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Bronx county is located in southeast New York. Bronx county has 42.10 square miles of land area and 15.38 square miles of water area. As of 2010-2014, the total Bronx county population is 1,413,566, which has grown 6.07% since 2000. The population growth rate is higher than the state average rate of 3.26% and is much lower than the national average rate of 11.61%. Bronx county median household income is $34,284 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 24.17% since 2000. The income growth rate is lower than the state average rate of 35.25% and is lower than the national average rate of 27.36%. Bronx county median house value is $366,400 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 92.44% since 2000. The house value growth rate is about the same as the state average rate of 90.79% and is much higher than the national average rate of 46.91%. As a reference, the national Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate for the same period is 26.63%. On average, the public school district that covers Bronx county is much better than the state average in quality. The Bronx county area codes are 347, 646, 718, 917.

Population1,413,566 (2010-2014), rank #5
Population Growth6.07% since 2000, rank #9
Population Density:24,593.22/sq mi, rank #3
Median Household Income:$34,284 at 2010-2014—24.17% increase since 2000, rank #62
Median House Price:$366,400 at 2010-2014—92.44% increase since 2000, rank #9
Time Zone:Eastern GMT -5:00 with Daylight Saving in the Summer
Land Area:42.10 sq mi, rank #61
Water Area:15.38 sq mi (26.76%), rank #38
State:New York
Area:New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA
School District:
Area Code:347, 646, 718, 917
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10451 47,81810452 75,25210453 79,00210454 38,75110455 39,95110456 91,73710457 71,01510458 76,27610459 48,26910460 58,67610461 52,43510462 76,11410463 71,23810464 4,53210465 46,36010466 69,65710467 99,25110468 72,68310469 72,24110470 14,88010471 21,93510472 69,65910473 59,94810474 12,22310475 44,58210499

