°00'N / 80°34'W2.00 Miles100 Yards011250K0Brevard
1972-06-25230°58'N / 85°36'W0.50 Mile27 Yards123K0Holmes
1972-07-05228°50'N / 81°15'W0.30 Mile50 Yards0025K0Seminole
1972-08-22229°08'N / 81°18'W1.00 Mile50 Yards0025K0Volusia
1972-10-27230°50'N / 86°36'W0.30 Mile20 Yards0025K0Okaloosa
1972-10-27229°47'N / 85°02'W1.00 Mile100 Yards01250K0Gulf
1972-10-27230°36'N / 84°36'W0.30 Mile50 Yards0025K0Gadsden
1972-10-27230°37'N / 84°37'W0.30 Mile50 Yards0025K0Gadsden
1972-10-27229°55'N / 84°20'W0.30 Mile20 Yards00250K0Franklin
1972-10-27229°49'N / 83°35'W29°46'N / 83°35'W3.40 Miles50 Yards01250K0Taylor
1972-12-21230°15'N / 83°12'W30°22'N / 83°03'W12.20 Miles30 Yards0025K0Suwannee
1973-01-28228°16'N / 81°28'W28°20'N / 81°15'W14.00 Miles100 Yards072.5M0Osceola
1973-01-28228°31'N / 81°26'W28°32'N / 81°25'W2.70 Miles300 Yards0162.5M0Orange
1973-01-28228°30'N / 80°48'W28°30'N / 80°43'W5.10 Miles50 Yards0025K0Brevard
1973-02-09227°08'N / 80°12'W2.00 Miles30 Yards01250K0Martin
1973-03-08229°04'N / 82°06'W1.50 Miles100 Yards06250K0Marion
1973-03-17228°13'N / 82°10'W0.30 Mile20 Yards0125K0Pasco
1973-03-17228°06'N / 81°40'W0.30 Mile20 Yards0025K0Polk
1973-04-04229°33'N / 82°06'W29°36'N / 82°04'W4.50 Miles67 Yards00250K0Alachua
1973-04-04229°36'N / 82°04'W29°40'N / 81°33'W31.40 Miles67 Yards04250K0Putnam
1973-04-04229°40'N / 81°33'W29°42'N / 81°30'W4.10 Miles67 Yards00250K0St. Johns
1973-05-26230°36'N / 87°18'W30°44'N / 86°48'W31.10 Miles20 Yards0025K0Escambia
1973-05-26230°44'N / 86°48'W30°50'N / 86°25'W23.80 Miles10 Yards1425K0Okaloosa
1973-05-26230°50'N / 86°25'W30°54'N / 86°06'W19.40 Miles10 Yards0025K0Walton
1973-10-31227°55'N / 82°55'W28°01'N / 82°40'W16.70 Miles100 Yards092.5M0Pinellas
1973-10-31228°01'N / 82°40'W28°05'N / 82°30'W11.20 Miles100 Yards082.5M0Hillsborough
1973-12-20225°25'N / 80°25'W25°31'N / 80°22'W7.60 Miles33 Yards092.5M0Miami-dade
1974-01-30230°39'N / 84°25'W30°39'N / 84°22'W3.30 Miles100 Yards14250K0Gadsden
1974-03-21230°20'N / 82°46'W30°20'N / 82°43'W3.60 Miles200 Yards0125K0Columbia
1974-05-12230°17'N / 82°07'W30°17'N / 82°04'W3.30 Miles33 Yards01250K0Baker
1974-05-12230°17'N / 82°04'W30°19'N / 81°50'W14.20 Miles33 Yards00250K0Duval
1974-05-12230°05'N / 81°41'W30°05'N / 81°37'W4.30 Miles100 Yards02250K0Duval
1974-12-07230°22'N / 86°39'W30°25'N / 86°43'W5.20 Miles100 Yards000K0Okaloosa
1975-01-12230°10'N / 85°42'W30°25'N / 85°23'W25.60 Miles50 Yards13250K0Bay
1975-01-12230°25'N / 85°23'W30°38'N / 85°08'W21.10 Miles50 Yards00250K0Calhoun
1975-01-12230°38'N / 85°08'W30°47'N / 84°55'W16.50 Miles50 Yards015250K0Jackson
1975-02-06230°00'N / 83°12'W30°02'N / 83°02'W10.30 Miles100 Yards042.5M0Lafayette
1975-02-06230°02'N / 83°02'W30°05'N / 82°50'W12.60 Miles100 Yards0025K0Suwannee
1975-03-18229°55'N / 81°20'W1.00 Mile100 Yards00250K0St. Johns
1977-12-05229°38'N / 81°42'W29°40'N / 81°33'W9.40 Miles40 Yards110250K0Putnam
1978-01-08227°55'N / 82°18'W28°00'N / 82°10'W10.00 Miles100 Yards02250K0Hillsborough
1978-01-08228°30'N / 81°32'W2.00 Miles100 Yards0025K0Orange
1978-01-08228°37'N / 81°26'W28°38'N / 81°24'W3.00 Miles200 Yards0232.5M0Orange
1978-01-08228°38'N / 81°24'W28°45'N / 81°10'W16.30 Miles33 Yards002.5M0Seminole
1978-04-19229°51'N / 82°24'W1.00 Mile50 Yards06250K0Alachua
1978-04-19229°04'N / 82°03'W29°06'N / 81°58'W5.60 Miles100 Yards0142.5M0Marion
1978-05-04229°34'N / 82°27'W29°41'N / 82°17'W12.80 Miles300 Yards042.5M0Alachua
1978-12-01228°11'N / 82°28'W0.80 Mile30 Yards00250K0Pasco
1978-12-01228°10'N / 82°11'W0.60 Mile30 Yards00250K0Pasco
1979-01-13226°41'N / 80°03'W1.00 Mile50 Yards002.5M0Palm Beach
1979-05-08228°04'N / 81°41'W4.00 Miles200 Yards14025.0M0Polk
1979-05-24226°06'N / 80°08'W3.00 Miles30 Yards02250K0Broward
1979-07-09228°19'N / 80°36'W0.50 Mile50 Yards062.5M0Brevard
1979-09-03228°04'N / 80°34'W2.00 Miles40 Yards002.5M0Brevard
1979-09-03229°12'N / 81°00'W0.10 Mile30 Yards00250K0Volusia
1979-09-03229°08'N / 80°59'W0.10 Mile30 Yards0025K0Volusia
1980-04-27224°40'N / 81°25'W0.50 Mile150 Yards010250K0Monroe
1981-03-18228°40'N / 81°12'W0.50 Mile33 Yards01250K0Seminole
1981-03-19228°14'N / 81°22'W28°15'N / 81°17'W5.40 Miles50 Yards011250K0Osceola
1981-10-25230°27'N / 85°03'W30°33'N / 85°03'W6.90 Miles50 Yards0122.5M0Calhoun
1981-12-15227°43'N / 82°43'W27°46'N / 82°40'W4.70 Miles150 Yards05250K0Pinellas
