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Central Valley High (Continuation)

526 Mannel Ave
Shafter CA, 93263, Kern County
Phone: 661-746-4281

Type: Other/Alternative School, High School
Status: Currently Operational
Grade: Grade 9 to Grade 12
School District: Kern Union High School District
Title I Eligible School: Yes School-Wide Title I: NA
Magnet: NA
Charter: NA
Shared-Time School: NA

Students and Teachers

      2013-2014         2012-2013         2011-2012         2010-2011         2009-2010         2008-2009         2007-2008    
Total Teachers:3 4 3 NANA3 3 4 
Total Students:98 82 83 103 89 54 77 
Grade 9:00.0%00.0%00.0%11.0%00.0%11.9%11.3%
Grade 10:11.0%22.4%00.0%21.9%00.0%11.9%00.0%
Grade 11:2424.5%1822.0%2024.1%3029.1%2123.6%611.1%1316.9%
Grade 12:7374.5%6275.6%6375.9%7068.0%6876.4%4685.2%6381.8%
Student By Gender:
Student By Races:
American Indian/Alaska Native:00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%
Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander:22.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%NANA
Two or More Races:00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%00.0%NANA
Lunch Program:
Free Lunch Program Eligible:6263.3%6579.3%NANA7976.7%6471.9%3157.4%3039.0%
Reduced-Price Lunch Program Eligible:1111.2%33.7%NANA54.9%33.4%916.7%45.2%
Student-Teacher Ratio:31.01 19.39 25.94 NANA29.67 18.00 19.30 

Test Performance

YearTestGradeMeasurementScoreSchool DistrictState Average
2005English Language Arts10th Grade% met std0%68%76%
2006English Language Arts10th Grade% met std36%72%77%
2007English Language Arts10th Grade% met std0%71%77%
2008English Language Arts10th Grade% met std0%77%79%
2009English Language Arts10th Grade% met std0%77.0%79.0%
2010English Language Arts10th Grade% met std0%79.0%81.0%
2011English Language Arts10th Grade% met std0%81.0%82.0%
2012English Language Arts10th Grade% met std0%82.0%83.0%
2013English Language Arts10th Grade% met std0%81.0%83.0%
2005Math10th Grade% met std0%65%74%
2006Math10th Grade% met std27%71%76%
2007Math10th Grade% met std0%70%76%
2008Math10th Grade% met std0%76%78%
2009Math10th Grade% met std0%78.0%80.0%
2010Math10th Grade% met std0%80.0%81.0%
2011Math10th Grade% met std0%81.0%83.0%
2012Math10th Grade% met std0%82.0%84.0%
2013Math10th Grade% met std0%81.0%84.0%
2009English Language Arts11th Grade% met std16.0%32.0%38.0%
2009Math11th Grade% met std20.0%31.0%36.0%
2009English Language Arts12th Grade% met std20.0%20.0%27.0%
2009Math12th Grade% met std10.0%22.0%28.0%
2009English Language ArtsAll grades (HS)% met std17.0%53.0%61.0%
2009MathAll grades (HS)% met std14.0%53.0%61.0%
2005Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score268.4276.1282.8
2006Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score268.8268.5278.8
2007Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score246.4272279.5
2008Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score254.3267.7277.7
2009Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score246.3270.9280.4
2010Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score253.2275.4282.3
2011Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score246.7277.6285.2
2012Algebra I11th GradeMean Scaled Score262.2275.7284.9
2007Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score280306.9335.3
2008Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score267299.3337.9
2009Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score270306.7343.3
2011Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score274.5316.6353.7
2012Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score282320.3357.2
2013Biology/Life Sciences11th GradeMean Scaled Score278.9319.9357.9
2005Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score279.3305.1315.5
2006Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score282.7301.2314.9
2010Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score289.8304.7324.6
2011Earth Science11th GradeMean Scaled Score280.7309.8329.1
2004English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score254.6301.5319.7
2005English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score284304.9323.1
2006English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score246305.9324.4
2007English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score241.7306.3327.6
2008English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score243304.7327.4
2009English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score250313.9332.2
2010English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score266.8321.8336.8
2011English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score242.3329.8341.7
2012English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score248332.3344.7
2013English Language Arts Standards11th GradeMean Scaled Score254.1333.0344.8
2004U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score287310.8326.1
2005U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score284313329.1
2006U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score257.6315.9329.2
2007U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score266.8317329.6
2008U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score264.7314.4331.4
2009U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score245.2319.4338.5
2010U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score277.9332341.4
2011U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score231.7337.1344.7
2012U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score245.6339.9346.9
2013U.S. History11th GradeMean Scaled Score252.9342.6348.5
2010World History11th GradeMean Scaled Score267.5253.7279.1
2011World History11th GradeMean Scaled Score242.6256.4283.2
2012World History11th GradeMean Scaled Score257.7267.8285.4
2005Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score268.9293.4307.8
2006Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score259282.3308.6
2007Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score246.4281.3311.1
2008Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score255.9282314.6
2009Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score247.9288.5319.7
2010Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score253.5289.8323.9
2011Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score247.8295.3326.9
2012Algebra IEnd of courseMean Scaled Score263.7294.3330.4
2006Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score275.6321.2333.4
2007Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score279.5322.8335.6
2008Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score267324.8340.1
2009Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score270331.6343
2011Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score274.1346.3351.7
2012Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score281.6349.4354.9
2013Biology/Life SciencesEnd of courseMean Scaled Score279.0348.0354.0
2005Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score278.8309.4318.7
2006Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score283.4309.4318.2
2010Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score286.2325.7327.7
2011Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score279.9327.5330.9
2012Earth ScienceEnd of courseMean Scaled Score262.9333.5335
2007World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score242.2306.3321.1
2009World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score227.5315.2329
2010World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score260.9327.3336.8
2011World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score241.3334.5342
2012World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score260.3340.4345.7
2013World HistoryEnd of courseMean Scaled Score233.7339.8346.7

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