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Americus, IN Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in Americus is about the same as Indiana average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Americus is about the same as Indiana average and is much higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #777

Americus, IN

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

Americus, IN

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #286

Americus, IN

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 3,171 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of Americus, IN were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:4Cold:8Dense Fog:3Drought:1
Dust Storm:0Flood:345Hail:846Heat:4Heavy Snow:25
High Surf:0Hurricane:0Ice Storm:13Landslide:0Strong Wind:25
Thunderstorm Winds:1,734Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:0Winter Storm:40Winter Weather:4

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near Americus, IN.

Historical Earthquake Events

No historical earthquake events that had recorded magnitudes of 3.5 or above found in or near Americus, IN.

No historical earthquake events found in or near Americus, IN.

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 107 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near Americus, IN.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
4.11976-03-20440°34'N / 86°47'W40°36'N / 86°43'W3.60 Miles300 Yards022.5M0Carroll
5.31956-03-06240°35'N / 86°41'W0025K0Carroll
5.61978-04-10240°25'N / 86°52'W40°30'N / 86°45'W8.00 Miles77 Yards0025K0Tippecanoe
7.71976-03-20440°28'N / 87°00'W40°34'N / 86°47'W13.10 Miles300 Yards062.5M0Tippecanoe
8.71971-03-19240°25'N / 86°50'W0.50 Mile20 Yards0025K0Tippecanoe
9.71974-04-01240°25'N / 86°52'W1.50 Miles77 Yards0025K0Tippecanoe
9.71980-06-07240°25'N / 86°52'W000K0Tippecanoe
10.31968-05-15240°29'N / 86°56'W003K0Tippecanoe
11.21961-03-06240°23'N / 86°38'W40°25'N / 86°35'W2.70 Miles70 Yards00250K0Clinton
12.01965-04-11440°20'N / 86°50'W40°22'N / 86°42'W6.90 Miles500 Yards0100K0Tippecanoe
12.11965-09-14240°37'N / 86°33'W003K0Carroll
12.11978-06-25340°26'N / 86°58'W40°17'N / 86°41'W18.00 Miles33 Yards000K0Tippecanoe
13.01974-04-03440°32'N / 87°06'W40°52'N / 86°34'W36.10 Miles900 Yards10730K0White
13.71965-04-11440°22'N / 86°42'W40°25'N / 86°24'W15.90 Miles500 Yards0340K0Clinton
14.51963-04-29340°35'N / 86°41'W40°44'N / 86°23'W18.60 Miles33 Yards0025K0Carroll
14.71965-09-14240°21'N / 86°57'W40°23'N / 86°55'W1.30 Miles400 Yards00250K0Tippecanoe
15.41961-08-10240°19'N / 86°38'W0025K0Clinton
16.21968-04-14240°44'N / 86°53'W00250K0White
16.41961-07-28240°45'N / 86°39'W0025K0White
16.71958-06-13240°45'N / 86°43'W40°45'N / 86°33'W8.40 Miles50 Yards0025K0White
17.21963-04-22240°23'N / 87°01'W1.00 Mile100 Yards003K0Tippecanoe
17.81967-06-24240°16'N / 86°47'W003K0Tippecanoe
18.11968-06-11240°19'N / 86°32'W05250K0Clinton
18.31968-05-15240°23'N / 86°27'W0025K0Clinton
19.51974-04-03440°30'N / 87°08'W40°32'N / 87°06'W1.30 Miles333 Yards00250.0M0Benton
21.11978-06-25340°17'N / 86°41'W40°11'N / 86°33'W9.40 Miles33 Yards000K0Clinton
22.31953-04-09340°16'N / 86°42'W40°17'N / 86°15'W23.60 Miles750 Yards162.5M0Clinton
22.61965-04-11440°24'N / 86°23'W40°25'N / 86°18'W3.80 Miles333 Yards0025K0Clinton
25.11991-08-08240°29'N / 87°15'W40°27'N / 87°11'W4.00 Miles127 Yards00250K0Warren
25.41956-03-06240°35'N / 86°16'W2.00 Miles30 Yards0125K0Cass
26.01958-06-13240°46'N / 86°22'W0025K0Cass