1982-04-08228°48'N / 81°16'W28°49'N / 81°13'W3.00 Miles50 Yards010250K0Seminole
1982-04-09228°30'N / 81°50'W28°31'N / 81°47'W3.00 Miles20 Yards0125K0Lake
1982-06-11229°10'N / 82°39'W29°07'N / 82°32'W6.00 Miles60 Yards00250K0Levy
1982-06-11229°07'N / 82°32'W29°04'N / 82°25'W7.00 Miles60 Yards00250K0Marion
1982-06-17226°43'N / 81°30'W26°47'N / 81°29'W4.00 Miles17 Yards11250K0Hendry
1982-06-17226°47'N / 81°29'W26°50'N / 81°27'W4.00 Miles17 Yards03250K0Glades
1982-06-17227°25'N / 81°23'W1.00 Mile200 Yards090K0Highlands
1982-09-26227°23'N / 81°02'W4.00 Miles60 Yards17250K0Okeechobee
1983-02-01230°51'N / 86°17'W0.30 Mile30 Yards0125K0Walton
1983-02-02229°31'N / 82°16'W0.30 Mile20 Yards04250K0Alachua
1983-02-02227°59'N / 82°13'W28°03'N / 82°09'W4.00 Miles40 Yards02250K0Hillsborough
1983-02-02228°33'N / 81°22'W1.00 Mile20 Yards00250K0Orange
1983-02-02228°33'N / 81°22'W28°37'N / 81°18'W5.00 Miles50 Yards092.5M0Orange
1983-02-02227°27'N / 81°24'W1.00 Mile40 Yards16250K0Highlands
1983-02-02227°15'N / 80°14'W2.00 Miles50 Yards01250K0Martin
1983-03-07228°07'N / 80°38'W28°10'N / 80°34'W5.00 Miles60 Yards00250K0Brevard
1983-03-17225°54'N / 80°56'W25°55'N / 80°53'W2.50 Miles60 Yards002.5M0Collier
1983-03-17225°55'N / 80°53'W25°58'N / 80°44'W10.00 Miles60 Yards002.5M0Miami-dade
1983-03-17225°58'N / 80°44'W26°17'N / 80°05'W40.00 Miles60 Yards022.5M0Broward
1983-03-21227°15'N / 80°50'W27°19'N / 80°44'W5.00 Miles50 Yards042.5M0Okeechobee
1983-03-24228°15'N / 81°02'W28°18'N / 80°51'W10.00 Miles90 Yards0025.0M0Osceola
1983-03-24228°18'N / 80°51'W28°20'N / 80°43'W8.00 Miles90 Yards0025.0M0Brevard
1983-04-09229°10'N / 82°14'W29°14'N / 82°03'W10.00 Miles60 Yards00250K0Marion
1983-04-23229°43'N / 82°54'W29°52'N / 82°45'W11.00 Miles80 Yards042.5M0Gilchrist
1983-04-23229°52'N / 82°45'W29°56'N / 82°36'W4.00 Miles80 Yards022.5M0Columbia
1983-08-08226°42'N / 80°06'W0.30 Mile70 Yards022.5M0Palm Beach
1983-11-20229°17'N / 81°03'W29°19'N / 81°00'W3.00 Miles50 Yards002.5M0Volusia
1983-11-20229°28'N / 81°08'W29°29'N / 81°05'W3.00 Miles50 Yards00250K0Flagler
1983-12-11227°46'N / 82°40'W27°53'N / 82°39'W8.00 Miles100 Yards00250K0Pinellas
1983-12-12227°13'N / 81°52'W1.00 Mile50 Yards04250K0De Soto
1983-12-13230°38'N / 87°02'W1.50 Miles300 Yards00250K0Santa Rosa
1984-02-27229°47'N / 82°01'W29°50'N / 82°00'W3.00 Miles30 Yards02250K0Clay
1985-08-31228°48'N / 81°52'W28°53'N / 81°50'W5.00 Miles50 Yards002.5M0Lake
1986-02-08227°53'N / 81°50'W2.00 Miles10 Yards00250K0Polk
1986-03-14229°39'N / 82°19'W2.00 Miles10 Yards002.5M0Alachua
1986-08-09226°36'N / 81°58'W1.50 Miles200 Yards0122.5M0Lee
1987-04-15228°39'N / 82°03'W28°47'N / 81°53'W12.00 Miles250 Yards00250K0Sumter
1987-04-15228°48'N / 81°38'W28°50'N / 81°36'W3.00 Miles100 Yards172.5M0Lake
1988-04-18230°57'N / 85°10'W31°03'N / 84°54'W15.00 Miles300 Yards002.5M0Jackson
1988-04-19230°36'N / 83°15'W2.00 Miles30 Yards00250K0Hamilton
1988-06-25228°50'N / 82°20'W2.00 Miles40 Yards0025K0Citrus
1988-11-04226°38'N / 81°51'W1.50 Miles400 Yards002.5M0Lee
1988-11-05230°22'N / 83°21'W30°28'N / 83°15'W8.00 Miles50 Yards1325K0Madison
1989-05-01230°28'N / 86°32'W2.00 Miles100 Yards0025.0M0Okaloosa
1989-06-08229°43'N / 84°55'W29°45'N / 84°52'W3.00 Miles300 Yards342.5M0Franklin
1989-07-23226°38'N / 81°51'W1.00 Mile300 Yards002.5M0Lee
1992-07-12228°01'N / 82°47'W28°09'N / 82°45'W4.50 Miles60 Yards062.5M0Pinellas
1992-10-03227°53'N / 82°48'W27°54'N / 82°45'W3.00 Miles200 Yards102.5M0Pinellas
1993-04-05226°58'N / 82°06'W2.00 Miles100 Yards015.0M0Charlotte
 Brief Description: A tornado moved through a residential area of Port Charlotte and moved rapidly northeastward causing a 2-mile path of destruction. In all, 69 houses were damaged, 17 of which were severely damaged and one was destroyed. A male resident of this house was cut on the forearm and received a hairline fracture of his foot as the roof was completely lifted off the structure. Promenades Mall was then hit, severely damaging a Bryons department store which will be closed for 5 months for repairs, a supermarket, a medical center, a motel and several other small businesses. Many trees were uprooted, fences damaged, screen enclosures and outbuildings were destroyed. A wind gust of 61 mph was observed at Punta Gorda Airport at 0147 EST. Damage was estimated at $1 million by the emergency manager.
