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Ansonia, OH Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Ansonia is about the same as Ohio average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Ansonia is higher than Ohio average and is higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #196

Ansonia, OH

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Ansonia, OH

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #188

Ansonia, OH

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 4,031 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Ansonia, OH were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:1Cold:7Dense Fog:3Drought:5
Dust Storm:0Flood:468Hail:949Heat:4Heavy Snow:30
High Surf:0Hurricane:0Ice Storm:12Landslide:0Strong Wind:54
Thunderstorm Winds:2,346Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:0Winter Storm:49Winter Weather:16

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Ansonia, OH.

Historical Earthquake Events

A total of 1 historical earthquake event that had a recorded magnitude of 3.5 or above found in or near Ansonia, OH.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeDepth (km)LatitudeLongitude

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 74 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Ansonia, OH.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
1.31955-03-11240°12'N / 84°48'W40°12'N / 84°30'W15.60 Miles500 Yards02250K0Randolph
1.41961-07-28340°12'N / 84°48'W40°14'N / 84°25'W20.20 Miles200 Yards02250K0Darke
6.91963-05-27240°07'N / 84°40'W1.00 Mile33 Yards0025K0Darke
8.61955-11-15340°06'N / 84°38'W40°06'N / 84°46'W14.40 Miles400 Yards0725K0Randolph
8.61955-11-15340°06'N / 84°46'W40°06'N / 84°38'W6.60 Miles300 Yards012.5M0Darke
9.31961-07-28340°11'N / 84°49'W40°12'N / 84°48'W003K0Randolph
16.51980-04-08239°59'N / 84°33'W1.00 Mile100 Yards002.5M0Darke
16.71963-03-19240°03'N / 84°52'W2.50 Miles300 Yards00250K0Randolph
17.81992-11-22339°56'N / 84°38'W39°59'N / 84°33'W8.00 Miles500 Yards02125.0M0Darke
18.41986-03-10340°02'N / 84°59'W40°06'N / 84°52'W7.60 Miles440 Yards0025.0M0Randolph
20.21961-09-24340°11'N / 85°13'W40°12'N / 84°49'W20.90 Miles33 Yards00250K0Randolph
20.41961-06-08240°11'N / 84°15'W00250K0Miami
21.81955-03-11240°18'N / 85°02'W0025K0Randolph
22.41974-04-03440°18'N / 85°03'W40°19'N / 85°02'W000K0Jay
24.01961-07-28340°16'N / 84°11'W0.50 Mile200 Yards022250K0Shelby
24.81992-11-22339°47'N / 84°45'W39°56'N / 84°38'W12.00 Miles500 Yards0025.0M0Preble
24.81965-04-11440°21'N / 84°23'W40°23'N / 84°02'W18.40 Miles300 Yards3502.5M0Shelby
26.81974-04-03440°06'N / 85°14'W40°18'N / 85°03'W16.70 Miles1400 Yards1120K0Randolph
27.41981-06-08240°17'N / 84°09'W40°18'N / 84°06'W1.30 Miles200 Yards02250K0Shelby
27.41967-05-28239°54'N / 84°57'W0.50 Mile33 Yards0025K0Wayne
28.31957-04-05240°22'N / 85°08'W003K0Jay
28.71967-02-15240°03'N / 85°08'W0.50 Mile10 Yards003K0Randolph
28.71961-07-28240°21'N / 85°09'W0225K0Jay
28.81980-04-08240°19'N / 85°14'W40°21'N / 85°05'W7.90 Miles87 Yards00250K0Jay
31.61959-05-22239°54'N / 84°12'W003K0Miami
32.31961-04-25439°45'N / 84°48'W39°45'N / 84°37'W9.50 Miles77 Yards002.5M0Preble
33.21974-04-03440°05'N / 85°15'W40°06'N / 85°14'W000K0Delaware
33.21953-06-13239°44'N / 84°38'W0025K0Preble
33.61961-09-24340°08'N / 85°19'W40°11'N / 85°13'W5.70 Miles33 Yards00250K0Shelby
34.51974-04-03440°03'N / 85°16'W40°05'N / 85°15'W1.30 Miles100 Yards0025.0M0Henry
34.61961-04-25439°44'N / 84°54'W39°45'N / 84°48'W5.10 Miles550 Yards032.5M0Wayne
34.81965-04-11440°38'N / 85°03'W40°42'N / 84°48'W13.70 Miles33 Yards13725.0M0Adams
34.91992-07-12240°41'N / 84°45'W40°44'N / 84°48'W3.00 Miles73 Yards00250K0Mercer
35.11992-11-22239°43'N / 84°50'W39°44'N / 84°48'W1.00 Mile200 Yards002.5M0Wayne
35.21965-04-11440°42'N / 84°48'W40°44'N / 84°42'W5.10 Miles33 Yards2242.5M0Mercer
35.71956-04-03239°44'N / 84°53'W00250K0Wayne
36.02002-11-10340°40'N / 84°55'W40°44'N / 84°51'W5.00 Miles200 Yards00125K0Adams
 Brief Description: This tornado touched down 2 miles northeast of Berne and moved just northeast of Salem before lifting. An NWS ground survey found F3 damage at times 200 yards wide northeast of Berne. Much of the damage was to extremely well built Amish barns and homes. A mobile home was also destroyed near Salem.
36.01992-02-18440°44'N / 84°34'W2.80 Miles40 Yards062.5M0Van Wert
37.31965-04-11440°44'N / 84°42'W40°46'N / 84°23'W16.50 Miles33 Yards04250K0Van Wert
37.62006-03-31240°45'N / 84°37'W40°46'N / 84°35'W2.00 Miles300 Yards001.0M0Van Wert