26.41953-04-09340°15'N / 87°31'W40°16'N / 86°42'W42.90 Miles750 Yards002.5M0Warren
27.01959-09-28240°52'N / 86°30'W003K0Cass
27.01961-06-22240°52'N / 86°30'W003K0Cass
27.61974-04-03440°52'N / 86°34'W40°55'N / 86°31'W3.60 Miles33 Yards040K0Cass
27.81961-03-06240°08'N / 86°37'W0225K0Boone
28.31991-08-08240°30'N / 87°19'W40°29'N / 87°15'W5.00 Miles127 Yards00250K0Benton
29.91954-06-01240°42'N / 87°16'W003K0Benton
29.91975-04-02240°12'N / 86°22'W0.20 Mile50 Yards00250K0Clinton
30.11963-04-29340°44'N / 86°23'W40°44'N / 86°06'W14.50 Miles33 Yards000K0Miami
30.31958-06-08240°21'N / 86°13'W013K0Tipton
30.51974-04-03340°17'N / 87°29'W40°33'N / 87°08'W25.90 Miles700 Yards00250K0Warren
30.62005-07-26240°41'N / 86°13'W40°41'N / 86°11'W1.00 Mile100 Yards00100K0Cass
 Brief Description: A NWS survey confirmed a tornado touched down a few hundred feet west of county road 950 E between 500 and 600 S, just southwest of Onward. Extensive damage occurred to a barn as well as numerous trees in the area. The door of the barn was open which likely aided in the destruction of the barn. Damage in the area was consistent with a tornado of F2 intensity. The tornado continued on into Miami county where additional damage was found.
31.01971-03-15240°06'N / 86°33'W0.10 Mile20 Yards0225K0Boone
31.31974-04-03440°55'N / 86°31'W40°57'N / 86°28'W1.90 Miles33 Yards070K0Pulaski
31.32010-06-06240°38'N / 86°10'W40°38'N / 86°10'W1.00 Mile175 Yards01125K0KCass
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: After a brief break, the supercell produced one more circulation which touched down just west of the Cass/Miami county line along South County Road 1000 East. Several yards in the area had trees uprooted and limbs down (DI: TH, DOD: 4). A few residences were impacted by the trees, causing mainly roof or window damage . The circulation then went into a dense grove of trees with the circulation briefly weakening before coming back out near the Grissom Air Reserve Base. A 200 foot section of security fence on the southwest corner of the base was blown down into the adjacent roadway and portions of the nearby field before crossing into Miami county. An Automated Weather Observation System recorded a 114 mph wind gust as the circulation passed through. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A supercell developed ahead of a cold front in Illinois and tracked east-southeast through Benton county into White county. This storm produced three tornadoes across Indiana, an EF0 in eastern White county (which moved into Carroll county), an EF1 which started in eastern Carroll county and moved into Cass county, and a third, a stronger EF3 which formed near the Grissom Air Force base in Cass county and moved rapidly east into Miami county. Despite the tornadoes occurring during the overnight hours, no fatalities occurred.
31.91960-05-19240°16'N / 87°15'W0025K0Delaware
32.11957-07-12240°04'N / 86°38'W0025K0Boone
32.21962-03-11340°05'N / 86°29'W40°08'N / 86°27'W3.00 Miles10 Yards0025K0Boone
32.41961-03-06340°28'N / 86°08'W2.00 Miles300 Yards13250K0Howard
32.51965-04-11440°03'N / 86°42'W40°09'N / 86°15'W24.70 Miles1667 Yards208025.0M0Boone
33.01958-06-13240°03'N / 86°50'W0025K0Montgomery
33.11951-07-09240°29'N / 86°07'W1.00 Mile1760 Yards00250K0Howard
33.21965-11-26240°06'N / 86°24'W40°10'N / 86°21'W4.70 Miles33 Yards00250K0Boone
33.61990-06-02240°00'N / 86°54'W40°05'N / 86°46'W10.00 Miles100 Yards0122.5M0Montgomery
33.71966-12-08240°03'N / 86°54'W0025K0Montgomery