1995-01-07229°00'N / 82°07'W29°00'N / 81°55'W12.00 Miles440 Yards1202.8M0Marion
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado touched down at 0550 EST about one mile north of Pedro in Marion County and moved east about 12 miles before lifting about three-quarters miles north of Weirsdale. A man received fatal head injuries while sitting in his car outside a mobile home when the car was rolled four times. Another 20 persons, mostly those in mobile homes, were injured. The tornado destroyed or heavily damaged 66 mobile homes with less extensive damage to another 85 dwellings, mostly mobile homes. The hardest hit communities were Lake Weir Harbor Estates and Bird Island. (M53A)
1995-04-24229°39'N / 81°44'W29°45'N / 81°31'W10.00 Miles350 Yards051.1M0St. Johns
 Brief Description: A tornado touched town about five and a half miles west of Palatka travelled east northeast, lifting about one and a half miles northeast of Palatka. In Putnam County more than 200 building were damaged with 11 totally destroyed and over 150 vehicles were damaged. Winds were measured at 93 mph. In St Johns County, damage was confined mainly to trees downed. Damaged to buildings was mainly roof damage but several mobile homes were completely destroyed. Included in the damage was a hospital, community college and church.
1995-10-04230°45'N / 86°36'W1.80 Miles170 Yards13300K0Okaloosa
 Brief Description: A tornado touched down near Interstate 10 east of Crestview. The tornado then moved northwest across Okaloosa Lane and then across U.S. Highway 90 before dissipating near Highway 85. The tornado destroyed two homes and a church and severely damaged the late Bob Sikes Homestead and the Crestview High School's gymnasium. The two homes that were destroyed were along Okaloosa Lane. One home was on blocks on a concrete foundation, the home was completely destroyed and an elderly female who lived there was killed. The other home had the roof taken off and most of the insides of the home were destroyed. Three people were injured in this home and were saved when the wind blew them to the floor. The tornado was on the ground for almost two miles. F76PH
1996-02-02230°19'N / 81°43'W30°22'N / 81°40'W6.00 Miles80 Yards002.8M0Duval
 Brief Description: The tornado touched-down at Park Street and Cassat Avenue and moved to just north of I-10/I-95. Sixty one homes reported minor damage, three with major damage. Four businesses reported major damage had 12 RVs valued up to 70K overturned. Trees, power lines and traffic lights were blown down along the path.
1996-10-07228°58'N / 80°53'W29°01'N / 80°56'W6.00 Miles400 Yards002.4M0Volusia
 Brief Description: A 400 yard wide F2 tornado-waterspout initally touched down west of Interstate 95, about 1.5 mile south of Florida Highway 442. The tornado moved northeast at 40 mph, crossing the town of Edgewater. It remained in contact with the surface as it moved over the Indian River Lagoon and crossed the barrier island in the southern part of New Smyrna Beach. There were no fatalities or serious injuries reported. One commerical structure and 30 homes were severly damaged. Over 200 homes received minor damage. At least 1 mobile home was destroyed. Damage estimates were near $2.4 million.
1996-11-30230°26'N / 87°06'W30°26'N / 87°06'W0.40 Mile90 Yards0775K0Santa Rosa
 Brief Description: A waterspout moved out of Blackwater Bay and lifted back into the cloud as it moved north northeast across State Highway 87. The storm damaged some trees just before crossing County Road 184. Here a weak F2 tornado dropped down and totally destroyed a mobile home and damaged a house next to it. The person that was injured in this trailer was hospitalized for several days. The tornado continued on the ground and destroyed another trailer home on South Trace Road. Six people were injured in this mobile home, one was hospitalized. The tornado then lifted back into the cloud near Permenter Road. As the storm that spawned the tornado moved north northeast, other structures suffered some wind damage for another mile. Of the six mobile homes damaged, three were unsalvageable, two suffered major damage and one suffered minor damage. Of the six houses damaged, four suffered major damage and two suffered minor damage.