 Brief Description: The tornado was likely produced as the result of a line of thunderstorms overtaking an isolated supercell thunderstorm ahead of the line. The circulation which produced the tornado intensified shortly after the merger of the line and isolated supercell. The tornado developed near the intersection of Burris Road and Walnut Grove Church Road about 1 mile south of Ohio City. The tornado tracked to the east-northeast for roughly 2 miles before dissipating near Greenville Rd about 2 miles east of Ohio City. Damage along the first half of the tornado track was consistent with F2 intensity, with winds estimated at 140-150 mph and an initial path width of about 300 yards. In this area, 3 barns were completely destroyed, with another 5 sustaining damage. A garage was destroyed, and several houses received damage including roof, siding, and windows. Several grain bins were also damaged, along with other miscellaneous vehicle and property damage, including several tractors, a combine and other farm implements. Damage along the second half of the tornado track was consistent with F1 intensity, with the path width narrowing to about 25 yards. Several buildings sustained roof, siding, and window damage, with several instances of trailer and vehicle damage.
38.71954-06-17240°11'N / 85°22'W000K0Delaware
38.82010-10-26240°37'N / 84°10'W40°39'N / 84°07'W3.00 Miles110 Yards00230K0KAuglaize
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado touched down in Auglaize County at 1059 EST and continued into Allen County at 1102 EST before lifting at 1103 EST. The path width was 110 yards in Auglaize County and 20 yards in Allen County. The tornado traveled for 2.53 miles in Auglaize County and then 1.39 miles in Allen County. The damage was consistent with winds around 110 miles per hour in Auglaize County and 75 miles per hour in Allen County. The tornado was rated an EF2 in Auglaize County and an EF0 in Allen County. The tornado initially touched down southwest of Cridersville where the tornado destroyed a barn. The tornado briefly lifted and then touched down in Cridersville. Damage in Cridersville included roofs blown off of houses, a house shifted off of the foundation, a house with major structural damage, and a half collapsed brick gymnasium. Objects were also impaled into the side of buildings. The tornado again briefly lifted and then touched down again in Allen County near McClain Road, north of Hume Road. At this location a quarter of a metal roof was pulled off of a metal barn. Damage estimates in Auglaize County are 230,000 dollars and in Allen County damage estimates are 8,000 dollars. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A historically deep low pressure system sent a very strong cold front into a marginally unstable, but very sheared environment. A line of storms formed west of the area overnight and moved into the region during the peak heating hours of the day. Severe wind gusts occurred along the entire line with multiple tornadoes occurring around the region as well.
39.61957-04-05240°11'N / 85°23'W0025K0Delaware
39.61965-04-11440°34'N / 85°20'W40°38'N / 85°03'W15.30 Miles33 Yards13825.0M0Wells
40.31965-11-26340°06'N / 85°23'W0.50 Mile33 Yards00250K0Delaware
41.01992-11-22239°36'N / 84°59'W39°43'N / 84°50'W11.00 Miles200 Yards002.5M0Union
41.11950-07-19240°48'N / 84°37'W40°49'N / 84°35'W000K0Van Wert
41.31971-05-24340°29'N / 83°56'W1.00 Mile150 Yards0025K0Logan
42.61961-09-24340°07'N / 85°33'W40°08'N / 85°19'W12.00 Miles33 Yards01250K0Delaware
42.91955-03-11239°40'N / 85°02'W39°40'N / 85°00'W1.30 Miles847 Yards00250K0Union
43.01962-06-18339°55'N / 85°21'W00250K0Henry
43.21961-04-25439°40'N / 85°18'W39°44'N / 84°54'W21.60 Miles550 Yards002.5M0Fayette
44.91958-06-13240°06'N / 83°50'W40°09'N / 83°45'W5.10 Miles33 Yards00250K0Champaign
44.91965-04-11440°33'N / 85°23'W40°34'N / 85°20'W1.90 Miles33 Yards02225.0M0Blackford
45.11968-04-14240°22'N / 85°28'W003K0Delaware
45.11970-05-14240°17'N / 83°47'W3.00 Miles350 Yards00250K0Logan
45.21966-06-15240°25'N / 85°27'W0025K0Grant
45.42002-09-20240°17'N / 85°32'W40°22'N / 85°26'W11.00 Miles100 Yards003.0M15KDelaware
 Brief Description: One of Indiana's longest tracking tornados formed along a squall line on the morning of September 20. The tornado touched down near Ellettsville in Monroe county and then remained on the ground for 112 miles before lifting in Blackford county. The tornado produced F3 damage at its strongest points. Nearly 100 single family homes were destroyed, along with several mobile homes. Some apartments were also destroyed. Many businesses and hundreds of homes received damage. Several counties were declared disaster areas.
