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Bexar County


Bexar county is located close to the center of Texas. Bexar county has 1,239.82 square miles of land area and 16.27 square miles of water area. As of 2010-2014, the total Bexar county population is 1,789,088, which has grown 28.44% since 2000. The population growth rate is higher than the state average rate of 25.13% and is much higher than the national average rate of 11.61%. Bexar county median household income is $50,867 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 32.71% since 2000. The income growth rate is about the same as the state average rate of 31.68% and is higher than the national average rate of 27.36%. Bexar county median house value is $126,100 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 70.18% since 2000. The house value growth rate is higher than the state average rate of 59.27% and is higher than the national average rate of 46.91%. As a reference, the national Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate for the same period is 26.63%. On average, the public school district that covers Bexar county is close to the state average in quality. The Bexar county area codes are 210, 830.

Population1,789,088 (2010-2014), rank #4
Population Growth28.44% since 2000, rank #28
Population Density:1,424.34/sq mi, rank #4
Median Household Income:$50,867 at 2010-2014—32.71% increase since 2000, rank #65
Median House Price:$126,100 at 2010-2014—70.18% increase since 2000, rank #44
Time Zone:Central GMT -6:00 with Daylight Saving in the Summer
Land Area:1,239.82 sq mi, rank #37
Water Area:16.27 sq mi (1.29%), rank #80
Area:San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX
School District:
Area Code:210, 830
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Bexar County Zip Codes

7805478109 36,91578148 20,73678150 1978152 2,06378201 41,42178202 12,74378203 5,53478204 11,23778205 1,0337820678207 53,96978208 3,86078209 40,94278210 38,68578211 34,07478212 28,43778213 42,28978214 24,06178215 1,62278216 40,17178217 33,01478218 32,84678219 14,80578220 16,46178221 37,92378222 22,24378224 18,98478225 13,62978226 5,91678227 48,45778228 60,25678229 29,89378230 42,44378231 8,13278232 36,50378233 46,83678234 6,68478235 80178236 8,57078237 37,22478238 25,13078239 28,46078240 54,6137824178242 33,53878243 21978244 31,61278245 62,6157824678247 51,40078248 14,38078249 52,20678250 56,58078251 54,89878252 8,62978255 12,28078256 7,89678257 4,18678258 42,44778259 22,58278260 26,49878261 14,79578263 4,84278265782687826978270782787827978280782837828478285782877828878289782917829278293782947829578296782977829878299