1996-12-01230°28'N / 86°23'W30°28'N / 86°22'W0.40 Mile75 Yards00500K0Okaloosa
 Brief Description: A waterspout developed near Mid Bay Bridge along the north bank of Choctawhatchee Bay and moved ashore near exclusive Pippin Estates. The resulting tornado moved along Lake Drive for about 1/3 of a mile. Ten homes suffered roof damage, four of which had major structural damage. Numerous fifty to one-hundred year old Live Oak and other trees were blown down. Some of the trees fell across vehicles and homes. Several boats were also blown ashore and damaged. The tornado cut a path of about seventy-five yards wide and was estimated to be a weak F2. There were no injuries.
1996-12-07227°50'N / 82°18'W27°50'N / 82°18'W2.00 Miles83 Yards10100K0Hillsborough
 Brief Description: A short-lived but strong tornado touched down one eighth of a mile east of Interstate 75 and one half mile north of Big Bend Road in Riverview where it snapped a dozen tree tops. The tornado moved east and descended into the Cowley Cove mobile home complex where it widened to 250 feet and damaged nine mobile homes and snapped an additional dozen trees. Three mobile homes were completely leveled, two were severely damaged, one moderately damaged and three incurred minor damage, all on Cowley Cove Court. One human fatality, a 50 year old male, and three dogs, occurred when the occupants mobile home was lifted up by the tornadic winds and tossed nearly a 100 feet from its foundation where it disentegrated on impact. At least five parked vehicles where damaged by the tornado along with several sheds and outbuildings. Most of the damage occurred along a 3/16 mile path in the Cowley Cove mobile home complex before it lifted, moved east and sporatically touched down in rural southern Hillsborough county. The tornado dissipated nearly two miles east of it's initial touchdown north of Dixon Drive. Of note, a parked undrivable vehicle that was in the direct path of the tornado had most of it's contents sucked from the hatchback storage compartment including a removed 100 pound transmission. Inspection of the vehicle found that the hatchback skin was buckled, bowed and pushed outward from the inside of the vehicle by the transmission casing that eventually smashed upward and out through the rear hatchback window. M50MH
1997-01-15230°33'N / 85°21'W30°33'N / 85°21'W0.50 Mile150 Yards0150K1KCalhoun
 Brief Description: A tornado completely destroyed a frame home badly injuring a man. Other nearby homes received minor damage. Scores of trees were snapped or uprooted.
1997-12-27228°04'N / 81°40'W28°08'N / 81°36'W5.80 Miles150 Yards0186.0M0Polk
 Brief Description: A strong F2 tornado touched down in the Lake Region mobile home park along U.S. Highway 27 and County Road 544 in Polk county. Several mobile homes sustained major to severe damage. Residents of Haines City who heard the tornado described that the sound resembled a high-pitched whine. The F2 tornado moved northeast and travelled across U.S. Highway 27 and caused significant wall and roof damage to several well built wood, mixed brick and mobile homes over mainly south and east Haines City from County Road 544 northeast to County Road 580. The Boone Middle School over eastern Haines City had heavy damage to a main building while eleven portable classrooms were destroyed or heavily damaged. Numerous trees were uprooted or snapped half way up from the base. Several orange trees were sheared near the base along County Road 544. Several power poles were snapped and power lines downed along the path of the F2 tornado. Total damage was estimated at six million dollars. Seventy-five homes were destroyed, another 75-100 suffered major damage while another 75-100 received minor damage. Most of the homes destroyed were mobile or pre-fabricated homes. Also, at least ten vehicles were damaged or destroyed by the tornado. Nearly 2,000 electrical customers were without power from power poles and lines blown down by the tornadic wind. Most injuries that occurred during the tornado touchdown resulted from wind blown debris.
1998-02-02225°48'N / 80°17'W25°56'N / 80°16'W14.00 Miles200 Yards06175.0M0Miami-dade
 Brief Description: At 2022 est f1-f2 tornado touched down nw 36th st/curtis parkway damaging about 12 planes at mia international airport. The mia asos recorded a gust of 90 knots. The f2 tornado crossed through virginia gardens and south miami springs in a 100-200 yard path damaging many buildings and hurling a 2 by 4 board through an apartment door. Showing f1 intensity the tornado continued through miami springs uprooting trees and damaging roof tops. At 2027 est the tornado intensified to f2 into south hialeah severly damaging structures. the tornado weakened to f1 near hialeah race track and the path widened to one to three miles...with indications of three or four individual tornadoes of f1 intensity moving in tandem to the north.. at 2031 est the main tornado reintensified to f2 status as it approached opa locka airport severly damaging the roof of the ups facility then damaging or destroying 140 aircraft and a hangar at the airport blowing some debris nearly a half mile. The tornadoes weakened to f1 status as they moved through carol city damaging homes and utility poles. ...a developing low pressure over the north gulf of mexico resulted in a tightening pressure gradient over south florida and adjacent waters. Southeast winds sustained at gale force with higher gusts occurred through most of 02/02/98. A pre-frontal trough of low pressure developed over the southeastern gulf of mexico early 02/02/98. This resulted in a highly unstable airmass which was lifted by strong mid and upper level jets by late afternoon. Tornado and severe thunderstorm producing storms moved through the florida keys between 1530 And 1930 est. The thunderstorms moved over south florida between 1930 and 2130 est. The culmination of gail force winds...several severe thunderstorms and two tornadoes resulted in widespread damage in the florida keys. Trees...power lines and light poles were down most locations south of key largo. Some minor coastal flooding occurred. Boats were capsized and docks were damaged. A support buoy for an underwater lab was dislodged and drifted ashore. Fema reported one house completely destroyed and 23 homes damaged. Several businesses were damaged. Extensive damage occurred to the fishing industry primarilly loss of lobster traps.