33.72005-07-26240°42'N / 86°09'W40°41'N / 86°08'W3.00 Miles100 Yards00350K0Miami
 Brief Description: A NWS survey confirmed that a tornado that had caused damage across extreme eastern Cass county in Indiana crossed into Miami county and continued to cause damage as it moved just north of the Grissom Air Force base. The tornado dropped into a river valley and flipped over some conveyor machines in a quarry located in the valley. Damage to these was consistent with an F1 tornado. The tornado intensified as it moved into a area of houses in this valley. The first house that was struck suffered extensive damage with its garage and porch destroyed. Damage from the first home impacted a second home, also causing extensive damage to the west side of the house. This damage was consistent with an F2 tornado. As the tornado lifted out of the valley, it quickly dissipated. The tornado was on the ground for 3 miles in Miami county with a total track of 4 miles during its lifetime. No injuries were reported as one house was unoccupied and the residents of the other house, had sought shelter in their basement.
33.91965-04-11440°01'N / 86°52'W40°03'N / 86°42'W8.90 Miles667 Yards21325.0M0Montgomery
34.12010-06-06340°38'N / 86°10'W40°37'N / 86°03'W6.00 Miles250 Yards000.8M0KMiami
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: The tornado that entered this county exited the Grissom Air Reserve base on the Cass/Miami county line and continued east-southeast, crossing a small area of trees where signs of slight debarking was noted (DI: TH DOD: 5). The tornado continued on along to the 3000 block of County Road 900 South where the most substantial damage occurred to a one and one half story home. Only a few kitchen walls remains of the structure (DI: FR12, DOD 8) with one resident in the kitchen and one in the basement. Two other residences suffered extensive damage but remained intact. The tornado crossed US 31 and continued for a few more miles, causing some additional tree and structure damage including several buildings at a hog farm being destroyed. The tornado eventually dissipated east of Strawpike Road, north of East 1000 South in a field. A local newspaper article reported that a check that was originally located at the destroyed home, was found nearly 50 miles away in Wells county in perfect condition. Total damage along the track of the tornado is estimated at $750,000. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A supercell developed ahead of a cold front in Illinois and tracked east-southeast through Benton county into White county. This storm produced three tornadoes across Indiana, an EF0 in eastern White county (which moved into Carroll county), an EF1 which started in eastern Carroll county and moved into Cass county, and a third, a stronger EF3 which formed near the Grissom Air Force base in Cass county and moved rapidly east into Miami county. Despite the tornadoes occurring during the overnight hours, no fatalities occurred.
35.01965-04-11440°25'N / 86°18'W40°30'N / 85°52'W23.30 Miles880 Yards17560250.0M0Howard
35.31958-06-08240°56'N / 87°09'W0025K0Jasper
35.81956-02-25240°03'N / 86°28'W1.00 Mile70 Yards0025K0Boone
35.81965-08-25240°03'N / 86°28'W0.80 Mile100 Yards00250K0Boone
37.51980-06-02340°05'N / 87°04'W39°55'N / 86°48'W18.10 Miles33 Yards1162.5M0Montgomery
37.91995-05-13239°59'N / 86°54'W39°58'N / 86°34'W9.00 Miles250 Yards353.5M0Montgomery
