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62846 Zip Code Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

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The chance of earthquake damage in 62846 Zip Code is about the same as Illinois average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in 62846 Zip Code is about the same as Illinois average and is much higher than the national average.

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Earthquake Index, #305

62846 Zip Code

The earthquake index value is calculated based on historical earthquake events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the earthquake level in a region. A higher earthquake index value means a higher chance of an earthquake.

Volcano Index, #1

62846 Zip Code

The volcano index value is calculated based on the currently known volcanoes using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the possibility of a region being affected by a possible volcano eruption. A higher volcano index value means a higher chance of being affected.

Tornado Index, #855

62846 Zip Code

The tornado index value is calculated based on historical tornado events data using USA.com algorithms. It is an indicator of the tornado level in a region. A higher tornado index value means a higher chance of tornado events.

Other Weather Extremes Events

A total of 2,766 other weather extremes events within 50 miles of 62846 Zip Code were recorded from 1950 to 2010. The following is a break down of these events:

Avalanche:0Blizzard:2Cold:6Dense Fog:2Drought:1
Dust Storm:0Flood:385Hail:840Heat:35Heavy Snow:13
High Surf:0Hurricane:0Ice Storm:5Landslide:0Strong Wind:12
Thunderstorm Winds:1,263Tropical Storm:0Wildfire:0Winter Storm:33Winter Weather:9

Volcanos Nearby

No volcano is found in or near 62846 Zip Code.

Historical Earthquake Events

A total of 5 historical earthquake events that had recorded magnitudes of 3.5 or above found in or near 62846 Zip Code.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeDepth (km)LatitudeLongitude

Historical Tornado Events

A total of 91 historical tornado events that had recorded magnitude of 2 or above found in or near 62846 Zip Code.

