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Millions of people want to immigrate or make a visit to the United States for millions of reasons. Hundreds of thousands of requests for work visas, immigration visas, travel visas, and the like are made every year, and the United States governmental agencies in charge of these processes do an excellent job of processing these requests.

If you aspire to move to the USA permanently, or are planning a visit of any length or purpose, you will need to present the appropriate forms to the appropriate parties. This process will vary depending on your nation of origin. Generally, if your nation has a good relationship with the United States government then you will likely have an easier time getting in. The opposite would probably be true if your nation and the USA happen to be at odds.

Any attempt to travel into the USA without the proper documentation should be considered futile. The American government places too high a premium on security to allow anybody to enter the country without full knowledge of their character and intentions. This having been said, the USA is very welcoming to those with proper vetting and certification.

Types of Immigrant Visas

The primary immigrant categories for visas follow:

Immediate Relative and Family Sponsored Visas

This category includes the immigration of family members, marriage to a foreign national, visas for spouses or fiances of U.S. citizens, spouses of lawful permanent residents in the U.S., and the adoption of a child from a foreign country by a U.S. citizen.

Employment-based Visas (Employment or Investor Visas)

According to provisions set in place by U.S. immigration law, there are approximately 140,000 work related visas available each year (between October 1st and September 31st) for qualified applicants. Besides employment and investor visas there are five other categories, including some related to the family members of immigrants employed in the U.S.

Special Immigrant Visas

These visas are special employment related visas that are open to eligible applicants who are also Iraqi or Afghan translators/interpreters, Iraqis or Afghans working for the U.S. government, or minister of religion or certain religious worker.

Student Visas

Students who have been accepted to a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) approved school should apply for an F visa. This includes students who plan to attend a university, college, high school, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory, language training program, or other academic institution. Students who are planning to attend an SEVP approved vocational or other recognized nonacademic institutions should apply for an M visa. It is also possible for students who want to sightsee in the U.S. to attend a brief educational class (less than 18 hours/week) with a B visa.

All Visas

As a general rule, a person applying for an immigration needs the sponsorship of a U.S. citizen or member(s) of the family that is a U.S. citizen, a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. or a potential employer to be eligible to apply for an immigration visa. Also, the cost of visas can fluctuate, so it is advised to check with the proper government department before applying for a visa.

Some Helpful Links

Prospective long-term visitors or immigrants to the US have several resources available to them which can make the process much easier.

The official site for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is right here:

These additional sites are filled with superb information which may help you even further:

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