 Brief Description: The tornado touched down near Ladoga Road and County Road 400S damaging a home. The tornado continued east near Linnsburg and New Ross destroying eight homes and damaging eight others. Two businesses were destroyed and an elementary school received major damage. The fatalities occurred in prefabricated homes of rural Montgomery County, just west and south of Linnsburg. The tornado exited the county near Interstate 74 and County Road 400S at 0008 EST. (M42P, F36P, M94P)
38.81956-03-06240°34'N / 87°29'W0.40 Mile250 Yards03250K0Benton
39.71953-04-09340°17'N / 86°15'W40°17'N / 85°52'W19.90 Miles33 Yards162.5M0Tipton
39.91963-04-17441°06'N / 86°54'W41°05'N / 86°52'W020K0Pulaski
40.51994-04-26241°06'N / 86°53'W20.00 Miles440 Yards00500K0Pulaski
 Brief Description: The tornado touched down near Francesville in southwest Pulaski County then tracked northeast across the entire county entering extreme northeast Fulton county 1.1 miles northeast of Monterey at 2313 EST. It then crossed into extreme southwest Marshall county 3.7 miles southwest of Culver at 2315 EST and lifted at 2321 EST about 2.5 miles southeast of Culver. The tornado destroyed five farm buildings, and damaged numerous others. One home was destroyed. A mobile home was lifted off the ground and placed on top of a car. Dozens of large trees were uprooted at Tippecanoe River State Park north of Winamac. The tornado damage path was intermittent.
40.91965-04-11440°09'N / 86°15'W40°10'N / 86°01'W12.10 Miles1333 Yards63025.0M0Hamilton
40.91965-06-06240°17'N / 86°02'W0025K0Tipton
41.01998-06-11340°24'N / 86°04'W40°34'N / 85°52'W12.50 Miles800 Yards085.0M0Howard
 Brief Description: This strong tornado originated from a supercell which initially produced several funnel clouds beginning northeast of Crawfordsville, passing over Frankfort to Kokomo's south side. This supercell finally produced its tornado just south of Kokomo near Oakford and Center. The tornado damaged a school near Center and caused its most extensive damage in Greentown where over two dozen buildings were destroyed and nearly 200 buildings were damaged. The tornado continued tracking ENE along the N & W train tracks and into WC Grant County west of Swayzee.
41.11961-03-06340°28'N / 85°58'W0025K0Howard
41.21961-08-19239°56'N / 86°38'W0025K0Boone
41.21974-04-03240°02'N / 86°18'W0.10 Mile50 Yards000K0Boone
41.81962-04-30240°47'N / 87°28'W0525K0Newton
42.01989-09-01241°04'N / 86°23'W1.50 Miles500 Yards032.5M0Fulton
42.31956-03-06240°22'N / 85°58'W0025K0Tipton
42.41998-06-11241°06'N / 86°40'W41°09'N / 86°30'W9.00 Miles100 Yards011.0M100KPulaski
 Brief Description: 4 TRAILER HOMES DESTROYED, SEVERAL OTHERS SUFFERED MINOR TO MAJOR DAMAGE, ONE HOME AND BARN DESTROYED, SEVERAL OTHER HOMES SUFFERED MODERATE DAMAGE. TORNADO STARTED IN RIPLEY AND TRACKED EAST NORTHEAST TO MONTEREY BEFORE IT LIFTED. EXTENSIVE TREE DAMAGE OCCURRED ALONG THE TORNADOES PATH. Synoptic and mesoscale conditions for June 11, 1998... Morning sfc and upper air analysis revealed a potent upper short wave trough across North Dakota with an intensifying area of sfc low pressure across southwest Kansas. An unseasonably strong 140 knot jet streak was ejecting out of this trough across Kansas with the left front exit region progged into central Indiana after 18Z. Increasing moisture convergence and theta-e advection along the northward lifting warmfront was seen as 850 mb winds were forecast to increase to 55 knots. By 21Z, the sfc low had moved into eastern Iowa and deepened to 994 mb. The prestorm enviornment was characterized by moderate to extreme instability (LI values -7 to -9 and CAPE values in excess of 2000 J/kg) with temperatures in the lower 80s and dewpoints in the low/mid 70s. This combined with a dry punch at 700mb and deep layer shear along the warm front, where storm relative helicity values increased to 400 M2/S2, lay the foundation for an outbreak of damaging tornadoes across Indiana.