Distance (miles)DateMagnitudeStart Lat/LogEnd Lat/LogLengthWidthFatalitiesInjuriesProperty DamageCrop DamageAffected County
0.91961-03-06237°54'N / 89°51'W38°23'N / 87°55'W110.2 Miles33 Yards002.5M0Randolph
1.81982-03-30238°09'N / 88°54'W0.80 Mile100 Yards132.5M0Jefferson
4.91960-02-09237°58'N / 89°00'W38°11'N / 88°42'W22.10 Miles77 Yards00250K0Franklin
7.31996-04-19338°09'N / 88°45'W38°09'N / 88°43'W2.00 Miles400 Yards00200K0Jefferson
 Brief Description: Total damage was estimated around 3 million dollars. The tornado destroyed 3 homes and caused moderate to severe damage to 50 others. About 45 barns and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed, along with 60 to 70 grain bins. The small community of Piopolis was nearly devastated. The intensity of the tornado was just weak (F0 or F1) during most of its life, but it briefly reached F3 intensity.
9.81957-12-18338°12'N / 88°42'W2.50 Miles150 Yards03250K0Hamilton
10.01960-02-09238°11'N / 88°42'W38°12'N / 88°41'W1.90 Miles77 Yards01250K0Jefferson
10.61957-12-19238°12'N / 89°03'W1.00 Mile67 Yards0025K0Jefferson
12.41957-12-18438°17'N / 89°05'W38°21'N / 88°47'W16.80 Miles250 Yards1452.5M0Jefferson
13.71957-12-18238°20'N / 89°01'W38°21'N / 88°48'W11.60 Miles200 Yards0025K0Jefferson
13.81958-04-05338°02'N / 89°09'W38°06'N / 89°03'W7.10 Miles100 Yards06250K0Jackson
13.91990-05-09238°06'N / 88°37'W0.50 Mile50 Yards0025K0Hamilton
14.41964-03-25238°09'N / 88°42'W38°14'N / 88°31'W11.50 Miles50 Yards0225K0Hamilton
16.91996-04-19338°08'N / 88°42'W38°17'N / 88°26'W13.00 Miles400 Yards002.8M0Hamilton
 Brief Description: Total damage was estimated around 3 million dollars. The tornado destroyed 3 homes and caused moderate to severe damage to 50 others. About 45 barns and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed, along with 60 to 70 grain bins. The small community of Piopolis was nearly devastated. The intensity of the tornado was just weak (F0 or F1) during most of its life, but it briefly reached F3 intensity.
18.51957-12-18538°05'N / 89°15'W38°06'N / 89°09'W5.40 Miles200 Yards16250K0Perry
20.21957-12-18238°25'N / 89°01'W38°26'N / 88°56'W4.50 Miles33 Yards0225K0Jefferson
21.71957-12-18437°51'N / 89°05'W37°53'N / 89°01'W4.30 Miles300 Yards0102.5M0Franklin
22.31973-05-07238°00'N / 89°14'W000K0Perry
22.71998-04-15238°25'N / 89°05'W38°28'N / 89°01'W5.00 Miles250 Yards01400K0Jefferson
 Brief Description: Six houses sustained major damage in Cravat. One house was moved about 10 feet off of its foundation with the back portion of the house destroyed. One truck and some farm machinery were tossed 50 feet. Several small barns and outbuildings were destroyed. A truck driver sustained broken ribs when his tractor trailer was lifted up by the tornado. The trailer was lifted up into a vertical position before being set back down and rolling over. Several mobile homes were overturned.
23.81958-04-05337°54'N / 89°20'W38°02'N / 89°09'W13.50 Miles100 Yards05250K0Jackson
24.21990-06-02438°15'N / 88°28'W38°15'N / 88°25'W2.60 Miles300 Yards002.5M0Hamilton
25.21957-12-18437°50'N / 89°10'W37°51'N / 89°05'W4.50 Miles300 Yards0102.5M0Williamson
25.91998-04-15238°29'N / 89°03'W38°30'N / 89°03'W0.50 Mile350 Yards0050K0Marion
 Brief Description: A tornado which formed in Jefferson County near Cravat moved northeast into Marion County at Walnut Hill. Witnesses who saw the tornado noted a twin structure; two vortices very close to one another. Three homes suffered exterior wall or roof damage while five barns/farm implement buildings were destroyed. Trees were also uprooted.
26.11996-04-19338°15'N / 88°25'W38°16'N / 88°24'W2.00 Miles400 Yards00200K0Wayne
 Brief Description: Total damage was estimated around 3 million dollars. The tornado destroyed 3 homes and caused moderate to severe damage to 50 others. About 45 barns and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed, along with 60 to 70 grain bins. The small community of Piopolis was nearly devastated. The intensity of the tornado was just weak (F0 or F1) during most of its life, but it briefly reached F3 intensity.
26.41973-06-02237°46'N / 88°56'W00250K0Williamson
26.61998-04-15238°30'N / 89°02'W38°32'N / 88°58'W4.00 Miles300 Yards0000Marion