1998-02-22229°10'N / 81°06'W29°13'N / 81°02'W8.00 Miles150 Yards134.0M0Volusia
 Brief Description: The first tornado in a major tornado outbreak set down along Route 92 about 5 miles southwest of Daytona Beach. The category F2 tornado moved about 8 miles to the northeast passing over the junction of Interstate 95 and Interstate 4 and finally lifted in the south part of Daytona Beach west of the Intracoastal Waterway. Six hundred structures were damaged or destroyed. One person was killed in a mobile home and three others were injured. M41MH
1998-02-23228°51'N / 80°56'W28°54'N / 80°51'W5.00 Miles150 Yards00500K0Volusia
 Brief Description: The same supercell that produced the Sanford tornado produced an F2 tornado that touched down just west of Interstate 95 about 5 miles west of Oak Hill. The tornado moved northeast at 45 mph blowing down trees destroying two barns and damaging 10 mobile homes and 2 houses. The tornado lifted at the town of Ariel at U.S. Highway 1.
1998-03-09227°50'N / 81°30'W27°54'N / 81°19'W10.40 Miles250 Yards042.0M0Polk
 Brief Description: A tornado (F0) touched down in rural semi-wooded swampland, seven miles southeast of Lake Wales in Southwest Polk County. Ground survey indicated that the tornado moved northeast across Lake-In-The-Water Road and caused sporadic minor damage to the roofs of a few homes and downed trees and branches in the Oakwood Drive subdivision. The tornado continued northeast, widened to 250 yards and intensified to F2 strength where it destroyed or severely damaged several structures along Doherty Drive. Two mobile homes that took a direct hit from the F2 tornado along Doherty Drive were completely disintegrated with only frame rails and tie downs intact. Meanwhile, in close proximity to the crushed mobile homes, a well-built home, with rebar-poured concrete, reinforced cinder block walls and a hip roof, suffered minor structural and roofing tile damage after taking a direct hit by the F2 tornado on Doherty Drive. A pick-up truck parked adjacent to the well-built home was pushed 30 feet from its original resting place by the tornadic wind. Residents along Doherty Drive reported the sound of the tornado resembled that of a large freight train. One severely injured resident on Doherty Drive was tossed over 50 feet into the street from his mobile home that was destroyed by the tornado. A storage facility with unsupported cinder block walls and a high unsupported roof span was demolished by the tornadic wind. Tornado ground survey indicated that a large ten foot plus wide wood door entrance failed and allowed the tornadic wind to enter the commercial structure and exert extreme pressure on the outer load bearing walls which collapsed outward. Aerial survey indicated that the tornado weakened to F1 strength and continued northeast across rural pasture and semi-wooded swampland where it caused severe damage to a few mobile homes, barns, fences and sheds before it crossed State Road 60, one quarter mile west of Tiger Lake Road, or 11.5 miles east of Lake Wales. The tornado downed large power lines along State Road 60 and continued northeast where it snapped tree tops and branches before it lifted and dissipated along the southwest shore of Lake Kissimmee. The tornado in all destroyed or severely damaged twelve homes, caused moderate to slight damage to an additional fourteen homes, severely damaged four commercial buildings and damaged two recreational vehicles. The tornado also snapped several large power poles, downed numerous power lines and uprooted or snapped several large trees. Tornado damage to structures was estimated at one million dollars while damage to the electrical infrastructure was estimated at one million dollars.
1998-09-03228°58'N / 82°30'W29°00'N / 82°27'W4.50 Miles50 Yards02500K0Citrus
 Brief Description: A tornado (F2), associated with an outer band of Hurricane Earl, touched down along N. Fairport Avenue, east of the intersection of County Road 495 and West Dunklin Road, six miles northeast of Crystal River. The tornado moved northeast, sporadically touched down along a narrow path, and destroyed a two story family structure, seven mobile homes and caused minor damage to an additional eight single family and sixteen mobile homes. Several large trees, sheds and power lines were downed by the tornado before it lifted and dissipated near County Road 488 and N. Circle M Avenue. Of note, a homeowner on W. Wheatfield Lane in Citrus Springs was alerted to the impending tornado by his four dogs who stubbornly refused to venture outdoors nearly ten minutes prior to the touchdown. The homeowner on W. Wheatfield Lane described the sound of the tornado similar to that of a roaring train as it passed over and damaged his home and downed nearby trees. Two injuries occurred to the occupants of the two story home that was destroyed by the tornado before it lifted and dissipated.
1998-09-29230°18'N / 83°06'W30°21'N / 83°06'W2.00 Miles100 Yards05600K0Suwannee
 Brief Description: The tornado demolished seven homes and damaged at least 5 others. Two residents received serious injuries.
1998-11-04225°05'N / 80°27'W25°10'N / 80°21'W12.00 Miles75 Yards02025.0M0Monroe
 Brief Description: A multivortex tornado touched down just west of U.S. 1 near mile marker 100. The tornado moved north northeast at 30 mph passing across ten housing subdivision, mostly mobile home parks. It damaged about 600 structures, tore down utility lines, damaged vessels and destroyed a great deal of foliage. The tornado crossed to the east of U.S. 1 near the intersection of Highway 905, overturning a semi tractor trailer, and continue north northeast for about six miles damaging house roofs and foliage. Tropical storm Mitch, after devastating portions of central America as a hurricane then dissipating over land, reformed over the Bay of Campeche and moved northeast across the Yucatan Peninsula, the southeast Gulf of Mexico and into south Florida. Casualties in south Florida included two drownings in a fishing boat that capsized near the Dry Tortugas and about 65 injuries, most of them minor, in the upper keys involving hurricane spawned tornadoes. Losses are estimated at $50 million, including $20 million in crop damage. Much of the property damage was caused by five tornadoes, one of which reached a maximum intensity of F2, in the upper Keys. A total of 646 dwellings were damaged in an area from Islamorada to north Key Largo. Other tornadoes were observed in Broward, Palm Beach, and Collier counties. Widespread rainfall totals across south Florida averaged 6 to 8 inches with local amounts of 13 inches. The storm surge of 2 to 4 feet along the Keys and southwest Florida coast, and 1 to 2 feet along the southeast coast, produced minor flooding, beach erosion and damage to marine structures and vessels. The maximum officially measured wind in south Florida was 52 knots (60 mph) with a peak wind of 57 knots (65 mph) at Fowey Rocks Light. The maximum wind on land was 35 knots (40 mph) with a peak wind of 48 knots (55 mph) at Key West International Airport. About 50,000 customers lost their electricity.