Bexar County Census Tracts

TX029110100 San AntonioTX029110300 San AntonioTX029110500 San AntonioTX029110600 San AntonioTX029110700 San AntonioTX029110800 San AntonioTX029110900 San AntonioTX029111000 San AntonioTX029120100 San AntonioTX029120300 Alamo HeightsTX029120400TX029120501 San AntonioTX029120502 San AntonioTX029120600 San AntonioTX029120701 San AntonioTX029120702 San AntonioTX029120800 San AntonioTX029120901 San AntonioTX029120902 San AntonioTX029121000 San AntonioTX029121108 San AntonioTX029121110 San AntonioTX029121111 San AntonioTX029121112 San AntonioTX029121115 San AntonioTX029121116 San AntonioTX029121117 San AntonioTX029121118 San AntonioTX029121119 San AntonioTX029121120 San AntonioTX029121121 San AntonioTX029121122 San AntonioTX029121203 San AntonioTX029121204 San AntonioTX029121205 San AntonioTX029121206 San AntonioTX029121300TX029121402 San AntonioTX029121403TX029121404TX029121501TX029121504TX029121505 ConverseTX029121506TX029121507TX029121508 San AntonioTX029121601 Universal CityTX029121604TX029121605TX029121606TX029121701 Universal CityTX029121702TX029121802TX029121803 San AntonioTX029121804 San AntonioTX029121808 San AntonioTX029121809 San AntonioTX029121810 San AntonioTX029121811 San AntonioTX029121812 San AntonioTX029121813 San AntonioTX029121903 San AntonioTX029121904 San AntonioTX029121905 San AntonioTX029121906 San AntonioTX029121907 San AntonioTX029121908 San AntonioTX029121909TX029121910 San AntonioTX029130200 San AntonioTX029130300 San AntonioTX029130401 San AntonioTX029130402 San AntonioTX029130500 San AntonioTX029130600 San AntonioTX029130700 San AntonioTX029130800 San AntonioTX029130900 San AntonioTX029131000 San AntonioTX029131100 San AntonioTX029131200 San AntonioTX029131300 San AntonioTX029131401 San AntonioTX029131402 San AntonioTX029131503TX029131504TX029131505TX029131506TX029131507TX029131601TX029131606TX029131608TX029131609TX029131610 ConverseTX029131611 San AntonioTX029131612TX029131613TX029131614 San AntonioTX029131615TX029131700TX029131801TX029131802TX029140100 San AntonioTX029140200 San AntonioTX029140300 San AntonioTX029140400 San AntonioTX029140500 San AntonioTX029140600 San AntonioTX029140700 San AntonioTX029140800 San AntonioTX029140900 San AntonioTX029141000 San AntonioTX029141101 San AntonioTX029141102 San AntonioTX029141200 San AntonioTX029141300 San AntonioTX029141402 San AntonioTX029141403 San AntonioTX029141404 San AntonioTX029141600 San AntonioTX029141700 San AntonioTX029141800TX029141900TX029150100 San AntonioTX029150300 San AntonioTX029150400 San AntonioTX029150501 San AntonioTX029150502 San AntonioTX029150600 San AntonioTX029150700 San AntonioTX029150800 San AntonioTX029150900 San AntonioTX029151000 San AntonioTX029151100 San AntonioTX029151200 San AntonioTX029151301 San AntonioTX029151302 San AntonioTX029151400 San AntonioTX029151500 San AntonioTX029151600 San AntonioTX029151700 San AntonioTX029151900 San AntonioTX029152000 San AntonioTX029152100TX029152201 San AntonioTX029152202 ElmendorfTX029160100 San AntonioTX029160200 San AntonioTX029160300 San AntonioTX029160400 San AntonioTX029160501 San AntonioTX029160502 San AntonioTX029160600 San AntonioTX029160701 San AntonioTX029160702 San AntonioTX029160901 San AntonioTX029160902 San AntonioTX029161000 San AntonioTX029161100 San AntonioTX029161200TX029161302 San AntonioTX029161303 San AntonioTX029161304 San AntonioTX029161400TX029161501 San AntonioTX029161503 San AntonioTX029161504 San AntonioTX029161600 San AntonioTX029161801 San AntonioTX029161802 San AntonioTX029161901TX029161902TX029162001TX029162003TX029162004TX029170101 San AntonioTX029170102 San AntonioTX029170200 San AntonioTX029170300 San AntonioTX029170401 San AntonioTX029170402 San AntonioTX029170500 San AntonioTX029170600 San AntonioTX029170700 San AntonioTX029170800 San AntonioTX029170900 San AntonioTX029171000 San AntonioTX029171100 San AntonioTX029171200 San AntonioTX029171301 San AntonioTX029171302 San AntonioTX029171401 San AntonioTX029171402 San AntonioTX029171501 San AntonioTX029171502 San AntonioTX029171601 San AntonioTX029171602 San AntonioTX029171700 San AntonioTX029171801 San AntonioTX029171802 San AntonioTX029171902 San AntonioTX029171903 San AntonioTX029171912 San AntonioTX029171913 San AntonioTX029171914 San AntonioTX029171915 San AntonioTX029171916 San AntonioTX029171917 San AntonioTX029171918 San AntonioTX029171919 San AntonioTX029171920 San AntonioTX029171921 San AntonioTX029171922 San AntonioTX029171923 San AntonioTX029171924 San AntonioTX029171925 San AntonioTX029172002 San AntonioTX029172003 San AntonioTX029172004 San AntonioTX029172005 San AntonioTX029172006 San AntonioTX029172007 San AntonioTX029180101 San AntonioTX029180102 San AntonioTX029180201 San AntonioTX029180202 San AntonioTX029180300 San AntonioTX029180400 San AntonioTX029180501 San AntonioTX029180503 San AntonioTX029180504 San AntonioTX029180602 San AntonioTX029180603 San AntonioTX029180604TX029180701 San AntonioTX029180702 San AntonioTX029180800TX029180901 San AntonioTX029180902 San AntonioTX029181001 San AntonioTX029181003 San AntonioTX029181004 San AntonioTX029181005 San AntonioTX029181100 San AntonioTX029181200 San AntonioTX029181301 San AntonioTX029181302 San AntonioTX029181303 San AntonioTX029181402 San AntonioTX029181403 San AntonioTX029181404 San AntonioTX029181503TX029181504 San AntonioTX029181505TX029181506TX029181601TX029181602 San AntonioTX029181703 San AntonioTX029181704TX029181705TX029181711 San AntonioTX029181712 San AntonioTX029181713 San AntonioTX029181715 San AntonioTX029181716 San AntonioTX029181718 San AntonioTX029181720 San AntonioTX029181721 San AntonioTX029181722 San AntonioTX029181723 San AntonioTX029181724TX029181725 San AntonioTX029181726 San AntonioTX029181727 San AntonioTX029181728 San AntonioTX029181729 San AntonioTX029181730 San AntonioTX029181731 San AntonioTX029181808 San AntonioTX029181809 San AntonioTX029181811 San AntonioTX029181813 San AntonioTX029181814 San AntonioTX029181815 San AntonioTX029181816 San AntonioTX029181817TX029181818 San AntonioTX029181819 San AntonioTX029181820 San AntonioTX029181821 San AntonioTX029181822 San AntonioTX029181823 San AntonioTX029181824 San AntonioTX029181825 San AntonioTX029181826 San AntonioTX029181901 San AntonioTX029181902TX029182001TX029182002TX029182003 San AntonioTX029182101TX029182102TX029182103TX029182105TX029182106TX029190100 San AntonioTX029190200 San AntonioTX029190400 San AntonioTX029190501 San AntonioTX029190503 San AntonioTX029190504 San AntonioTX029190601 San AntonioTX029190603 San AntonioTX029190604 San AntonioTX029190700 San AntonioTX029190800 Olmos ParkTX029190901 San AntonioTX029190902 San AntonioTX029191003 San AntonioTX029191004 San AntonioTX029191005 San AntonioTX029191006 San AntonioTX029191101 Castle HillsTX029191102 Castle HillsTX029191201 San AntonioTX029191202 San AntonioTX029191303 San AntonioTX029191304 San AntonioTX029191405TX029191406 San AntonioTX029191408 San AntonioTX029191409 San AntonioTX029191410 San AntonioTX029191411 San AntonioTX029191412 San AntonioTX029191413 San AntonioTX029191503TX029191504TX029191505 San AntonioTX029191506 San AntonioTX029191701TX029191702TX029191804TX029191806 San AntonioTX029191807TX029191808TX029191809TX029191810TX029191811 San AntonioTX029191812 San AntonioTX029191813 San AntonioTX029191814TX029191815 San AntonioTX029191816 San AntonioTX029191817 San AntonioTX029191900 San AntonioTX029192000 San AntonioTX029192100 San AntonioTX029192200 San AntonioTX029192300 San AntonioTX029980001TX029980002 San AntonioTX029980003TX029980004 San AntonioTX029980005TX029980100 San Antonio

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