 Brief Description: The thunderstorm which spawned the tornado from Cravat to Walnut Hill produced another twin/multiple vortex tornado from just northeast of Walnut Hill to the intersection of Interstate 57 and Illinois Route 161. The tornado moved through a heavily wooded area and destroyed several barns/farm implement buildings, one mobile home, and damaged several homes. The tornado narrowed in width, losing its twin characteristics as it approached the intersection of Interstate 57 and State Route 161. Six homes were damaged, one mobile home destroyed, and eleven barn/farm implement buildings were either damaged or completely destroyed. Two tractor trailers were overturned by the tornado near the intersection of I-57/161.
27.02002-04-28237°50'N / 88°38'W37°50'N / 88°30'W7.50 Miles200 Yards033.5M0Saline
 Brief Description: The tornado struck Galatia directly, damaging about 55 structures and destroying several. Peak winds were estimated between 120 and 130 MPH. The roof of a car wash was blown off, and then the walls collapsed on a police cruiser that was sheltered there. A coal mine sustained a quarter million dollars in damage. Two persons were injured in an overturned trailer. Two brick homes lost their roofs and some walls.
27.31989-01-07238°13'N / 88°24'W38°14'N / 88°21'W3.00 Miles100 Yards002.5M0Hamilton
27.51982-05-29437°48'N / 89°08'W37°43'N / 88°50'W17.00 Miles400 Yards10181250.0M0Williamson
27.82002-04-21338°21'N / 88°42'W38°21'N / 88°09'W30.00 Miles500 Yards1424.0M0Wayne
 Brief Description: The tornado entered Wayne County about a half mile north of Illinois Route 15, then proceeded to move northeast to a point about 1.5 miles north of Wayne City. The tornado then paralleled Route 15 just north of Sims. The tornado continued moving east toward Fairfield, and passed through the southern part of Fairfield with F-3 intensity winds. The tornado then travelled slightly south of east toward Golden Gate. The tornado weakened east of Golden Gate and finally dissipated in extreme eastern Wayne County near Ellery. The sole fatality occurred 4 miles west of Wayne City, when a 47-year-old man was killed inside his mobile home. Of the 42 hospital-treated injuries, 13 were critical. A total of 35 homes were destroyed, and 16 received major damage. The average wind speed in the tornado was 130 to 170 MPH, with peak winds at or approaching 200 MPH. The F-3 damage was located near Sims, southern sections of Fairfield, near Merriam, and areas west and north of Wayne City. Vehicles were picked up and deposited in houses. Well-constructed houses lost roofs and some walls. Weaker structures, including a tavern near Sims, were demolished. M47MH
28.11953-03-14238°24'N / 89°28'W38°37'N / 88°44'W42.30 Miles200 Yards00250K0Washington
28.41976-03-20238°29'N / 89°10'W38°30'N / 89°08'W1.30 Miles33 Yards00250K0Marion
28.71991-11-19337°44'N / 88°56'W1.50 Miles70 Yards01625.0M0Williamson
29.11975-01-10237°49'N / 88°32'W2.00 Miles587 Yards00250K0Saline
29.51989-01-07238°14'N / 88°21'W38°17'N / 88°20'W3.00 Miles100 Yards062.5M0White
30.82006-03-11238°04'N / 89°36'W38°11'N / 89°16'W20.00 Miles300 Yards021.2M0Perry
 Brief Description: The tornado entered Perry County, IL from Randolph County about 1.5 miles south of Highway 154. The Perry County segment of the tornado was rated at its maximum intensity and width shortly after crossing the county line. Shortly after crossing into Perry County, some coal trucks were blown over, and a modular home was totally destroyed on Route 154 near Route 150. Two persons in the home were trapped inside for a time, but they sustained only minor injuries that were treated at a local hospital. Route 150 was closed for 12 hours due to downed trees and power lines. Within a few miles of the destroyed modular home, some hogs were killed at a hog farm, and an empty grain bin was picked up and blown 100 yards into a field. Several eyewitnesses at this location reported two funnels. As the tornado continued its northeast movement, passing northwest of Pinckneyville, it weakened to F1 intensity. Near where it crossed Illinois Route 13, trees were uprooted, roofs were blown off, and power poles were snapped. Siding was blown off a house. Near the end of the tornado track, just northwest of Tamaroa, a metal building was destroyed. Debris from the building was blown about 400 yards. A nearby house lost all of its shingles. Along the 20-mile path through Perry County, dozens of barns and outbuildings were severely damaged or destroyed. Dozens of homes sustained varying degrees of damage, ranging from minor to major. Hundreds of trees were uprooted or snapped. Peak winds on this county segment were estimated at 140 MPH, mainly near the Randolph County line. The average path width was close to 200 yards. A deputy sheriff reported a tornado crossing U.S. Highway 51 north of Tamaroa. This was the last evidence of the tornado, which likely dissipated as it crossed Route 51.