1999-01-02230°11'N / 85°48'W30°12'N / 85°42'W3.80 Miles100 Yards074.0M0Bay
 Brief Description: A tornado initially struck at Panama City Beach damaging several homes and a few hotels within a four-block area surrounded by Sunset Ave-Thomas and Holiday Dr. The tornado again touched down two miles to the north at the Hathaway Bridge (U.S. Highway 98) where a six-car pileup injured seven. Finally, the tornado lifted over St. Andrews Bay and descended about a mile further north into a residential area surrounded by Big Daddy-Marina Dr. and Bay Circle where numerous homes and businesses were damaged. Scattered power outages affected several thousand customers in West Panama City and Panama City Beach.
2000-12-16230°46'N / 85°40'W30°48'N / 85°38'W3.00 Miles100 Yards00750K0Holmes
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado touched down once just south of Bonifay, lifted, then touched down again before dissipating just east of the city. According to the Holmes County EMA, 39 homes and eight businesses were damaged, and four mobile homes were destroyed. Most of the damage occurred in the vicinity of Son-In-Law Road, just north of Interstate 10. Trees were uprooted and roofs were ripped off homes and businesses in the affected area. Numerous power lines were toppled, knocking out power to several thousand customers. A local state of emergency was declared in Holmes County.
2001-03-13230°21'N / 83°02'W30°25'N / 83°04'W3.50 Miles30 Yards0080K0Hamilton
 Brief Description: One mobile home and one church were destroyed. Two vehicles damaged. Tornado ranged from F0-F2 and skipped along the path. Numerous trees and power lines were blown down.
2001-03-15230°36'N / 85°33'W30°38'N / 85°29'W7.00 Miles350 Yards1211.5M0Washington
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado touched down in the Sunny Hills subdivision near Gin Lake in southeast Washington County, and raced northeast into southwest Jackson County. The tornado struck the Country Oaks, Buckhorn Creek, and Highview Acres communities. The hardest hit area was Highview Acres where 20 homes were damaged or destroyed. One man was killed when his mobile home was destroyed. 21 people were injured. Hundreds of trees were uprooted and debris scattered over several miles along the tornado's path. Numerous downed power lines affected 4,500 customers. Reported by the Washington County EMA.
2001-03-15230°38'N / 85°25'W30°41'N / 85°22'W3.00 Miles300 Yards00500K0Jackson
 Brief Description: The F2 tornado that touched down near Wausau in southeast Washington County, raced northeast across the Washington-Jackson County line and hit the Round Lake community just south of Alford before it dissipated. Fifteen homes were severely damaged and two homes were destroyed. A gift shop on U.S. Highway 231 was destroyed. There were numerous downed trees and power lines. Reported by the Jackson County EMA.
2001-03-15230°16'N / 85°15'W30°16'N / 85°12'W2.00 Miles150 Yards0050K0Calhoun
 Brief Description: An F2 tornado touched down just south of Kinard on the west side of SW J.A. Daniels Road. It damaged two sheds and two barns. It tracked northeast and crossed State Road 73, two-tenths of a mile south of Mark Barbee Lane, and uprooted numerous trees. From Mark Barbee Lane, the tornado continued its northeast track and severely damaged two vacant structures on SW Clayton Shiver Road, and then dissipated. Damage surveyed by the NWS Tallahassee WCM and reported by the Calhoun County EMA.
2001-03-29228°59'N / 82°22'W29°08'N / 82°07'W22.00 Miles100 Yards001.5M0Marion
 Brief Description: More than 85 homes were damaged in three neighborhoods, knocking power out to 10,000 thousand of residents.
2001-03-29229°52'N / 81°45'W30°02'N / 81°40'W12.00 Miles150 Yards001.1M0Clay
 Brief Description: Tornado was mainly F0-F1. Large trees were uprooted and power lines were blown down. Two homes were destroyed, 4 with major damage, and 50 with minor damage. A total of 56 homes in the Highlands Avenue area were damaged.
2003-03-20230°42'N / 85°03'W30°46'N / 84°55'W8.00 Miles300 Yards03500K0Jackson
 Brief Description: A tornado touched down in Cypress, just west of Grand Ridge, and traveled northeast before lifting to the north of Sneads. Two mobile homes and a single-family home were destroyed. 15 single-family and mobile homes were damaged. Numerous trees and power lines were down. One person was seriously injured and two sustained minor injuries. Reported by the Jackson County EMA and CAP/NWS aerial survey team.
