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Select data on the USA.com website can be purchased. Data is purchased under a license agreement which includes your use, but is not available for further resale purposes. Below is a list of the data available for license. Each row in the following table may have several elements of data.

Recommendation: All the data we have is presented on the USA.com website. Browse through the site to determine if the data fulfills your needs. Then use the form below to describe the data you are interested in licensing for your use.

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Select all the data items that you are interested in by checking the box next to each item. You can select as many as you are interested in.

  M: Multi-year Data         Y: One Year's Data         P: Partial Data
  National State Metro
County City School
Zip Code Census
Population & Races M M M M M M M Y Y P
Income & Careers M M M M M M M Y Y  
Housing M M M M M M M Y Y P
School District Info M M M M M M M M M  
Public Schools Info M M M M M M M      
Private Schools Info M M M M M M M      
Public Library Info Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
Crime & Crime Rate M M     P          
Historical Weather Data Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
Historical Natural Disasters & Weather Extremes Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
Historical Air Quality Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
List of Facilities that has Environmental Impact Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
Government Employment & Payroll   M     P          

Use Requirement   One time       Perpetual

Require public display   Yes       No

Describe your use:

Some categories have many items. If you chose a main category you will receive all items we have related to the main category. If you only require select items from a category please be as detailed below describing what you need so we can offer a lower price. You can review the data on the USA.com website to fine tune what exact fields you need and provide the request below. The more detailed your request the better the price we can provide by giving you just the data you need.

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