31.01961-03-06237°48'N / 88°32'W37°49'N / 88°27'W4.70 Miles100 Yards02250K0Saline
31.71989-10-16238°23'N / 88°22'W2.00 Miles800 Yards0025K0Wayne
33.01957-12-18338°30'N / 88°38'W38°36'N / 88°27'W11.90 Miles200 Yards01250K0Wayne
33.11990-06-02438°15'N / 88°25'W38°19'N / 88°09'W15.50 Miles300 Yards012.5M0Wayne
33.91957-12-18338°10'N / 88°25'W38°17'N / 88°05'W19.80 Miles33 Yards04250K0Hamilton
34.21970-03-25237°43'N / 89°11'W01250K0Jackson
34.31996-04-19238°35'N / 89°03'W38°42'N / 88°45'W20.00 Miles150 Yards077.0M0Marion
 Brief Description: Marion County was declared a Federal Disaster Area as a tornado, reaching F2 strength at its peak, created a 20 mile path of destruction from south of Odin to east of Salem. The bulk of the damage occurred on the south side of the city of Salem. The tornado moved through the county Fairgrounds, destroying numerous buildings and ripping the roofs off others. Two 2-ton trucks were turned 180 degrees by the tornado. Red Cross damage assessment teams determined that 6 mobile homes and 2 homes were destroyed in the Marion area. Another 46 homes and mobile homes were damaged. At least 23 businesses in Marion were damaged, 17 in one shopping center. Power was out to over 4000 residents. Two more homes were destroyed about 5 miles east of Marion. In one of the mobile homes destroyed on the south side of Marion, a mother and her 4 year old son took the ride of their lives. They were on the couch when the tornado struck, and ended up about 100 yards away in the middle of the debris. Both escaped serious injury. Total damage was estimated between 5 and 7 million dollars. There were only 7 injuries, all minor, primarily cuts and bruises.
34.91982-05-29338°03'N / 89°32'W38°04'N / 89°28'W3.00 Miles200 Yards07250K0Perry
35.71957-12-18237°54'N / 89°30'W37°55'N / 89°24'W5.40 Miles33 Yards0025K0Jackson
35.71970-06-01237°42'N / 89°12'W0525K0Jackson
35.71957-12-19237°42'N / 88°32'W0.50 Mile100 Yards0025K0Saline
35.81965-02-09238°06'N / 88°14'W38°08'N / 88°11'W3.30 Miles10 Yards00250K0White
35.91976-03-20238°22'N / 89°41'W38°29'N / 89°10'W29.00 Miles33 Yards00250K0Washington
36.01989-01-07238°17'N / 88°20'W38°19'N / 88°08'W10.00 Miles100 Yards002.5M0Wayne
36.11957-12-18437°42'N / 89°29'W37°50'N / 89°10'W19.50 Miles300 Yards111802.5M0Jackson
36.21957-12-18237°42'N / 89°13'W1.50 Miles33 Yards0525K0Jackson
36.61951-11-13237°54'N / 89°32'W37°58'N / 89°26'W7.10 Miles250 Yards07250K0Jackson
36.91967-12-21338°01'N / 89°36'W38°04'N / 89°28'W7.90 Miles400 Yards00250K0Perry
37.41957-12-18338°05'N / 89°33'W2.50 Miles33 Yards01250K0Perry
38.32009-03-08238°15'N / 89°36'W38°16'N / 89°31'W4.00 Miles200 Yards000K0KWashington
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: A tornado touched down 5.5 miles west southwest of Oakdale and travelled to the northeast. A house on County Highway 29 sustained moderate damage with 4 windows blown out, a wall was buckled in, and siding and shingles were blown off. At this location it also overturned and destroyed a camper and the back end of a machine shed was torn off. Further down the road, a silo and two sheds were blown down. The falling silo hit two cows, killing one of them. The tornado then snapped off 2 large double-poled wooden high tension towers at the base. Also, it destroyed several pole sheds with the debris scattered hundreds of yards and snapped off numerous trees. On another farmstead, a brand new garage was destroyed and the home sustained minimal roof and siding damage before the tornado lifted and dissipated about a mile west of Oakdale. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A strong cold front moved through the region triggering showers and thunderstorms. Damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes were reported with the storms.