42.81965-11-26339°59'N / 86°20'W40°02'N / 86°15'W5.10 Miles527 Yards00250K0Boone
43.11955-05-28240°32'N / 85°59'W40°35'N / 85°52'W6.80 Miles100 Yards032.5M0Howard
43.21980-06-07240°22'N / 85°57'W150K0Tipton
43.71980-06-02240°08'N / 87°24'W0025.0M0Fountain
43.81951-06-21341°07'N / 86°29'W41°07'N / 86°25'W2.70 Miles1760 Yards022.5M0Pulaski
43.91965-11-26340°02'N / 86°15'W40°06'N / 86°05'W9.60 Miles527 Yards05250K0Hamilton
44.01974-04-03240°23'N / 85°58'W40°29'N / 85°52'W8.30 Miles350 Yards002.5M0Howard
44.11966-12-08241°05'N / 87°09'W0125K0Jasper
44.11974-04-03440°57'N / 86°28'W41°10'N / 86°06'W24.10 Miles1760 Yards61380K0Fulton
44.11957-06-14341°04'N / 86°18'W0025K0Fulton
44.21954-05-31240°52'N / 86°02'W003K0Miami
44.31963-04-17441°07'N / 87°15'W41°06'N / 86°56'W16.20 Miles110 Yards0162.5M0Jasper
44.31992-11-22339°52'N / 86°54'W39°55'N / 86°53'W3.00 Miles867 Yards002.5M0Montgomery
44.51956-03-06240°35'N / 85°54'W003K0Miami
45.11987-07-06240°55'N / 87°26'W0.90 Mile250 Yards032.5M0Newton
45.11951-06-21341°07'N / 86°25'W41°07'N / 86°21'W2.70 Miles1760 Yards022.5M0Fulton
45.21973-05-27239°39'N / 86°50'W40°06'N / 86°25'W38.10 Miles50 Yards00250K0Hendricks
45.91962-09-13240°03'N / 86°08'W1.00 Mile27 Yards0025K0Hamilton
47.11974-04-03240°15'N / 87°38'W40°21'N / 87°33'W7.80 Miles177 Yards0122.5M0Vermilion
47.11961-07-21240°16'N / 87°37'W40°16'N / 87°32'W3.60 Miles33 Yards0025K0Vermilion
47.21968-05-15340°37'N / 87°42'W40°39'N / 87°34'W7.10 Miles400 Yards002.5M0Iroquois
47.41956-04-03241°07'N / 86°23'W41°10'N / 86°19'W4.10 Miles50 Yards0025K0Fulton
47.71976-03-20239°47'N / 86°41'W39°54'N / 86°31'W11.70 Miles33 Yards0025K0Hendricks
48.32007-04-11240°10'N / 85°57'W40°15'N / 85°54'W4.00 Miles100 Yards00150K0KHamilton
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: This tornado touched down at 7:25 P.M. EDT, as reported by trained spotters, about 3 miles east of Arcadia . The tornado continued a path to the northeast, lifting around 7:30 P.M. EDT. An EF2 rating was assigned to this tornado given the significant destruction of a barn, and the tornado moving a dual wheel pickup truck/trailer rig nearly fifteen feet. Winds were estimated near 120 mph. Several other outbuildings, houses, barns, vehicles, trees, sheds, and garages suffered damage as well. EPISODE NARRATIVE: Severe thunderstorms moved through central Indiana on the afternoon of 11 April 2007. The storms produced tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds. The National Weather Service Indianapolis damage assessment teams confirmed four tornadoes in central Indiana. These tornadoes occurred from mini supercells.
49.41967-09-26241°12'N / 87°03'W0.50 Mile33 Yards0125K0Jasper
49.51990-06-02239°48'N / 86°42'W39°49'N / 86°40'W1.50 Miles50 Yards05250K0Hendricks
49.91974-06-07239°57'N / 86°13'W39°59'N / 86°04'W8.00 Miles100 Yards00250K0Hamilton
49.91964-04-28240°17'N / 85°51'W000K0Madison

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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