Bronx County Census Tracts

NY005000100 New YorkNY005000200 New YorkNY005000400 New YorkNY005001600 New YorkNY005001900 New YorkNY005002000 New YorkNY005002300 New YorkNY005002400 New YorkNY005002500 New YorkNY005002701 New YorkNY005002702 New YorkNY005002800 New YorkNY005003100 New YorkNY005003300 New YorkNY005003500 New YorkNY005003700 New YorkNY005003800 New YorkNY005003900 New YorkNY005004001 New YorkNY005004100 New YorkNY005004200 New YorkNY005004300 New YorkNY005004400 New YorkNY005004600 New YorkNY005004800 New YorkNY005005001 New YorkNY005005002 New YorkNY005005100 New YorkNY005005200 New YorkNY005005300 New YorkNY005005400 New YorkNY005005600 New YorkNY005005902 New YorkNY005006000 New YorkNY005006100 New YorkNY005006200 New YorkNY005006300 New YorkNY005006400 New YorkNY005006500 New YorkNY005006700 New YorkNY005006800 New YorkNY005006900 New YorkNY005007000 New YorkNY005007100 New YorkNY005007200 New YorkNY005007300 New YorkNY005007400 New YorkNY005007500 New YorkNY005007600 New YorkNY005007700 New YorkNY005007800 New YorkNY005007900 New YorkNY005008300 New YorkNY005008400 New YorkNY005008500 New YorkNY005008600 New YorkNY005008700 New YorkNY005008900 New YorkNY005009000 New YorkNY005009200 New YorkNY005009300 New YorkNY005009600 New YorkNY005009800 New YorkNY005011000 New YorkNY005011502 New YorkNY005011700 New YorkNY005011800 New YorkNY005011900 New YorkNY005012101 New YorkNY005012102 New YorkNY005012300 New YorkNY005012500 New YorkNY005012701 New YorkNY005012901 New YorkNY005013000 New YorkNY005013100 New YorkNY005013200 New YorkNY005013300 New YorkNY005013500 New YorkNY005013800 New YorkNY005014100 New YorkNY005014300 New YorkNY005014400 New YorkNY005014500 New YorkNY005014701 New YorkNY005014702 New YorkNY005014900 New YorkNY005015100 New YorkNY005015200 New YorkNY005015300 New YorkNY005015500 New YorkNY005015700 New YorkNY005015800 New YorkNY005015900 New YorkNY005016000 New YorkNY005016100 New YorkNY005016200 New YorkNY005016300 New YorkNY005016400 New YorkNY005016500 New YorkNY005016600 New YorkNY005016700 New YorkNY005016900 New YorkNY005017100 New YorkNY005017300 New YorkNY005017500 New YorkNY005017701 New YorkNY005017702 New YorkNY005017901 New YorkNY005017902 New YorkNY005018101 New YorkNY005018102 New YorkNY005018301 New YorkNY005018302 New YorkNY005018400 New YorkNY005018500 New YorkNY005018900 New YorkNY005019300 New YorkNY005019400 New YorkNY005019500 New YorkNY005019700 New YorkNY005019900 New YorkNY005020000 New YorkNY005020100 New YorkNY005020200 New YorkNY005020400 New YorkNY005020501 New YorkNY005020502 New YorkNY005020601 New YorkNY005020900 New YorkNY005021001 New YorkNY005021002 New YorkNY005021100 New YorkNY005021200 New YorkNY005021301 New YorkNY005021302 New YorkNY005021501 New YorkNY005021502 New YorkNY005021601 New YorkNY005021602 New YorkNY005021700 New YorkNY005021800 New YorkNY005021900 New YorkNY005022000 New YorkNY005022101 New YorkNY005022102 New YorkNY005022200 New YorkNY005022300 New YorkNY005022401 New YorkNY005022403 New YorkNY005022404 New YorkNY005022500 New YorkNY005022701 New YorkNY005022702 New YorkNY005022703 New YorkNY005022800 New YorkNY005022901 New YorkNY005022902 New YorkNY005023000 New YorkNY005023100 New YorkNY005023200 New YorkNY005023301 New YorkNY005023302 New YorkNY005023501 New YorkNY005023502 New YorkNY005023600 New YorkNY005023702 New YorkNY005023703 New YorkNY005023704 New YorkNY005023800 New YorkNY005023900 New YorkNY005024000 New YorkNY005024100 New YorkNY005024300 New YorkNY005024400 New YorkNY005024501 New YorkNY005024502 New YorkNY005024600 New YorkNY005024700 New YorkNY005024800 New YorkNY005024900 New YorkNY005025000 New YorkNY005025100 New YorkNY005025200 New YorkNY005025300 New YorkNY005025400 New YorkNY005025500 New YorkNY005025600 New YorkNY005025700 New YorkNY005026100 New YorkNY005026300 New YorkNY005026400 New YorkNY005026500 New YorkNY005026601 New YorkNY005026602 New YorkNY005026701 New YorkNY005026702 New YorkNY005026900 New YorkNY005027300 New YorkNY005027401 New YorkNY005027402 New YorkNY005027600 New YorkNY005027700 New YorkNY005027900 New YorkNY005028100 New YorkNY005028300 New YorkNY005028400 New YorkNY005028500 New YorkNY005028600 New YorkNY005028700 New YorkNY005028800 New YorkNY005028900 New YorkNY005029301 New YorkNY005029302 New YorkNY005029500 New YorkNY005029600 New YorkNY005029700 New YorkNY005030000 New YorkNY005030100 New YorkNY005030200 New YorkNY005030701 New YorkNY005030900 New YorkNY005031000 New YorkNY005031200 New YorkNY005031400 New YorkNY005031600 New YorkNY005031800 New YorkNY005031900 New YorkNY005032300 New YorkNY005032400 New YorkNY005032600 New YorkNY005032800 New YorkNY005033000 New YorkNY005033201 New YorkNY005033202 New YorkNY005033400 New YorkNY005033500 New YorkNY005033600 New YorkNY005033700 New YorkNY005033800 New YorkNY005034000 New YorkNY005034200 New YorkNY005034300 New YorkNY005034400 New YorkNY005034500 New YorkNY005034800 New YorkNY005035000 New YorkNY005035100 New YorkNY005035600 New YorkNY005035800 New YorkNY005035900 New YorkNY005036000 New YorkNY005036100 New YorkNY005036300 New YorkNY005036400 New YorkNY005036501 New YorkNY005036502 New YorkNY005036700 New YorkNY005036800 New YorkNY005036901 New YorkNY005036902 New YorkNY005037000 New YorkNY005037100 New YorkNY005037200 New YorkNY005037300 New YorkNY005037400 New YorkNY005037504 New YorkNY005037600 New YorkNY005037800 New YorkNY005037900 New YorkNY005038000 New YorkNY005038100 New YorkNY005038200 New YorkNY005038301 New YorkNY005038302 New YorkNY005038500 New YorkNY005038600 New YorkNY005038700 New YorkNY005038800 New YorkNY005038900 New YorkNY005039000 New YorkNY005039100 New YorkNY005039200 New YorkNY005039300 New YorkNY005039400 New YorkNY005039500 New YorkNY005039600 New YorkNY005039700 New YorkNY005039800 New YorkNY005039901 New YorkNY005039902 New YorkNY005040100 New YorkNY005040302 New YorkNY005040303 New YorkNY005040304 New YorkNY005040400 New YorkNY005040501 New YorkNY005040502 New YorkNY005040600 New YorkNY005040701 New YorkNY005040702 New YorkNY005040800 New YorkNY005040900 New YorkNY005041100 New YorkNY005041300 New YorkNY005041400 New YorkNY005041500 New YorkNY005041800 New YorkNY005041900 New YorkNY005042000 New YorkNY005042100 New YorkNY005042200 New YorkNY005042300 New YorkNY005042400 New YorkNY005042500 New YorkNY005042600 New YorkNY005042800 New YorkNY005042901 New YorkNY005042902 New YorkNY005043000 New YorkNY005043100 New YorkNY005043400 New YorkNY005043500 New YorkNY005043600 New YorkNY005044200 New YorkNY005044400 New YorkNY005044800 New YorkNY005044901 New YorkNY005044902 New YorkNY005045101 New YorkNY005045102 New YorkNY005045600 New YorkNY005045800 New YorkNY005046000 New YorkNY005046201 New YorkNY005046202 New YorkNY005048400 New YorkNY005050400 New YorkNY005051600 New York

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