2003-03-27225°46'N / 80°12'W25°46'N / 80°12'W6.00 Miles600 Yards1148.0M0Miami-dade
 Brief Description: The tornado initially touched down in East Hialeah, near NE 2nd Street and E 4th Avenue causing F0 damage to foliage. The tornado strengthened to F1 intensity as it moved east across E 9th Avenue. It achieved a maximum intensity of F2 with a maximum width of one third mile in an area from NW 37th to 27th Avenues in the Brownsville area. The intensity decreased to F1 as it moved east through Liberty City. The intensity further decreased to F0 as the tornado turned northeast and lifted just before entering Biscayne Bay near NE 70th Street. F1 to F2 damage began in an industrial area where several warehouse roofs were damaged. One large free-span roof was nearly completely torn off. Several semi-tractor trailers, apparently empty, were toppled, one of which fell onto two cars, crushing them. The tornado moved through a residential area known as Brownsville, heavily damaging 60 houses. At one of the homes, a 65-year old male who was sitting in this house was killed when debris penetrated the structure. His wife who took shelter in the bathroom was uninjured. A total of 343 other structures sustained damage, mostly to roofs and windows. Several vehicles were rolled over. Numerous utility poles were broken, large trees were uprooted and signs were downed. M65PH
2004-08-12230°28'N / 81°48'W30°24'N / 81°41'W7.00 Miles1 Yards0000Duval
 Brief Description: 1500: Tornado sighted on ground at the intersection of Imeson and Pritchard Rd. 1500: 3 train cars derailed in Edgewood area of town. 1500: Tornado progressing toward the Edgewood area...ripping up trees in its path. 1505: Tornado about 1 mile from Trained Storm Spotter who was at 601 Crestwood Ave. Tornado was observed in the Norwood and Edgewood areas of town. 1530: Trees on home at Francis and Cleveland Roads and 3056 Francis Road. Tree on house along Pettiford Drive. Powerlines down across the Edgewood area. Mobile home overturned on Edgewood Ave and U.S. 1 (New Kings Road). 6 trees broken. A police sub-station off of U.S. 1 and Edgewood had 6 cars and 1 tractor trailer damaged. Report from Trained Storm Spotter. 1530: Roof ripped off of grocery store at Ina Road and Imeson. Building bricks were broken off and hit 11 cars which caused damage. Trees down on homes at 6024 and 6026 Bagley Road. 1550: Radio reports of damage and debris along New Kings Road. Damage included downed and snapped trees and destroyed billboards. Road closures along New Kings Road heard at 1550 EST. 1550: Debris in trailer park including mattresses on roofs. 1600: Tornado sighted near West 45th Street and U.S. 1 in northwest Jacksonville. 1615: Numerous trees down and snapped in the Edgewood area of Jacksonville.
2004-08-13226°09'N / 80°56'W26°45'N / 80°56'W42.00 Miles100 Yards0050K0Hendry
 Brief Description: A long-track supercell tornado, associated with a rainband of Hurricane Charley, moved across the open Everglades before striking a building in Clewiston.
2004-09-15230°30'N / 85°03'W30°34'N / 85°07'W7.00 Miles600 Yards452.5M0Calhoun
 Brief Description: The supercell thunderstorm which spawned tornadoes in Franklin and Liberty counties, produced a strong F2 tornado, which touched down just southeast of Van Lierop Road, a few miles east of Highway 69. It crossed Highway 69 near the Stafford Creek Bridge, and peeled roofs from dozens of homes, uprooted trees, and scattered debris. The tornado then struck the Macedonia Community at Highway 69-A and Parrish Lake Road. It demolished three trailers and damaged 30 homes. The tornado picked up two neighboring mobile homes. One was thrown across a road and killed its two occupants. Another was slammed into a neighbor's house, which killed its two occupants and injured five others. Reported by the Calhoun County EMA. M55PH, F35PH, M41PH, F37PH
2004-09-15230°43'N / 85°10'W30°52'N / 85°14'W8.00 Miles500 Yards033.0M0Jackson
 Brief Description: A strong F2 tornado touched down about four miles west of Cypress. It damaged 10 mobile homes and destroyed 25 others in the Gold Drive Trailer Park. Three occupants were injured. The tornado moved northwest and damaged 10 mobile homes in the Brogdon Lane Trailer Park on U.S. Highway 90 just east of Marianna. It caused significant damage to the Federal Correctional Institution and destroyed eight vehicles. Before lifting, the tornado destroyed the Sykes Enterprise facility and some vehicles near the Marianna Municipal Airport. Reported by the Jackson County EMA.
2005-08-26224°42'N / 81°05'W24°42'N / 81°05'W1.20 Miles20 Yards005.0M0Monroe
 Brief Description: Tornado damage path began oceanfront at 73rd Street Ocean (F1) in Marathon and moved northeast, crossing U.S. Highway 1 near 76th Street Ocean, passing through Marathon Airport before entering Florida Bay near the Sea Air Estates Subdivision. Most signficant damage (F2) included concrete block residential structure shifted on foundation...a frame residence shifted on pilings, and bent large steel I-Beams on recently constructed hangars at Marathon Airport. One boat sunk in canal. Extensive damage to porches and trees along narrow path.
2005-10-24228°02'N / 80°34'W28°02'N / 80°34'W0.30 Mile40 Yards00150K0Brevard
 Brief Description: A rainband from Hurricane Wilma moving northwest toward the coast produced an F2 waterspout-tornado that moved on shore and removed the upper floor of a house that was built over a ground level garage. The top half of the structure was blown into US Highway A1A.
2006-06-21226°59'N / 82°07'W26°57'N / 82°08'W3.00 Miles70 Yards03500K0Charlotte
 Brief Description: A small but destructive tornado rapidly developed near the merger of the east and west coast sea breezes over Port Charlotte. The first touch down was just northeast of the Charlotte County Cultural Center. It then moved southwest for about three miles ending around the 4200 block of Rock Creek Drive. It caused damage in several locations along its path, most of which was rated as F0/F1 on the Fujita Scale. However, damage rated as F2 occurred on the 300 block of East Tarpon Boulevard NW. One home wa
2006-12-25230°06'N / 82°25'W30°08'N / 82°24'W3.00 Miles300 Yards010K0KColumbia
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: Columbia County Emergency Management reports damage to 12 homes and one home destroyed. A business was also destroyed. Extensive damage was reported in the community of Woodborough along Scenic Lake drive as well as along Moore road northwest of Lake City. One minor injury was reported with minor lacerations. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A vigorous short wave trough and squall line moved across north Florida on Christmas Day resulting in severe weather across the northern and central portions of the state and a tornado near Lake City, Columbia County, Florida.
