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20670 Zip Code Historical Household and Family Data


ACS 2010-2014 data

Total population: 1,421

 20670 Zip CodeMarylandU.S.
Total Households355, 100%2,155,983116,211,092
Average Household Size3.17, see rank2.672.63
1 Person Households46, 12.96%, see rank26.95%27.57%
2 or More Person Households309, 87.04%, see rank73.05%72.43%
Family Households (Families)293, 82.54%, see rank67.07%66.22%
Average Family Size3.52, see rank3.353.32
Married-Couple Family268, 75.49%, see rank47.68%48.42%
Nonfamily Households62, 17.46%, see rank32.93%33.78%

US Census 2010 data

Total population: 1,014

 20670 Zip CodeMarylandU.S.
Total Households213, 100%2,156,411116,716,292
Average Household Size3.69, see rank2.612.58
1 Person Households20, 9.39%, see rank26.11%26.74%
2 or More Person Households193, 90.61%, see rank73.89%73.26%
Family Households (Families)192, 90.14%, see rank67.10%66.43%
Average Family Size3.95, see rank3.153.14
Married-Couple Family178, 83.57%, see rank47.61%48.42%
Nonfamily Households21, 9.86%, see rank32.90%33.57%

ACS 2008-2012 data

Total population: 1,203

 20670 Zip CodeMarylandU.S.
Total Households252, 100%2,138,806115,226,802
Average Household Size3.42, see rank2.642.61
1 Person Households37, 14.68%, see rank27.12%27.45%
2 or More Person Households215, 85.32%, see rank72.88%72.55%
Family Households (Families)173, 68.65%, see rank66.97%66.47%
Average Family Size3.93, see rank3.323.29
Married-Couple Family148, 58.73%, see rank48.03%48.97%
Nonfamily Households79, 31.35%, see rank33.03%33.53%

US Census 2000 data

Total population: 2,838

 20670 Zip CodeMarylandU.S.
Total Households841, 100%1,980,859105,480,101
Average Household Size2.71, see rank2.612.59
1 Person Households345, 41.02%, see rank25.01%25.82%
2 or More Person Households496, 58.98%, see rank74.99%74.18%
Family Households (Families)476, 56.60%, see rank68.62%68.06%
Average Family Size3.92, see rank3.133.14
Married-Couple Family436, 51.84%, see rank50.21%51.66%
Nonfamily Households365, 43.40%, see rank31.38%31.94%

* ACS stands for U.S. Census American Community Survey. According to the U.S. Census, if the date is a range, you can interpret the data as an average of the period of time.

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