38.71990-06-02438°34'N / 88°28'W38°37'N / 88°24'W5.50 Miles300 Yards02250K0Wayne
39.02004-10-18237°36'N / 88°58'W37°34'N / 88°54'W4.30 Miles250 Yards02500K0Johnson
 Brief Description: The tornado turned east-southeast from Williamson County back into Johnson County. The bulk of the damage and injuries occurred in a neighborhood on the southern half of the Lake of Egypt. The two injured persons were mobile home residents whose homes were demolished. One of the mobile homes was swept clean off its foundation. The demolished home was deposited 50 to 100 yards away. The 32-year-old male occupant of the mobile home, who was ejected from the home, received numerous bruises and cuts. A female resident of another mobile home was injured. In total, three mobile homes were destroyed, and dozens of mobile homes, barns, and sheds were damaged. Rescue efforts were hampered by a large amount of tree debris on roads. Peak winds in the Lake of Egypt neighborhood were estimated near 120 MPH. The tornado lifted as it reached the southeast side of the Lake of Egypt. The parent thunderstorm produced another tornado in northern Johnson County only a few miles beyond where this tornado lifted. A supercell thunderstorm organized over southern Jackson County, then spawned a tornado as it moved east along the Union/Williamson County line. This supercell continued east-southeast across northern Johnson and northern Pope Counties, producing two significant tornadoes and large hail. Although the storm exhibited strong rotation as it continued east through Hardin County and across the Ohio River into Kentucky, no additional tornadoes were reported there.
39.11982-05-29338°02'N / 89°37'W38°03'N / 89°32'W4.00 Miles200 Yards00250K0Perry
40.01963-03-16337°44'N / 88°21'W0.30 Mile30 Yards0025K0Gallatin
40.51972-04-14237°33'N / 88°58'W37°34'N / 88°46'W10.90 Miles30 Yards0025K0Johnson
41.51958-07-11238°33'N / 88°26'W38°32'N / 88°09'W15.30 Miles50 Yards0025K0Wayne
41.71974-06-22237°33'N / 89°00'W000K0Johnson
42.22006-09-22237°46'N / 89°39'W37°48'N / 89°20'W19.50 Miles225 Yards01800K0Jackson
 Brief Description: This tornado crossed the Mississippi River from Perry County, Missouri. The tornado weakened from its maximum F-4 intensity to F-2 intensity by the time it entered Jackson County in the Mississippi River bottomlands near Wilkinson Island. At this location, the wall of an old two-story farmhouse was blown out, and the roof was blown off. Hundreds of trees were broken off. Tree damage was visible across the river in Perry County, Missouri. The path width was estimated to be 200 yards wide on the Jackson County side of the river. Before reaching Illinois Route 3, the F-2 tornado widened to 250 yards and destroyed a mobile home. A resident of the mobile home was sent to the hospital. Nearby, a house was unroofed, and trees were snapped or uprooted. Another house lost a room that was added on. A swing set was blown 200 yards and wrapped around a mailbox. An empty tractor trailer rig was overturned. An empty grain bin was blown 100 yards into a field. Full grain bins were severely damaged but remained in place. The roof was blown off a brick house. As the tornado crossed Route 3, high tension utility poles were snapped off, hundreds of acres of corn were flattened, and trees were uprooted. Route 3 was closed for nine hours. From Route 3, the tornado proceeded east-northeast through mostly rural areas of the county, including the Kinkaid Lake State Wildlife Area. The tornado weakened to F-0 intensity before reaching Kinkaid Lake. At the Kinkaid Lake marina, about 50 RV's and boats were damaged, and trees were broken off. The tornado finally lifted shortly after crossing Highway 127 north of Murphysboro. The damage along Highway 127 was about 75 yards wide and consisted of broken tree limbs. A state trooper videotaped the tornado before it lifted. Storm chasers also videotaped the tornado. Peak winds where F-2 damage occurred in western Jackson County were estimated near 150 MPH. The average path width was about 150 yards. A total of about six homes were destroyed or severely damaged, and a dozen others were damaged to a lesser degree. Dozens of other non-residential buildings, such as garages, sheds, barns, and carports, were destroyed. Along the path, striations were evident in fields, and scores of utility poles were snapped off. There were numerous reports of debris falling from the sky in neighboring Perry County, Illinois. Debris as large as pieces of siding and roofing was reported in Du Quoin.
