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Census Block 216822-3-030 in Maricopa County, Arizona

Population23 (2010), see rank
House Units12, see rank
RaceWhites:100%, Hispanics:8.7%, Blacks:0%, Asians:0%, Others:0%
Total Area:0.05 sq mi
Water Area:0.00 sq mi (0.00%)
Area:Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale, AZ
County:Maricopa County
Census Tract:216822
Census Block Group:216822-3

Census Block 216822-3-030 Map, Border, and Nearby Locations

Population by Races

White:23 (100.00%, see rank)
Black:0 (0.00%, see rank)
Hispanic:2 (8.70%, see rank)
Asian:0 (0.00%, see rank)
Native (American Indian, Alaska Native, Hawaiian Native, etc.):0 (0.00%, see rank)
One Race, Other:0 (0.00%, see rank)
Two or More Races:0 (0.00%, see rank)

Population by Gender

Male: 12 (52.17%, see rank)
Females: 11 (47.83%, see rank)

Population by Age

Median Age: 53.5, see rank
Median Age, Male: 48.5, see rank
Median Age, Female: 57.5, see rank
 Census Block 216822-3-030% of the Total Population
Under 5 years00.00%, see rank
5 to 9 years28.70%, see rank
10 to 14 years28.70%, see rank
15 to 19 years00.00%, see rank
20 to 24 years00.00%, see rank
25 to 34 years00.00%, see rank
35 to 44 years14.35%, see rank
45 to 54 years730.43%, see rank
55 to 64 years417.39%, see rank
65 to 74 years313.04%, see rank
75 to 84 313.04%, see rank
85 years and over14.35%, see rank

Household and Family

 Census Block 216822-3-030%
Total Households10100%
Average Household Size2.30, see rank-
1 Person Households110.00%, see rank
2 or More Person Households990.00%, see rank
Family Households (Families)770.00%, see rank
Average Family Size2.57, see rank-
Married-Couple Family770.00%, see rank
Nonfamily Households330.00%, see rank

Housing Occupancy

 Census Block 216822-3-030%
Total Housing Units12100%
Occupied Housing Units1083.33%, see rank
Owner Occupied1083.33%, see rank
Owner Occupied with Mortgage758.33%
Owner Occupied without Mortgage325.00%
Renter Occupied00.00%, see rank
Vacant Housing Units216.67%, see rank
For Rent00.00%, see rank
For Sale Only18.33%, see rank
Rented or Sold, Not Occupied00.00%, see rank
For Seasonal, Recreational, or Occasional Use18.33%, see rank
For Migrant Workers00.00%, see rank
Other Vacant00.00%, see rank

*Based on 2010 data.

*A census block is the smallest geographic area defined by the United States Census Bureau to take census. In total, there are more than 10 million census blocks in the United Status with an average of around 30 residents in each. A census block normally only covers a street block or a small community. It is ideal for studying data relating to the smallest geographic area.

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