2006-12-25228°18'N / 82°19'W28°19'N / 82°19'W1.00 Mile100 Yards023.5M0KPasco
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado hit the Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club which is located a few miles west of San Antonio or about 9.5 miles west southwest of Dade City. Radar showed the tornado occurred on the north side of a small bow echo that was moving to the northeast and caused additional damage north of State Road 52. The tornado caused $3.5 million in damage, two injuries, 101 damaged homes, 21 of which were considered heavily damaged, and 6 destroyed. Most of the damage was rated F0 or F1 on the Fuita tornado scale. However, damage rated as F2 occurred on the 2900 block of Caddyshack Lane. The damage looked like high end F1 damage, but the 1999 home had hurricane straps, a reinforced garage door, and other protective measures making it stronger than the average home. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A line of thunderstorms ahead of a cold front moved across the eastern Gulf of Mexico and through much of Florida. Doppler radar showed bow echoes with several of the storms.
2006-12-25229°01'N / 81°18'W29°04'N / 81°16'W3.00 Miles50 Yards052.5M0KVolusia
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: An F2 tornado touched down just west of North Stone Street in Deland and moved northeast crossing Highway 17. It moved across the Fernwood mobile home community and continued northeast over Meadowlea Estates mobile home community. It lifted just north of Carter Road. Fifty two residences were destroyed and 162 were damaged. Five people were seriously injured. EPISODE NARRATIVE: On December 24th an area of surface low pressure developed in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of a strong upper level trough and an associated powerful branch of the subtropical jet. As this low pressure system moved into Florida, a squall line developed over the eastern Gulf of Mexico and then moved rapidly into Florida . The squall line spawned severe thunderstorms and tornadoes moving east and northeast at around 50 MPH.
2007-04-15230°31'N / 82°15'W2.00 Miles300 Yards000K0KBaker
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: An EF2 tornado tracked across rural farmland in extreme northeast Baker county, just southwest of Moniac. A residence off of Moccasin Creek Road had an out building destroyed, widespread tree damage and minor damage to the primary residence. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A surface low rapidly deepened over NC during the early morning hours of April 15, 2007, as the parent upper level trough phased with the surface feature. A squall line of severe storms preceding a cold front moved through northeast Florida during the early morning hours of April 15th and produced multiple supercells.
2008-03-07229°49'N / 83°36'W29°49'N / 83°35'W02500K0KTaylor
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A waterspout came ashore as a tornado at Keaton Beach. Damage began along Keaton Beach Drive, just south of Beach Road, and continued east to Marina Drive where most of the significant damage occurred. Sporadic tree and power line damage was observed near Marina Drive. Fifteen homes between Marina Drive and Keaton Beach Drive sustained minor to moderate roof damage. Several decks on these homes failed. One home was destroyed when it was blown off its foundation and tossed into the road. Two injuries were reported. A few small boats were lofted into the air, with one boat moved over 100 feet. The tornado quickly lifted over an open area east of Marina Drive. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A brief, but extensive severe weather episode occurred across the Florida Big Bend during the morning of March 7, 2008. There were widespread reports of straight line wind damage across the area, with two confirmed tornadoes reported by NWS survey teams. There was also some urban street flooding in Tallahassee. Nearly 10,000 Tallahassee customers were without power.
2008-03-07230°11'N / 82°39'W30°12'N / 82°37'W1.00 Mile800 Yards154.0M0KColumbia
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: National Weather Service Storm Survey of the tornado track indicated most damage was EF1 scale with a small area of EF2 damage near NE Denver Street opposite a large field. Numerous Trees and power lines were snapped or blown over by the storm. Truck and trailers were also blown over in an industrial park. Nineteen homes were destroyed, twenty-one suffered major damage, and twenty had minor damage. Two businesses were destroyed with six suffering major damage. One female fatality occurred when a tree went through her mobile home. A male indirect fatality occurred when trying to connect a power generator. The mesocyclone which spanned this tornado was tracked across Taylor, Lafayette, and Suwannee Counties prior to this touchdown and it later spanned tornadoes in Baker, Charlton and Nassau Counties. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A squall line with severe weather and several tornadoes moved across north Florida and southeast Georgia.
2008-08-19226°37'N / 80°13'W26°39'N / 80°16'W3.00 Miles100 Yards001.3M0KPalm Beach
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: Tornado moved through a number of Equine Farms and Polo Grounds as well as two subdivisions in Wellington. Worst damage was to Palm Beach Equine Clinic, 13125 Southfield Road, where roofs were blown off of stables, power poles snapped, and many trees down in criss-crossing patterns. The Equine Veterinary roof was more than 95 percent detiled, a heavy trailer was tossed about 40 yards from its previous location northwest of the International Polo Club, and an apartment home roof near Folkstone Circle was about 70 percent detiled. Maximum estimated wind speed was around 115 MPH. Most of the track was around 70 to 80 yards wide, but at the widest point the tornado was around 100 yards in width. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Tropical Storm Fay affected South Florida on the 18th and 19th of August. The storm made landfall early in the morning of the 19th near Cape Romano, and moved over inland sections of South Florida during the morning and afternoon hours of the 19th, exiting the area near Lake Okeechobee. Fay caused tropical storm force winds, significant rainfall flooding in some areas, as well as two confirmed tornadoes.

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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