42.42009-03-08238°33'N / 88°21'W38°36'N / 88°16'W5.00 Miles100 Yards0090K0KWayne
 Brief Description: EVENT NARRATIVE: Several structures were damaged. Half of the roof was blown off one house. A well-built storage barn was blown into another house. Debris was blown several hundred yards. Debris from a house impacted a second house 250 yards away. The second house had only minor structural damage. A large metal barn partially caved in when a small grain elevator blew onto it. Peak winds were estimated near 122 mph. The tornado crossed into Clay County. EPISODE NARRATIVE: A strong 500 mb shortwave moved rapidly northeast from the Plains during the day. The shortwave became a closed low over the Great Lakes region by the evening hours. In the lower levels, a strong southwest 850 mb jet from 60 to 65 knots shifted east from the Ozarks across southern Illinois. These features provided sufficient shear and instability for a significant tornado.
42.61957-12-18338°36'N / 88°27'W38°41'N / 88°21'W7.70 Miles200 Yards00250K0Clay
42.71998-04-15238°39'N / 88°32'W38°42'N / 88°23'W9.50 Miles150 Yards082.1M0Clay
 Brief Description: A severe thunderstorm, which originated in eastern Missouri, travelled to the east across southern Illinois. It produced numerous tornadoes. When it moved into our county warning area, it produced two tornadoes over Clay County. The first tornado touched down 3 miles west southwest of Flora. As it travelled to the northeast it destroyed a set of crossing signals along a set of railroad tracks. It moved parallel to the tracks and on the west edge of Flora it blew 60 to 70 cars of a moving CSX freight train off the tracks. No injuries were reported with the train crew or anyone nearby. At this point the tornado was F2 intensity. Most of the tornado track through Flora stayed south of the railroad tracks. In this area most of the structural damage to frame houses was relatively minor with roof/siding damage the most common. A few homes totally lost roofs, garages/storage sheds were destroyed, and one unanchored mobile home was destroyed and landed about 100 feet from its foundation. Three occupants sustained minor injuries. Several vehicles in the area were damaged from falling trees and debris. The tornado briefly lifted and came down again on the east side of town. It damaged or destroyed 40 to 50 condominiums, which was due more to a result of poor construction techniques rather than wind speed. Roof structures did not survive, with the rafters only consisting of 2x4s. The tornado was rated F1 in this area. After hitting the condominium complex, the tornado caused light damage to an industrial park with power poles down and 10 businesses sustaining damage. From there the damage was light, mainly to trees. Two miles northwest of Clay City, the tornado overturned a mobile home before lifting. At about the same time, half a mile to the north of the first tornado, another tornado formed and touched down. It destroyed a mobile home (F2 intensity) and then travelled to the northeast causing spotty damage, mainly to trees. It destroyed a shed 5 miles north of Olney (Richland County) before lifting and dissipating. In total 8 people sustained minor injuries. Damage in Clay County was estimated around $2.2 million and no damage estimate was available for Richland County.
42.81982-05-29338°02'N / 89°40'W38°02'N / 89°37'W3.00 Miles200 Yards00250K0Montgomery
42.91972-04-14237°31'N / 89°03'W37°33'N / 88°58'W4.90 Miles30 Yards0525K0Johnson
43.01957-12-18337°58'N / 89°49'W38°04'N / 89°28'W20.20 Miles33 Yards0025K0Randolph
43.01957-05-21337°34'N / 89°19'W37°38'N / 89°11'W8.50 Miles200 Yards00250K0Union
43.32004-10-18237°33'N / 88°43'W37°32'N / 88°35'W6.00 Miles300 Yards00150K0Pope
