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Goodwater, AL Historical House Occupancy Status Data


ACS 2010-2014 data

 Goodwater, ALAlabamaU.S.
Total Housing Units775, see rank, 100%2,190,638132,741,033
Occupied Housing Units610, 78.71%, see rank84.09%87.55%
Owner Occupied445, 57.42%, see rank58.17%56.34%
Renter Occupied165, 21.29%, see rank25.93%31.21%
Vacant Housing Units165, 21.29%, see rank15.91%12.45%
For Rent32, 4.13%, see rank2.61%2.34%
For Sale Only0, 0.00%, see rank1.54%1.20%
Rented or Sold, Not Occupied11, 1.42%, see rank1.25%0.92%
For Seasonal, Recreational, or Occasional Use21, 2.71%, see rank3.76%3.97%
For Migrant Workers0, 0.00%, see rank0.03%0.03%
Other Vacant101, 13.03%, see rank6.71%4.00%

US Census 2010 data

 Goodwater, ALAlabamaU.S.
Total Housing Units708, see rank, 100%2,171,853131,704,730
Occupied Housing Units618, 87.29%, see rank86.74%88.62%
Owner Occupied414, 58.47%, see rank60.44%57.69%
Renter Occupied204, 28.81%, see rank26.30%30.93%
Vacant Housing Units90, 12.71%, see rank13.26%11.38%
For Rent25, 3.53%, see rank3.65%3.14%
For Sale Only6, 0.85%, see rank1.65%1.44%
Rented or Sold, Not Occupied0, 0.00%, see rank0.60%0.48%
For Seasonal, Recreational, or Occasional Use11, 1.55%, see rank2.94%3.53%
For Migrant Workers0, 0.00%, see rank0.01%0.02%
Other Vacant48, 6.78%, see rank4.41%2.77%

ACS 2008-2012 data

 Goodwater, ALAlabamaU.S.
Total Housing Units698, see rank, 100%2,172,647131,642,457
Occupied Housing Units596, 85.39%, see rank84.58%87.53%
Owner Occupied444, 63.61%, see rank59.34%57.34%
Renter Occupied152, 21.78%, see rank25.23%30.19%
Vacant Housing Units102, 14.61%, see rank15.42%12.47%
For Rent6, 0.86%, see rank2.54%2.50%
For Sale Only0, 0.00%, see rank1.52%1.38%
Rented or Sold, Not Occupied10, 1.43%, see rank1.15%0.91%
For Seasonal, Recreational, or Occasional Use10, 1.43%, see rank3.66%3.81%
For Migrant Workers0, 0.00%, see rank0.02%0.03%
Other Vacant76, 10.89%, see rank6.53%3.84%

ACS 2006-2010 data

 Goodwater, ALAlabamaU.S.
Total Housing Units762, see rank, 100%2,146,513130,038,080
Occupied Housing Units639, 83.86%, see rank84.85%87.85%
Owner Occupied492, 64.57%, see rank60.35%58.51%
Renter Occupied147, 19.29%, see rank24.50%29.33%
Vacant Housing Units123, 16.14%, see rank15.15%12.15%
For Rent6, 0.79%, see rank2.60%2.53%
For Sale Only0, 0.00%, see rank1.47%1.45%
Rented or Sold, Not Occupied12, 1.57%, see rank1.13%0.95%
For Seasonal, Recreational, or Occasional Use9, 1.18%, see rank3.34%3.60%
For Migrant Workers0, 0.00%, see rank0.02%0.03%
Other Vacant96, 12.60%, see rank6.60%3.59%

ACS 2005-2009 data

 Goodwater, ALAlabamaU.S.
Total Housing Units840, see rank, 100%2,139,970127,699,712
Occupied Housing Units715, 85.12%, see rank85.02%88.18%
Owner Occupied545, 64.88%, see rank60.16%58.98%
Renter Occupied170, 20.24%, see rank24.86%29.20%
Vacant Housing Units125, 14.88%, see rank14.98%11.82%
For Rent6, 0.71%, see rank2.66%2.52%
For Sale Only0, 0.00%, see rank1.41%1.39%
Rented or Sold, Not Occupied20, 2.38%, see rank1.15%0.99%
For Seasonal, Recreational, or Occasional Use0, 0.00%, see rank3.14%3.45%
For Migrant Workers0, 0.00%, see rank0.02%0.03%
Other Vacant99, 11.79%, see rank6.59%3.44%

US Census 2000 data

 Goodwater, ALAlabamaU.S.
Total Housing Units727, see rank, 100%1,963,711115,904,641
Occupied Housing Units621, 85.42%, see rank88.46%91.01%
Owner Occupied492, 67.68%, see rank64.10%60.24%
Renter Occupied129, 17.74%, see rank24.36%30.77%
Vacant Housing Units106, 14.58%, see rank11.54%8.99%
For Rent25, 3.44%, see rank3.26%2.26%
For Sale Only18, 2.48%, see rank1.32%1.04%
Rented or Sold, Not Occupied3, 0.41%, see rank0.79%0.61%
For Seasonal, Recreational, or Occasional Use4, 0.55%, see rank2.40%3.09%
For Migrant Workers1, 0.14%, see rank0.02%0.02%
Other Vacant55, 7.57%, see rank3.75%1.98%

* ACS stands for U.S. Census American Community Survey. According to the U.S. Census, if the date is a range, you can interpret the data as an average of the period of time.

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