45.51967-12-21240°44'N / 85°10'W0225K0Wells
45.81969-05-08339°40'N / 84°08'W39°42'N / 84°06'W1.90 Miles150 Yards0252.5M0Montgomery
46.22002-11-10440°47'N / 84°46'W40°59'N / 84°26'W21.60 Miles880 Yards21730.0M0Van Wert
 Brief Description: This tornado touched down in the southwest corner of Van Wert County about 4 miles northeast of Willshire and moved northeast across the western portion of the city of Van Wert, and then crossed U.S. 30 and continued northeast before exiting the county about 7 miles east of Scott. NWS ground and aerial surveys showed the tornado quickly intensified to F4 about 5 miles southwest of the city of Van Wert near Zook road, where a 75 year old male was killed in his home. The tornado continued moving northeast as an F4 into the city of Van Wert, were it hit the Twin Cinemas and the Vision Industrial Park. At this point the tornado was about one half mile wide. 60 persons watching a movie in the cinemas, mostly children, took shelter before the tornado hit, with only minor injuries. Vehicles from the parking lot were thrown into the seats where the children had been sitting. An 18 year old male driving past the cinemas was thrown from his vehicle and killed. The tornado then destroyed five industries in the Vision Industrial Park, before moving north of U.S. 30, producing F4 damage to additional businesses and homes. The tornado weakened to F3 as it moved northeast and crossed into Paulding county. 164 homes were damaged in Van Wert county, and 43 were totally destroyed. 27 businesses sustained damage, with 5 totally destroyed in Vision Park. Three county engineer buildings were destroyed, with one house used by a township. Total damage in Van Wert county was near 30 million dollars. M18VE, M75PH On Sunday, November 10th, 2002 a cold front trailed from a deep surface low over northern Lake Michigan into central Missouri. Ahead of the cold front the KILN (Wilmington, OH) 1200 UTC sounding showed an unstable airmass with CAPE (Convectively Available Potential Energy) of 1148 J/kg and a Storm Relative Helicity (SRH) of 408 m/s2. Another sounding at 1800 UTC showed CAPE had increased on a modified sounding to 1313 J/kg, with SRH increasing to 587 m/s2. A broken squall line developed from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne Indiana and Defiance Ohio with the cold front. A small low topped supercell developed ahead of the line over Blackford county Indiana and was moving northeast at 50 MPH. This parent supercell produced 3 seperate tornadoes in Indiana (see StormData, Indiana, Northeast for more information) before crossing into Ohio. There the supercell intensified and a tornado touched down in Van Wert County Ohio, reaching F4 in strength as it reached the city of Van Wert. The tornado then moved northeast with a total path length of 53 miles, producing F3 damage in Paulding and Putnam counties, and F0 damage in Defiance and Henry counties.
46.51967-12-21340°33'N / 85°24'W0025K0Blackford
46.61998-06-11240°01'N / 85°30'W39°58'N / 85°26'W5.50 Miles200 Yards005K0Henry
 Brief Description: Second tornado from supercell began in NC Hancock County and tracked ENE into extreme SE Madison County and then ended in NW Henry county NW of New Castle. This tornado traversed mainly open country causing mostly tree damageon farms along the path. This same supercell will produce two more tornadoes further east in Henry and Randolph Counties. These tornadoes will be described below.
46.91992-07-02240°50'N / 85°00'W1.50 Miles50 Yards00250K0Adams
47.01974-04-03240°44'N / 85°15'W40°50'N / 85°00'W14.40 Miles177 Yards002.5M0Wells
47.11954-03-19239°39'N / 85°08'W0025K0Fayette
47.21955-03-11239°40'N / 85°18'W39°40'N / 85°02'W14.10 Miles880 Yards03250K0Fayette
47.71986-03-10239°49'N / 85°26'W39°53'N / 85°22'W4.00 Miles300 Yards00250K0Henry
47.91957-04-05240°03'N / 85°31'W0125K0Henry
48.52002-09-20240°02'N / 85°31'W40°03'N / 85°32'W6.00 Miles100 Yards002.0M10KHenry
 Brief Description: A tornado formed along a squall line. Ten single family homes sustained major damage. As the tornado passed through a trailer park, 30 trailer homes sustained major damage.
48.61953-04-09340°17'N / 85°52'W40°19'N / 85°14'W33.30 Miles33 Yards002.5M0Madison
48.91980-04-08239°32'N / 84°23'W2.00 Miles100 Yards0102.5M0Butler
49.71963-04-19239°49'N / 83°51'W00250K0Greene
49.91966-10-09239°42'N / 84°02'W39°41'N / 83°56'W4.90 Miles100 Yards03250K0Greene

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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