 Brief Description: This tornado entered Pope County from Johnson County in a remote area of the Shawnee National Forest. Most of the track was through heavily forested areas, causing extensive tree destruction. The tornado reached its peak intensity about a mile northeast of Bell Smith Springs, a scenic river gorge about 4 miles northwest of Eddyville. Peak winds were estimated near 120 MPH. Near the end of the damage path, just as the tornado was reaching Illinois Route 145, a mobile home was damaged. A supercell thunderstorm organized over southern Jackson County, then spawned a tornado as it moved east along the Union/Williamson County line. This supercell continued east-southeast across northern Johnson and northern Pope Counties, producing two significant tornadoes and large hail. Although the storm exhibited strong rotation as it continued east through Hardin County and across the Ohio River into Kentucky, no additional tornadoes were reported there.
43.81990-06-02438°37'N / 88°24'W38°39'N / 88°18'W5.50 Miles300 Yards00250K0Clay
44.71957-12-18337°54'N / 89°48'W38°00'N / 89°30'W17.70 Miles33 Yards00250K0Randolph
44.91972-04-21337°33'N / 88°32'W0.30 Mile60 Yards3025K0Pope
45.41990-10-03237°35'N / 88°26'W1.00 Mile100 Yards00250K0Pope
45.51985-04-05238°13'N / 89°42'W1.80 Miles50 Yards13250K0Randolph
45.61990-06-02438°19'N / 88°09'W38°23'N / 87°59'W11.60 Miles300 Yards102.5M0Edwards
45.71972-04-14237°32'N / 89°16'W37°31'N / 89°03'W11.80 Miles30 Yards0025K0Union
46.41961-09-24238°17'N / 89°43'W38°19'N / 89°41'W2.70 Miles33 Yards0025K0Washington
47.21972-04-14237°34'N / 89°19'W37°32'N / 89°16'W3.30 Miles30 Yards0425K0Union
47.31961-09-24238°15'N / 89°44'W38°17'N / 89°43'W2.30 Miles33 Yards0125K0St. Clair
47.41989-01-07238°19'N / 88°08'W38°23'N / 87°56'W9.00 Miles100 Yards002.5M0Edwards
47.41976-05-30238°14'N / 88°00'W0.30 Mile33 Yards0025K0White
48.11967-12-21337°53'N / 89°50'W38°01'N / 89°36'W15.70 Miles400 Yards02250K0Randolph
48.21964-03-08238°27'N / 89°38'W38°38'N / 89°34'W13.10 Miles40 Yards0025K0Clinton
48.71958-04-05338°27'N / 89°41'W38°58'N / 89°08'W46.30 Miles100 Yards00250K0Clinton
48.81958-07-11238°22'N / 88°09'W38°31'N / 87°57'W14.90 Miles50 Yards0125K0Edwards
49.41967-12-21238°38'N / 89°32'W1.00 Mile50 Yards002.5M0Clinton
49.42006-03-11237°50'N / 89°54'W38°04'N / 89°35'W22.50 Miles300 Yards0000Randolph
 Brief Description: The fourth tornado from the Southeast Missouri supercell crossed into Randolph County Illinois about 9:47 pm CST moving across the southern portion of Kaskaskia Island. Debris originating from near St. Marys, Missouri was found in some fields on the island. Numerous snapped or uprooted trees were found on the island. The tornado crossed the Mississippi River on the north side of Chester with a damage path about 300 yards wide. F2 level damage was found just north of the Chester Correctional Center where a number of trees were leveled or snapped off. The tornado produced F1 damage at the Gorden Bud Cohen Recreational Complex where three wooden light posts were snapped off near the base, and several ball fields backstops and fences were blown over. Just to the east, three large pole barns and several outbuildings were destroyed, and a house had roof and exterior damage. The damage at this point was 300 yards wide and rated F2. The tornado continued to produced F1 to F2 damage along the remainder of its path through Randolph County with a nearly continuous 300 yard width. A Notable area of F2 damage were found just north and northeast of Bremen along Highway 150. This damage consisted of metal high power electric towers blown down, a destroyed mobile home, a number of destroyed barns and metal outbuildings, roof and exterior damage to several homes, and numerous trees uprooted. F2 damage was also found near Highway 150 about 1.5 miles west of Steeleville. The rear portion of a house had considerable roof and structural damage, several detached garages were destroyed, at least 5 metal outbuildings were destroyed, several barns destroyed, signs broken, and trees and power poles snapped. The tornado finally exited Randolph County about 1.5 miles south of Highway 154 on County Line Road about 10:15 pm CST.
49.71957-12-18337°50'N / 89°45'W37°52'N / 89°39'W5.70 Miles33 Yards0025K0Randolph
49.91976-02-16237°28'N / 89°11'W1.00 Mile33 Yards0125K0Union

* The information on this page is based on the global volcano database, the U.S. earthquake database of 1638-1985, and the U.S. Tornado and Weather Extremes database of 1950-2010.

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